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New Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuit Filed, Class Action to Follow? 

By Scott Hardy


Actos Pill BoxTop Class Actions has been informed that a new lawsuit has been filed against Takeda Pharmaceuticals by the plaintiff, Donald Shingleton, alleging that he developed bladder cancer because of Actos. Donald is a resident of West Virgina and has been taking Actos for several year before being diagnosed with bladder cancer. Top Class Actions in investigating the possibility of an Actos class action lawsuit to follow Donald’s filing.
Donald started taking Actos to treat his type 2 diabetes in 2005. Actos was released by Takeda Pharmaceuticals to treat type 2 diabetes and is one of their most popular drugs even though hundreds of cases of bladder cancer have been connected to extended use of Actos. Donald alleges that that he suffered bladder cancer after taking Actos for multiple years after starting the Actos treatment in 2005.
The plaintiff’s attorneys filed Donald’s Actos bladder cancer lawsuit in the Louisiana Western District Court (case no. 6:2012cv01001.) Donald is seeking damages compensating him for his injuries, treatment and his emotional distress due to taking Actos and developing bladder cancer. 
If you would like more information about filing an Actos class action lawsuit or an Actos bladder tumor personal injury lawsuit just go to the Actos Bladder Cancer Class Action Lawsuit Investigation page. There you can submit your information to attorneys who are actively investigating all claims regarding tumors, heart attacks and other problems which may be attributed to Actos.

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Updated May 7th, 2012


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