Bissell vacuum cleaners are the subject of consumer complaints

One of the most popular household tools — the Bissell vacuum cleaner —  is the subject of a number of negative online reviews, indicating that the quality of the vacuums isn’t what it once was. Many consumers have reported that the vacuums’ internal parts break after normal use, rendering them unusable. Additionally, consumers have complained about difficulty obtaining replacement parts from the manufacturer or receiving a refund for defective products.

Has Your Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Stopped Working?

Dozens of consumers have visited the websites and to post complaints about Bissell vacuum cleaners. Many of these consumers claim that within months of purchasing their Bissell vacuums, the appliance began showing signs of a defect. In some cases, internal parts broke, causing the vacuums to malfunction. In others, the vacuum simply wouldn’t power on. Other consumer reports include a lack of suction, the vacuum brush refusing to turn, and a bad smell coming from the vacuum.

In addition to the frustration of owning a defective vacuum, some consumers also report difficulty communicating with Bissell. Several Bissell vacuum owners have complained that the manufacturer has told them that the appliance was not fixable and/or they were not entitled to a replacement or a refund.

broken vacuumWhat Complaints Have Been Made About Bissell Vacuum Cleaners?

According to a consumer who posted on Consumer Affairs in January, his vacuum began shutting off immediately after turning on. As the vacuum was less than 18 months old, he contacted the company to determine what the issue was and to find out how to repair it. According to the poster, a Bissell rep told him that the appliance’s rechargeable battery had likely died and there was no way to replace it. Due to the inability to fix the vacuum, the poster said he had to throw the vacuum away.

Another consumer posted on the same site, claiming that Bissell refuses to sell replacement parts for vacuums that are out of warranty. For owners of Bissell vacuums with broken parts, being unable to purchase replacement parts often means they are forced to purchase a new vacuum.

Although Bissell vacuums come with a one-year warranty that must be activated by registering the appliance on the manufacturer’s site, owners of vacuums that break outside the warranty period may be left with few options other than to attempt to repair the machine themselves.

Many Bissell vacuum cleaner owners have complained about the vacuum’s belt wearing out prematurely. Though belts for these vacuums may be easy to find and purchase, many online complaints indicate that the replacements wear out just as quickly as the original. According to one consumer, the replacement belt broke within 30 minutes of being put into the vacuum. Other vacuum owners report replacing their belts as many as four times, with each belt quickly snapping or breaking.

Is Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Repair Possible?

Although it may be possible to repair your Bissell vacuum if you are able to purchase replacement parts, many consumers report being told they must take their appliances to repair centers hundreds of miles away, or that they must repair it themselves. Some handy consumers may be up for the challenge, but many others may not know how to repair a vacuum.

If you have attempted to negotiate with Bissell for a replacement or a refund for your broken vacuum cleaner and been unsuccessful, you may be able to speak with an experienced attorney about your legal rights.

Can You Receive Compensation for a Broken Bissell Vacuum Cleaner?

Consumers who purchase vacuum cleaners and other home appliances are generally under the impression that the appliances will work as advertised. If you have purchased a Bissell vacuum cleaner that does not live up to manufacturer claims, you may be able to pursue a refund or replacement. A qualified attorney can review your case and determine whether you are eligible to file a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer of your potentially defective vacuum.

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  • Jean Mauch April 12, 2021

    My Bissell Vacuum started making a loud noise….still worked but finally started smoking and smelled toxic….and sparked!! I feel it was defective!

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    I’ve had this Bissell vacuum cleaner for three months. While I was vacuuming the bedroom today the unit began smoking and a strong smell of something burning. I immediately pull the plug and took the unit to the garage. My wife has serious breathing issues and I had to hook up her portable oxygen machine and get her out of the house. I was using the nosel attachment at the time the unit began smoking.
    I’m concerned someone could have their house burn if they left it on unattended.

  • Nicole January 19, 2021

    Add me please.. spent an arm and leg on mine and half the time it just shits off as soon as I turn it on..

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