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New Biomet Metal-on-Metal Hip Lawsuit Alleges Defective Device

By Sarah Pierce


metal on metal hip implant class action lawsuit settlementA New York man recently filed a Biomet hip replacement lawsuit against the manufacturer, alleging he suffered serious complications after being implanted with the all-metal Biomet M2A Magnum device. It is just one of many new lawsuits against so-called “metal-on-metal” hip devices, which have been linked in scientific studies to a higher rate of premature failure, requiring revision surgery.
The latest metal-on-metal hip implant lawsuit was filed in New York by a man who says his all-metal Biomet M2A device has a design defect that caused him severe pain. He claims that just one year after implantation, he had to undergo hip revision surgery to remove the defective Biomet metal hip implant and replace it with another one. The metal hip implant lawsuit goes on to state that over 350 adverse event reports related to defective Biomet metal hip implants have been submitted to the FDA. Recently, more of these patients have been coming forward to file hip replacement lawsuits relating to complications with Biomet’s M2A Magnum. All-metal hip implant devices like the M2A have been linked to complications like hip pain, instability, difficulty walking, and metal toxicity. Some of those patients injured by metal-on-metal hip implants have filed lawsuits to hold the company liable for failing to warn of the risks, and for failing to adequately test the device before making it available to so many patients. 
The New York Plaintiff’s hip replacement implant lawsuit was filed individually and not as part of the metal-on-metal hip implant lawsuit multidistrict litigation (MDL.) The metal-on-metal hip implant lawsuit MDL allows thousands of metal-on-metal hip implant victims to file lawsuits under the jurisdiction of one judge, but still allows each hip replacement Plaintiff to retain his or her own attorney and receive an individual award if the case is won or settled. The award they would receive is typically much larger than any individual award expected in a metal-on-metal hip implant class action lawsuit.
For example, there is currently a DePuy metal-on-metal hip implant lawsuit MDL and DuPuy hip implant class action lawsuit pending before the courts. In the DePuy class action lawsuit, hundreds of thousands of metal hip implant patients are joined together. Once, or if, a DePuy metal hip implant class action settlement is reached, the DePuy hip replacement class members would typically share the award and the award may be in the range of thousands of dollars per claimant, rather than tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars in some cases for individual defective hip implant lawsuits. On the other hand, if the MDL settles, everyone who joined the hip implant lawsuit MDL would receive any financial award individually, unlike a replacement hip class action lawsuit. The DePuy hip implant lawsuit MDL lawyers will determine exactly what each Plaintiff will receive depending on the injury suffered. This may mean that those who file metal-on-metal hip implant wrongful death lawsuits due to metal poisoning or cancer will receive more than those who successfully undergo cancer treatment and have their defective hip replaced. The metal-on-metal hip implant law firms litigating the MDL will determine this as the case progresses.
Anyone who has a metal-on-metal hip implant needs to know the side effects so they can be caught and hopefully treated without resulting in death. Common metal-on-metal replacement hip implant side effects alleged in lawsuits include premature failure of the hip implant requiring replacement, dislocated hip, leaking of toxic substances from the metal hip implant, cancer, degenerative heart disease or cardiomyopathy, loss of bone strength or structure which can result in bone fractures, tissue death for any tissue surrounding the hip implant, non-cancerous tumors or pseudotumors around the hip implant, cobalt poisoning, metallosis or metal poisoning due to chromium or cobalt particles from the hip implant. If you are experiencing these metal-on-metal hip implant side effects you should see a doctor immediately for treatment so hip implant replacement can be started if necessary. If you are experiencing these symptoms, experienced some or all of these symptoms, or already had your hip implant replaced, you should speak with a metal-on-metal hip implant specialist to see if you are a good fit to file a hip implant class action lawsuit or an individual metal-on-metal hip replacement lawsuit. 
If you would like more information about filing a metal hip implant class action lawsuit or would like to file a replacement hip implant lawsuit, file a Biomet or DePuy metal-on-metal replacement hip loss of consortium lawsuit, or join the DePuy hip implant lawsuit MDL, just go to the Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacement Implant Class Action Lawsuit Investigation page. You can submit your information, or your loved one’s, to metal hip implant attorneys who are actively investigating all claims regarding premature hip failure, cancer, degenerative heart disease, loss of bone strength, tissue death, metal poisoning and other symptoms relating to metal-on-metal hip implants. Biomet and DePuy attorneys are waiting to talk to you now and the consultation is free. These lawyers don’t get paid unless you win or settle.

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Updated June 27th, 2012


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