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Company(ies): PayPal, eBay


Website Link to access the Class Action Lawsuit Settlement and get YOUR Stake (Preferred Method): Administrator Website


Address to submit paper claim (Not Required):


PayPal/Steele Class Action Settlement

c/o The Garden City Group, Inc.

P.O. Box 9309

Dublin, OH 43017-4209


Phone Number to call for Assistance: No Phone Number Listed for the Administrator Website so your best bet is to call 212-732-7707 (Attorneys representing the Class/Plaintiffs). Be ready to provide the case, Steele et al. v. PayPal, Inc. et al. and the case No. 1:05-CV-01720 (ILG) (VVP)



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Details: This is a very in depth settlement and may be a little confusing. It’s the most in depth claim form we’ve seen here at Top Class Actions. You’ll need to head to the Administrator Website website and start the process there. You can print out a personalized claim form which includes your name and address. Once that’s done you’ll start filling it out. Make sure to include all information requested or you may not be paid. You’ll need to provide your current email address, current home telephone number, name associated with the PayPal account (if other than your current name), Street Address associated with your PayPal account, City, State, Zip code, e-mail address associated with PayPal Account (if different from your current email address), Telephone Number associated with PayPal account (if different from your current address, notice a theme here yet?) and the Data your PayPal account was opened (approximate/best guess). Next you select whether you want to receive a check or not in payment. If you check the box they’ll take $1 out of your settlement to cover the cost of the check. If you don’t check the box they’ll deposit the settlement straight into your PayPal account. Next you need to answer all of the questions listed.If you have any proof,bank statements, emails or anything else which supports your claim make sure to include them with your claim. Please note that if you don’t include any documentation your claim may be denied.


Purchased From: Customers who purchased an item and paid for it via PayPal after February 1st, 2004 using a funding source OTHER than a credit card. For example, if you paid for an item via PayPal and had PayPal deduct the money straight from your checking account. After the purchase you then requested a refund and the entire amount wasn’t returned to their account (service fees or other charges may have been assessed.) It’s important to note that you must have requested a reversal of the transaction through PayPal’s prevailing Buyer Complaint Policy and/or Buyer Protection Policy. If you didn’t request a reversal of the transaction through the Buyer Complaint Policy and/or Buyer Protection Policy your claim may be denied.


Claims Accepted Until (YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR CLAIM BY THIS DATE!): December 14th, 2008


Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Amount(s): $3,500,000 minus $980,000 in Attorney Fees minus unknown fees to Lead Plaintiffs minus administrative costs (advertising the notice, settlement administrator expenses, etc.)


TCA Staff Tidbit: OK, at first glance this seems like a big win for the consumer, but when you start digging through the details it could be a bit of a loser. There are LOTS of ways your claim can be denied, legitimate or not. This all started because PayPal customers who paid for transactions through their checking accounts and requested a refund may have had service fees assessed, even if they were due a complete refund. The reason credit cards aren’t included in the settlement is because you could challenge a charge on your card, stopping it entirely. Unfortunately if you paid via your checking account or a source other than a credit card the money was deducted completely and automatically up front. You couldn’t challenge it like a credit card and some people who requested refunds weren’t paid their complete amount. So, if you think you may have been impacted by that policy make sure to go through the entire process, fill out the ENTIRE form and send it in. There’s no electronic claim process so you’re stuck with snail mail. Good luck!



We tell you about cash you can claim EVERY WEEK! Sign up for our free newsletter.

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