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Men & Women Join Mirena IUD Injury Lawsuits

By John Curran



Mirena IUDWhile women are the sole sufferers when Mirena intrauterine devices (IUDs) fail, they are not the only victims. It is why a set of Mirena lawsuits filed recently names two men as plaintiffs in addition to the female plaintiffs. The device was supposed to provide long-term contraception, but instead caused many women problems with organs and other issues.

Mirena IUD side effects result from the T-shaped product migrating through the pelvic area. This can lead to organ perforation and ectopic pregnancies. In certain cases, women became infertile. Their partners have often joined in these Mirena product liability lawsuits because they are affected by scarring and fertility issues that prevent them from enjoying the relationship fully. These types of claims are known as “loss of consortium.”

Bayer Pharmaceuticals also failed to properly warn of these risks and even marketed the product with little side effect warnings at all, according to numerous claims from Mirena IUD lawsuit lawyers. Original advertising did not include any mentions of organ perforation or other problems related to the device, and the fairly slow FDA warned Bayer to change its advertising in 2009. Unfortunately, the company has still not updated product labeling and safety information to include the fact that Mirena IUD spontaneous migration problems can occur after the device is inserted.

It is not the only contraceptive Bayer Pharmaceuticals produces that is facing significant legal scrutiny, as many oral alternative claims have been made. On the other hand, as the company releases a new patented long-term contraceptive, legal experts are concerned that it is unclear whether or not it will retain any Mirena IUD side effects. It lasts for a shorter period of time, three years versus five years, but many of the problems that arose occurred more quickly than that. Women should consult with their gynecologists if they are considering any sort of long-term option. Otherwise, risks similar to Mirena IUD spontaneous migration could have a significant impact on quality of life.

For some, these warnings may come too late. While some conditions may not be able to be completely treated, help with remedies and assistance is available. Learn more at the Mirena IUD Injury Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Investigation. Getting a free consultation with a Mirena IUD lawsuit lawyer is as simple as filling out the short form there. Cases are proceeding quickly in the coming months. Act now to ensure that there is no delay in any legal remedy that the facts of your case merit and get a no-cost legal review today.


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Updated February 13th, 2013


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