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Company: Trilegiant – d/b/a Cendant, AOL AutoVantage Gold, AOL Credit Alert, AOL Direct Warehouse, CreditUpdate, Deals & Destinations, Digital Protection Plan, Great Options, HealthSaver, Home Shopping Travel Club, ProfitPower, ProPlus, Quality Health Service, AOL Netmarket, Dinner on Us Club, Hotline, SecureAll, AOL Travelers Advantage, Discount Dining Club, ID Secure, Select Identity Theft Protection, Auto Discount Service, Discount Shopping club, Identity Secure, Shell Advantages, AutoVantage, Discount Travel Club, Identity Theft Protection, Shoppers Advantage, AutoVantage Enhanced, Drivers Club, Identity Theft Protection Powered by PrivacGuard, Shoppers Advantage Gold, AutoVantage Gold, Drivers Advantage, SIMM, AutoVantage Silver, Elite Excursions, Interval International Preferred Shopper, Small Business Central, Business Advantage, Enhanced Hotline, Smart Shopper, Buyers Advantage, Event Privileges, Just For Me, Texaco Roadside Assistance, Chase Traveler, Everyday Privileges Gold, Leisure Value Club, Today’s Homeowner Values, Cheap Tickets Gold, Everyday Values, MortgageCredits Plus, Travlers Advantage, Clever Clubhouse, Everyday Values Gold, National Card Registry, Value America Shopper, Compass Identity Safe, Everything 4 Less, National Home Protection Alliance, Versatell Advantage Shopper, CompleteHome, Family Fun Saver, National Media Purchase, Vineyard Direct, Comp-u-store Online, Family Fun Saver Club, Netmarket, VIP Pet Locator, Credentials, Fee Card, PC SafetyPlus, Waller Security, Credit Alert, First Card AutoVantage, Pet Privileges, Wallet Security Plus, Credit Card Advantages, First Card Dining, Premier Dining, Credit Card Guardian, Great Experiences, PrivacyGuard, Credit Card Protection, Great Fun, PrivacySource, Creditline, Great Fun Cool Extras, PrivacyWatch

Website Link to access the Class Action Lawsuit Settlement and get YOUR Stake (Paper claim MUST be filed – See Details): Administrator Website

Address to submit paper claim (Required):


Trilegiant Claims Administrator

c/o Rust Consulting, Inc.

PO Box 670

Minneapolis, MN 55440-0670

Phone Number to call for Assistance: 888-952-9102


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Details: Did you ever sign up (willing or not) for a Cendant (now known as Avis Budget group)/Trilegiant service? These used to be marketed heavily on America Online, Home Depot, on Chase and GMAC Mortgage Statements and elsewhere. Read through the list of companies above. You could have been charged for them on your credit card, bank, phone or mortgage statement. If you were charged, the maximum you can claim without any proof of purchase is $20.  Just Print out the Claim Form by downloading it here. You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. Unfortunately you’ll have to submit a paper copy. They say you can email the form,  but since the form that’s posted is locked, you can’t edit or save it so you’re stuck printing it, filling it out and mailing it in. Unless you were mailed this form, and it already has your name address listed on it under Personal Information, you’ll need to check the box that states “Check this box and provide your current name and address…” Next, if you have invoices (credit card statements for example) showing the charges you’re claiming, check the “Documentary Support” box showing the charges. That way you can receive a refund for all or at least most of those charges (up to 3 years of charges and each charge must be documented.) Please note, if you EVER used one of the services that you were subscribed to (for example free or low cost towing via the AutoVantage service) then your claim may be denied. The settlement allows them to decline it and only refund those who paid, but never received any benefits from the subscription. Those who don’t have any invoices or statements showing they were charged for any of the services should check the Self Certification box. You’ll only receive $20, but, that’s not bad for not having to submit any proof of purchase! Make sure to sign, date and mail it in and you’re all set!

Purchased From: July 10, 1998 – February 14, 2008

Claims Accepted Until (YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR CLAIM BY THIS DATE!): January 15, 2009

Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Amount(s): $25,000,000 + $8,000,000 in attorney fees + all expenses related to paying out the suit (advertising the notice, settlement administrator expenses, etc.)

TCA Staff Tidbit: Did you ever agree to a subscription offer from ANY of the multitude of company names above? You could have done this by cashing one of those “free” checks for a few bucks (sometimes as high as $25 or $50) which are sometimes included in credit card or mortgage statements which automatically enroll you in credit card “protection” once the checks are cashed. If you remember ever doing so, then you’ll probably want to submit your claim. At a minimum you’ll likely receive $20, for very little effort. If you happen to have statements showing your payments, all the better! You might even be able to log in to your credit or mortgage account online and print out old statements showing the charges. Make sure to do so! You can claim up to three years worth of charges, so it’s worth your time. I know my wife signed up for a credit protection service just to make the calls stop coming in bothering her a number of years ago. Now that was a huge pain to cancel. She paid it for months, because when she tried to cancel her credit card company said it wasn’t their product and transferred her to a number whose customer service department was closed. We’ll definitely be submitting our claim. Why don’t you? I know we’ll only get $20, but that will (almost) pay for a large package of baby formula from Costco! For some reason the baby keeps eating and we need it. Make your claim now if you can!


We tell you about cash you can claim EVERY WEEK! Sign up for our free newsletter.

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  • Anonymous December 23, 2009

    Trilegiant / Cendant / AOL Autovantage Class Action Lawsuit Settlement
    so how would your comment be towards my experiance with Trilegiant d/b/a Cendent useing a stolen credit card some one other than I had applied for claiming a service monitoring 24/7 in my best interest my AOL Account suddenly vanishes from my Personal PC 2004 to 2008 after my directed questions wint unanswered they were suddenly gone from the hole service issue.Makes me wonder was a so called Trilegiant /Cendent using accounts such as to file fraudulant claims as far as a settlement and the ability to claim the offer never came my way until they prove there selfs different in my books Trilegiant is a sorry excuse of a 24/7 security of type service using the word “security” in a whole different means I do hope my comments will relate to the subjects at hand.

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