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UPDATE: Settlement checks for the Palmer v. Sprint Class Action Lawsuit Settlement are being processed and will be mailed out by the end of April 2013.


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Award (how much your claim may be worth): Up to $500 per unsolicited Sprint telemarketing call you received!

Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Case(s):  Sandra L. Palmer v. Sprint Solutions, Inc., Case No. 09-cv-01211-JLR, U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington.




Website of the Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Administrator (FILE A CLAIM FORM HERE)

Address to submit a claim form (REQUIRED):

The easiest way to submit a Claim Form for the Sprint solicitation call class action settlement is to do so online at However, you can also mail your Claim Form to the following address:
Palmer Solicitation Call Settlement
c/o GCG, Inc.
P.O. Box 9713
Dublin, OH 43017-5613

Phone Number to call for assistance: (800) 465-4481

Details: The proposed Sprint telemarketing settlement will settle a class action lawsuit, entitled Sandra L. Palmer v. Sprint Solutions, Inc., that alleges Sprint made commercial telephone solicitation calls (i.e., telemarketing calls) to residents of Washington State using an automatic dialing and announcing device. The Sprint class action lawsuit also claims that solicitation calls were made to residents in other states after they requested not to receive telemarketing calls from Sprint.

The Palmer v. Sprint class action lawsuit says the telemarketing calls violate the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), Washington’s Automatic Dialing and Announcing Device statute, and Washington’s Consumer Protection Act. Sprint denies any wrongdoing, but has agreed to pay Class Members $5.5 million to resolve the litigation.

Class Members of the Sprint solicitation call class action settlement include current and former Sprint customers who, while a customer, at any time after July 23, 2005 through June 13, 2011:

(1) Lived in Washington State and received from Sprint directly or from its agents one or more commercial telephone solicitations that used an automatic dialing and announcing device; and/or

(2) Lived in Washington State and received from Sprint directly or from its agents one or more commercial telephone solicitations less than one year after advising Sprint or its agents that he or she did not wish to be called again by Sprint; and/or

(3) Lived in the United States and received from Sprint directly or from its agents one or more commercial telephone solicitations more than 30 days after advising Sprint or its agents that he or she did not wish to be called again by Sprint.

Class Members who submit a timely and valid claim form will receive a percentage share of the $5.5 million Sprint solicitation call settlement, based on the number of people who file claims. There’s no way to predict how much money Class Members will get until all claims are received, but each Class Member could receive the following:

– Category (1) Class Members could receive up to $500 per incident with a maximum of $2,000.
– Category (2) Class Members could receive up to $100 per incident with a maximum of $400.
– Category (3) Class Members could receive up to $500 per incident with a maximum of $2,000.
– Class Members who fall into all three categories could receive up to a maximum amount not to exceed $4,400.

In order to receive any money from the Sprint telemarketing call class action settlement, you must submit a claim form online or by mail postmarked by November 21, 2011.

Claim forms for the Sprint Solicitation Call Class Action Lawsuit Settlement can be downloaded or submitted online at

Purchased or Leased From: July 23, 2005 through June 13, 2011

Claims must be postmarked by: 11/21/11


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Settlement Administrator(s): Garden City Group, Inc.

Class Counsel:


Kim Williams
Rob Williamson
Williamson & Williams

Defense Counsel:

Thomas L. Boeder
Amanda J. Beane
Ryan T. Mrazik
Perkins Coie, LLP

We tell you about cash you can claim EVERY WEEK! Sign up for our free newsletter.

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  • Anonymous June 19, 2012

    I would like to know the status of this lawsuit.

  • Anonymous July 2, 2012

    can you tell me how the settlements is coming along.

  • Anonymous July 3, 2012

    I submitted my forms back in early 2011,when are they going to start paying?

  • Anonymous July 15, 2012

    This action is occuring right down the road from me. FYI – I have no part whatsoever in this action. Oral arguments were on June 27, 2012. Oral argumenter were recalled again on July 09, 2012 (Really, not sure what that was about). Judge’s Panel (3 Judges), should issue decesion in 3-5 months. Pending no addition appeals, (There will be at least one more to the US supreme court). Checks will then be sent out 1-2 months later. There is a 0% chance you receive a check by Christmas. Good luck to you though. My professional opinion: checks should be mailed Between February and June 2013.

  • Anonymous August 14, 2012

    Darn!, darn!, darn… Well this would be a nice Christmas present, I guess. I looked for an update everywhere, but can’t find one. This is the only place that has an e.t.a. on checks being sent out. Thanks for the update, frank.

  • Anonymous December 7, 2012

    Any word on checks? Geesshhh its been a long while….who does that?

  • Anonymous December 11, 2012

    Does anyone know which court is reviewing the appeal?

  • laura January 9, 2013

    Is there any word yet on this case?

  • HENRY BRADLEY January 9, 2013

    Something stinks about this. Sprint has already paid so I hope the money is in an interest bearing account while we are waiting, maybe this way we will get what we are due and not the lawyers getting it all. By the way I have tried to get in contact with the person wo was supposed to have brought the appeal but I haven’t gotten an answer from my letters yet. I’m also checking out exactly why one person at the last minute could tie this up

  • DEE January 19, 2013

    This lawsuit should have already been resolved, including the appeal. I wonder what the hold up with checks being issued is…

  • Adrian Powell January 28, 2013

    On 1/28/2013 called the 800 number on the settlement website. According to the phone representative as of this date 1/28/2013 there still has not been a date set for continue oral arguments.

  • Greg February 5, 2013

    Diddo, on what Adrian Powell said. I asked, will it be in spring? Rep said, it could be, but that’s up to the courts It will be about 2-3 months after arguments are completed that the decision will be handed down. Then if no appeal, disbursement will be made then. So, I’m guessing… Christmas 2014

  • HENRY BRADLEY March 12, 2013

    We need to all go to our respective State Inspector Generals and Attorney Generals and ask them to investigate the Class Administrators actions and procedures. I have already asked a popular news investigating channel to aid me in trying to find out what is really happening because still, SOMETHING STINKS.

  • Carmen March 26, 2013

    I emailed the attornies on the case on March 22, 2013 and below is the response I received from Rob Williamson on the same day….

    “The objection made by one class member was overruled by the court, but he then appealed. About a month ago the court of Appeal rejected the appeal, without oral argument, and the case was returned to the trial court. My understanding is that claims are to be paid within two weeks.”

  • Christine April 1, 2013

    Important Update on Distribution of the Settlement:

    On February 14, 2013, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the District Court’s Judgment and Order of Final Approval. The claims are being processed according to the Judgment and Order of Final Approval and the Settlement Agreement. The distribution of the Settlement Awards is anticipated to commence by the end of April.

  • Hard2handle April 1, 2013

    Its about time…its been way too long…so when should we be expecting checks?

  • C.P. April 1, 2013

    It commence end of April about 3 weeks, I’m ready we’ve waited along time for this. Hoping we get the correct amounts.

  • Pam April 11, 2013

    Yes it’s about time….Someone said hoping to get the correct amounts, does anyone know how much each person will get?

  • Jack April 15, 2013

    How much are you all expecting to receive?

  • raha317 April 22, 2013

    the last update april 2 2013 where the money has anyone have a # anwser for us

  • Jack April 27, 2013

    someone please update when they receive check.
    I’ll do the same!

  • Chris April 30, 2013

    As of 4/29/13, no check yet. Will keep you posted.

  • Bk2Basics April 30, 2013

    When I called, the girl that answered told me she couldnt even find my claim form… I was blown away because I was certain I filled a claim… then after being placed on hold, she came back and stated she had found the claim form that I submitted online.. I then asked her to provide me with the claim number… But as for checking the status, all she stated was whats on the damn recording.. nothing further…. she would not provide an estimated time just kept saying checks are pending for the end of the month… When I said to her “well its already the end of the month, so what you have to say about that” she repeated herself.. HA! what nerve! I know one thing.. they bet not try and sent me a check for $28 when the claim states upto $500 per incident…

  • yugie April 30, 2013

    I called this morning and they told me a check is being processed in the amount of $60 looks like the lawyers made out better than the consumers on this one

  • Marie May 1, 2013

    I called this afternoon. A check has has been mailed to me in the amount of $80.18. WTH??

  • johnny May 1, 2013

    ya just called they mailed a check yesterday for 90 $ wtf this is bs weve been waiting 2 years for this what a crock hope the law firm injoys there vaction

  • Jack May 2, 2013

    Called yesterday and they mailed a check for $161 coulda’ been better

  • Chris May 3, 2013

    WTF??? I received a check for $80.85, that’s $.11 a day for 2 years (730 days). These lawyers are ripping us off big time. I think they knew they were gonna take all this money extending it for over 2 years. Well hopefully they’ve calculated wrong and have us an additional check in the mail. Who do we need to complain to about this???

  • Jack May 4, 2013

    Got my check yesterday for $161.61

  • M.B. May 4, 2013

    $80.85 in Michigan meehhhhhhh

  • Ryan May 14, 2013

    lawyers get 1.5 million, and we each get a hundred bucks? How do we know how many people are in the class, and why the payout is as such??

  • ANGELIA JOHNSON May 18, 2013


  • Mari May 19, 2013

    I have yet to receive My check! I was told it went out on the 1st, and as of yet I have not received it!

  • L. Binn August 21, 2013

    I called them at first they stated my account # did not match up then I called back and stated I would be speaking with an attorney and then I was sent a check for $80.00 – something is not right I should have rec’d. a check for $4,000 – I will definitely be checking into this – something is definitely not right with this settlement.

  • James Cammarata September 26, 2013

    Its now September 26th and I just found my check as I was sick and not getting the mail back in april/may. Well come to find out my 60.23 check came on 4/30/13 but they write on them void 90 days after issue date! So I am seeing that the site for this is down and I am trying to call the number but its only 9:30 am and it just goes BEEP beep and so I am wondering if there is any chance of getting it renewed and a new check sent out. Anyone have any luck contacting them recently? Or anyone think I will still be able to deposit or cash it somehow? Any thoughts or ideas I would appreciate it. Thanks

  • Barry October 8, 2013

    On September 10 I called the number above to check the status of my settlement. I got through to a representative, and learned that a settlement check was sent to my previous old address, and was for some reason not forwarded to my new address by the postal service. The representative told me the sent check and not been cashed, and told me the procedure to request a new one. I sent a letter with my new address to the address specified by the representative, which was received, according to tracking. I have not received anything, one month later, so attempted to call. I keep getting a busy signal, no answer. I will keep trying to get through, but am concerned, after reading James C’s note below. Update: I was able to get through on the non-800 number – (614) 289-5400. However, I was put on hold for a long time and hung up. I requested a call back from the receptionist, let’s see what happens.

  • ASHELEE CRITTENDEN October 11, 2013

    I was part of this class action settlement and I didn’t receive a check. I called in awhile back to make sure I filled out the claim form correctly and I was told I did so why didn’t I get a check?

    I live in California and lived in Washington as well

  • angela October 28, 2013

    Anyone have another number besides the 100 number? I was told I was getting a check reissued and its been 2 months

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