Top Class Actions was established in 2008 when founder Scott Hardy saw a need to consolidate and clarify Class Actions News in a consumer-friendly and organized way. Soon after, professional journalists joined the team to seek out and write truths about injustices consumers encountered. As a result, Top Class Actions has been able to report Class Action News as it breaks.

Today, our core focus has not changed: We are helping right consumer wrongs by putting out easy to understand news for consumer lawsuits and settlements.

And the foundation of this focus has always been our core values of Love, Trust, Excellence.


… for each other (Do all things with kindness)

… for our clients (Genuine appreciation)

… for the cause (Consumer justice)


… Treat others how you want to be treated (The Golden Rule)

… Do the right thing (Ethical approach, always)

… Journalistic integrity


… Show drive (Be Eager: Eager to Learn | Eager to Serve)

… Produce quality work (Take pride in what you do)

… Be proactive (Resist mediocrity, be the best!)

The #1 Source of Class Action News

  • 3 million monthly visitors
  • 6 million monthly pageviews
  • 900,000 newsletter subscribers (growing by 6,000+ week)
  • 135,000+ Facebook followers


Top Class Actions is regularly sourced by major news publications across the country in their coverage of consumer news, including the Miami Herald, Consumer Reports, Consumer World, The Ring of Fire, The Penny Hoarder, and affiliates for ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and more.

Top Class Actions is a Proud Member/Supporter of the Following Organizations:

American Bar Association

Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles

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Guiding Principles

Maintain truth and responsibility in journalism to shed light on unethical business practices that harm the everyday consumer.

Ethically disseminate complex legal matters through the news that the average person can understand, while connecting them with legal professionals who are passionate about justice.

Stay focused on maintaining fiscal responsibility to ensure profitability for Top Class Actions, our Partners, and our Investors.

Stay true to our focus on serving our loyal community of followers, friends, and advocates.

Work smart through processes, technology, and communication to ensure we are always evolving and growing to meet the needs of our community and clients.


In the Community


Top Class Actions Donates $5,000 to Amphi Foundation


Our team is what makes Top Class Actions stand out in our industry, for our clients, and for the millions of consumers who come to us every day. Their Love, Trust, and Excellence continue to push us to the next level, and we’re proud to call them family.

Scott Hardy President

Scott Hardy has been in the tech industry for 30 years and was on the internet before the World Wide Web even existed. Scott’s taken this experience and rolled it into Top Class Actions, which he started in 2008. Now Top Class Actions is the world’s most popular website for consumers to find lawsuits and settlements they can participate in, garnering 1 – 3 million viewers per month who submit tens of thousands of leads every single month to law firms across the country.

Scott continues to transform the world of class action lawsuit settlement notification and class action lawsuit advertising by implementing new and innovative ways to connect consumers to class action settlements and attorneys who can provide the legal help they need.

Sarah Mirando VP Operations

Sarah Mirando joined Top Class Actions in 2010 as a legal news writer. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a journalism degree and served as editor of multiple print and online publications, including Entrepreneur Magazine. Sarah’s journalistic experience and content strategy helped boost Top Class Actions to the next level. She now manages the operations and marketing/sales.

Steve Williams

Steve Williams VP Strategy

Steve Williams joined Top Class Actions in 2018. Steve spent most of his professional life working in multifaceted roles for both start-ups and major corporations in the Telecommunications and Software industries. His leadership and experience have been built by his roles in Strategic Account Management, Care Operations, Network Operations, Program Operations, Data Analytics, Product Life-cycle, Customer Loyalty and Vendor Management. Steve is also an Armed Forces Veteran, Combat Engineer, United States Army.


Courtney Jorstad Editor in Chief

Courtney Jorstad joined Top Class Actions in March 2013 as a legal news writer. She graduated in 2005 from the University of California, Irvine, where she served as a newspaper reporter and editor. Courtney worked as a political news writer for a major news publication before joining the Top Class Actions team as a full-time employee.

Melissa LaFreniere Managing News Editor U.S.

Melissa LaFreniere joined Top Class Actions in March 2015 as a legal news writer. She graduated from Southern Oregon University with a journalism degree. Melissa worked as a reporter and editor for a community newspaper for nine years and as a reporter, anchor and news producer for an NBC affiliate for three years. Now she has found a new calling as News Editor for Top Class Actions.


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