free rebates, free cashIf you love finding free rebates, you should consider filing claims for open class action settlements. Many companies agree to provide free rebates and other benefits to consumers through class action settlements.

Class action settlements offer a variety of possible awards to eligible Class Members. You could be entitled to cash payments, free rebates, merchandise vouchers and more! Make sure you don’t miss out on any free cash by visiting our Open Settlements section.

How a Class Action Settlement is Like a Mail in Rebate

In some ways, filing a claim for a class action settlement is similar to filling out a mail in rebate form. Both typically require you to fill out forms asking for specific information about the purchase that you made in order to qualify for benefits. Generally, you will have to wait for a period of time before you get your award. With both rebates and class action settlements, you have the potential to get back some of the value of your purchase, either through a full or partial refund, a voucher or an opportunity for free merchandise.

Many manufacturers offer free rebates as a way to entice consumers to buy their products. These rebate offers can include a price reduction, full or partial refund, or a promotional item that is free with rebate.

Class action settlements can also offer refunds, merchandise or coupons for future price reductions. However, settlements are not promotional. Rather, they are reached in response to legal action. Typically, class action lawsuits are filed against manufacturers or other entities for allegedly doing something wrong. In many cases, companies will agree to offer a rebate to consumers through a class action settlement instead of going to trial.

discount code, promo codeFind Out If You’re Eligible for a Rebate from a Class Action Settlement

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