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Mirena IUD May Cause Physical Damage from Side Effects

By Robert J. Boumis



Mirena IUD side effectsToday, women have many options in their birth control. One option, the Mirena IUD, offers the benefit of spontaneity. After implantation by a physician, the device requires very little further thought on the part of the patient. However, despite these advantages over other forms of birth control, serious risks have come to light for women who selected this form of birth control.

The Mirena IUD works by slowly releasing hormones that block pregnancy. The IUD itself is a “T” shaped device made of flexible plastic with the hormone levonorgestrel imbedded in it. Levonorgestrel is a second-generation synthetic progestogen, which prevents a woman’s ovaries from releasing an egg. This blocks pregnancy by preventing fertilization. The Mirena IUD releases about 20 ?g of the hormone a day for the first five years, enough to block pregnancy. These medical devices are designed to be inserted by a physician and prevent pregnancy for up to five years. Mirena is the only hormonal IUD approved for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and is manufactured by Bayer.

However, having a foreign body implanted within the body may lead to serious complications. The Mirena side effects may lead to permanent damage, in some cases.

Mirena IUD Side Effects

Some women who received the Mirena IUD suffered from sepsis, a life-threatening blood infection, shortly after insertion of the device. Typically, women who suffer from sepsis experience severe pain several hours to several days after the IUD was inserted. In addition to life-threatening infection, sepsis can cause permanent scarring of the uterus and fallopian tubes.

Additionally, some patients have suffered from Mirena IUD embedment. In embedment, the IUD becomes lodged in the wall of the patient’s body. This decreases the functionality of the device, and other serious complications. Embedment can make the device very difficult tor remove. In some cases, surgical intervention was required to remove the device.

Another physical risk associated with the Mirena IUD is perforation. In perforation, the IUD can actually puncture the wall of the uterus. This can lead to embedment. However, sometimes, perforation can go undetected. In these cases, the IUD can actually migrate around within a woman’s body. Since the IUD shows up poorly on most types of medical imaging, it may require exploratory surgery to locate and remove the device. Within the body, the IUD can cause adhesions and damage other organs.

Lastly, IUDs can make a patient more likely to suffer from ectopic pregnancy. In ectopic pregnancy, a developing embryo implants somewhere other than the cavity of the uterus. In patients on Mirena, when pregnancy does occur, it is more likely to be such a pregnancy. Tubal pregnancy, a pregnancy where the embryo implants in the fallopian tubes, is the most common type of ectopic pregnancies. This type of pregnancy invariably will kill the embryo, and threatens the life of the mother.

Some patients who used the Mirena IUD have also experience scarring and infertility.

Patients who used Mirena have filed lawsuits against Bayer. These drug injury lawsuits allege that Bayer overstated the benefits of Mirena, while downplaying the risks associated with the IUD’s use. The lawsuits further allege that this left patients and prescribing physicians without sufficient information to make an informed decision regarding their contraceptive options.

Mirena IUD Legal Help

If you or someone you loved was seriously harmed by the Mirena IUD, you may feel overwhelmed and uncertain of your next steps. However, you have rights and there are steps you can take to regain control of your situation. You can start by visiting the Mirena IUD Injury Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Investigation. Here, you can submit your information for a free review by a lawyer who specializes in this type of legal action. From here, you can receive guidance on the next steps to take in your situation.

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Updated May 2nd, 2013


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