red bull energy drinkA website has been created to notify consumers that a settlement has been reached in a case involving Red Bull Energy Drinks sold in Canada. 

While the website is live, it is not accepting claims yet. Top Class Actions will provide claim filing instructions as soon as they become available.

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The class action lawsuit accused Red Bull of misleading consumers about the risks of consuming caffeinated energy drinks (CED).

The website is only accessible to users inside Canada and contains information on how consumers can register by Oct. 14, and eventually file a claim in the $850,000 CAD settlement. 

According to the Red Bull class action website, “Canadian residents who purchased or consumed Red Bull Energy Drinks in Canada between January 1, 2007 to July 23, 2019 may be eligible for compensation of up to $10.”

The Red Bull class action settlement website notes that the claims registration process will commence if and when the settlement is approved by the Superior Court of Quebec. 

The website states that the settlement approval hearing will take place on Dec. 17, 2019 and that consumers have until Oct. 14 to provide the claims administrator with their email address to receive notice once the registration activity opens.

Plaintiff Michael Attar filed the class action against Red Bull Canada LTD and Red Bull GMBH alleging that Red Bull’s labeling and advertisements contained false information about the ingredients, health benefits, and risks of drinking the CEDs. 

In addition, the Red Bull class action claims the company did not inform or disclose to consumers about the health risks associated with drinking the CEDs, such as consuming the product with alcohol.

The plaintiff filed this class action lawsuit claiming that Red Bull violated numerous consumer protection and trade practice laws in Quebec and other provinces in Canada.

According to Newsweek, a similar settlement was established five years ago in the United States when Red Bull agreed to pay $13 million to consumers who purchased a Red Bull over a 10 year period. Those customers qualified for $10 cash or a voucher for two Red Bull products worth up to $15.

The Red Bull settlement agreement states that the settlement fund for this class action should not exceed $850,000 CAD and that the representative plaintiff will receive an award for up to $5,000, if it is approved by the court.

In addition, the Red Bull class action settlement agreement states that Red Bull has already voluntarily updated its marketing materials which are directed at consumers in Canada. Red Bull has done this to address the concerns that were brought up by this class action due to other regulatory changes in Canada.  

Also, Red Bull will create a Q&A section on their websites to include a link to Health Canada’s warning about the possible risks that are associated with drinking CEDs with alcohol.

The settlement Class includes, “All legal and natural persons (excluding minors, defined as natural persons under 18 years of age as of July 23, 2019) who were residents of Canada (including without limitation any of its provinces and territories) at any time between January 1, 2007 until July 23, 2019 (the ‘Class Period’) and who purchased and/or used or consumed one or more Red Bull caffeinated energy drinks (‘CEDs’) in Canada during the Class Period, excluding the Released Parties.”

For more information, Class Members can email the settlement administrator at or call 1-888-770-6892.

The plaintiff is represented by Joey Zukran of LPC Avocat Inc.

The Red Bull Class Action Lawsuit is Attar v. Red Bull Canada LTD, et al., Case No. 500-06-000780-169, in the Superior Court of Canada, Province of Quebec, District of Montreal.

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