Pure Via class action settlement

Pure Via Class Action Settlement Checks Mailed

Readers are reporting that they are receiving checks in the mail from a class action settlement stemming from allegations Pure Via Natural Sweetener products were deceptively marketed. According to reader comments and posts on the Top Class Actions Facebook page, Class Members… Read More »

baby zofran heart defect

First Status Conference Scheduled in Zofran MDL

The first Status Conference for the Zofran MDL was been scheduled for Nov. 17. In the status conference, members scheduled the date that the trial will begin. Earlier in October, federally-filed lawsuits against GlaxoSmithKline for the anti-nausea drug Zofran were consolidated into... Read More »

Zara class action settlement

Zara Credit Card Receipt Class Action Settlement

Zara USA Inc. has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit alleging it violated federal law by printing more than the last four digits of credit card account numbers on receipts it provided to customers. If you were provided an electronically printed... Read More »


Young Boy Diagnosed With Dilantin Cerebellar Atrophy

A young boy taking Dilantin for epilepsy since he was a year old has been diagnosed with severe focal cerebral atrophy. Doctors confirmed the cerebellar atrophy after examining the child who was slurring his speech, had lack of muscle coordination and an... Read More »

Testosterone low-t

Low-T Drug Lawsuit Alleges AndroGel Caused Stroke

An low-T drug lawsuit has joined the larger multidistrict litigation against testosterone drug manufacturers. Plaintiff Bobby T. of Bridge City, Texas, has joined the massive litigation against drugmaker AbbVie. Inc, and related companies. Bobby's low-T drug lawsuit alleges that he took the drug AndroGel from August... Read More »

Uber Logo

Uber Agrees to $1.8M Airport Fee Class Action Settlement

Uber Technologies Inc. has agreed to pay nearly $1.8 million to settle a class action lawsuit that accuses the mobile app company of charging California customers an “airport fee toll” that was supposed to go to the airport, but was allegedly kept… Read More »


J&J Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Nectresse Sweetener

Several major food companies and retailers have recently come under fire for alleged misleading 100% natural labels. McNeil Nutritionals, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, is being sued for false advertising of their monk fruit based sweetener, Nectresse. California plaintiff Lorraine Viggiano... Read More »

Data Breach

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Georgia Voter Data Leak

Two Georgia citizens have filed a class action lawsuit against the Georgia Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, for violations of Georgia privacy laws. The class action lawsuit alleges that the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office sent political parties and media personnel a list… Read More »

gavel settlement cash

Over 100 Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits Settled

A group of litigants suing over allegedly defective vaginal mesh medical products reached a settlement agreement with the products' manufacturer, Endo International, in May of 2015. The vaginal mesh lawsuits were aimed at Endo International, whose subsidiary American Medical Systems (AMS) allegedly made dangerous... Read More »


Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Lawsuits Piling Up

Volkswagen owners have filed at least nine more Volkswagen class action lawsuits against the car manufacturer. This comes in the wake of at least seven previous Volkswagen emissions lawsuits over the Volkswagen emissions scandal. These various Volkswagen emissions lawsuits come from across... Read More »


Morcellator Cancer Lawsuit Filed Against Gyrus Acmi

A new power morcellator lawsuit has joined the growing pile of cases involving women who allege uterine cancer was spread by the devices. This morcellation lawsuit was filed against a Philadelphia power morcellator manufacturer by a woman who, like most plaintiffs, had... Read More »


Report: Onglyza Among Top 10 Most Dangerous Diabetes Drugs

While diabetes can have severe complications, diabetes medications, including Onglyza and others like it, are potentially more dangerous than diabetes itself. Onglyza is ranked sixth among the top 10 most dangerous diabetes drugs, eMaxHealth is reporting. Diabetes can come with severe complications.... Read More »