Dell Support & Call Centre’s Data Breach: Who’s Affected?

Calling Dell Tech support

Are you a Canadian citizen? Did you purchase Dell products or speak with Dell customer service/tech support between January 2008 and June 2017?

Have you received any Dell Tech Support scam calls, emails, or other correspondences regarding your Dell hardware product or service since June 2017?

Current and former Dell customers may have been affected by a major data breach that took place in 2017, allegedly exposing the personal information of thousands of Canadian Dell customers.

The breach reportedly resulted in customers receiving Dell tech support-related scam phone calls and emails regarding their Dell purchases, putting them in direct contact with scammers seeking to commit fraud and identity theft.

Well over 7,000 Canadian Class Members may be included in a current Dell Canada data breach class action lawsuit filed in Canada.

The breach affected a call centre in India that served as a 3rd party tech support provider for Dell. The call centre allegedly collected and stored information about Dell customers, including:

  • Warranty information
  • Service history
  • Model numbers
  • Personal information

Some of this information may have been exposed in the Dell data breach.

What Can You Do?

If you are a Canadian citizen who fit either of the following criteria you may qualify to join this lawsuit:

  • You purchased Dell products or spoke with Dell customer service/tech support between January 2008 and June 2017
  • Since June 2017, you have received Dell Tech Support scam calls, emails, or any other correspondence regarding the Dell hardware you purchased

If you are a Canadian resident affected by the Dell data breach, you may be able to join this class action lawsuit investigation and pursue compensation.

See if you qualify by filling out the free form on this page.

Dell Canada Data Breach

In July 2020, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) finally released a report confirming that two data breaches took place in June and November of 2017 after investigating the situation.

Major computer technology company Dell was reportedly hit with a major data breach via a third-party call centre located in India back in 2017.

The OPC found that the personal information stored with the third-party call centre was “sufficiently sensitive to require a high degree of protection,” but that some of the safeguards used by Dell were “insufficient.”

“We also found that Dell failed to adequately investigate the circumstances of the June 2017 breach and failed to adequately respond to customer complaints,” the OPC noted.

Dell Call Centre Data Breach Lawsuit

The call centre data breach has sparked a class action lawsuit, filed by a plaintiff in a Nova Scotia court on behalf of himself and more than 7,000 other Canadian Dell customers.

“Due to the Defendants’ negligence and inadequate safeguards, in June and November of 2017, two employees of the [India call centre] inappropriately exfiltrated, breached and disclosed the Plaintiff’s and Class Members’ Personal Information and Private Customer Information,” the Dell class action lawsuit argues.

The breach exposed the plaintiff and class members to a “real and substantial increased risk of identity theft, cybercrime, and phishing scams,” states the claim.

The plaintiff alleges that, following the Dell support centre data breach, he was inundated by Dell scam calls for approximately two years. He “received five to 10 scam calls per day, seven days a week, at all hours (from January 2018 to early 2020),” according to the lawsuit.

“The calls would wake (him) from sleep, and constantly interrupt his life. (He) was eventually left with no option but to change his work phone number used by countless clients, work contacts and employers.”

Even changing his phone number wasn’t enough, the plaintiff alleges, as he began to receive several scam emails per day instead, requesting he call a number provided to resolve a Dell computer–related issue.

It’s not just the annoyance of these calls and emails that has affected the plaintiff, the lawsuit argues.

“(He) continues to suffer anxiety and distress over the materially increased risk of identity theft, being the target of additional scams, and further cybercrime,” the claim says.

Dell Canada, along with its parent company, were negligent and failed to adequately protect its customers’ privacy, the lawsuit alleges.

Dell Canada’s Response to the Data Breach

Dell has released a statement about the data breach, noting that it “places the highest priority on the protection of consumer data.

“The Office of the Privacy Commissioner’s related investigation found that we improved our security safeguards along with (our) complaint handling and breach investigation practices,” the company said, per Forbes.

Join a Free Dell Canada Data Breach Privacy Lawsuit Investigation

If both of these circumstances describe you, you may be eligible to join this free Dell data breach privacy class action lawsuit investigation and pursue compensation:

  • You are a Canadian resident who purchased Dell products or spoke with Dell customer support/tech support between January 2008 and June 2017
  • You have received targeted Dell tech support phone calls, emails, and other scam correspondences sometime after the June 2017 data breach

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