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New Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit MDL Created for Coloplast Lawsuits

By Andrea Gressman


vaginal mesh implant lawsuitA new vaginal mesh lawsuit MDL has been created for lawsuits alleging Coloplast vaginal mesh implants caused severe and sometimes permanent injuries in women, including vaginal scarring, urinary problems, pain during sex, mesh erosion, organ injuries, bladder perforation, and other vaginal mesh side effects. As of August 6, 2012, all current Coloplast vaginal mesh implant lawsuits and any future Coloplast lawsuits will be transferred and tried jointly in one multidistrict litigation (MDL) rather than in multiple courts. The newly formed Coloplast lawsuit MDL (No. 2387) is the sixth active multidistrict litigation for vaginal mesh implant lawsuits filed against multiple manufacturers. Victims of vaginal mesh side effects are urged to speak with a qualified vaginal mesh injury specialist to see if they qualify to join one of these MDLs through a vaginal mesh implant lawsuit or by filing a vaginal mesh class action lawsuit.
Coloplast Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit MDL

The Coloplast vaginal mesh lawsuit MDL will be held in West Virginia, where the Honorable Judge Joseph R. Goodwin will oversee the Coloplast lawsuits for the U.S. District Court for the Southern District. Judge Goodwin is also the presiding judge over several other vaginal mesh implant lawsuit MDLs against the following manufacturers:

* C.R. Bard
* American Medical Systems, Inc (AMS)
* Boston Scientific
* Ethicon

Hearing all of the related vaginal mesh lawsuits in the MDLs will provide consistency throughout the pre-trial hearings.

There are currently 24 Coloplast vaginal mesh implant lawsuits included in the new Coloplast MDL, and vaginal mesh implant lawyers predict dozens – if not hundreds – more Coloplast lawsuits will be filed across the country and transferred to the MDL.

By splitting the vaginal mesh implant lawsuits out by manufacturer and centralizing them in MDLs to be heard by one judge, it is hoped that patients will be able to have an efficient resolution of their transvaginal mesh lawsuits. The consolidated action will also save judicial time, so that the transvaginal mesh lawsuit can be brought to a close quickly.

Vaginal mesh implant attorneys urge victims of transvaginal mesh and vaginal mesh side effects to contact a vaginal mesh implant injury specialist to see if they have a case to seek compensation through a vaginal mesh injury settlement.

Vaginal Mesh Side Effects Lead to Numerous Lawsuits

Vaginal mesh implants, transvaginal mesh implants and bladder sling implants are some of the options available to patients who are having pelvic reconstruction surgery to treat stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and pelvic organ prolapse (POP). The mesh is designed to provide additional support and strength to the surrounding tissue and organs. However, for some patients this artificial support system is anything but beneficial.

Compared with all-natural reconstruction alternatives, vaginal mesh implants have been known to cause a greater number of side effects and complications. The transvaginal mesh can change shape, shift position, or fail to adhere to the surrounding tissue. The result is extreme pain, infections around the surgical site, bleeding, and other patient-specific issues with rejection of the vaginal mesh implant. This is a direct contrast with the manufacturer’s promises of better internal support and healing.

Patients involved in vaginal mesh implant lawsuits, transvaginal mesh implant lawsuits and bladder sling implant lawsuits allege that manufacturers should have done a better job in warning them of the risks of the product and in creating the base for the product. Currently, some vaginal mesh implant systems shrink after insertion, removing their beneficial effects in favor of painful side effects, and Plaintiffs feel this is something that the manufacturers should have noticed and corrected long before the vaginal mesh material was made available to doctors and hospitals.

Common side effects of vaginal mesh implants cited in transvaginal mesh lawsuits are:

* Urinary problems (incontinence)
* Vaginal scarring
* Pain during sex
* Pelvic organ prolapse
* Mesh erosion
* Organ injures
* Bladder perforation
* Bowel perforation
* Blood vessel perforation
* Bladder infections

If you or someone you know has suffered one or more of these vaginal mesh side effects, it is important that you seek the counsel of a qualified vaginal mesh implant attorney right away. All you have to do is visit the Transvaginal Mesh, Vaginal Sling, Vaginal Mesh and Bladder Sling Class Action Lawsuit Investigation page, provide your information, and an experienced vaginal mesh lawyer will provide you with a free consultation. You may have a claim to seek compensation through filing a vaginal mesh injury lawsuit, transvaginal mesh lawsuit, bladder sling lawsuit or vaginal mesh class action lawsuit settlement.


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Updated September 3rd, 2012


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