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Nissan Radiator Defect Class Action Settlement Reached

By Kimberly Mirando


Nissan settlement

UPDATE: The Nissan Radiator Defect Class Action Settlement has been preliminarily approved and the Settlement Administrator’s Website is up!

Nissan North America has reached a class action lawsuit settlement that will resolve claims the company produced vehicles with defective radiators and concealed this defect from consumers. If approved, the proposed Nissan radiator settlement will pay the repair costs for potentially tens of thousands of Nissan Pathfinder, Xterra and Frontier vehicles.

Nissan Pathfinder owner William Szymczak filed the Nissan radiator class action lawsuit in 2010, alleging the vehicles leaked coolant into the transmissions, causing damage and making the vehicles unreasonably dangerous. Szymczak accused Nissan of failing to issue a recall and failing to offer to repair the alleged defect for free or to reimburse Nissan owners for repair costs, despite the company’s knowledge of the radiator defect.

Under the proposed Nissan radiator class action settlement, Nissan will fully reimburse all current and former owners or lessees of a 2005-2010 Nissan Pathfinder, Xterra or Frontier vehicle that paid to fix the radiator or other damages caused by the defect within eight years or 80,000 miles.

Nissan also agreed to pay for future repairs caused by the radiator defect and partially reimburse prior repair costs up to a maximum of 10 years or 100,000 miles. Owners who had the repairs done before nine years or 90,000 miles can receive relief after paying a $2,500 deductible, while reimbursement for repairs done between then and 10 years or 10,000 miles can come after a $3,000 co-payment. This is still a significant savings for Class Members because repair costs caused by the radiator defect can cost $5,000 or more, according to the motion for preliminary approval of the Nissan settlement.

“The use of deductibles effectively caps any class member’s out-of-pocket expense for repairs and relieves the class members of the burden of shopping for the least costly repair,” the motion said. “While the acceptance of the deductibles covers some but not all of the cost of a repair, such a compromise is reasonable since the strength of any class member’s claim is reduced the more trouble-free miles the vehicle has been driven prior to the defect manifesting.”

The Nissan Radiator Defect Class Action Lawsuit Settlement case is In re: Nissan Radiator/Transmission Cooler Litigation, Case No. 10-cv-07493, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

The Plaintiffs are represented by Gary S. Graifman and Michael L. Braunstein of Kantrowitz Goldhamer & Graifman PC; Howard T. Longman and Mark Levine of Stull, Stull & Brody; Matthew Mendelsohn and David A. Mazie of Mazie Slater Katz & Freeman LLC; Alan Harris and Abigail Treanor of Harris & Ruble; and Jason P. Scofield and Danny M. Sheena of The Sheena Law Firm.


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Updated January 10th, 2013


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  • Anonymous September 26, 2012

    does this include the1993 nissan it has the same problem and is in my garage undrivable.
    thank you

  • Anonymous October 31, 2012

    What about those vehicles that the problem occurred after $100,000 miles!!! That seems to be when the most of the problems occurred!!! If Nissan took responsibility and had a recall for this problem, all they would have paid for was radiators. Not having consumers come out of pocket for a new or used transmission with a deductible!!!!

    • Ira Bond February 5, 2014

      I have the same problem. I just bought one 2007 two months ago and I am stuck with the repairs. Please if anyone has any advise!!

      • Arlon Grimmett April 21, 2014

        my 2006 pathfinder has 112000 mi. onit and manifested about a couple of thousand back me not knowing what happened to it

      • Cameron Knight April 22, 2015

        Have you filed a complaint with the US Dept of Transportation, the number is 888-327-4236 and the website is, according to the representative I spoke to the issue of the ATF fluid contamination is still under investigation but more complaints and data are needed to issue a safety recall involving the radiator assembly and transmission contamination. If you have not done so please file a complaint. Nissan needs to take responsibility for the defect rather than passing the repair cost to the consumer and dodging the issue!!!

        • Hope July 30, 2015

          I have an 07 and it has 120k and my issue just happened.. Thank God it only left my broke down in my neighborhood and not in the middle of the street somewhere. I think they should have to pay for my issue. My car is sitting in the yard while I gather my $5000 to pay for the fix. My repair man said the radiator and transmission since it leaked into it.

        • Rudy September 30, 2015

          I too have this problem. My car is over 120k miles. How do I submit a complaint?

          • Israel Cancel January 6, 2016

            ¿Ha presentado una denuncia ante los EE.UU. Departamento de Transporte, el número es 888-327-4236 y el sitio web es , según el representante hablé con el tema de la contaminación del fluido ATF está todavía bajo investigación , pero más quejas y se necesitan datos para emitir un retiro de seguridad que implica el montaje del radiador y la contaminación de la transmisión. Si no lo ha hecho así que por favor presentar una queja . Nissan tiene que asumir la responsabilidad por el defecto en lugar de pasar el costo de reparación para el consumidor y esquivando el tema !!!

      • Israel Cancel January 6, 2016

        Te go el mismo problema. AAMCO me va a repara la transmision por $3700.00 dolares. Yo acabo de comprar esta Nissan Frontier 2006 de un dealer y la Nissan no quiere pagar la reparacion. No es justo

    • John Lopes February 15, 2014

      I’m one those owners with a2005 Pathfinder who no idea about the Radiator/Transmission problem ,I bought
      this Pathfinder in 2/5/2011 and it just reached ,100,600 miles and I could get any help. I’m now having it repaired
      for 3,500 Dollars .You can not believe what I when though to get an exemption.AT 78 years old monies are
      difficult.IS there any way I could get some help I’d really grateful THANK YOU

    • Delores Diax March 13, 2014

      I’m having the same problem but they refused to help me because I’m over 100,000 miles and I serviced my transmission twice at the dealership it wasn’t diagnosed until it broke down on me and I was over 100,000. It’s so unfair!

      • D Todd August 19, 2014

        I just had the same exact thing happen to me. I take my Xterra to the Nissan Dealership to have the oil changed EVERY SINGLE TIME and even asked them if I should be concerned and was told “not unless you start having issues”. My transmission just blew this weekend and when I called Younker Nissan, I was told that because I have over 100,000 miles, the recall doesn’t cover it. When I asked why it wouldn’t have been caught at the many oil changes i have had with them, I was told “it doesn’t happen over night” so there is no way they would have noticed but…its possible it could have been missed but it doesn’t matter becuase Nissan won’t cover it.

        • Cameron Knight April 22, 2015

          Have you filed a complaint with the US Dept of Transportation, the number is 888-327-4236 and the website is, according to the representative I spoke to the issue of the ATF fluid contamination is still under investigation but more complaints and data are needed to issue a safety recall involving the radiator assembly and transmission contamination. If you have not done so please file a complaint. Nissan needs to take responsibility for the defect rather than passing the repair cost to the consumer and dodging the issue!!!

    • Judy August 11, 2014

      I agree. I am in the predicament of my 2005 Pathfinder transmission failing. I have over 100K on it and have owned it less than the 10 years. The shop is telling me it is a $5,000 fix. I don’t understand why it wasn’t recalled and why Nissan shouldn’t be liable for all repairs if they knew it was an issue.

  • Anonymous November 24, 2012

    I have a 2007 pathfinder with 170,000 miles on it. It has just now presented the problem. I still owe on it. If they knew it was a problem why do t they make it right for all vehicles!!! It’s not right!!!

  • Anonymous November 27, 2012

    I’m one of the ‘lucky’ ones who had this happen at 97,000 miles. thank you for filing the class action. this is nonsense to even have to pay a co-pay however. and to make matters worse a new issue with the fuel sending unit on the 2006 frontier which also had the warranty extended instead of replacing the defect has just occured TODAY! now i get to go through all this bull again. Nissan is terrible with service and I will never buy another one. greedy friggin people.

    • Odi Ortiz March 25, 2014

      I ended up replacing the transmission at 83,000 miles on our 2007 for cross contamination…..another victim. I’m filing a small claims at the local court against the Nissan of Clovis in California and also Nissan Corporate(manufacturer) for negligence and trying to pass the financial burden to consumers. I was so disappointed with their worthless vehicles and service levels that I sold mine and purchased a newer Toyota SUV.
      If they had only notified us about this radiator issue……we could have saved $2000 to $3000. I was charged a total of $3200 for repairs….the $2500 copay and the “other” so called “unassociated issues”. I expected this expensive SUV to last us over 10 years or over 150,000 miles with no major issues but I was wrong……
      These are not fair practices for consumers and the class suit/court system in 2012 did not represent us fairly…..they should have ordered a complete RECALL OF THESE WORTHLESS VEHICLES AT FULL COST TO NISSAN & ITS DEALERSHIPS.

      • Sean April 3, 2014

        I think I am going the small claims rout. 102,000 miles and Nissan will do nothing!

      • bill tenney April 11, 2014

        i own a 2007 nissan frontier the radiator failed letting antifreeze into the transmission now i have to repair it for 3200 dollars out of my pocket thank you nissan

      • Anonymous April 21, 2014

        Hello.I have a nissan frontier 2008 with 92000 miles and the radiator transmission problem occurred.It is in the shop and is going to cost me $3000.00 deductable.I also do not think this settlement is fair and would like to take Nissan north america to small claims court in New York.Could you please give me some suggestions and also let me know how you proceeded with your claim and what the outcome was.Thanks

      • brooks taylor August 26, 2015

        have you had any luck with this approach? I am about to file my own small claims suit.

        • Rudy September 30, 2015

          I have a pathfinder with over 120k miles and ran into the same problem. I just submitted a complaint on the website. The more complaints the more attention we get. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, right.

      • Brandon McDaniel March 18, 2016

        I’m now having this issue as well how did the court process work??

  • Anonymous November 29, 2012

    I just paid $2200 last month for a defective drive chain issue in my pathfinder and now I’m showing symptoms of this!!!! I’m not sure what to do. The other repair already caused me so much stress!!! So frustrated I want to just cry.

  • Anonymous November 30, 2012

    Nissan diagnosed this problem in my 2007 pathfinder in Dec 2011 when my truck had 75,000 miles. I brought my truck in for an oil change and the service dept called me and said I need a new transmission and radiator for $6,500. I had a different mechanic fush the transmission, give me a new radiator. The damage couldnt be undone to the tranny but it wouldnt get worse. I drive with OD off so i have no slippage. Now my heat doesnt work as a direct result of these issues. I just recieved word of the class action suit from Nissan with the extended warranty to 100k miles. Now, it was diagnmosed in DEC 2011 by Nissan when i had 75k miles. Now, I have 108,000 miles and they said they cant do anything for me. I bought this car brand new. So mad. Do not yet know my next steps. Any advice?

    • Phil January 31, 2014

      I just bought a used 2005 Frontier and after about 4 months the same thing happened to me. I took it to the Nissan dealer thinking they knew more about how to fix it and they said they did. they told me the valve body was bad and needed to be replaced and possibly the turbine sensor, so I let them repair it and after the repair it does the same thing? They told me that I might have other problems but they don’t do tranny overhauls but they failed to tell me that up front before I told them to go ahead with the repair. Now I am stuck with having them either send it out or take it back and get it repaired myself? I know this much I will never ever purchase another Nissan at all.

  • Anonymous December 4, 2012

    We own a 2006 XTerra and had the transmission go out due to the defect in the radiator as have many others. I was not aware of any type of lawsuit and see the lawsuit filed by the State of New York has been settled. How do I go about either joining a class-action or gettin my vehicle included in the last settled lawsuit ? Anyone know. ? Please advise if you do. This is so wrong on so many levels. Never another Nissan in my family. Ever !

    • Kris May 5, 2014


      See my post below… Kris

  • Anonymous December 6, 2012

    I own a 05′ Pathfinder with 107K miles and just flushed a contaminated radiator with ATF mixed in the coolant. I am also experiencing early symptoms of transmission problems with vibration at 40 – 60 mph cruising. I bypassed the transmission lines into the radiator and am taking the car to the dealership today for inspection/diagnosis. I am afraid damage may have begun but plan to document and save all receipts to get my name on the class action lawsuit against Nissan for faulty radiators causing transmission failure.

  • Marti Thrasher January 2, 2013

    My 2007 Xterra with 149,000 miles had to have the transmission replaced due to a faulty radiator leaking collant into the transmission. Cost was $ repair. That was my second estimate. The first transmission shop said the car wasn’t worth repairing! Before the Xterra purchase, I drove a 1997 Quest which had over 300,000 miles when someone hit me and totaled it out. I never spent anywhere near this amount in all my years of owning the Quest and would still be driving it today had it not been wrecked. I will NEVER, EVER purchase another Nissan and will let everyone I know they should be aware of all the problems I have had and all the others that I have read about!

    • Phil January 31, 2014

      I totally agree with you, I will also NEVER EVER PURCHASE ANOTHER NISSAN AGAIN!

      • TP February 28, 2014

        I had to replace the transmission and radiator on a 2006 as the coolant leaked in the the Transmission with no warning one year ago. My mileage was at 95K miles, they tried to take advantage of me because I was a woman and they assumed that I was not knowledgable of the mechanics of vechicle. I had my attorney contact them and sent letters to their Corporate offices. I also, took out a article in the NYT all of which cost me time but is was worth the fight. They replaced my tranny and radiator, given me and additional warranty on the replacments. The downside is that I do not have the same power in the drive that I use too have and now my brake system is a mess. I can only say that the “Truck Era” for this women is coming to an end, I will be going back to BMW when my “Nissan Charriot” decides that he wants to retire. I will never buy another Nissan nor will I accept one as a gift.

  • Naomi January 3, 2013

    I bought a 2006 Pathfinder and had to replace radiator and transmission due to the coolant leaking into the transmission. I had to pay over 5,500 to fix this!! This is ridiculous and we shouldnt have to pay anything for this kind of problem. I still owed on the car and had to take out another loan just to get it fixed!!

  • John Gooch January 3, 2013

    Have this issue. Went to Nissan and they said I have the 3k option. Looked into it and was told they are using refurbished transmissions not new ones. Went to a local mechanic and was quoted under 3k for the same work using a refurbished transmission. How is Nissan helping with the cost? To me it sounds like they are making money.

  • Cindy January 9, 2013

    I also replaced my 2005 transmission and radiator, last year. I had a rental car for 5-6 weeks too!

  • Addie MoRn January 10, 2013

    I got everyone here beat I think. I had to buy a brand new Nissan. Why? Because I had no money for a down payment let alone a new transmission and they of course refused to pay for a replacement transmission saying that Nissan did not consider the Transmission going out a safety issue. I am still hot about having to buy a new car weekend right before Christmas 2011. Guess what I would have been done with the first one October of 2012. So I had to start all over again. Personally I think they should be paying off my new one, instead of giving me back the $2000 I spent on towing and a new radiator and other things. Nissan should pay off my freakin new vehicle note I was forced to give into.

  • Steve Jones January 10, 2013

    2005 Pathfinder, 125,00 miles. No problems yet. So, on the class action suit it states “10 years or 100,000, which ever is less”. I take it to mean that if something does occur its on me. Seems to me that the problems are post the 100,000 mark. Obviously the consumer is not being compensated here. These class actions never fare well for the consumer but fare quite well for the laws firms representing the consumer.

    • Arlon Grimmett April 21, 2014

      my 2006 pathfinder has 112000 mi. onit and manifested about a couple of thousand back me not knowing what happened to it and u r very riight steve jones. nissans the rat and just made the attorneys richher.

  • Shannon Moffitt January 11, 2013

    I have 2004 Xterra that did the same thing. Does anyone know if I have any recourse?

  • John m January 11, 2013

    I called nissan of north america about my 2005 frontier brand. new worry about this plus the dealer made me purchase extra insurance coverage from them. and they said we dont know of any problems with this truck. i told them i still want a clam # just in case this happens. they put me on hold for wile. then came back to tell to take it to the dealer to check it. well if they didnt know about this when i called them on october 2012 why are they sending me to the dealer!!! O i get it to make more money from my visit because it cost me… It will b my last lemon aid..

  • R. Johnson January 11, 2013

    I Just called the service dept at Nissa. The service manager said that there is nothing you can replace so the transmission and radiator do not crack.
    Then he said you can flush the radiator every 30,000 miles and change the transmission fluid aslo.
    That may help but if it goes out it just goes. I have 120,000 miles now so it would all be on me.
    I agree that the settlement only benifits Nissan and the Attorneys. I’ll bet the attorneys don’t drive a Nissan.
    But with this settlement they will be driving a new Beemer or MB. The consumer gets screwed again.

  • Ryan January 12, 2013

    I have a 2006 pathfinder and in July 2012 the trans went out at 111,850 miles. In Novemeber 2011 I had the trans flushed at 99,623 miles and Nissan did not let me know of any issues of this problem. The total cost of a new trans and radiator was $5,594. Nissan should have recalled this issue and or reimbursed all who own a 2005-2010 Pathfinder, Frontier, and Xterra.

  • Kristin G January 12, 2013

    Nissan has the worst customer service ever…. will never buy another one. I started having problems around 82,000 miles but didn’t diagnose it until 92,000. Replaced the radiator and had the transmission flushed for $500… didn’t gave $5000 to replace the transmission. It lasted until 102,000 miles and the transmission went out of it in Jan. 2012. It has been sitting since and options are limited because I still owe 3 years on it. I had to get a new car and put in the same loan to be able to get to work. It’s not affordable but the monthly payment is better than coming up with $5000 dollars. I am a single mom and Nissan wouldn’t do anything but say they were sorry and it wasn’t a safety concern. My opinion is that if you are driving down the interstate and your vehicle loses power because it won’t change gears it can easily cause an accident like it almost did for me. When I heard about the copayment I thought I would get Nissans part that they were going to contribute and I could go and get a used transmission for under $2000 but of course they are going to make money because you have to have the work done through them….doesn’t seem like they are out of anything. Nissan is a sorry excuse for a company and I will make sure everyone I know never buys another Nissan. I am a very loyal customer and they could have had a customer for life… But not now.

  • Gene G January 13, 2013

    2007 Pathfinder…The lawyers need to emphasize and demand a clause for remedy for those that “Bypassed” the tranny cooler (modified nissans design). Simply put, we modified the original design because of the “documented high probability” for engineering FAILURE of the radiator. Ive owned 3 nissans over the last 28 years and never had to modify any part or do a preventative modification for a component like this tranny. I will be watching this closely for my future purchases.

  • Flo January 14, 2013

    I have a stupid Nissan Xterra 2006 ,
    Never agin will I ever buy a Nissan again . My car only has 74342 miles on it . Last month the Trainsmission went on it before that I was having many Issues with it . My extended warranty what load rubbish is telling me they don’t cover the trainsimisson as it was the Radtior
    That caused it . I just paid over $5,000.0 to get this all replaced and had to pay for my rental car .
    I totally agree the customer service in Tson’s coner suck .
    When I first got this truck had problems the first year , took the dealers many months and me going back forth for them to replace the fuse and wipers as they keeped stoping intermait .
    Never again will I every recommend this brand.
    Again it’s all for the arrtoneys not the customers. Good luck in all your cars with Nissan

  • richard moshman January 15, 2013

    I was forced to buy a new vehicle after 5 years,only because my xterra transmission failed due to the defective radiator,which nissan will never own up to.So i got a couple of thousand on a trade and wrote it off,rather than spend $5000.00 to repair something that will happen again.One thing that will not happen again is me or anyone I know ever buying a nissan.This law suit or any will never benifit myself or anyone else with the b.s deductable.Nissan is the worst car company by far that I have ever dealt with.Hopefully they will under.You cannot keep fooling consumers forever.

  • johnaka chi-town January 15, 2013

    My trans went out due to the radiator.3600. Than the starter breaks off in the fly wheel than problem after problem.don’t buy Nissan. Stick with American!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • johnaka chi-town January 15, 2013

    Don’t buy Nissan!!! Stick with American!!!!!! This pathfinder 06 is problem after problem!!!!

    • anonymous February 19, 2014


      I hear you on stick with American but those damn Nissan suv/trucks are built right here on American soil…..since like, the 80’s

    • Jared March 4, 2014

      Where do you think Frontiers, Xterras and Titans are made??

      Speaking of American, where do you think a lot of Chevrolets are made and are made of??

      American cars, japanese cars. there is no difference.

      Yes I think I have this issue in my 2005 Frontier but am looking at other options.

  • AnonymousShopOwner January 16, 2013

    Hello Everyone! I will share this with all of you. My husband is a former Nissan master tech – we opened our own shop. In 2010 we started to notice the issue you are all talking about. The issue is that Nissan knew they had a defective radiator that is made by Calsonic. Nissan has used Calsonic for years. Maybe a bad build. Anyways we started noticing that the Calsonic radiators in 2005 – 2010 Frontiers, Xterras & Pathfinders were having issues with the transmission cooler pipes splitting causing cross contamination between the radiator coolant & transmission fluid. Which resulted in a failure to the automatic transmission. Those customers that had the cross contamination had to have a new transmission, transmission cooler hoses & radiator replaced. At that time Nissan had extended the warranty to 80,000 miles. A couple of our customers ended up selling their vehicles because they were over 100,000 miles. We had a couple of customers who were under the 80,000 miles so they towed the vehicle and got it taken care of. We had a few pay the over $5,500 bill to get it taken care of. From that point forward we recommended customers replace their Calsonic radiator if they had more than 80,000 miles. We recommend Koyorad radiators. We did this as preventative maintenance. Would you rather pay between $500 to $750 for a new radiator rather than $5,500. Most of our customers after seeing all the issues online did it. Even with the vehicles between 80,001 to 100,000 miles we will recommend this because that is still cheaper than the copay of $2,500. For customers over 100,000 miles I would recommend getting that Calsonic radiator out of there since you have no warranty at all. For those over 80,000 miles you might consider it to. Good luck everyone!

    • Don Sherrill April 9, 2014

      I have a 07 Frontier 131,000 miles no trouble yet, interested in more information about replacing radiator, trying to prevent problems.

      • JEAN EZELLE February 17, 2015

        get rid of it now!!!!!

  • Fed up but Relieved January 16, 2013

    Wow. Finally, after a nightmare of a year in 2010 I got a letter about the transaction lawsuit from Nissan. This is 3 years after the fact now. In 2011, I had to file a chapter 7 bk, the repeated repairs broke my heart and bank account. No one so far has stated they purchased a used vehicle from the dealer. I purchased a Certified Used Vehicle Nissan. I had an 05 pathfinder. It first broke down 5,000 miles after the 72,000 mile warranty expired. I attempted to take the cheap route. Got a quote to rebuild for 1200, after the dealer quoted me 3300. After one month my suv broke down, the mechanic refused to fix it. I had no choice but to go to someone else who charged me 3000 to fix the radiator and the transmission. 2 months later the car stoped again. Fed up, I took it back to nissan and had to replace the valve body for 1400. All the repairs in one year don’t include the tow’s and rental that were not included or the triple A i had to purchase not knowing when my suv was going to break down and not start. Everyone, mechanics nissan told me that they felt bad but that it never happened to anyone else. I now feel relieved to know I wasn’t crazy and happy now that i kept all documenation.

    • Dave January 21, 2014

      Your back yard mechanics should have replaced the valve body in the first place. I went through the same scenario and purchased a rebuild kit and a valve body. Had it all put in for $300 then had my mechanic re-install it along with a new rad. It cost me $3000 complete

  • Jonathan January 19, 2013

    I’ve had my clutch replaced twice before my 2006 Xterra even hit 90k. Might it have been caused by this? I see everyone saying their transmissions went bad, but if I have one of the few manuals, might it cause clutch issues?

  • John Mc January 19, 2013

    I’m not the sharpest tac when it comes to cars. But, as I read this, I see most of the problems with the automatic transmissions. Is this applicable to manual tranny’s as well? I haven’t had a problem with the transmission yet. But, I do have the problems with the heat not working.

  • Barbara Miklos January 26, 2013

    We also have a manual transmission Fontier that we had to replace the radiator at 53,900 miles due to the leak at the tank to header plate. I imagine it was the same radiator as the automatic transmission vehicles, and believe it is more than coincidental that it occurred. We tried to contact Nissan about it, but did not receive any satisfaction. My guess is that the majority of vehicles are automatic transmissions, so there have not been as many complaints regarding the manual.

  • Frank Maatouk January 29, 2013

    Iam in Australia and iam having the same problem with a damaged radiator and auto transmission because of the leak. nissan is refusing to assist does anyone know if there is a class action happening in Australia
    my email is

  • Wanda Del Valle February 7, 2013

    I have a 2006 pathfinder 101,000 miles. Today I had to get my truck towed to the dealership. The told me that the radiator damaged the transmission. The cost of the repair is $8,000. Of course my truck is 101,000 the warranty doesn’t cover. I called Nissan and the rep told me that until the class action is not resolved, they can’t do anything about it.
    They knew about this and didn’t informed the consumer about it. That is so WRONG!!!

  • Steve February 12, 2013

    Bought an 05 Off Road Pathfinder new and am very happy however, I have joined the class-action.
    Currently sitting at 100k miles and have followed all schedule 1 maintenance.
    Timing chain issue was repaired under warranty at 50k.
    The coolant/fluid mix happended at 90k. Dealer advised all parts were all Nissan parts, refurbished or new.
    This Pathfinder for me has earned it’s name and I’m extremely happy I took care of it. Many more Off Road miles to follow.

  • Luke Humphries February 12, 2013

    I don’t really understand…. I got the papers and sent them in with a receipt to show where I paid to have repairs done related to this issue. I have a 05 Frontier. I had this issue in 2011. So it was 6 years old. However it had 112,000 miles on it at time of repair. The settlement explanation says “10 years or 100,000 miles, whichever is less”. Well it was well under 10 years old, but had over 100,000 miles at the time of repairs….. So I’m assuming I can still get reimbursed because the 10 years was less? Just confusing to me how they worded it.

  • JACALINE BRANDT February 26, 2013

    I have a 2005 nissan xterra and it had 120,000 miles and my transmission messed up then when getting a new trans mission the new one was slipping so they had to repalce it with a new one.. I am now having another problem with it again and its now the radiator cooliant going into my transmission causing it to act up. I spent 4,000 on a new trans and now needing to spend another 700 to get it fixed.. I am wondering if they will cover this as well.. I feel this is a problem and it should be taken care of… I am just so mad that I am now with out a car once again!!! this is 3rd trans being put in ugh!

  • Nelson Navarrete March 12, 2013

    My 2006 Nissan Frontier radiator and transmission just failed at 92k miles. Called the dealer they said i have to wait to the class action lawsuit or pay 2,500 deductible.

    Thanks Nissan…

  • Micale Medina March 14, 2013

    Have issues with my pathfinder. How can I get involved with this lawsuit?

  • S L J March 29, 2013

    I have a 2005 XTerra I just spent thousands of dollars repairing this vehicle. The transmission replaced due to a faulty radiator leaking collant into the transmission. I have 105,000 miles on it!
    How do i get reimbursed since my vehicle is less then ten years old?

    • Kris May 5, 2014

      See my post below…


      • Miguel Renderos August 2, 2014

        Hace 3 semanas tenia una nissan patfhinder 2005 y ya habiamos tenido ptoblemas sobre el radiador tuve q ccambiarle porq presentaba el mismo problema .pero las concecuencias. Fue q mi esposa venia con mi hijo menor donde el doctor y empezo a tener problemas ya llegando ala casa soli se bajo del carro y empezo a hechar humo hasta q se quemo completamente mi carro q si no ll egan los bomberos se quema hasta mi casa yo no sabia de estos problemas defectuosos asi q voy a presentar mi caso estoy en nashville tn y mi numero es 615779 330 o 615 5828029

  • Sandra Taylor March 30, 2013

    I am actually writing to say that someone needs to file a class action lawsuit for the engine problems for the Altimas. I have spent over $1000 for repairs in the past 4-6 months and now they can’t even fix the problem…I am going to have to sell my vehicle for parts because the dealers won’t even take them as a trade-in!! And, please…count me in!!!

  • steve s April 4, 2013

    I’m at 105,000 miles with my Nismo and now it has a baked tranny. I’m in the “Nissan sucks more than anything has ever sucked” crowd. I’ll replace the tranny and bypass the radiator. Then I’ll drive it until the bolts fall off and tell anyone along the way why they shouldn’t buy a Nissan.

  • Shalonda Jordan April 9, 2013

    I purchase my 2007 Nissan pathfinder in 2007 it has official stop running , and it will cost $7,700 to repair it, I am totally agreement with this class action law settlement.

  • Tracie Pouch April 11, 2013

    I purchased a 2006 Nissan Xterra on June 27, 2007 with 44 miles on it, from a local Nissan Dealership. I have always had my truck serviced at the dealership and the oil changed on the recommended schedule. One KNOWN ISSUE according to the service man at the local dealership, with 2006 Xterra’s, there is a coolant link into the transmission, which I has informed of this morning at 10:40am from the local dealership. After the dealership checked the truck out I also have a coolant link in the transmission the cost of repair will be $7295.00 plus tax. As the service man tells me this he also tells me Nissan has extended the warranty on the KNOWN ISSUE, but “I am sorry to tell you, that extension ended at 100,000 miles. If you can get Nissan to pay for it then it will only cost you $3000.00 at the dealership for the deductible. You can call Nissan and ask what the status of your vehicle would be. They may be able to help you. Good luck to you.” Is what I am told. And it will be $33.14 for your oil change today. After I told them do not change the oil if there is a major issue with the truck, please inform me first. But they did anyways.

    *Note the truck was just in 3 months ago for an oil change with no KNOWN ISSUES, that I was informed of.

    After 2 hours on the phone with Nissan’s customer service and numerous other departments, I am told you are out of luck. After numerous phone calls to other places to replace the trans and radiator I am at anywhere from $2000.00 to $4000.00 in the hole.

    I have owed a Ford and have over 250,000 miles on it. The Nissan that I currently owner has 107,663 miles on it. I will NEVER purchase a Nissan again. They do not stand by their vehicles and the local service department is rude, that is just an understatement. I was told by Nissan’s customer service department this afternoon, that the car is only to last the life of the loan. Well, that’s f’ed up…….Thank the good Lord mine truck was paid off in 2008. So Nissan, at least I go the “life out of my loan”.

  • jonathan minton April 16, 2013

    i own a 2006 xterra that lost reverse at 62000 miles, i reported the problem and i was told the repair would be 5500 to 6800 to replace the trans. not able to afford that i drove almost 6 months with no reverse. i finally got the recall leter in the mail that stated the warranty was extended to 80000 miles but by this time i had 84000 miles on it. i explained everything to nissan who denied my request for review, i picked up my nissan from the dealership a few weeks ago now and the transmission went out while i was going uphill in a 55 mph zone, not to mention they let me drive off the lot with no engine coolant!!! anybody that knows anything about a car knowns it needs coolant!!! therefore the dealership knowingly put my life in danger, i have spoken to an attorney and will hopefully come out on top but the money i do have was invested in warning the world about this poor excuss of a company, certainly not in the hands of the people who screwed me to begin with. until a companty like this loses there ass they will continue to screw the public because they will be rich and taken care of by the time the people of this nation realize they got had. something should and most definately will be done to rectify this. sorry nissan but your a bad taste in my mouth and the only thing worse than your craftsmanship is your customer service. pathetic. i lost my job and everything ive worked for because my nissan gave out on me and the company left me high and dry. sorry i cant pay your copay you caused me to lose my income because you wanted an amex black. these people will get what is coming to them one way or another.

  • Rick Shattuck April 18, 2013

    Just came back from the dealership I have to pay 3000.00
    For a new trany and radiator I am not even finished paying for the
    truck 2005 Nissan Pathfinder . I will never buy another Nissan this
    Should be covered 100% they don’t stand behind there products

  • kevin bozeman April 22, 2013

    i have a 2005 pathfinder with the same problem of radiator fluid leaking into the transmission and nissan wants $5000 to fix their problem?

  • Jenny April 25, 2013

    We had a 2007 pathfinder and the repair for transition and radiator was $10000.00! We didn’t have that kind of money so we felt forced to trade in. We were paranoid so we bought brand new Altima with the extended warranty. We owe 38000.00 on a 26000.00 thanks to the pathfinder!!!! Nissan really screwed us over. Very disgusted. Is the anything we are entitled to?

  • fuck nissan April 29, 2013

    im really pissed off my 05 frontier had the same radiator stupid fuking leak and it costs thousands of dollars to fix.I mean Nissan where are you? we Need you to step up and fix our vehicles free of charge just how we STEPPED inside of a nissan dealership and bought your products, and now your gonna leave all of us hung and dry like this making us spend thousands of our hard earned money.i do construction for a living and i USED to think that nissan truck were strong,dependable and LONG LASTING! well i guess we ( the people who thought like me) were wrong but i can assure u that nissan, NEVER AGAIN!!!!!! im going over to toyota, or maybe i should stick with american muscle instead

  • Adolfo Espitia May 6, 2013

    I had a 2007 Frontier SE. it had close to 100.0000 miles. the radiator broke and all the fluid went to the transmission causing a big problem.. I had to make like 500 dollars just in tow services from taking the truck from one place to another. When I took it to the dealership,they said it will cost me 10,000 dollars to get it fix. and I had to pay over 300 dollars just for the to take a looks and do diagnosis. They told me they couldn’t do anything so I call the NISSAN headquarters. took them like 2 months for respond. I really wanted to kept the Frontier because I had 5000 dollars left to payoff the truck.. I spend over 3000 dollars my self trying to fix it on another shop. but noting work. The dealer ship chose to purchase the frontier for a trade. I didn’t have any other choices. Now I have a debt for 26,000 dollar for a used 2010 titan. NISSAN.I AM VERY DISSAPOINTED,

  • Todd Gladieux May 6, 2013

    I bought a used 2005 Nissan Frontier from a nice lady in Sacramento, CA. It had 109K miles on it. After I bought it I noticed a vibration that would occur at 40 and 60 MPH. I thought it was in the wheels or something but it turned out to be a failing overdrive component in the automatic transmission due to cross contamination from the defective radiator. Before I went to get the pick up I checked online for any recalls. None were there because Nissan had never recalled the problem. When I entered ‘transmission and radiator problems’ on Nissan’s there were tons of links and a lot of pissed off consumers. So I now join the ‘over 100K and got totally screwed’ group where there appears to be no recourse with Nissan and their shitty policy for compensation. If a problem is admitted to be a problem then who gives a flying fuck how many miles are on the vehicle. It’s a fucking defective part due to faulty engineering and that is all that should matter. No co-pays and no sharing of cost. They should fix it plain and simple.

  • Irene De la Cruz May 6, 2013

    My Nissan Pathfinder 06 is being repaired just now. It needs a Trans due to the Radiator leak. My mechanic called Nissan for me to inform them of my problem, but my car has 144000 miles, past the 100000 so I was out of luck. Did not even know of this problem and am just finding out all the other problems Nissan owners have experienced and am sick to my stomach to hear that a Company that I swore by does not stand behind their vehicles. This is truely my last Nissan..cant afford this kind of repairs. Going american made now and joining the lawsuit..Thanks

  • Irene De la Cruz May 6, 2013

    Having my Nissan 06 repaired. Trans due to a faulty radiator.. just finding out there was so many other having this problem. My mechanic called Nissan for me when He found the problem, but unfortunatley my car is at 144000 miles. never buying a Nissan again. cant afford this kind of repairs. Am very surprised to hear that Nissan does not stand behind their veihcles. Joining the class act and am going to fight for some kind of refund. I work too hard. and thought i was buying a dependable product..DISAPPOINTEDD

  • Sherrill James May 7, 2013

    I purchased a new 2008 Xterra. In 2012, the transmission failed due to a faulty (known by Nissan) radiator leaking fluid into the transmission. Because of mileage, Nissan refused to repair its responsibility. Because I still had a year longer to pay off the vehicle, I had my truck repaired by AAMCO for $4254.48. Now in 2013, the original radiator has damaged the transmission AGAIN. Nissan will not fix both the radiator and transmission unless I pay $3000. In what world is this fair? The problem originated from an auto part that Nissan was well aware of it being defective. Regardless of mileage, it is Nissan’s responsibility to consumers to admit their negligence and free of charge fix the problem. First and last time to purchase a Nissan product. It’s sad to know that a multi-million dollar company can take advantage of financially struggling consumers. It’s not a bargain to pay a $3000 deductible for something that wasn’t your fault in the first place. And this action is consumer protection? Really???
    How??? When Nissan still gets money for THEIR mistake. EXTREMELY UNFAIR.

  • dewayne lawrence May 13, 2013

    To Sherrill Johnson sounds like you could have a lemon law claim but you would have to look more into that.

  • Thomas Cruey May 18, 2013

    Issue is i bought this truck with 68,000 miles on it in June of 2012. Why was issue not resolved from dealership for issue of radiator coolant leaking to transmission before it was sold. My truck now has over 108,000 miles on it and now is showing issue due to known problem that existed in my 2005 Nissan Frontier.

  • mercuria lucombe May 21, 2013

    From day one i started having problems with my 2005 pathfinder,i spent over $5000.00 on repairs and new transmission..i really hope they reimbursed everyone who had issues with their trucks…will never buy a nissan again..

  • donna May 29, 2013

    So, has anyone received a settlement yet? I have not and have been waiting for that settlement after 6 month.

  • Abdi May 30, 2013

    I bought my Nissan Pathfinder 2005,on October 2012 at 104999 miles and It suddenly stopped while we were driving on 85-N. After existing the freeway on (05/28/2013) around 1:30 pm and it was not moving at all and we were shocked and almost hit from behind and their was a lot of traffic. We were lucky it didn’t stopped on the freeway, since it was a busy day. With me in the car were, my wife, 3 children, youngest been 1 year old and with my sister-in law.. When traffic was backed, we got assistance from the HERO and they moved us from the street and later we towed the car to the mechanic shop and we found out it has a transmission problem. We didn’t knew their was a lawsuit until the mechanic told us about it but the miles on my car is now 110,386… If Nissan knew about this problem, regardless of miles they should take responsibility and do the right thing before people get killed in the freeway or on the street, when they suddenly stop like it happen to my family. Let Nissan recall all this garbage vehicles from the street and take responsibility. Is there any lawyer or NHTSA personnel reading this!!

  • Leo May 30, 2013

    my 2006 nissan path’s radiator and trannie went out with 73000 miles. I just hope I dont have the same issues as some of you.

  • N. Hitchiner June 5, 2013

    Well, add me to the list of ’05 Pathfinder owners with a blown transmission from the DEFECTIVE radiator coolant leak! My vehicle has 103,000 miles! It just broke! Now, I have to pay almost $7000 to have both the radiator & transmission replaced! And we don’t have that kind of money! I feel Nissan should pay for the full repair! Especially if they are generally occurring at about 100,000 miles! That’s when their partial warranty expires. This law suit doesn’t go far enough. They need to pay for the full repair. They KNEW about this and didn’t fix it.

  • gary frederick June 12, 2013

    i bought 06 pathfinder in 08.loved it till recalls.gas tank issues had truck in shop 3 times and was never 78000miles was in for relay checked radiator at that point and told me there was no 83000radiator went out on tranny side and oil cooler side.blowing head gasket in motor.had motor rebiult tranny flushed 3 times only to learn tranny was done.traded in to nissan andbought a had good reputation for very durable drive train and motor.that flew out the window.if they cant back there product here in usa then take it back oversees.people are tired of being ripped off.

  • chris June 16, 2013

    does anyone know what it should cost to repair a 2006 nissan pathfinder timing chain? Dealer telling $3, 200? thanks

  • doug Brown June 21, 2013

    Found out today about the cross contamination problem. I am not only mad about the $5000.00 cost to fix it but that I was not even offered the opportunity to to do something about it when Nissan knew what was happening. I have bought my last one and said my last kind word about the company that screwed me! (my dad got on me for not buying American)

  • Don Tufanio July 1, 2013

    I replaced my radiator fluid at 78,000 miles on my 2005 Frontier, did not see any problem with fluid that was drained. I always inspect removed fluid for signs of contamination and wear. At 82,000 miles I noticed the differential (unrelated to the radiator problem, but relevant) making a lot of noise and vibration, so I took the truck in to Nissan. After they performed inspection, they informed me that the radiator and trans needed to b replaced. Its amazing to me that Nissan’s quality has gone down so far that almost the complete drive train needed to be replaced at 82,000 miles. This is my 4th Nissan truck and it will be my last Nissan vehicle.

  • Jothi Kesavan July 11, 2013

    Check Engine Light came up in my 2005 Nissan Xterra at 85,000 miles. Took it to the repair shop where I make oil changes, I was told transmission broke and radiator fluid contamination. Took it to the dealer, they flat out refused the contamination, instead offers to replace both transmission and radiator for $5,500 to avoid future problems. I was not convinced. Immediately, another guy in the dealership offers to trade in for a new car. I took the car out and went to another transmission shop. Sure enough, they noticed radiation fluid contaminating the tranmission fluid. Cost was around $3,750. Because, the deadline was early Jun’2013 and now is early July, they are telling me I cannot submit the claim. I hope the court does not approve the final settlement. Nissan should recall and pay for the repairs of defective transmission/ radiator.

  • Lisette July 19, 2013

    I purchased a Nissan pathfinder in Oct of 2011 at 78k now at 110.669 miles my transmission went out’! Due to the faulty radiator. I have 4 children and can’t afford the repairs. I still owe a lot of money on this SUV. I don’t know what to do. If this ruin my credit because I can’t pay for a vehecile I can not drive. I’ve worked so hard to have good credit and this happens. And Nissan said they won’t help me because it is over 100k. I am so depressed over this issue and refuse to feel defeated. But what can I do? I walk pass the truck in the drive way while me and my children have to catch the bus very early morning. I really really hate this. Does anyone have any advise. This is just wrong Nissan! I can’t even trade it in because of all the negative equity. This is so not right.

  • Aimee Patterson July 20, 2013

    Me and my husband had a Nissan Frontier and were affected by all of this we spent almost 3000.00 on repairs and went without a truck for 3 months so that means we still had a truck payment and insurance that we had to pay and then to find out that they will only pay you for repairs over the 2500.00 if it gets approved is so stupid they should reimburse us for all repairs will never buy another Nissan. Just wished they realize that the repairs are just the beginning of it all not to mention we had to do without a vehicle for 3 months so we had figure out means for a vehicle so we could get to work.

  • Desiree Selby July 22, 2013

    In 2012 I bought my 2007 Nissan Pathfinder from Regal Nissan in GA, I have 80,400 miles on vehicle and it is been down for almost a month.. I finally got the car to the shop (Hunter Nissan NC) for them to tell me its going to cost me 2,500$ for them to fix it, because I am 400 miles over the warranty… If I would have known this before I bought the car I would have never bought it.. I still owe 11,000 dollars on the car and haven’t been able to use it… Hunter Nissan is giving me a hard time about fixing it as they don’t think thats the problem… I had a ASE CERTIFIED mechanic look at before I took it to them and they took the radiator cap off and said WOW their is your problem… Now because NISSAN has it they are trying to jerk me around… I have spent all morning on the phone with cooperate about this and again getting the RUN AROUND…. I am so frustrated with all this and really want this NIGHTMARE over with… I honestly WILL NEVER BUY a NISSAN AGAIN and will make sure everyone I know doesn’t either…. American made and yet Only in AMERICA would you find a mess like this.. I am ashamed of you Nissan and hope you can sleep well at night knowing so many people are suffering due to your DEFECTIVE PARTS.. and you won’t FULLY COVER THEM NO MATTER HOW MANY MILES ARE THE CAR…. You produced DEFECTIVE PARTS, YOU SHOULD FIX THEM….. AT ALL COST.. Thank you for selling me a LEMON…..

  • Juan fajardo July 30, 2013

    Well very little to said after all this bad reviews my path junk is at the shop with a bad tranny 111000 miles now I have to rent a car to get to work and get 3500 dollars to repair this transmission shame on nissan I was planning to trade for the new one but will never again will purchase another nissan honda from now on

  • Juan fajardo July 30, 2013

    Well very little to said after all this bad reviews my path junk is at the shop with a bad tranny 111000 miles now I have to rent a car to get to work and get 3500 dollars to repair this transmission shame on nissan I was planning to trade for the new one but will never again will purchase another nissan honda from now on

  • Charley Andersen August 17, 2013

    I have a 07 Pathfinder that I bought new. @ 99,000 miles, I took it to a small local garage and spent $600 having him install a Napa radiator. I solved the problem before the transmission was damaged. I will never buy another Nissan after the way they failed everyone that bought their cars. From what I have read, the high deductibles with the settlement is poor as best.

  • Sandy La barbera August 22, 2013

    I was never was in formed of this until a week before and then i took it in i was told they couldnt find any thing wrong with my car. After taking it back to the repair shop i was told that the radiator was leaking into the tranny! i have a 2005 xterra 800000 miles. how many more of us are being screwed by Nissan?

  • Shane Dailey August 27, 2013

    I’ve been a Nissan buyer all my life but NEVER again! 06 Frontier with coolant/transmission problem. $5800 for NISSAN dealer to fix the problem. Nissan, U SUCK!!!

  • sally welsh September 2, 2013

    What is going on with this case? I filed way ahead of time, it was received in good order and the deadline was 3 months ago! The class was approved but all I am told by the administrator is that “The judge still has it.” Does anyone know when reimbursement will be done?

  • Janet September 16, 2013

    I too filed on this lawsuit and haven’t heard anything. I didn’t know a lot of people had the same problems as me. I was out $4643 on a 2005 Frontier only had 76,302 miles. I wish they would get a verdict and refund some money!!!

  • Janet September 16, 2013

    Not to mention as well as a previous commentator, I too was out of a truck for 3 months, and continued to make payments and insurance. I think that should have been considered as well.

  • Mary Jo Hays September 16, 2013

    my frontier was in excellent condition, but it had 107,000 miles when I noticed a problem and took it to dealer. I was told the coolant and transmission had “co-mingled” and it would cost $8600. to fix. Then they quickly wanted me to trade it in on a new one. the problem being I was unemployed at the time. I couldn’t fix it or buy another one! I called and begged them to flush the transmission and help me out! they didn’t bother telling about the defect I found that out on line. I drove it another 4 months then sold it being up front with the problem. I feel they owe me my loss on the sell which would be about 7,000?

  • Celina September 19, 2013

    I just spoke with a representative from the claims administrative company and was told on May 31, 2013 that the case was approved and that reimbursement should take place in October 2013. When I asked about the limitations of reimbursement (mileage or years) I was told that would be reviewed on a case by case basis. So if you are like me and were over the 100,000 miles you might still be shit out of luck!

  • Rafael September 24, 2013

    My truck is only 91,000 Miles
    No problems i was checking fluids in a daily basis and just like some body says you never know when is going to fail,need an advice in what to do.

  • Cindi September 26, 2013

    I have a 2005 pathfinder – 42k miles. Had the same problem with cross contamination. Assumed I would be fully covered under the extended warrantee — NO!!!!! I was told I would have to pay the $2,500 deductible because the MANUFACTURE DATE of my vehicle was 7/31/05 and I brought it in for repair on 09/03/13 – I was 1 month too-late – REALLY????? If you read the consumer literature it specified MODEL YEAR and ODOMETER reading —- I agre with all, don’t even bother contacting Nissan customer services —- all responses are scripted — Sorry, we can’t do anything for you. I did hear of a potential appeal in the Kentucky Appeals court — anyone have any info on this?

  • Chila Ballah September 30, 2013

    I fill up the claim form what Nissan send it to me on
    Jan 14/2013 and I agreed for the settlement for the case # 10-cv-07 493.
    Please notify me about any new for this case.
    Thank You

  • Dennis Ray Brown October 7, 2013

    My transmission went out on us this past sat, 10/05/13, going 75 miles an hour down the interstate pulling a loaded trailer. I have a 2006 Nissan Frontier. PLEASE, send me ANY info you have. I am looking at a $3500 out of poctet cost to fix something that the Nissan dealer i purchased from just told me, “yep, they came from the manufacturer mess up and it’s all on you”

  • malissa October 10, 2013

    will nissan pay for the damage to my nissan or will i cont to have to take a loss for them

  • Heidi Brubaker October 11, 2013

    I filed a claim for my 2005 Nissan Pathfinder months ago and still have not heard a thing from the company. It cost me over $4,000 to fix my Pathfinder and I feel I deserve some money back. thank you!

  • Ricardo F. October 14, 2013

    I have a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder and about 70,000 miles my transmission went out on me, It cost me over $5,400 to get my transmission back to working status… I submitted a claim which I have a claim#10467858 couple of months ago…. around April 2013 and still have not heard anything yet…. Im very disappointed in Nissan for not taken care of there consumer…….

  • Valerie Cook October 16, 2013

    My Husband and I Leased the 2006 Nissan Pathfinder, unexpectedly in 2008 my husband passed away. In 2009 I was left to make a major decision on whether to purchase this leased vehicle. I had never received any notice or had any bad news about the Pathfinder so WITH THE HELP OF MY FAMILY I went to through the credit union to pay off the Pathfinder. With regular oil changes and several visits to Nissan about other matters Not one time did I get any warning on this DEFECT THAT NISSAN HAS CREATED THRU THERE DESIGN! This defect was discovered by a warning light when I had to go thru Emissions, that told me my 02 Sensor was out. While visiting a shop to get that fixed the Mechanic noticed the Dark Milky ness in my fluid and warned me that he was aware of this Nissan Defect…..We wouldn’t even fix the 02 Sensor he said this defect was More serious and Catastrophic to my Engine. I was in shock riding around with my two son’s in this dangerous situation. To think, We put our trust in Nissan, they created this DEFECT and want us to pay for there DEFECT. I borrowed to pay off Nissan for that vehicle and still owe the credit union, I CAN NOT pay for this expensive repair, I have no transportation for myself and my children. Nissan Needs to hear from all of Us, they Don’t believe in Standing Behind There Product. As a Widower, Mother, Single Parent, Consumer They will Hear From Me. So Disappointed

  • Mathew Shaw October 23, 2013

    Thank you for your response however; it doesn’t address the issue for me. My 2006 Xterra has about 125k miles on it. However, all of that is irrelevant.

    Nissan manufactured a car at some plant somewhere that had a defect that predetermined that the car’s radiator and transmission fluid would eventually mix. It has nothing to do with the car’s age or miles. Honestly, do you think you would have sold a single vehicle if the buyer knew that at any given moment it would be worthless, or worse, that the repair costs would be more than the car is worth (my situation). In effect, its totaled. (I am now driving a borrowed “93 Ford Ranger). You wouldn’t have sold one car if people knew of the accompanying risk, but in reality it sounds like you sold a lot, for it appears the same year’s (and the year before) Pathfinder, and Frontier have been having the same problem. Nissan needs to pay for its manufacturing issues on all of these cars. In full! It has absolutely nothing to do with the unfortunate owner who paid and continues to pay Nissan their hard earned money, whether they can drive it or not (which is what I am doing). Can you imagine the despair we are all feeling? It is sickening to be dealt such a personal financial blow, but what’s worse is the awful feeling that you can’t trust a car company that sold you a bill of goods with one common tenet; your car is safe, and we stand by our word, only to find that when it comes down to it, we are just an expense issue they are trying to mitigate. It makes a person want to go to the dealer where they purchased their vehicle with a very large sign warning that Nissan is selling financial time bombs. Because that is what you have done.

    It looks like Nissan has slowly tried to address their manufacturing defect by bumping the warranty, trying to tie the issue to mileage or wear and tear, and force the consumer to take on some of the responsibility and therefore costs. So shameful. In trying to save money, Nissan is not only losing face, but their heart, and soul.

    I have owned six Nissan vehicles since 1992. To this point, I was extremely pleased, yet my loyalty has cost me dearly.

    I am at a complete loss, literally and figuratively.

  • Aisha Newchurch October 31, 2013

    I have a 2005 Pathfinder. Transmission went out in 2009. Had it repaired only to have to take it back to the dealership 1 month later. Found out about the radiator crosscontamination at that point, but was never told that this was a known issue. Had to have the radiator replaced. Rec’d the info on this lawsuit submitted the claim forms and documentation well before the deadline. Never heard anything back, as to whether the documentation was rec’d, suffice or if anything else was needed. Emailed recently, as this is the ONLY option for contact-have not received any response, so this forum is all there really is. Could someone also please let me know if they hear/receive any word? Thanks in advance.

  • Tanya November 1, 2013

    This came from the class action website

    PLEASE NOTE: The Final Approval Hearing occurred on May 2, 2013 and was approved by the Court on May 31, 2013. If you submitted a claim form for reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses you paid to have your vehicle repaired because of cross contamination of engine coolant and transmission fluid cause by a defect in the radiator and your claim is approved, you will be issued a settlement check on November 1, 2013. If you have questions, please call the Settlement Administrator at 1-877-208-9275 or email

  • Thomas November 3, 2013


    With your truck at 91,000 I would suggest taking it to an independent Transmission specialist (one that actually rebuilds transmissions – not just replace them from a rebuit). Ask them if they can install an external cooler for your transmission. When I had my rebuilt, the mechanic insisted that the two be separated which is what he did. I do not know how simple this would be for a transmission that has not failed however it is worth asking.

  • Oscar Escobedo November 9, 2013

    I have passed the 100k miles by just a tad when my transmission completely failed. I had prior signs before the 100k when my transmission was jolting once in awhile. I DID TAKE IT IN TO THE DEALER FOR INSPECTION AND THEY DIDNT FIND ANYTHING> I EVEN MENTIONED HOW I HEARD OF THE RECALL, THEY SAID MY VEHICLE WAS NOT AFFECTED. So I listened and took off, few thousand miles later, here I am. Affected.

    I believe that Nissan should extend their recall since it seems that most of these vehicles were sent out of manufacturing DEFECTIVE.

  • richard moshmaN November 11, 2013

    let me just say that whoever represented nissan owners
    did a pispoor job .A 2500.00 deductable is a joke.and for
    people like me that junked thier vehicle before the settlement who got absolutlly nothing we are shit out of luck.I sent my 250.00 initial radiator reciept to nissan and got squat.Screw nissan,they are a low life operation and will fold some day because you cannot keep screwing people and stay in business.fool me once only

  • Dan Troppoli November 14, 2013

    My 2005 Nissan truck started acting up, before I could get it to the dealer, the transmission locked up. Had it towedit to the dealer, they said I needed a new transmissiion, never mentioned the recall. I was so upset, I have had 4 Nissans. My wife looked on line and saw that hundreds of people were having the same problem from cross contamination. I called Nissan and they would not do anything about it. After about 30 phone calls and emails and talking to 20 different people, they finally agreed to pay half. It costs me over $3,000. I had 83,000 miles on my truck. i am so disappointed in Nissan and would never recommend them to anyone. Greed. They knew they had a problem and did not tell anyone about it until the problem manifested in thousands of their vehicles. They should have to pay for the whole repair regardless of mileage. Their vehicles were defective and they should be held responsible. Making people pay a deductible for a defect is so unfair.

  • RICK HERNANDEZ November 14, 2013


  • Jessica Savarese November 21, 2013

    My boyfriend filed the claim form in December 2012 through the NissanATOilCoolerSettlement website which states they were mailing checks on November 1, 2013. It’s November 21st, still NO CHECK!

  • Patricia Parson November 26, 2013

    I submitted all paper for my payments on my Nissian Pathfinder and have not received my settlement.

  • Dwight Anunciado November 29, 2013

    I just found out about this class action law settlement after I surpassed 132,000 miles. I own a 2007 Nissan Xterra Off Road. I now have about 135k miles – what are my options?

    • Kris Wallen April 29, 2014

      Dwight, See my post below.. Are you in?

  • Maureen Isbell December 2, 2013

    2007 Pathfinder 91,000 miles started jerking, took it to dealership for a check up they said all was fine. 3 days later transmission was done. Dealership towed it to them and precedes to tell us about this recall, yet 3 days before we heard nothing about it. Telling us we have to pay $3000 for it to be fixed. HELP!!! what are others doing about this? We are angry! Never again will we buy a Nissan and we use to be nothing but Nissan family. How can they do this to loyal costumers? We also purchased the fee oil changes and service packages when we bought our Pathfinder, so it was in the Dealership every 3 months!! Why werent we told about this before it died?? UGH!

  • Julia December 3, 2013

    My claim was denied for having 108,000 miles. Please advise how to challenge the denial as the letter I received did not detail how I could go about this. My Pathfinder has very efficiently messed up my life and expenses, I would like to at least try to contest their decision.
    Thank you

  • Christine Pruitt December 4, 2013

    I am in the same situation as many others. My 2006 Nissan Pathfinder just stopped and it is going to cost me $4,500 to rebuild transmission and new radiator etc. Nissan Consumer Affairs 800 number tells me there is nothing they can do as I have 120,000 miles. Why was there no letter sent out to all owners warning about the problem? I would have spent $400-500 to replace a radiator if I had know. Now I am totally at a loss as to where I find $4,500 to fix a 7 year old vehicle.

  • charles December 17, 2013

    It is time for another lawsuit. Those of us with over 100,000 miles are being denied because Nissan refuses to back up products. The radiators are defective, period. The number of miles is irrelevant. Does anyone have contact with a lawyer who may willing to help? Maybe a Nissan owner.

    • KG December 19, 2013

      Charles, I am right along with you! They are making excuses not to pay up! Guess what? My 2006 Pathfinder was not even at 10000k and they denied my claim. Maybe THEY should not even made anyof us aware of this action from the start.

    • Kris Wallen April 29, 2014

      Charles, See my post below.. are you in?

  • KG December 19, 2013

    To think about it, most of us are not getting anywhere with this claim and has been denied for either too many miles of too low miles (like myself at 10000K)..BUT STILL FACE SAME ISSUES. I am beginning to think only 1% of us who filed a claim are being reimbursed. Sad to say but NISSAN has lost my trust in them. They are not doing anything but making up an excuse after another. Let’s see who will be THE FIRST TO POST THAT HE/SHE HAS RECEIVED A CHECK FROM NISSAN, BY DECEMBER 25 OR ANYTIME.
    I am sure theses notes are not being acknowledged at all.

    • rn December 24, 2013

      i just recieved an email back from the settlement administrator stating that they were sending a check out to me today. hopefully some of you other people who are waiting for some money back will get in the next few days. i have been getting the runaround for 2 and a half months now.just glad to know that nissan is reimbursing me. i will never buy another one

      • Shannon January 7, 2014

        Were your repairs done by Nissan or by a independent shop ?

  • Chris Hunter January 4, 2014

    Yikes! Just had the repair. 120k miles. Also had the timing chain issue. Is there anything I can do??

  • Shannon Wharton January 6, 2014

    At this very moment I am forking over 4k dollars to have my Trans REBUILT because the Nissan dealership could not diagnose the issue with my 2005 Pathfinder with only 86k miles on it. They will not reimburse me ANYTHING because I have an independent Shop (Deltrans Newark DE) fixing the issue that Nissan could not!! I would have only had to pay 2500.00 (copay) had Nissan diagnosed my truck!! I am livid it this point and I WILL NEVER own another Nissan even if it was given to me for FREE!!

  • Angela January 14, 2014

    I had to buy a new car since I cant afford 6000.00 to repair my 06 pathfinder that I still owe 10,800 on. The value of the suv is around 4500.00 so what am I supposed to do ruin my credit and life because of nissan. This is just wrong and something needs to be done. :(

  • FMYNISSANXTERRA January 18, 2014

    2007 Xterra …diagnosed radiator leak at 92,500….same run around asking me to pay $3k. Playing phone tag with Nissan Consumer Affairs but not getting my hopes up…probably will buy new radiator and flush transmission since my transmission is fine right now.

  • JR January 24, 2014

    Is this issue just with automatic transmissions only?

  • NP January 28, 2014

    Own a 2007 Xterra at just over 90 thousand Miles felt a slight clunk in the transmission. Took it in an Bam radiator problem only had the car for a twelve months! $7500 dollar bill new rad new transmission and new thermostat! It was a certified pre-owened vehicle and after 12 months I have to replace pretty much the whole car Nissan says not there problem!

  • Me January 31, 2014

    Be prepared to get a run around from the attorney regarding the settlement. I have sent them two copies of my paperwork. They keep saying they have not received it. They then say there is a research request to check my claim. I heard nothing for a month. Called them again and all they can say is they are putting in a research request to find out why the original research request was not done. Sounds like they got the settlement money from Nissan and instead of distributing it, they are keeping it. Crooks.

  • marcela soto February 11, 2014

    I am a proud owner of a 2006 Exterra and I owned a transmission shop . I am sorry to say that I wen true this experience and it was not a happy one yes I did rebuild my transmission and replace radiator and I have not experience any other problems with this SUB. So for that am going to buy other Nissan there are the best build vehicles and save to drive and very conferrable for trips it cost me a lot of money to fix the trans + radiator + valve body that guess what ! the dealer only will sell it but now I have 175000 miles on it and still driving it love it ,
    still waiting for the settlement to come in its been a year since I send all the recites and no word on the refund will keep post on the money wen it come in

  • Toni Hall February 19, 2014

    I just paid $3600.00 for my tranny, valve body, torque converter and (I flushed the hell out of my radiator) replacement/rebuild. I would STRONGLY tell anyone that has a 2004-2010 Xterra, Pathfinder or Frontier to have a external transmission cooler installed IMMEDIATELY!!! Mine finally gave out around 131,000. miles and I STILL OWE on it!! I loved my Nissan but now have a BAD taste in my mouth and will consider either Toyota or Honda for my next purchase -Sorry Nissan you lose! I have a nice little sign on my Xterra that reads this info for all to see!!

  • Motopimp March 9, 2014

    I chose an 06 Nissan Pathfinder due to its horsepower advantage over the competition. However, I just recently experienced this radiator/transmission issue yesterday. I used to love it, but now I hate it! Nissan, you are failing miserably, and I aint hardly bullshittin’!

  • Pmmm March 14, 2014

    My daughter bought a used 2006 Exterra, guess what they saw her coming. After a year and a half, we have just put $4,000 into a transmission rebuild and new radiator. Of course it has over 100,000 miles. I drove an older Sentra for a few years and lost the timing chair twice. I don’t think Nissan is a responsible company – it will be my mission to tell people to avoid them at all cost.

  • Masaaki Yamamoto March 18, 2014

    This Lawsuit Settlement is a joke and so are the attorneys who handled this settlement. In a dictionary the word defect means that it is something that is flawed or something that can cause weakness or failure. This lawsuit is based upon the word defect. We were sold a defective product and they refuse to have a recall for all affected vehicles. It’s a joke, they won’t change your radiator until it the damages are done, the cost of replacing a radiator is cheaper than replacing everything it would damage. This has just happened to my truck and because of the way the warranty works you can not alter the cooling system to avoid it or you void the warranty, so you are pretty much stuck under their power and when it happens you just past the terms of the extended warranty anyhow. And who wants to shell out $3000 at the age of the vehicle, it almost half the blue book value anyhow. I’d rather take the $3000 and buy a Toyota or a Isuzu. Nissan’s Chairman and CEO who I heard may have quoted just get out there. I can only guess this is why we have the falling quality of a product and refusal to fix a defective product from the beginning. It isn’t like it use to be with nissan and the original pathfinders and 240z and 280z and their premium skyline. they gave me grief over a paint flaw that was clearly a flaw as something was pressed on the the curve of the frame of the vehicle and they insisted that it was a BB gun that did it. The force that it would take it dent that particular curve would have to be really hard to penetrate more than half a BB dent and push all the paint out 1/2″ around the hole. What ever was there pushed out the paint which probably suggest it was probably pressed in during production. Besides the paint was peeling off there as well.

    I’m going to fix the transmission myself and reroute the cooling system to a separate cooling system (the way it should of been done in the first place) From here on yeah a new car feel great and several miles down the road buy a nissan that can prove to be a mistake I’m buying something other than nissan they gave me a reason to do so without blinking an eye.

    • Masaaki Yamamoto March 18, 2014

      Forgot to mention the cost of a used or rebuilt Transmission can roughly be around $1200 to $2500 and a re-manufactured one can cost $3000 to $4000.

      Lets not forget those owners of the Xterra to pay attention to the Timing Chain which you can tell is having problems when you hear whining sound from the engine. Also which is under recall the IPDM module which will shut down you car. When this happened to me I took it to the dealer and it cost me $700 and they knew what the problem was with in 1/2 hour. It was a common failure and they had a recall to fix the problem, but they would not refund me for the fix as the only thing that was the problem was a diode which they change out and cost $3.66 for the part which they were will to return. The other thing is the Oil seal at the oil cooler where the oil filter is. That is another common problem, those seals never last it’s a poor design, O-ring to fix the problem is $4 buy a couple of them if you plan on keep the vehicle for a while. Then the other thing is the A/C switch module which seems to be a common problem as well. When I say common, when I go down to the dealer I asked them to make sure it’s the correct one and they say it is they sell a lot of them and its a common part.

      Summary common recalls that should happen:
      1) Radiator and Transmission (I put these together because if they had recalled the radiator in the first place this issue with the transmission wouldn’t have happened.
      2) Timing Chain (listen to whining sound in the front Timing chains are suppose to last a long time believe me I own a toyota with 186,000 and the timing chain is original).
      3) IPDM if you haven’t already done so run down to the dealer and get this changed its under a recall.
      4) A/C Switch/relay when you can’t change the blower speed and your A/C only works on one speed check this.

      When I start have problems with this vehicle I called Nissan USA the answer was at that time a year after I purchased it new there are no recalls and this is our #1 selling truck that is trouble free. Liars

  • SM March 20, 2014

    My sister is having this same problem. Without warning her Pathfinder didn’t start. She had it towed to Nissan and they stated she needed a new Transmission and Radiator. She is still paying on this vehicle and it now has over 100,000 miles. Can we start a new lawsuit about this?

    • Kris Wallen April 29, 2014

      SM, see my post below.. are you in?

  • Will C April 7, 2014

    I’m now in the club. I recently had my 2005 Frontier LE Auto diagnosed with the ‘mixing’ issue while being serviced for another issue that caused me to be stranded in an intersection last week. The proposed repairs offered up by Nissan were exorbitant, obviously designed that way to prompt me to want to trade up to a new vehicle. I am opting to have them fix the electrical issues that are beyond my skillset so that I can get the vehicle home under its own power. Then I will replace the radiator, have the transmission flushed, and pray for the best.

    It is ridiculous that Nissan is refusing to take responsibility for this issue for the owner population that is most affected (those with 1k miles or more).

    I will never buy Nissan again (have owned 3), and will recommend that all friends & family do the same.

  • uroda April 14, 2014

    na 10 ranek sąsiadującego sobotę rano . To pył byćdzień, jak należący do mnie objęcia Morfeusza lekcyj unosić się w powietrzu stanie sięrzeczywistością , zaś przynajmniej

  • Mark April 14, 2014

    I am now in the same boat. 2007 Nissan xterra. Does anyone know if it is too late to join this suit or would we have to take to to small claims court? What recourse do current owns have that were not part of the suit.

    • Kris Wallen April 29, 2014

      Mark, See my post below.. Are you in?

  • Sam April 14, 2014

    We just bought a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder. It currently is sitting at a repair shop. It will end up costing us around 6 grand and the auto shop stated to me that they currently have my same pathfinder with the same problems in their shop. The dealership made many promises they did not follow through with. we are broke and frustrated and still owe a good amount of money on our Pathfinder. Please Help… I have been advised to make a noise, but I have noticed many others have done so and not received any recourse. We called Nissan and got a claim number because our mileage is at 119000. We need a recall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kris Wallen April 29, 2014

      Sam, See my post below.. are you in?

  • stephen April 18, 2014

    maybe this has been answered but are people who have a manual tranny havign the same problem. i am looking at a xterra with a 6speed and was wondering if i should steer clear. i had a 2001 xterra i really like the looks of this suv and would buy one again but and nervous with all the problems with the auto

  • mj April 21, 2014

    I encourage everyone who is having this problem to add to this list. I am hoping that new car owners research before buying and bring up this site. This is not a done deal!. The settlement reached was a joke. The problem does not occur until at least 80000-100000 miles. Eventually you will not see any of these 2005-20010 vehicles on the road because it will not be cost effective to put that much money into repairs for a 5 to 10 year old vehicle. As one Nissan master mechanic mentioned ‘It is not if it happens, it is when it happens’

    • Kris Wallen April 29, 2014

      MJ, see my post below.. Are you in?

  • Kevin c April 21, 2014

    I stop every person I can that is driving a Nissan with this known problem and the story is always the same.If they only were informed by Nissan they would have had the problem radiator replaced.Most of them say it was too late and they had to foot a major repair bill.Not Fair Nissan!!!!

  • Barry W April 24, 2014

    My problem started when my Pathfinder had 125K miles. I spent over 5K in repairs. We should no be eliminated from the class action because of miles on a vehicle. This is grounds for another class action law suit. How can the courts discriminate against a group of people that have over 100K miles but the problem is the same like the 80K to 100K miles vehicle owners. This is unfair and the lawyers representing our side are selling us out. Why they are not deny the offer and file an appeal on our behalf. Why CBS and NBC is not covering this Unfair Class Action case.

    • Kris Wallen April 29, 2014

      Barry, see my post…
      Are you in?

      • Becca Dillinger May 15, 2014

        We are SO ALL IN. What can we do? Any word?

  • Arnold Clyde Howard April 27, 2014

    My 2001 Xterra is having this same problem! Gonna fix it myself with a new radiator and a flush, install a transmission cooler and flush the fluid in it as well. Isnt the world so unfair sometimes?!!

  • Donnie Thomas April 28, 2014

    I have a 2007 Nissan Pathfinder and began experiencing issues of an engine roar at 45/50 mph. Took vehicle to dealership for sevice and repair. Was told that the timing chain needed to be replaced. After discovering problem was not fixed, said it probably was the u-joints. Still same problem after these repairs. Then “Nissan Central” was contacted and did a complete anaylsis of suv and determined I have a transmission problem. I had 122,000 miles on vehicle and no known issues until this. After, replacing timing chain, water pump, u-joints, radiator, transmission, and many other minor parts I am out almost $5,900.00. This is outrageous. I called Nissan and made oral complaint with no satisfaction, but informed them I am expecting some relief. I am determined to take this further. Between the 5,900.00 and my vehicle I could have traded and been much better off. Nissan must be held accountable. This has been a good vehicle but most unsatifed with Nissan. Call me unhappy in Alabama. I agree with the Barry W post of earlier.

    • Kris Wallen April 29, 2014

      Donnie, see my post below.. Are you in?

  • Kris Wallen April 29, 2014


    I just filed this as a request for a new class-action lawsuit against Nissan.



    My 2007 Nissan Xterra has recently been diagnosed as having the radiator/transmission contamination problem. However my vehicle currently has 121,000 miles on it, outside of the limits of 100,000 miles that the 2012 settlement allowed.

    I did some research and spoke earlier today with Gary Graifman, of Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman, PC who was the Co-Lead Class Counsel of the original class action lawsuit. I explained to him that in my estimation the settlement fell far short, as it excluded many Nissan owners who were fortunate enough to have their vehicles run properly for over 100,000 miles. That luck, however, should not exempt Nissan from their responsibility for having originally installed defective parts. He explained to me that since I was over the mileage limit as stated in the settlement, that I have been virtually excluded from THIS case, but that further action could be taken against Nissan for those of us in a similar situation if we could get enough people together. As I read the posts, it seems that could be accomplished.

    Here are the facts:

    Nissan allowed the repeated manufacture and sale of vehicles with a defective radiator that allowed the cross-contamination of coolant and transmission fluid and damaged the radiator and transmission.

    A previous class action lawsuit ended in settlement for owners to receive a “co-pay” arrangement from Nissan for repairs if their mileage was under 100,000

    There are a multitude of owners whose vehicles have exceeded that 100,000 marker who are just now experiencing the negative effects of the defective manufacturing by Nissan.

    These owners also deserve to be represented.

    I request that you work with us to file a second class action suit against Nissan for recompense for repairs that we have had to pay for.

    • Joshua May 13, 2014

      I’m in. Last Thursday my 2008 Nissan Pathfinder started “trying to cut off” upon leaving work. Fortunately I made it to the nearest garage. The mechanics there were outstanding by the way; it is Jimmy’s Auto Shop on Lejeune Blvd if you’re ever in the Jacksonville area. I’ve never encountered such honest and genuine mechanics in my life. Moving on. Based on the color spewing from under my vehicle the guy told me that it appeared to be something allowing the radiator and transmission fluids to mix, hence why the constant “chugging and overheating”. The aforementioned mechanics do deal in transmissions, and offered to replace the radiator, flush the transmission, and go from there. I called the local Nissan dealer to inquire about any options. I explained my situation and the lady asked for the mileage. I told her it was a little over 100,000 miles. She told me about the Class Action Suit, but unfortunately I exceeded the 100,000 mile cut off. She also told me that so far the ones Nissan repaired they were replacing both transmission and radiators, also adding the new component because the previous one was incompatable hence why everyone was breaking down. To my surprise she suggested I call Nissan of North America and I did. A lady took the call and I explained to her the situation. She filed a claim for me and I received a call on Monday, May 12, 2014. I spoke to a gentleman named Bryan. To make a long story short, Bryan reminded me of suggested preventive maintenance which I failed to take advantage of and that the Pathfinder was out of warranty. I informed Bryan that I wouldv’e loved to have those things done to the vehicle but I couldn’t afford them; oil changes and other basics were adhered to. He was rude, arrogant, and my best interest was not at hand due to him trying to fast talk me off of the phone. I asked Bryan what did an air filter replacement, new cap, or anything else Nissan suggested have to do with the exchange of radiator fluids and and transmission fluid? That question was never answered. I then reminded Bryan of the fact that Nissan has in fact acknowledged the defect and according to the person at the local Don Williamson Nissan dealership they’ve been replacing both the transmission and the radiator. Bryan asked me what class action settlement I was speaking of as he’d heard nothing of it. “Wow” I said. “Here you are Sir”, as I quoted “The Nissan Radiator Defect Class Action Lawsuit Settlement case is In re: Nissan Radiator/Transmission Cooler Litigation, Case No. 10-cv-07493, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York” and he wrote it down. All of a sudden Bryan wants to reach out to his resourses and contacts to verify whether or not I’m eligible to receive any relief for the repairs; he needs up to three business days. “Very well” I said, “but please bare in mind that I’m currently paying $32.00 per day for a rental car and $15.00 per day for my vehicle to remain at the mechanics shop. Also, I have a wife, three children, and I’m in the military…I need my vehicle”!!! I realize Bryan is doing his job, and his job consists of finding every way possible to prevent me from receiving assistance for Nissan’s negligence. He is there to save Nissan money, but Nissan should also be held accountable for these vehicles they’ve sold to people. Nissan violates business professionalism, every moral, and every ethic that I can think of. Timing belts, alternators, and batteries I understand…mixing fluids and $6k repairs I do not. The more I think about the situation the less I understand how Nissan would be allowed to put stipulations on the settlement i.e. the mileage. They’ve owned up to the fact that defective equipment was used in addition to several people having had the exact same issue. I realize I am outside of the mileage, that is a fact I can not hide; likewise, another fact that can not be hidden is… regardless of the mileage this was eventually going to happen anyway. How is it legal for Nissan to manufacture and sale a defective product and not be responsible for its repairs when the time comes. This defiency is through no fault of my own and therefore mileage should be irrelevant. The repairs are estimated to cost in and around $6k; that’s $6k I can’t just produce on demand. Once I have it towed to the dealership I’ll be charged an additional $136.00 for their diagnosis. This is a very sensitive situation and time is of the essense. I’m strongly considering speaking with my superiors to have Nissan placed on the military’s Black List (establishments unbecoming or not military friendly).

    • Matt Francis June 17, 2014

      Kris, I want in on this too! let me know what I need to do… Thanks so much.

    • Eric Anderson August 15, 2014

      I’m in, same problem, 2008 Frontier, 109,000 miles.

    • John March 19, 2015

      My wife and I are in! We bought a used 2007 Nissan Frontier from a local dealership in Wilmington NC, last year. Our truck has 113,000 miles and we just discovered the cross contamination leak between the radiator and the transmission during a routine service visit. We want to be part of the second class action suite against NIssan for vehicles with greater than 100,000 miles. What do we need to do to support this effort? We want Nissan to pay for the repairs to faulty and substandard equipment in our vehicle.

  • Kris Wallen April 29, 2014



    My 2007 Nissan Xterra has recently been diagnosed as having the radiator/transmission contamination problem. However my vehicle currently has 121,000 miles on it, outside of the limits of 100,000 miles that the 2012 settlement allowed.

    I did some research and spoke earlier today with the attorney of the original class action lawsuit. I explained to him that in my estimation the settlement fell far short, as it excluded many Nissan owners who were fortunate enough to have their vehicles run properly for over 100,000 miles. That luck, however, should not exempt Nissan from their responsibility for having originally installed defective parts. He explained to me that since I was over the mileage limit as stated in the settlement, that I have been virtually excluded from THIS case, but that further action could be taken against Nissan for those of us in a similar situation if we could get enough people together. As I read the posts, it seems that could be accomplished.

    Here are the facts:

    Nissan allowed the repeated manufacture and sale of vehicles with a defective radiator that allowed the cross-contamination of coolant and transmission fluid and damaged the radiator and transmission.

    A previous class action lawsuit ended in settlement for owners to receive a “co-pay” arrangement from Nissan for repairs if their mileage was under 100,000

    There are a multitude of owners whose vehicles have exceeded that 100,000 marker who are just now experiencing the negative effects of the defective manufacturing by Nissan.

    We deserve to be represented.

    Are you in?

    • Donnie Thomas April 29, 2014

      What do we need to do? I believe I’m with you.

      • Kris Wallen April 29, 2014

        We’ll see how many others respond.. then we’ll see what kind of response the complaint I filed gets. We’ll go from there. Spread the word!

        • Maja May 7, 2014

          Kris, I am interested in what needs to be done to join the lawsuit to help get a recall and/or help owners with over 100,000 miles…Last week our 2005 Pathfinder (with 113,000 miles on it) without warning was revving and not moving as my husband was driving home from dropping off my son at an event. My husband was able to manually shift and get the car slowly up and over a hill so he could coast down and pull into a parking lot without injuring himself or anyone else. It would not move and was leaking fluids under the car. We have taken it to two mechanics and now a transmission specialist and they all just nod in agreement over Nissan knowledge of this problem and their lack of responsibility in issuing a recall. They repairs for a rebuild transmission and going around the radiator to avoid the cross contamination occurring again has been quoted from $3,000 (1 year or 10,000) to $5,000 (which includes a 3 year, 30,000 warranty). I just called Nissan and they gave me the same run around about being over 100,000 miles and even quoted me a date (October 2012) when they sent out letters about this issue supposedly to inform Nissan customers. I did not get this letter. I check everything from Nissan because I have dealt with their past recall notices that came in the mail. Also, just took our Pathfinder to Nissan dealership for an oil change and battery check last November, 2013 and not one person I spoke with mentioned anything about this problem. At that point I was probably over 100,000 but just by a few miles. Keep me posted on what I can do to help…

          • Matt Francis June 17, 2014

            I had a very similar experience with my 2005 Nissan Pathfinder LE 4×4. It happened while driving and Nissan gave the bird and said they would help me, b/c I’m at around 124000 miles. I had a the 1st repair shop quote me $5,800.00 and then I took it down the street to a Transmission Specialist that totaled to around $4,000.00 but included a 12 Month, 12,000 Mile warranty on their work. It made me feel better, but I’m still pissed! We we’re just talking about selling it earlier that week, $4,000 is a hard check to write when all I want to do is roll it off a cliff now! Its for sale now, and I feel better selling it knowing its fixed. But damn an extra $4,000 would be nice to put down on our new SUV (definitely NOT another Nissan!).

            So Kris, what do you need from us to help get this thing started? Have you heard anything since getting started back in April? Let me know how I can help!

        • Becca Dillinger May 18, 2014

          How do we become informed if anything is going to happen?! Do you need emails to contact??

        • Charlotte September 12, 2014

          I’ve seen it all, and I’m in.
          What do we as citizens need to do? Nissan needs to be held accountable. I say start a boycott. Go to the media. Start some buzz! I refuse to pay a deductible for a pre-existing problem. We should pick a date, go to our local dealers and protest not to buy Nissan. This is bullshit! We are all just asking for justice! I own a 2006 pathfinder and I just surpass 92000 miles in which for 6 months I thought it was the road until the engine light came on. We cannot lie down on this. Pick a date and protest Nissan!!!

    • Susan Hamlin May 6, 2014


      I came across your blog this evening while searching for information regarding my daughter’s 2005 Nissan Frontier NISMO 4×4. Her vehicle also experienced a problem with the radiator, resulting in a much bigger problem with the transmission. Her vehicle had 130,000 miles on it when a problem was first identified. Cross contamination occurred between the radiator and the transmission and due diligence was done by replacing the radiator and flushing and replacing the transmission fluid. Shortly thereafter, the transmission began slipping while in overdrive. I took the vehicle to the Power Nissan dealership in Gilbert, AZ yesterday and explained to them the problem. After taking my daughter’s $100.00 for diagnosing the issue, we were told that a new transmission was needed and it would cost $5,300.00.

      I am very upset with Power Nissan for several reasons. First for taking my daughter’s money, while knowing full well what the problem was by my description. Secondly, for acting as if they had no prior knowledge of such a problem. Knowing what I know now after researching the radiator/transmission problems I have read about, I am making a second visit to Power Nissan tomorrow.

      As far as a Class Action Suit, count me in.

      • Cameron Knight April 22, 2015

        Have you filed a complaint with the US Dept of Transportation, the number is 888-327-4236 and the website is, according to the representative I spoke to the issue of the ATF fluid contamination is still under investigation but more complaints and data are needed to issue a safety recall involving the radiator assembly and transmission contamination. If you have not done so please file a complaint. Nissan needs to take responsibility for the defect rather than passing the repair cost to the consumer and dodging the issue!!!

    • Becca Dillinger May 15, 2014

      TOTALLY IN….. This is so terrible.

      My car is in the shop for this as we speak and I do not know what to do… No warning signs what so ever.

      Keep us informed for sure.

      • Joshua June 9, 2014

        I know the feeling Becca. I still haven’t heard anything from anyone about any further steps. What’s next???

    • Keith June 13, 2014


      Well, I just finished receiving the diagnosis from the Nissan dealer on my 2007 4×4 Frontier. Yep, radiator leak / transmission contamination … $6,300. I searched on the problem, found this site, and just read about every post. Please count me in. I’m restating what you all have said — this is absolutely absurd, and we should not accept it. Let me know how help in supporting this effort.


    • Veronica tamez March 12, 2015

      Where can I find out more!?

    • Sue Tripp March 30, 2015

      I have a 2005 Xterra purchased from a Used Car Dealership in Sonora Calif. Dealership denies knowledge of this transmission problem but has extended a $1,500 repair amount (which would only cover a 30 day warranty) I had to purchase another $1,00 of coverage for year warranty. It has been rebuilt but I have had to have it towed back twice because it still leaks. Anything I could recover from Nisson on this bad purchase would be a relief for me. I am 82 years old and had purchased the car as a reward for getting through a breast cancer surgery with a cancer free diagnosis. I have been nothing but upset since I purchased this car in January of 2015. It is now April 1st and the car has to be towed again to the transmission shop.

  • WG May 4, 2014

    I submitted my paperwork to the attorney’s last May. I have not heard anything from the attorneys on the class action lawsuit. I call into the help line every couple weeks and get a different explanation.
    I still do not have my refund check on this class action case.

    I had a 2006 pathfinder with 92000 miles when my transmission went. I got a second opinion at the time before my repair. I sent a letter from the certified repair shop and pictures.

    I have emailed the attorneys directly with no response.

    I am in the process of sending my emails and copy of my paperwork to the courts and the better business bureau.

    Sharing my frustration.

  • K. Vesprey May 21, 2014

    I am so angry and upset at Nissan right now. Why now after all these payments I still have to come up with $4,000 to pay for something that they screwed up with. Nissan was made aware that their radiators were faulty. We need to get together and force some action.

    • Joshua June 9, 2014

      Awaiting instruction.

  • william May 22, 2014

    I have a Nissan frontier 2007 model. I have over 100,000 miles as well Nissan will do nothing for me. I’m lucky so far, in that the radiator cracked last week leaving sludge in every nook and cranny of my engine and tranny. I was able to catch this very early. Flushed out the engine 4 times and still seeing some left. I plan to flush it again next week. I also changed the radiator( aftermarket of course). I also had to change the thermostat. Truck is doing good so far assuming there’s not a cracked head or blown gasket from the heat. I would advise everyone to shut yours off and not drive it till its repaired.500 dollars is a lot better than you poor people payed on a vehicle that was not salvageable. I hope you all good luck and if anyone knows how to get some answers on reimbursement, please let me know.

  • Vladimir June 8, 2014

    Yo tube el mismo problema con mi nissan Pathfinder 2007 a las 98 mil milla esto fue el año pasado pero no tenía idea sobre esa demanda mi carro fue arreglado por un taller independiente que puedo hacer

  • Joshua June 9, 2014

    To be entirely honest, I question the accrediting Better Business Bureau as well. Nissan isn’t meeting the requirements to maintain an accreditation, but they’re still accredited. Sounds like someones sleeping with the enemy. Perhaps Anderson Cooper could shine some light on this.

  • remi June 9, 2014

    I got a 2006 nissan frontier4x4 170000km the rad went on it fill the transmission ad a towing today bring it to a garage trany garbage send it away to get it rebuilt tomorow it will cost me 3600.00 plus tax never another one again always ad toyota truck before never ad problem the hell with NISSAN

  • Ray Burchfield June 11, 2014

    My 96 kingcab, which ran like a top got totaled a month ago and I have been looking for a newer frontier.
    Thank the good lord that I have learned about this problem BEFORE I made a big mistake!

    Has this design issue been fixed on the 2011/14 models? Anyone know?

    Thank You all for the info and God Bless.

  • Dirk Brohm June 11, 2014

    Same issue as all above, drive a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder and was happy until 125tsd Miles never a big repair. Now i have the same issue faulty radiator kills silent the transmission. Did visit the dealer for every service even as the problem starts little by little. First a unpleasant shifting, Dealer recommends a transmission flush before the official service interval, done. After we are still not happy as we can tell the transmission shifts different as we did know it from before. See the Nissan dealer again, they write the order the customer complaint, “Customer complains about transmission problems”. Written Statement of the dealer, Transmission checked no issues found. Some miles later, total fall out of the transmission special the DCU. Good Customer will not see now Dealer again but a lawyer.

  • carlos June 27, 2014

    the transmission on my 2007 frontier just went out due to the cross contamination, i was not aware of how big these issue was until i started to research it ! i thought i was done spending money in this truck but i guess not!!! unfortunately i am over 81000 miles so i am subject to the $2500.00 co payment , i have file 2 claims with nissan corp. i don’t think is right for me or anyone else who has this problem to have to spend additional money to have this fix! when is obviously nissans fault!!!! if you are over the miles they have stated i recommend you to file additional claims against nissan make them take responsibility for their actions, not just take our money!!!

  • Shaun July 6, 2014

    Please count me in as well. I have a 2007 Pathfinder at 160k miles. The radiator went out back in November and caused cross contamination. I got the radiator replaced and flushed transmission fluid. Fast forward about 7 months and I’m now having transmission problems. Let me know what I can do to get involved in another class action that covers vehicles that are over the 100k limit that was covered in the initial settlement.

  • The Stations July 23, 2014

    I’m in, please keep me updated. I spoke this morning with Woodhouse Nissan in Bellevue Ne and confirmed that our 2005 Pathfinder @84k has the cross contamination issue and they are asking for a 2500 copayment. It is very unreasonable to ask the consumer to help fix a problem they did not create. Nissan should’ve make a public televised announcement of this problem or could have taken full responsibility. Very upset that we are faced with magically coming up with a extra 2500 on a vehicle we’ve only had for a year and still owe on. You’d think a billion dollar company would step up to the plate.

  • Joshua Carroll July 24, 2014

    Another one bites the dust. 05 xterra 102,000 miles. 4,200 bucks for rebuild and new radiator. Only had it for 1 year, owe too much on it to get rid of it, guess I’m stuck with the bill. Something has to be done! I may just take mine to the dealership and set it on fire. Maybe the news will pick it up and this issue go public!!

  • Kelly July 30, 2014

    I have a 2005 Pathfinder with 73,000 miles I am still within 8 years but Nissan is going back to the purchased date of 10/2005. The vehicle is in the shop and my deductible is $2,500.00. I was not aware or informed of this problem until last week, when the vehicle started to experience jumping when I accelerated at 40-60. I then went online and saw the problems that the owners are experiencing. This high deductible is an insult to owners and Nissan should have made a recall and possibly avoided all the financial burdens to their customers. Unfortunately, we all living in a society of pure greed where it’s all about money. It hurt my heart to see what people are going through due to Nissan and their deception.

  • Yvonne August 1, 2014

    Hello, this make me so mad. My 61 year old mother has a 2007 Xterra, and she broke down on the side of the road in 101 degree weather in Texas, with 3 of her grandchildren. Thank God she was able to get to a shop not too far away. It seems that Nissan Knows it happens after 100,000 miles, and thats why they set the warranty for 80,000. Shameful, Now my 61 year old mother is stuck with no running car, and a $5,000 bill, for Transmission and Radiator repairs! Just disgusting!

  • Marco antonio August 2, 2014

    Acabo de comprar una frontier modelo 2006 y paso exactamente lo que describen. En cada uno de sus comentarios mi camioneta tiene 77.000 millas , pero el problema es yo me encuentro en México reporté mi problema en la nissan de México y me informan que no se puede hacer nada ya que mi garantía no aplica esta compostura, mi duda es que si se cambia el radiador y se cambia el aceite de la trasmicion se podrá resolver el problema y si posteriormente no seguirán con algún otro problema derivado de lo mismo, espero sus comentarios gracias .

  • Marco antonio August 2, 2014

    Acabo de comprar una frontier modelo 2006 y paso exactamente lo que describen. En cada uno de sus comentarios mi camioneta tiene 77.000 millas , pero el problema es yo me encuentro en México reporté mi problema en la nissan de México y me informan que no se puede hacer nada ya que mi garantía no aplica esta compostura, mi duda es que si se cambia el radiador y se cambia el aceite de la trasmicion se podrá resolver el problema y si posteriormente no seguirán con algún otro problema derivado de lo mismo, espero sus comentarios gracias , por favor que las autoridades tomen cartas en el asunto ya que se trata de un defecto de fábrica, tomando en cuenta que la reparación no es nada barata, por lo que la marca nissan no importa en el país que te encuentres tendría que hacerse responsable de esa compostura y sino que se sancioné por las autoridades competentes imponiéndoles multas y obligarlos a la compostura y o reparación o en su caso a la devolución de las cantidades erogadas por dicho desperfecto.

  • Judy August 11, 2014

    I just got the news that this is indeed what has happened to my 2005 Pathfinder. The cost to repair (which I don’t have) doesn’t seem feasible to have it done. Why, NISSAN, did you not recall this defective item. I broke down in 100+ weather and had to be towed 120 miles. I am now left without any transportation and no idea what I am going to do. Rainy season is just around the corner here in Oregon. I guess I better get a good raincoat as it appears I’ll be walking to work for quite sometime. I will never buy another NISSAN and will pass the word along on social media. Thanks NISSAN!

  • Mario Padilla August 31, 2014

    Soy de Jalisco, Mexico hace un par de meses compre mi Xterra 2005 y empezo con este problema del radiador pensava llevarlo a revicion pero leeyendo sus esperiencias creo que es mas grave de lo que pensava alguien save si en Mexico se esta aplicandom esta garantia o solo en USA

  • Cameron Knight April 22, 2015

    Have you filed a complaint with the US Dept of Transportation, the number is 888-327-4236 and the website is, according to the representative I spoke to the issue of the ATF fluid contamination is still under investigation but more complaints and data are needed to issue a safety recall involving the radiator assembly and transmission contamination. If you have not done so please file a complaint. Nissan needs to take responsibility for the defect rather than passing the repair cost to the consumer and dodging the issue!!!

  • L Keeling August 10, 2015

    My 2005 Pathfinder is now sitting in the garage, as I am unable to drive because of the transmission slipping dangerously. I have taken it in for diagnosis over three times, and the first two times nothing could be found, as it did not slip when test driven. The service manager told me of the history of this vehicle and advised me to sell it before it got any worse, because it probably was the result of the radiator leaking into the transmission. I have continued to drive it only when necessary..(It just turned over 75K miles)….now the gauges have gone haywire, gas guage shows empty, then full, and service engine lights on and off on a regular basis. Tried to get it registered this month and the emissions test shows possible catalytic converter issues. Will probably end up taking to an auction house to get rid of it. Still looks like new on the inside. Will never purchase Nissan again, and I have had several.

  • juan August 17, 2015

    tengo una nissan frontier 2008 85000 millas que le paso lo mismo que peudo hacer????

  • Anonymous Anonymous October 2, 2015

    Curious to know if this radiator leak has happened in any Altimas? We are going through an eerily similar story but the recall doesn’t include Altimas.

  • Rhonda October 8, 2015

    I’m certainly interested in your statement and agree… what information can you provide to me regarding this matter.

  • Tee December 28, 2015

    we have the same issue and way over those miles.. seems if a part is defective they should have to fix it for all vehicles that part is on.. Ours stopped working in the middle of a busy road then left us stranded.. on Christmas.. The frontier we have is an 07 and its had the gas gauge issue and an in cabin air filter issue all way after the supposed miles they fix things at!

  • Tate January 2, 2016

    We bought a 2005 Pathfinder brand new from the dealership in 2006. Every single maintenance item has been done at the dealership. This summer (2015) my wife had the vehicle in the shop to change the oil at 76000 miles. The dealership in Staunton, VA said they did a 100 point inspection. On the way home the wife noticed the transmission sort of act funny on the interstate. I took it out and drove it and felt the slip. Brought it back home and went to check the fluid and found the transmission dipstick bolted. So, I did some digging and found out about the radiator issue. Sure enough, pulled the cap off the radiator and it was full of pinkish frothy foam. Long story short, the dealership denied anything wrong when it was there and Nissan North America claimed our vehicle was not among the vehicles that should of been recalled. Fortunately, I replaced the radiator and flushed the coolant 3 times and have drained and flushed the transmission 5 times and the vehicle seams to be operating normally again. I have spent close to $1000 dollars in parts, materials and disposal fees. I still intend on rerouting the transmission coolant through a secondary cooler and bypassing the radiator cooling section.

  • Ricky July 8, 2016

    Do what I did,. For $32.00 you can buy an aftermarket trans. cooler, bypass the radiator and get rid of the trans cooler on the vehicle and install the new and better cooler. That is what I did on my 07 Frontier. Problem solved and it did not cost $3,800 and Nissan could do the same thing if they have half a brain .

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