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Company(ies): Mobile Messenger, Cellco Partnership D/B/A Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile, Inc., Sprint Nextel Corp, and Alltel Wireless, 2WayTraffic Mobile USA, Inc., Funbox Pty Ltd, Comtech Media Pty Ltd., Trans World Sales Pty. Ltd. Vflair Pty Ltd., CommandM Pty Ltd., Entertone Pty Ltd., Mobilefinger Pty Ltd., Cellular Ink Pty Ltd., Zhenya Enterprises Pty Ltd., Skycell International Pty Ltd., Cellular Dreams (USA) Pty Ltd. Please note, all parties listed except Mobile Messenger have been removed as responsible parties for the settlement fund.

Website Link to access the Class Action Lawsuit Settlement and get YOUR Stake (Preferred Method): Administrator Website

Address to submit paper claim (Not Required):

Download the claim form here first! You can even fill it out online and print it if desired

Gray v. Mobile Messenger Americas, Inc.

P.O. Box 6177, Novato, CA 94948-6177

Phone Number to call for Assistance: 1-800-936-5093 (Settlement Administrator) or 1-866-541-0323 (Attorneys representing the Class/Plaintiffs). Be ready to provide the case (Gray v. Mobile Messenger Americas, Inc.)


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Details: First thing to do is figure out how much you’ve been charged by your wireless carrier, Mobile Messenger or one of the many affiliated companies they worked with for ring tones, news and information alerts, or other digital and electronic content sent to wireless telephone subscribers (you.) This settlement covers customers of all carriers, including AT&T Mobility, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint Nextel and Alltel Wireless. It is not limited to customers of AT&T Mobility like this one. You can call Mobile Messenger directly to find out how much you’ve been charged for at 1-800-416-6129. You may not know who the charge is from on your bill as only a short code is sometimes listed. You can review the list of short codes used by Mobile Messenger and their affiliates here. If the code on your bill matches one on the list than that’s an eligible charge you can claim. If you’ve already claimed a refund for the charges you won’t be allowed to claim them again. You can claim up to three times the amount of the monthly subscription fees incurred or the individual charges for ring tones if no subscription took place. An important note here, if you’re an AT&T subscriber who has already submitted a claim in that settlement, you won’t be paid twice and submitting a duplicate claim could delay payment of either claim. They will only pay one of the claims. If you were an AT&T subscriber who incurred charges from Mobile Messenger and then switched to another carrier (Verizon Wireless for example) and incurred new charges with them you can remain in the AT&T settlement and file a new one claim through this settlement. You are required to list the date of the charge, your wireless telephone number and wireless carrier in the claim.

Purchased From: July 1, 2005 – August 13, 2008

Claims Accepted Until (YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR CLAIM BY THIS DATE!): January 30, 2009

Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Amount(s): $12,000,000 if the AT&T Mobility settlement isn’t approved, $9,00,000 if it is approved minus $1,225,000 in Attorney Fees minus   (advertising the notice, settlement administrator expenses, etc.)

TCA Staff Tidbit: How about this one? Just like we thought would happen, a nationwide settlement has taken form. This covers all wireless carriers, not just AT&T. Check your bills against the list of short codes, especially if you have kids with cellphones. It’s almost a guarantee that they bought one in the past eight years. As long as it was through a third party and not the wireless carrier themselves you should be able to make a claim. Those commercials were quite tempting! Flashy graphics, promising your horoscope or a top music hit ring tone daily, automatically to your phone. Unfortunately it would tend to automatically sign you up to receive those ring tones, horoscopes or wallpapers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, charging you every time. It’s a pretty easy decision here, if you qualify, file that claim! Don’t be afraid to call them directly to find out if they have any charges on file. You can call them or the Settlement Administrator with any questions. They would be happy to help. This reminds me of a friend whose son rang up $600 in ring tone charges in one month. I sure hope she files her claim. This could help a lot of people out there who (or their kids) were taken in by the commercials and signed up unknowingly for these subscriptions. Make sure to fill out the claim form completely, the settlement administrator can cancel any charges they feel are claimed fraudulently and after reading through the settlement agreement it looks like this one has very little (if any) wiggle room for claimants who forget to fill out a box, date of purchase or any other requested info on the claim form.


We tell you about cash you can claim EVERY WEEK! Sign up for our free newsletter.

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