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Award (how much your claim may be worth): You can receive a cash refund of $3.25 or $8.25 per bag you purchased. 

Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Case(s): Zeisel v. Diamond Foods, Inc., Case No. 10-cv-1192-JSW, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California

Company(ies): DIAMOND FOODS, INC.

Diamond Walnuts

Website of the Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Administrator (FILE YOUR CLAIM HERE):

Address to submit a claim form (REQUIRED):

To receive your cash payment from the Diamond walnuts class action settlement, you must submit a claim form either online at or to the following address no later than October 26, 2012 [UPDATE: this deadline has been extended from the original deadline of September 7]:
Zeisel v. Diamond Foods, Inc. Claims Administrator
c/o Kurtzman Carson Consultants, LLC
P.O. Box 43053
Providence, RI 02940-3053

Phone Number to call for assistance: (855) 879-4045

Details: The Diamond walnut settlement will resolve a class action lawsuit, entitled Elliot Zeisel v. Diamond Foods, Inc., that alleges Diamond Foods misbranded its walnut products by making false and misleading statements about the health benefits of eating walnuts.

Diamond denies any wronging, but has agreed to provide $2.6 million in restitution to consumers to end the litigation.

Under the Diamond walnuts class action settlement, consumers who purchased Diamond of California brand walnuts (including, but not limited to, Shelled, Halves, Chopped, Finely Diced, Chips, Nut Toppings, and In-the-Shell Walnuts) in the United States from March 22, 2006 through January 30, 2012 are entitled to receive a share of the class action lawsuit settlement.

Class Members who purchased a 3-pound bag of Diamond of California walnuts at Sam’s Club are entitled to receive $8.25 per bag purchased during the Class Period, while Class Members who purchased any other Diamond of California walnut product can receive $3.25 per bag.

To receive your cash refund from the Diamond walnut class action lawsuit settlement, you must submit a claim form either online at or via first-class mail no later than October 26, 2012.

You do not need to submit Proof of Purchase unless you are claiming more than three 3-pound bags of walnuts or more than five bags of any other walnut products. Even with appropriate Proofs of Purchase, the maximum number of bags you can claim is 24.

Claim forms and more information on your rights in the Diamond Walnuts Class Action Lawsuit Settlement can be found at

Purchased or Leased From:  March 22, 2006 through January 30, 2012

Claims must be postmarked by: 10/26/12


Settlement Administrator(s): Kurtzman Carson Consultants

Class Counsel:


Joseph N. Kravec, Jr.
Stember Feinstein Doyle Payne & Kravec, LLC
Janet Lindner Spielberg
Law Office of Janet Lindner Spielberg
Michael D. Braun
Braun Law Group, P.C.

Defense Counsel:


Amanda L. Groves
Winston & Strawn LLP

We tell you about cash you can claim EVERY WEEK! Sign up for our free newsletter.

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  • Anonymous June 18, 2012

    The diamond walnut is crap in that it is just another example of our criminal FDA serving their corporate masters who produce vaccines and other pharmaceuticals that further damage our health along with processed foods. The FDA treats health advantage claims by natural food producers as “unapproved drugs” which they (the FDA criminals) uses to justify their intervention, abuse, extortion and assault on those who make natural foods available to us. They contend that studies to confirm or prove the health benefits of naturla food claims have not been done. Oh! Like big pharma does legitimate, scientific studies? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! So I would contend that the clown who initiated this law suit did so for money (lead plaintiffs get much more), is a big pharma shill, or not very bright. Only my opinion but three of the possibilities because I would bet he has no scientific proof that his health was damaged by eating walnuts! Oh and nuts are a great source of nutrients that we all need to stay healthy.

  • Anonymous July 3, 2012

    Sorry to say the person who started this is a total idiot. Walnuts are good for you just like a lot of other nuts. What is this person’s problem.

  • Anonymous August 27, 2012

    I cannot provide proof of purchases over the last 7 years. Does anyone really keep grocery receipts for that length of time? Does this mean I am unable to participate in this action? Thanks!

  • Anonymous September 25, 2012

    Lots of defects on products

  • Dee Crowner January 30, 2013

    Has anyone received a check on this yet? Just curious, according to the site it has settled.

  • DB January 31, 2013

    Check received for $18.00

  • John January 22, 2014

    I never received my check and forgot all about it. Im being told they don’t know what happened to the $$ I was to get if they gave it to charity or sent to the State I reside in or what happened. I feel that if the administrator cant account for the $$ something is definatel wrong and why wasnt I notified it had settled.

  • shell February 28, 2014

    I never received anything either from north carolina

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