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Alabama MDL Continues to Gain New Chantix Lawsuits

By Andrea Gressman


Chantix suicide lawsuitChantix, which is manufactured by Pfizer, is a drug designed to suppress the desire for smoking. It works by suppressing certain receptors in the individual’s brain, which will ultimately reduce the person’s nicotine cravings. However, this alteration of brain function may also contribute to a number of Chantix side effects, including the following:

* Changes in behavior
* Adverse behaviors including aggression,
* Psychological problems
* Depression

* Suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts
* Blackouts
* Heart Attacks
* Develop Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
* Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis
* Additional cardiovascular problems

These Chantix side effects are mentioned in an increasing number of news reports and recently filed Chantix lawsuits.

Growing Number of Chantix Lawsuits Leads to MDL

The high number of Chantix lawsuits being filed resulting from the Chantix side effects mentioned above led to the formation of a multidistrict litigation in Alabama, in which 40 plaintiffs had their Chantix lawsuits transferred to at the end of March 2012. Originally, the Chantix lawsuits were filed in the Superior Court of Los Angeles County.  October 2012 is the scheduled time for the first Chantix lawsuit bellwether trial, with the second one, in January of the following year.

There has been a plethora of Chantix lawsuits filed in relation to the drug, and as the bellwether trials near their scheduled dates, the possibility exists that more victims of Chantix side effects may come forward with their own Chantix lawsuits.

Chantix Side Effects Begin Shortly After Patients Start Taking the Drug

It has been repeatedly reported that not long after patients begin taking Chantix do the side effects begin. They even affect patients who have no history of any mental disorders or depression. Awareness of depressive and suicidal side effects are most likely the reason people chose to file a Chantix lawsuit.

Chantix Psychological Problems Reportedly Cause Suicidal Thoughts

Chantix was first introduced onto the market in 2006, where it was considered a viable way to help people quit smoking. However, in 2009, the FDA issued dire warnings that Chantix may have adverse side effects, including psychological problems. These Chantix side effects can include aggression, depression, and thoughts of suicide. Such dangers have inspired those affected to consider legal action including filing a Chantix lawsuit.

Families of Chantix Suicide and Wrongful Death Victims and Other Chantix Side Effects File Chantix Lawsuits

By 2010, the number of Chantix lawsuits was so great it was decided to consolidate the Chantix lawsuits to the Northern District of Alabama. Over 1,000 Chantix lawsuits were included in the MDL by this time. The formation of the coordination of proceedings inspired more people to file, or consider filing a Chantix lawsuit against Pfizer, some of which included families of Chantix suicide and wrongful death victims.

People who have suffered adverse Chantix side effects from the anti-smoking drug including psychological problems, aggression, depression, blackouts and suicidal thoughts or who have a loved one who has suffered similarly or has even committed suicide may want to consider filing a Chantix lawsuit against Pfizer to seek damages for the suffering caused by the drug. Visit the Chantix Suicide, Heart Attack, Suicide Attempt & Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Investigation page today to receive your free consultation with a qualified Chantix lawsuit attorney.


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Updated October 9th, 2012


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