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Pfizer CEO Avoids Testifying with Another Chantix Settlement

By Andrea Gressman

Chantix settlementIf you’ve been following Chantix lawsuit news you may have been wondering if Ian Read, the CEO of Pfizer, would actually testify in the bellwether case of plaintiff Billy G. Bedsole Jr., who alleges the drug caused him to suffer severe psychiatric problems. However, the drugmaker has struck a deal with Bedsole and offered a Chantix settlement before the case headed to trial. This may sound familiar since this is what happened in the first case that was scheduled to go to trial as well.

Just one week before Bedsole’s Chantix lawsuit was scheduled to go to trial on January 23, 2013, Pfizer offered a settlement agreement. Bedsole sued Pfizer claiming that the drug he had used to help him quit smoking actually caused him to have suicidal thoughts as well as other severe psychiatric problems.
Mr. Bedsole’s Chantix lawsuit was one of several test cases selected in the Chantix MDL, which involves over 2,600 lawsuits. The Chantix lawsuit MDL is being presided over by U.S. District Judge Inge Johnson in Alabama federal court.

It was big news in November when Judge Johnson ordered Mr. Read to take the stand despite Pfizer’s attempts to avoid this. However, it seems that Pfizer is determined to keep Mr. Read off the stand to answer any questions about the safety of Chantix and is willing to settle instead. The Chantix settlement news has been confirmed by Chris Loder, a Pfizer spokesman. He went on to comment on the situation by saying that the plaintiff and defendant had reached an agreement but that the amount of the Chantix settlement is confidential.

As mentioned before, this is the second time Pfizer has settled a bellwether case before it went to trial.

Chantix has been criticized a great deal lately because of its link to a number of severe side effects, many of them psychological in nature. One very common side effect Chantix has been claimed to cause is suicidal thoughts and even suicidal attempts. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) did require a “black box” warning on Chantix packaging that warns users of these potential side effects, but that does not seem to be detouring victims from suing Pfizer. There has also been a recent study released claiming that Chantix is associated with severe heart side effects as well.

However, despite the criticism that Chantix has received or the number of Chantix lawsuits that have been filed against Pfizer, the manufacturer continues to stand by the drug saying, “We believe that Chantix is an important treatment option for smokers who want to quit, and the company stands by the medicine and its continued use in appropriate patients.”

Chantix Side Effects

Chantix lawsuit attorneys continue to investigate Chantix side effects. Some of these include the following:

  • Changes in behavior
  • Adverse behaviors including aggression,
  • Psychological problems
  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts
  • Blackouts
  • Heart Attacks
  • Develop Stevens Johnson Syndrome
  • Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis
  • Additional cardiovascular problems

Visit the Chantix Suicide, Heart Attack, Suicide Attempt & Stevens Johnson Syndrome Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Investigation page right away if you or someone you know experienced one of these Chantix side effects. A qualified Chantix attorney is ready to answer your questions. Provide your information and receive a free consultation today.


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Updated January 24th, 2013


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