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Countrywide Data Theft Class Action Lawsuit Short Form Notice


Award (how much your claim may be worth): Up to $50,000 in reimbursement for identity theft expenses incurred due to the theft of personal data from Countrywide and two years of free Tripe Advantage Premium credit monitoring by

Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Case(s): Countrywide Financial Corp. Customer Security Breach Litigation, No. 3:08-MD-01998-TBR, MDL 1998 in the United States District Court for the Western District of Kentucky


Company(ies):  Countrywide Financial Corporation, Countrywide Home Loans, Inc., Countrywide Bank, FSB, Full Spectrum Lending Division, and Bank of America Corporation Countrywide Logo


Website Link to access the Class Action Lawsuit Settlement and get YOUR Stake (SIGN UP FOR FREE CREDIT MONITORING HERE):


Address of Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Administrator to submit a claim form (OPTIONAL):


Countrywide Data Settlement
Post Office Box 2730
Portland, OR 97208-2730


Phone Number to call for assistance:  1-866-940-3612 or email


Details: The Bank of America/Countrywide Home Mortgage Data Theft Class Action Lawsuit affects thousands of past and present homeowners. The Countrywide class action lawsuit states that around August 2008, it was learned that a senior financial adviser formerly employed by Countrywide allegedly stole private information of millions of consumers from Countrywide’s records and sold or attempted to sell it to third parties. The information stolen in the Countrywide class action lawsuit includes names, Social Security numbers, home and office addresses, telephone numbers, credit and bank account information, and other information Countrywide clients provided on their mortgage applications. The lawsuit alleges that Countrywide did not adequately protect confidential personal and financial information. Countrywide denies all of the Plaintiffs’ claims in the Data Theft Class Action Lawsuit and says that it did nothing wrong (as is standard in all class action lawsuit settlements.)

The Countrywide Mortgage Lawsuit impacts both those who have had their identities stolen and those who are afraid it might happen. If your identity was stolen due to the Countrywide Mortgage data theft head over to and print out the claim form. You may be able to receive up to $50,000 back to cover expenses and damage caused by the identity theft. If you haven’t suffered any loss, but your personal information was stolen/lost by Countrywide, you may be able to enroll in two free years of Credit Monitoring service offered by Experian.

Payments by Countrywide will be paid on a first-come, first-serve basis, up to a total of $5 million.  The deadline to request reimbursement from Countrywide for known identity theft is 90 days after the Court grants final approval of the settlement and any appeals are resolved.  The earliest deadline to submit such a claim for known identity theft could be October 18, 2010.  If you discover later that your identity has been stolen, you have 90 days after you first find out about the identity theft, or until October 31, 2012, whichever comes first, to file a claim for reimbursement from Countrywide.  Please refer to the Reimbursement of Identity Theft Losses Claim Form for specific requirements to file a claim. Are you impacted by the Countrywide Data Theft Class Action Lawsuit? Head over to and submit your claim now.


Purchased From: 4/01/2006 – 4/12/2010 ESTIMATED! Contact the Settlement Administrator or Class Counsel with any questions.


Claims must be submitted online (if applicable) or postmarked by: 9/07/10




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Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Amount(s): $11,125,750 = $5,000,000 to reimburse identity theft claims + $1,500,000 to reimburse out-of-pocket expenses + $3,625,000 Attorney Fees and Expenses (ESTIMATE) + $500 for each Representative Plaintiff + $250 for each Named Plaintiff + $1,000,000 Settlement Administrator and Notification Costs (ESTIMATE)


Settlement Administrator(s): Epiq Systems, Inc.


Class Counsel:


Ben Barnow

Barnow and Associates


Burton H. Finkelstein

Finkelstein Thompson LLP

Defense Counsel:


Mark S. Melodia

Reed Smith LLP

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  • Anonymous July 6, 2010

    Countrywide Home Mortgage Data Theft Class Action Lawsuit Settlement
    I had 2 my ex wife has documents I am unable to get my hands on!

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