Elite Private School Faces Sex Abuse Scandal: Who’s Affected?

Lawsuit investigates sexual abuse and assault allegations against Horace Mann School

We’re investigating claims for individuals who experienced sexual abuse or assault at Horace Mann School in New York. 

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In 2019, a former Horace Mann School student brought accusations against two of his local churches, claiming a priest and monks raped him and whipped him, and planned a lawsuit under New York’s Child Victims Act, according to the New York Post. Unfortunately, that was not his first experience with such abuse—the victim also allegedly suffered sexual abuse by multiple Horace Mann staff while he was still a student.

His claims added to long list of allegations of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of faculty and staff members at the exclusive Horace Mann School in the Bronx, New York.

Horace Mann alumni commissioned a report that found “credible reports that 64 students had been sexually abused by 22 Horace Mann staff members from the 1960s through the 1990s,” according to The Washington Post.

This report encompasses both Horace Mann elementary and high schools, and the abuse allegedly was committed by teachers, coaches, a school chaplain, a dean, a headmaster, and others.

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Horace Mann School Investigation Overview

The Horace Mann scandal was first revealed in a 2012 report by The New York Times Magazine.

A few months following the magazine report, the Horace Mann Alumni Council asked the school’s board of trustees to begin an independent investigation into the claims of sexual abuse, according to The Washington Post.

A number of alumni have come forward over the years with accusations of sexual assault and abuse dating back to the 1970s.

The Horace Mann Board of Trustees never did investigate, according to The Washington Post.

The school did, however, end up paying millions of dollars in settlements to some of the abuse survivors, The Washington Post continues, after attempting to keep them from speaking publicly about their experiences.

Horace Mann alumni eventually decided to take action themselves.

The Horace Mann Alumni Report

Horace Mann alumni concerned over the allegations against the school and its staff took it upon themselves to commission a report after the publication of the New York Times Magazine article.

According to the investigation, rumors of inappropriate teacher behavior had often circulated among Horace Mann students—and the faculty.

The report named the faculty and staff suspected of carrying out the sexual abuse and detailed some of the accusations against them. The alleged abuse ranged from kissing and groping on top of clothes to more violent encounters, including rape, both at the school and at other locations.

A two-week mediation between Horace Mann and a “Survivor’s Group” was held in March 2013, according to the alumni report.

Most of the first week of mediation was spent hearing from the victims how the alleged abuse had affected them. Settlements began to close by the middle of the following week.

According to the report, the victims’ lawyers told them the school may have been concerned an independent investigation would substantiate the claims, thereby strengthening victims’ claims and potentially leading to higher settlements or awards in court. The victims who faced the alleged abuse in the 1990s—the ones most likely to be able to challenge statutes of limitations in civil lawsuits—received the highest settlement amounts.

What Is the Horace Mann School?

Horace Mann School is an exclusive New York City school founded in 1887 as a unit of Teachers College at Columbia University.

The school became an independent day school for seventh- through 12th-grade boys in 1947. It became a coed school again beginning in 1968 with a merger with the New York School for Nursery Years.

Today, a total of 1,786 students across all grades attend Horace Mann, studying mathematics, science, language arts, history, computer science and robotics, guidance, and other subjects.

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