Mini Cooper transmission defect class action settlement

BMW of North America LLC has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit over allegations that it failed to disclose that certain MINI Cooper vehicles had transmission defects. If you have leased or owned a 2002-2006 MINI Hardtop or 2005-2008 MINI Convertible, you may be entitled to recover thousands of dollars or a reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses you incurred for replacing or repairing the transmission.

This MINI Cooper settlement will resolve three class action lawsuits (Aarons v. BMW of North America LLC, Bourne-Miller v. BMW of North America LLC, and Bonomo v. BMW of North America LLC) that allege BMW engaged in unfair and deceptive conduct, was unjustly enriched, and breached express and implied warranties by failing to disclose that certain MINI vehicles equipped with Continuously Variable Automatic Transmissions (“CVT”) are defective and subject to premature transmission failure.

BMW denies the allegations but has agreed to provide refunds to consumers under a class action settlement that was preliminarily approved on Aug. 5, 2013.

Who’s Eligible

Class Members of the MINI Cooper settlement include all current and former owners and lessees within the United States of the following vehicles equipped with a CVT:

  • 2002 through 2006 model year MINI Cooper (R50) (produced June 11, 2001 through Nov. 28, 2006); and
  • 2005 through 2008 model year MINI Convertible (R52) (produced March 6, 2004 through July 31, 2008).
Potential Award

Class Members may be eligible for reimbursement of qualified out-of-pocket expenses incurred when replacing or repairing a CVT at an authorized MINI or BMW dealership or a third-party repair facility. The amount will be based on the time and mileage at the time of each repair/replacement.

Under the terms of the class action settlement, Class Members who had the CVT repaired or replaced at a MINI or BMW dealership will have a 3 year/500,000 mile parts warranty, inclusive of labor, from the date/mileage of the repair/replacement.

Class Members who sold their vehicle for $4,000 or less without repairing the CVT may be eligible to receive between $1,000 and $2,000.

Proof of Purchase

The only way to receive payment from the MINI Cooper class action settlement is to submit a Claim Form and required documentation online or by mail postmarked no later than April 2, 2014.

Address to submit a claim form (REQUIRED):

Aarons v. BMW of North America LLC
Claims Administrator
P.O. Box 43192
Providence, RI 02940-3912

Claims must be postmarked by: 4/2/14

Claim Form Deadline


Case Name

Aarons, et al. v. BMW of North America LLC, Case No. 2:11-cv-07667-PSG-CW, in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

Final Hearing


Settlement Website
Claims Administrator

Aarons v. BMW of North America, LLC
P.O. Box 43192
Providence, RI 02940-3192

Class Counsel


Defense Counsel

Eric Y. Kizirian Esq.

UPDATE: A misplaced objection to the MINI Cooper class action settlement has delayed the distribution of funds. Because the objection is similar to other objections already overruled by the judge, it is likely to be overruled as well. We will update readers when more information is available.

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  • Edgar Gonzalez November 26, 2013

    I bought one of these cars a few months ago and I am having trouble with my transmission. Can anybody tell me how to get in this lawsuit claim. This is totally unfair. I have a 2006 Mini S.


    • JOE ORTA January 16, 2014

      2006 mini cooper wiil not move it was all sudden thin just stop running. I shift to drive and it wont move

  • George Main November 26, 2013

    I bought a 06 from a dealer the first of the year. the problems did not appear during the test drive but on the way home I found out about the shifting issues. The dealer had me sign a form that I would not sue him if I had problems. I have not fixed it yet as they quoted 9k to replace the tranny. am I covered under this suite?

  • david hayward November 27, 2013

    my mini is a 03 cooper, my transmission has been going out when i hit 100,000 miles i now have 100,800, and i can not afford to replace it, my question is if i take my car to a dealer, will they fix it for free.

  • William Thorley November 27, 2013

    Son and wife owned 2003 Mini. Transmission failed just under 75000 miles. Young married couple with limited resources to replace transmission. I paid off their loan. Now I own a red boom box. Never owned a car that had the transmission fail at 75000 miles. I expect a car to run well over 200000 miles these days. What do you have to say to that BMW? Please make it right.

  • Jeff November 27, 2013

    Is there future protection/coverage for a CVT that has not failed yet?

  • Bob November 28, 2013

    This settlement completely disregards the hundreds of CVT Minis that sit broken waiting for BMW to do the right thing. My 56K 2002 CVT was diagnosed 9 years and three months and sits broken left out in the cold.Shame on you BMW selling known Junk Transmissions to thousands of unsuspecting buyers and slithering out of your just responsibility. All any CVT victim ever wanted is for BMW to fix the car.Have the common decency to do so now,Please.

  • Carl November 30, 2013

    2003 Mini Cooper (wife doesn’t drive much), CVT when out at 46,000 miles, pick of crap car! Cost over $6K to replace the CVT, sold it a year later, filing a claim to get some of my money back, I’ll NEVER buy a BMW/Mini EVER!

  • James Chesher December 3, 2013

    So, what about those of us whose transmission has not yet failed but may (likely?) do so in the future?

    • Aaron D. May 29, 2014

      Mini Cooper should do a recall for all cars withing those production years. Those CVTs waiting to break should be replaced. KIA got faith in their vehicles offering 100k miles warranty. Mini Cooper just sells junk cars for a big profit.

  • Albert December 17, 2013

    I just had my 2005 R53 changed. Why does this not cover the R53s?

  • khaled December 24, 2013

    bought a 06 from bmw of sterling with 27k on it, transmission problem as everyone else. I received some type of paper asking me to fill it out and mail it. lets see what happens.

  • micah January 10, 2014

    What if you don’t have the money up-front to pay for a new CVT? Shouldn’t MINI just fix their mess!? I feel my car is getting worse and I’m afraid this issue with the transmission will eventually cause me to get into an accident! WTF, MINI!?

    • Steve January 30, 2014

      Micah, I’m in the same boat. I don’t necessarily have the monet to have the who transmission replaced, yet I’m concerned for my own saftey and others’ when I drive. I’ve decided in March I’m going to take it to the dealership and ask nicely if they’ll fix my transmission for $6,000 or less. My guess is they’ll laugh in my face. However, they would NEVER want their own family members driving in such an unsafe car.

      • micah February 16, 2014

        Good luck, Steve.

      • Angel April 2, 2014

        I know the feeling, I am in this situation right now. My car is a 2005 with 85,000 so the miles are ok for the suit but I am past the 8 year mark. Cheapest quote I have gotten for my tranny to be replaced is $7,000. My tranny just started going out about 3 weeks ago. Just my luck a day late and dollar short.

    • Delvia Lastra April 1, 2014

      Yes you should be upset. My 2003 is having CVT problems just this past month, and I don’t have the money to pay out of pocket at this time. And with an April 2nd deadline I suppose we are shit out of luck! Unfortunately i have put thousands of dollars towards this adorable little piece of —- and i am not a happy camper! For starters, the stirring pump failed. Haven’t been able to get a rebate on that so far, ran into red tape filing for that recall claim! That cost me $900 to replace. and I should have been reimbursed by now. Among other things the cooling system is faulty…. shall i go on…..well it has a nice sound system at best….

  • JOE ORTA January 16, 2014

    2006 mini will not move when putting it drive. They told I need another trannny

  • Mitch Thorneycroft January 22, 2014

    I brought a 2006 cooper 2 and a half years ago, has 65,000 km on it, which is nothing, and nearly a year ago i had big prob with the gearbox….so the poor car has jus been rotting in the shed……
    Prices are ridiculous just to pull the box out so they can find whats causing the problems, let alone the added cost’s to repair the piece of shit…!
    And I’m not even eligible for any of this due to the fact I’m in Australia….
    BMW just need to man up and claim responsibility for there bullshit mistakes, instead of the customer being out of pocket.

  • Wesley Blackburn January 30, 2014

    What about mini owners with manual transmission woes? My mini with manual transmission has given me trouble on more than one occasion. Recently I took it to a third party mechanic (after repairs seemed too expensive to service at the dealership) and was told that the transmission should be replaced because it was making a lot of noise. I have 101,000 miles.

    • Tori T March 6, 2014

      My manual transmission needs replaced also. It’s at 8 miles, still premature! Why aren’t manual transmissions included in this law suit!

      • Tori T March 6, 2014

        88 thousand miles, stupid auto correct!

  • Michelle February 13, 2014

    I have an R53- 2005 Mini Cooper S and the transmission is just very rough to drive. I love my Mini Cooper it’s a really fun car but once the transmission started driving hard (once the car starts warming up this gears get harder to shift, when it finally shift it tugs bery hard. basically a head jerker) I was very disappointed. I bought the car to get me to work and school and I worked very hard to get this car and only drove it for no more then a year and a half and then this happened. Like I mentioned before I’m a college student and can’t afford to get this transmission fix for it is very expensive! I need and want to get this car fixed for it was meant to be driven not to just sit around in my driveway and just collect dust. If someone knows of a lawsuit for the R53 PLEASE let me know!

  • Cheryl Weisenburger February 18, 2014

    I also have a 2006 MINI Cooper S in which the trans is starting to run rough. Will this settlement also include future trans failures such as I think mine is heading for? Possibly a recall to head-off future trans issues? I have all my maintenance receipts for work done on my car and have religiously brought it in for regular service, both routine or for repairs. This year was the most expensive for me with engine repairs and if I have to deal with the cost of replacing my trans I will not be able to afford the expense for that repair. Thanks for any info you can give me.

    • Steve Picciano February 20, 2014

      Cheryl, if you have a 2006, you only have a short period of time to have the trans fixed and get any re-imbursement at all. Very few people seem to have read the FAQ for this lawsuit, but if your car is a day over 8 years old, you will get no money from the lawsuit. The lawsuit basically only applies to people who had their transmissions replaced years ago and who kept their records. For those of us who held on to our cars, didn’t put a lot of miles on them and then, after 8 years, suffered transmission problems, we will get nothing. I just spent over $6,500 getting a new (used) transmission installed and because my car is over eight years in services, I’m not entitled to anything. Again, check out the FAQ to see where you land here. BMW should be ashamed of themselves. Find a good mechaninc, don’t trust the Mini Dealership. I made that mistake for too many years. I took my car in relgiously for years, and this week my mechanic showed my the shoddy way my transmission had been handled and serviced.

  • jimbo March 17, 2014

    What’s going on with this settlement. I submitted a valid claim with my vin number. How can I find out if my claim got approved

    • russell Langford March 18, 2014

      my midland 5 speed manual went out in my 03 mini. The bearings in them are made out of such cheap metal that they cause transmission failure…Good news is if you can get your car to roadrunner motors in knoxville tn , they will rebuild the midland and put a another clutch in for 1700 dollars

  • Shelia Fosque March 31, 2014

    I,am concern about my car because I,am on a fix income I can,t afford this promble I had file a claim I hope they paid for everyone car how can they away with this I hope I,am protected

  • Rafael Bautista April 1, 2014

    I had expend $7,000.00 to replace the transmission for a 2005 Mini cooperS tipe

  • Kevin S. April 22, 2014

    Just got off the phone with local Mini Cooper dealship shop. My 2003 Mini Cooper is developing transmission issues.

    The filing deadline for the CAL closed 2014/04/02. How can I submit my repair bill to Cooper and participate in the CAL award/warranty extension. I purchased my Mini in 2010 and have not recieved notification of the CAL.

    Please help!

    Kevin S.

    • Aaron D. May 29, 2014

      MINI should have sent out a notification to all names in their database. It’s quick for them to send advertisement to my e-mail but never sent the necessary notice. Start another class action lawsuit!

      • Aubrey January 24, 2015

        I never got a notification on sent to my email, I had my CVT repaired once already and am about to take it in for a SECOND repair. Luckily it’s only the bands slipping so it’s not a ridiculously expensive repair but the fact that I will have had it repaired twice in less than three years is really unnerving. We need to start another lawsuit because this is ridiculous.

  • monica salinas April 30, 2014

    My 2005 mini transmission fail last week i bearly this settle . Can i still make a claim after the due date or what can i do

  • Chris May 26, 2014

    I just found out my transmission problem last week and the dealer told me that it’s gonna cost 8k to replace it. Even the dealer didn’t recommend me to fix it and told me it’s still drivable! My car is 2004 mini. I wonder what my options are?

    • Aaron D. May 29, 2014

      The dealer told you to drive an unsafe vehicle? Get the name of that misinformed guy and send them to jail. Safety first, not advising people to drive unsafe vehicles. MINI standard is so low that they advise stupid stuff.

  • lianne g May 27, 2014

    bought my daughter a 2005 mini convertible has 67,000 miles on it now was just told by the mechanic it needs a new transmission i cant afford a $7,000.00 so it sits in my driveway my daughter is crushed and I’m very angry help are there any options for me

  • Chris May 27, 2014

    I called the Mini custom service and they said they can’t assist me with the CVT problem right now. There is nothing they can do. so pissed. For those who have missed the class action, can we start another one?

    • Aaron D. May 29, 2014

      Good plan, lets start another part 2 class action suit. I’ll back you up. Lets go for it!

      • Minna July 7, 2014

        Why can’t we force them to do a RECALL so that everyone that missed the CLASS ACTION.can get their problem resolved . Another CLASS ACTION might take some time.

        • Lisa August 6, 2014

          Frankly ,I feel that if Mini doesn’t want listen and do the right thing and we can’t information about a possible “Class Action II” I say that we all go out and buy fake lemons and color them the color of our jacked up cars and send the painted lemons to Mini Cooper in protest … If that doesn’t work we should picket in front of Mini Cooper dealerships and stop people from buying these rotten cars along with that we need the media to see what a rotten company mini copper is .

          • Aubrey January 24, 2015

            Seriously. Let’s get this going, I’m getting ready to repair my transmission for the second time and knew nothing of this lawsuit until today!!

  • Chris June 4, 2014

    I just sold my 2004 Mini which had noise from the transmission above 5K. I hope my experience can help. So I went to the dealer twice. The first time I was told that the transmission needs to be replaced, which costs more than 8k!! Even the dealer told that the car is still drivable, so ……. After I complained, the manager agreed to have another technician to check my car again. So the other technician said it might not be the problem from the transmission, but the bear ring and other parts, which cost around $500 to replace the parts. For anyone has the same problem , I mean the noise from the transmission, ask the dealer for a bulletin guide from mini. Obviously, Mini knows EXACTLY what’s wrong with their transmission, so Mini issued a guideline to teach the technician how to solve the problem step by step!. I suspect that Mini dealer just doesn’t want to fix the problem with a cheap price!

    • monty Richmond November 18, 2014

      Did this get your transmission fixed?

  • Bryant Harris June 5, 2014

    how do I know if they received my claim I submitted back in early February about my Cvt transmission going out in my 2002 Mini Cooper, i had to come out of my own pocket and pay the amount of $7,600 for a new transmission do too I had no other transportation. please let me know who do I contact to let the let me know if they’ve received my claim in which filed.

  • Mary Ann Christian June 6, 2014

    I sent in my claim before the due date, how do I find out if they received my paper work?
    How do I find out if it has been approved.

  • Kemuel July 7, 2014

    I bought a 2003 Mini Cooper Automatic CVT back in 2012. The transmission went out last week. Unfortunately this is past the posted date to claim anything, is there any hope of futre one’s? I would gladly pay for the repairs if this is the case, so I know BMW will give me money back. This a shame really, I was done paying the car just 2 months ago. I only have 120,000 miles on it.

  • Minna July 7, 2014

    Can’t we force them to do a RECALL so that everyone that missed the CLASS ACTION.can get their problem resolved?? Another CLASS ACTION might take some time.

  • Top Class Actions July 15, 2014

    UPDATE: A misplaced objection to the MINI Cooper class action settlement has delayed the distribution of funds. Because the objection is similar to other objections already overruled by the judge, it is likely to be overruled as well. We will update readers when more information is available.

  • Martha July 29, 2014

    My 2003 manual transmission is shot at 80k miles–very premature for failure. I urge a class action suit for premature manual transmission failures too. Reading the comments here and elsewhere, it seems like there are an unprecedented number of premature failures. Please comment.

  • Cameron August 10, 2014

    Is there any update on the settlements since the July update about a misplaced objection?

  • Charlene Peters August 13, 2014

    I filed my claim but have changed addresses since. Will they forward the settlement check or is there a contact where I should provide my new address?

  • Top Class Actions August 13, 2014

    Top Class Actions reports on class action lawsuits and settlements around the country to bring awareness to you, our viewers. Top Class Actions is not a law firm and cannot file lawsuits or offer legal advice. Top Class Actions is also not a settlement administrator. The settlement administrator handles the entire claim process. For all inquiries regarding your claim, including questions about receiving your payment and a change of address, you will need to contact the settlement administrator.

  • Ramon Reyes September 23, 2014

    I ‘m located at San Juan, PR and have just heard of this class action. I have had to pay for repairs to my mini cooper. Please send me any I formation. I wish to submit a claim.

  • Shawn Priest October 5, 2014

    After many long months of waiting, we got our reimbursement, Not the full amount but enough to feel better about the repair.

  • Tricia October 6, 2014

    Has anyone gotten or heard anything from this settlement

  • Angie October 8, 2014

    I purchased a 06′ MINI Cooper S, 1.5 years ago with under 50k miles. It’s currently sitting in the MINI repair shop and with under 70k miles. It needs a new CVT transmission and was quoted $9K I purchased the extended warranty but it exceeds the value. Please help, I cannot afford to pay it needs major repairs and no one seems to be able to help.

  • Top Class Actions October 8, 2014

    The settlement deadline for this settlement has passed and there are no further updates to offer at this time. Rest assured, as soon as we hear of an update from the settlement administrator, we will be reflecting this information on our site for our viewers. In fact, this settlement page will receive an update when the time comes so check back often!

    Here at Top Class Actions, we simply report on class action lawsuits and settlements around the country to bring awareness to you, our viewers. We do not actually file any lawsuits, nor are we even legal attorneys therefore cannot offer legal advice. We are also not part of the settlement administrator as they handle the entire claims process. For all inquiries regarding your claim, including questions about receiving your payment, you will need to contact the settlement administrator.

    There is also a handy FREE account feature on our website for viewers now. This account will allow you to receive instant, free updates on ANY article that you ‘Favorite’ on our website. That ‘Favorite’ will be saved to your account and you can access it whenever you’d like, including to check all new updates! A link to creating an account may be found here:

  • Terri L Holmes October 10, 2014

    From the first week that i picked up my mini cooper s it has had take off delay or acceleration from a start. There has been no fix and amoung the other problems that I have had with this car its the worst money i have ever spent. There is no excuse that a car company should be allowed to abdicate their responsibility for making such poor quality vehicles. I was not made aware of this law suit, but does it only cover the CVT tranmission and not the manual as well. That is what bothers me the most, this is a bad car all the way around. My manual transmission is shot with just over 50,000 miles on an 03′. Who is there to be our advocate??? Instead BMW will charge me over $3000.00 to fix the transmission. This car has already cost me far more than its worth.

  • will degarmo October 22, 2014

    I bought a 03 a few months back and now my transmission is out how do I go about getting in on this lawsuit. I called my local bmw dealership claims they don’t know anything about this lawsuit

  • Luisa Diaz October 29, 2014

    This totally sucks! I just got done paying my mini and was having problems with engine, found out it’s the trani
    That will need replacing. To top it off all I could do was laugh when the mechanic showed me the bill to fix it would be $11,500.00. I almost hit the floor. I just pray and hope we can all be compensated for this horrible mess.

  • Sandra C. Garcia October 30, 2014

    This is the worst investment I have ever made,
    How can a company let an inferior product like this go and expect to keep it’s reputation intact?
    are they not concerned that people could die as a result of thier neglect and greed?
    how can I pass this car down knowing it could be a death trap?
    can’t drive it, can’t sell it, what am I to do?

  • Donna October 31, 2014

    Just received letter today claim denied saying my 2004 mini cooper with all receipts and proper papers from dealer is not included in settlement after 8 months and my thousands got wasted.

  • Orlando November 7, 2014

    Had my 02 Mini Cooper towed to a Mini Transmission Repair Shop in Orlando to be diagnose only to be told it will cost $6500 to rebuild the transmission.After declining to pay that much the mechanic billed me for over $900 for the diagnostic charge + storage fee. Beware of these 3rd party Repair Shops who are preying unsuspecting victims of BMW Mini Cooper.

  • IOWA November 11, 2014

    We have an 05 Mini Coop S with 130k that just took a dump on us. The shop estimated at 6k for replacing the transmission. Is the lawsuit still active ?

  • HL November 17, 2014

    My husband and I had a 2005 MINI Cooper from Spring of ’07 to Summer of ’09 with low mileage — when it became a very big, very expensive paperweight. It just stopped working, one day, it just wouldn’t start. In a puff of smoke, $$$ of dollars GONE. We found out that we needed the transmission changed, which cost at least half, if not more, than what we paid for the car//what is was worth — not to mention that NO ONE near us would even DO THIS WORK to replace it. THANK YOU MINI COOPER, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! WHEN ARE WE GETTING OUR MONEY???!!!!! And why oh WHY are we only getting PEANUTS for this travesty.

    • HL November 17, 2014

      OH, and, yes, we got the form in the mail for the class action lawsuit, and yes, we filled it out and mailed it back a LONG TIME AGO…feels like a couple of years ago now. HAVEN’T HEARD A DAMN THING…

  • Carolina200101 December 15, 2014

    I thought Mini Cooper and BMW had a good reputation.
    This is so sad that they are not giving good customer service.
    I have a 2010 S Conv. and was thinking about buying a 2008 Base Conv. I will not and will sell the 2012!
    Going back to Ford!

  • Reid Gantt3 January 2, 2015

    I have been hearing strange humming noises coming from our 2002 Mini Cooper with auto transmission. I am retired military and my wife and I take our motorhome to the military RV park at Key West Naval Air Station in late Dec and don’t return home until late March. We tow (front wheels on a dolly trailer) our Mini so we have transportation. Before we left on 21 Dec, I mentioned the hum to my son who said it sounds like the transmission or power steering. I checked the power steering fluid when I got to Key West and it was at the full mark. Strangely, the Mini owner’s manual with diagram doesn’t even show the auto transmission fluid container. The hum seems to increase when I turn the steering wheel…. and is also pronounced when I turn the ignition off… for about 10 seconds, though not anywhere near that loud, it sounds like a jet engine turning off. The auto transmission has made humming noises for past several years but I thought that was what it was supposed to sound like. The hum noise is much more pronounced now. Is my auto transmission going out? Though it is a 2002, the mileage is only 53,000 miles. The closest Mini dealer is in Miami… a good 4 hour trip from here. I have never been notified by Mini about this issue and if my problem turns our to be something that Mini paid claims for but closed the file claim date, I will be very angry!!!

  • Rachel February 5, 2015

    I was told that I missed the deadline, but basically I have had the same experience with my 2005 mini cooper convertible; CVT, convertible top wont fully latch, and more. I love my mini, but I am faced with the same mutual difficulties and frustrations mentioned by countless masses of mini owners. Is it time to let go of my mini? There has to be an option for us uninformed or late mini owners. Maybe I can get some advice from a lawyer friend, or file suit myself. This just isn’t okay.

    • Nicole April 6, 2015

      Hey, my Minis CVT broke after this hearing deadline as well. If you click [Submit a Claim], it says they are taking claims now for Mini CVTs that broke after June 2015 :)

  • Garrett March 7, 2015

    I was unaware of all of this, I bought my 2004 mini with 50,000 miles on it less than a month later I had a hard time getting my car to shift out of first gear. I bought the car for 7,000 dollars it will cost almost that to fix the CVT. I was in contact with BMW of north america long story short they could not help me. Why wont Mini just do a recall? It is a obvious issue across the board that could lead to a terrible car crash.

  • Everardo March 9, 2015

    2005 minI, 125k miles transmission suddenly failed, no traction in any direction, in the middle of a busy avenue during rush hour, luckily no accident. Mini offered 50% of costs to repair it, but my 50% is $5000.00, the car in running condition is less than $5000.00, so I declined their offer. lets get together to make miniusa to pay for the low quality transmission failures and fix our Mini Cooper cars.

  • Nicole April 6, 2015

    My Mini 2008 experienced CVT failure after June 201. My Mini has been sitting broken in my garage because I cannot afford to fix the transmission (and struts that blew at the same time). I submitted a claim for [reimbursement], but I cant afford to fix the car until I find out if Mini can in fact reimburse me. Still okay to submit a claim for [reimbursement for repairs at mini dealership]? There isnt an option for my exact circumstance?

  • Ana April 20, 2015

    I got my transmission in my 2007 Mini Cooper S replaced last September and was quoted $8,500 not including labor. Labor was $1,700. The part was paid for, but I paid out of pocket for labor. Is there any way I can get that labor money back, or is it just a lost cause?

  • Lisa.T May 20, 2015

    I’m disappointed in the lawyers that went after Mini there are so many people out there that were cheated by Mini Cooper … Guy’s ,you sold out I’m afraid It’s going to take a death for anything to really happen…sub-standard materials and engineering is the real problem .Having to remove the whole engine for standard transmission maintanince is a horrific design flaw.

  • Paula Sturgis October 3, 2015

    I have a 2006 Mini Hardtop R50 with Automatic Transmission. My RPM gauge will rev way above what it should. Had to take to Mini of Annapolis for repair. Cost 250.00, I paid and was told it will more than most likely do that over and over at 250.00 for each repair of the same problem. Kinda makes you scratch your head.???? Second my sunroof drain plugged and the line defaults inside the car on the passenger side which damaged the headliner, carpet and computer disc drive under passenger seat. Insurance paid over 3000.00 for repair and I had to pay a 500.00 comprehensive deductible. Why should my insurance pay for the stupidly of the engineer who design a drain line to drain inside a car?? On top of that because the disc drive was new it would not accept my navigation disc from 2006 and they then charged my insurance company another 1100.00 for a 2011 upgraded navigation disc. Now I’m well over 4000.00 in repairs that should not have happened. No wonder insurance companies are going broke. Now my fuel indicator lights and approx. miles left before fueling up do not work. Also I recently got a recall on a passenger airbag issue. My rain sensor wipers do not sense the rain. The kicker is this car looks perfect, garage kept and again it’s a 2006 with only 55,000 miles. Sad, sad piece of garbage BMW. My friend bought a Kia, has over 200,000 miles and never had a problem. Guess I should have bought a Kia. I’m disabled on Social Security and don’t have the finances to repair this car. I trusted a name because from my understanding was an awesome company but now I see that is not true. If anyone can help me I would grately appreciate it. Maybe someone can open a gofundme account on my behalf to help me. There is no way I can afford all repairs needed. My name is Paula Sturgis and you may contact me via email Please help as I need a car for all of my doctors appointments. Maybe Mini would be willing to put me in a new car since mine is junk even though I took such good care of my car. Cmon Mini do the right thing for this 51 year old disabled woman.

  • junior borges October 19, 2015

    I also have a 2006 mini cooper hard top, have it for the passed five years and have only have the usual problems until last month when my transmission feels like is slipping and goes forward but very slowly. Havent have time to take to the dealership since just had a baby and wife is not driving, so I’m using her infinity g35. I love my mini, just got a 2nd recall on for the passenger seat mat, will take to mini dealer and talk to those folks and tell you how everything goes about the transmission.Hopefully Im lucky enough to get this problem solve…..stay put!

  • Jackie October 20, 2015

    I purchased my Mini Cooper in 2003 with the auto transmission and it currently has 84K miles, drove about 6000 miles a year to go to groceries!The Mini transmission started to slip and I just found out about this class action suit against Mini Cooper. I never received any recall letter or anything about the transmission class action suit. How can I missed the deadline if I was never informed about the deadline? Please can someone help me on how to proceed.The car needs to be repaired , and BMW North America has totally misrepresented the mini Cooper to all of us who trusted and purchased Mini Coopers!! I wanted to save $ money for the great mileage it has, but now.. What kind of SAVINGS is this?? Please help. Thank you in advance.

  • Francisco Lopez November 10, 2015

    I bought a mini cooper last year with only 60,000 miles and the transmission gave up last week. Do I have any recall to have this transmission fixed?

  • Nathan Vedder November 23, 2015

    I have had a Used 03 mini cooper hard top since February. Bought it with only 37k on it. Since then i have put 10k on it myself and all of the sudden CVT gave out. When i was buying the car i was asking the dealer if it was usual for a car to jump when it first went into gear. He said there was nothing wrong with it. I was a first time car buyer and a recent college grad. So I tried to do my best to get the best deal and make sure everything was ok. Luckily the car went out while it was still under the extended warranty however i really cant afford the $800.00 out of pocket let alone the possible 5k it would have been if it had gone out a 1000 miles more. Was wondering if anyone has actually settled with BMW when they offered a 50/50 pay out and how i might go about doing that. Since i figured it was already to late for the Class Action Lawsuit?

    • CARLOS PECH January 7, 2016

      My mini 2005 just started to fail .have 10000 milles can i go to bmw to fix it for free? Or who do i call or contact in bay area.

  • Renee November 30, 2015

    Hello,I bought my 2006mini Cooper with only 31 miles on it. Basically A new car right. However a month in the transmission broke down on me. The used dealer won’t help me. I am not one for cars I have no clue where to look or what to do. Becuase I am shocked it broke down. Is there any possible recall on my transmission? Or who should I call?

  • Alain November 30, 2015

    I am so mad at this moment. First it would not go to third gear. I got accustomed to go from second gear to 4th, now the 4th would not go in. By the way it is a Mini Cooper S 2006 with 85k. It is a rip off.

  • Javier January 7, 2016

    I just bought a 2008 Mini and just happened to come across this site. If there are this many people who own a Mini with similar issues and the problem has not been corrected, why cant we prepare another class action for those specific issues which tend to make this car a paperweight? There seem to be many issues with this car aside from the transmission that are not covered by this or any other recall. Those folks just need to unite and talk to attorneys to create another class action lawsuit.

  • Carole January 14, 2016

    I find myself in this unfortunate club. My 2006 Mini S Convertible jerks like a bronco. (the first 10 minutes are great) It has 79,000K. Ive been having this problem and I was told the Valve body needed to be replaced and it would cost $2,500. Now I have finally saved up the money and the Miniworx shop said theres a 50/50 chance that it the valve body or the transmission and there is no way to tell until after the work is done and theres no warranty. If doesn’t sound like Im going to get anywhere with Mini or even find someone to repair it. I agree with Javier, lets do another Class Action lawsuit. Why can’t we? Its obviously a design flaw…And its dangerous. Sometimes the bucking is so violent it jerks the car forward. Transmissions are supposed to last more than 79,000 miles. Mini is made by BMW, which they claim is superior manufactured. High end, top of the line, precision machine, blah blah. They need to put their money where there mouth is. I SO Love driving my Mini, for the 1st 15 minutes…..

  • Zena Saade January 26, 2016

    I agree with this. Another class action lawsuit needs to be done. I am having the worst experience.

  • marc doucet February 6, 2016

    Why is it not for Canadians citizens too???????

  • marc doucet February 6, 2016

    Hello! My 2005 mini cooper transmission fail on me at 85,000 miles, but I’m from Canada and the recall law suit says its only good for American citizens so I was wondering if you could help me the cost of replacement was 5000$ for second hand transmission.Thanks

  • joe huaman March 9, 2016

    i owned a 2003 mini cooper the reverse stop working November of 2015 is park in my garage ever since can’t afford to fix i, those transmission aren’t reparable i have never received a letter indicating about the law suit , i got a letter about a recall on the power steering but i couldn’t take it to the dealer without a reverse need help as how to file at this time

  • jipinya March 22, 2016

    I think so ! This car apparently really threats me. I just own 2004 base hard top and my car is having problem on hard turning power steering right after buying from the dealer last month and I am thinking of the power steering pump failure. I just call Mini of Valencia and talk to the GUY named TOM in the service department on getting the REPLACEMENT of the Power Steering Pump under 13 year warranty or 150,000 miles. The service guy asked me the Vin # and checked for me and it turned out I can get this replacement (free). But you know what ! I do not feel HAPPY with it at all since I never know when I can have my car be fixed for that problem. I need to know my TIME FRAME to wait up since the service guy have told me to wait for that PART from GERMANY and he could not even tell me WHEN. I feel very afraid of being getting accident from stiff steering wheel to car burning ! It is ( Damn) dangerous that I tell that person and he can do nothing ! And MORE n MORE bigger problem is Transmission Failure and costs us a lot to fix that ! If you do NOT have money to fix that problem, your car is gonna be DEAD. AND I feel right now like having my car be sold as sooner as possible !

  • Al Brotons April 5, 2016

    I just got word from Computer Share that the claims were approved for distribution of funds, but you have to contact the State that the lawsuit was filed. this makes no sense if you read the entire court documents. Class action lawsuits take years and we are still stuck holding the bag…..Anyways send your claim to Computer Share 250 Royal Street, Canton, MA 02021, they will look into it for you, at least that’s what they said. I will keep you posted on what actually happens.

    • no name May 10, 2016

      received a check a few weeks ago for this class action. did not have to go thru computer share .

      • redentor delfierro May 12, 2016

        NO NAME, can you tell us how did you do it and where to file, please!!!

  • S Carr April 15, 2016

    Just purchased a 2005 Mini Cooper used automatic for my 18 year old daughter less than 4 months ago with only 78,000 miles on it. It stop shifting gears after 30mph and revs up to 6,000 rpg (I might be saying this wrong). Anyways, brought it in to get looked at and was told that i needed to get a transmission rebuilt. Googled the problems and found all the sites about mini problems and the class action lawsuit that I missed out on. Contacted BMW but they refuse to do anything about it. This is crazy. We have 2 coopers and 1 died already. This is happening to hundreds of people and nothing can be done. I am submitting a report to the national highway safety. I suggest everyone who is having the same problem to do the same to force bmw to recall the cvt engine. The car is driveable but after 30 miles, Im scared its going to just working in the middle of traffic. BMW is currently on my S*List.

  • Scott Boyer May 18, 2016


  • Lina June 9, 2016

    My daughter just bought a 2006 Mini Cooper S through Craigslist that has 85,000 miles. It was fine when test driving but after right after she bought it the gear shifted to neutral at a certain speed. Tried to call back the seller and of course didn’t answer his phone. May try claiming in small claims court against this seller. Luckily purchased an extended warranty but have to wait to kick in. Anyway wish we would have read this Cvt problems before buying. So, can I still file a claim with this lawsuit. If so how?

  • Josh June 23, 2016

    My 2005 Mini CVT starting to show RPM way too high it mean transmission will be out very soon !!! when we will have another class action again? or recall? anybody?

  • Chris June 24, 2016

    Same story as so many above. Maybe if we all park them in the street with a sign saying Tranny problems, never buy a mini

  • Dennis Coppernoll July 2, 2016

    I have a 2004 mini and I need help with my transmission problems. Nice car just doesn’t automatically shift right

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