holiday cruise lineA website has been established to inform Class Members of their rights under a Holiday Cruise Line robocall class action lawsuit.

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If you are an Illinois resident who received a call from Holiday Cruise Line you can either exclude yourself from the class action by Nov. 15, 2019 or do nothing and await the outcome of the litigation. 

The Holiday Cruise Line class action lawsuit claims that the company placed prerecorded calls to individuals to advertise their goods and services, in conjunction with Virtual Voice Technologies PVT LTD. According to the customers, these calls violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Certified Class Members are Illinois residents who received a pre-recorded message from Holiday Cruise Line between Dec. 29, 2014 and March 20, 2016.

According to the call recipients, the company sent unwanted calls to many consumers, even if the recipients had not consented.

The Holiday Cruise Line class action lawsuit says that Holiday used the India-based company, Virtual Voice Technologies PVT LTD to place the robocalls to customers.

According to the plaintiffs, these calls were placed without the customers’ consent, and therefore violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which prohibits businesses from sending texts, calls, and faxes in the interest of telemarketing to customers without their consent.

The Holiday Cruise class action website notes that at this point, customers who do nothing are effectively staying in the lawsuit, and can await the outcome of either a trial or a settlement. This will give these customers the right to file claims for settlement benefits, but will prohibit them from taking legal action against Holiday over the issue.

The Holiday Cruise Line TCPA class action website also notes that customers can ask to be excluded from the Class. This choice will mean that customers give up their rights to claim settlement benefits. However, customers who exclude themselves from the Class retain their right to pursue independent legal action against the cruise company. 

The call recipients are represented by Bursor & Fisher PA and Lite DePalma Greenberg LLC.

The Holiday Cruise Line Robocalls Class Action Lawsuit is Bakov, et al. v. Consolidated World Travel Inc. d/b/a Holiday Cruise Line, Case No. 1:15-cv-02980, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division.

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If you were contacted on your cell phone by a company via an unsolicited text message (text spam) or prerecorded voice message (robocall), you may be eligible for compensation under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.



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