Zurn Pipe Fittings Class Action Settlement

The Zurn Pex plumbing settlement will resolve a class action lawsuit known as In re: Zurn Pex Plumbing Products Liability Litigation that alleges Zurn sold defective F1807 Pipe Fittings between 1996 and 2010 that prematurely degrade, leak and cause damage as a result of corrosion. The class action lawsuit also claims that the warranty Zurn provided with these F1807 Fittings should pay for repairs related to their alleged failures. It is seeking money damages for current and former owners of structures containing the defective Zurn pipe fittings and a court order requiring Zurn to honor future warranty claims for damage resulting from the F1807 Fittings.

Zurn denies any wrongdoing but has agreed to a $20 million class action lawsuit settlement to avoid ongoing litigation.

Who’s Eligible

Class Members of the Zurn class action settlement include any person or entity that owns or owned a building or property containing brass crimp fittings and connectors manufactured to ASTM standard F1807 and which were made from a type of brass commonly known as “yellow brass.” People and entities that paid for damage or repairs caused by a leak of a Zurn F1807 fitting or connector may also file a claim in this settlement.

You can tell if your plumbing system contains Zurn’s F1807 Fittings because they are stamped with “Qpex.” The fittings (known as QestPEX Crimp System, Qicksert fittings, and Qick/Sert insert fittings) can be located at joints in the plastic pipe. You can learn more about the F1807 Fittings by visiting www.PlumbingFittingSettlement.com.

Zurn Qpex pipe fittings

Potential Award

Up to $100,000 depending on your individual damages/circumstances.

Proof of Purchase


Claim Form Deadline
  • For a leak or occlusion that occurs on or before April 1, 2013, the deadline to submit a claim is April 1, 2014.
  • For a leak or occlusion that occurs after April 1, 2013, the deadline to submit a claim is 12 months after an eligible leak or occlusion occurs.
  • Zurn will not pay any claims that are submitted by Claim Form after April 1, 2020.
Case Name

In re Zurn Pex Plumbing Products Liability Litigation, Case No. 8-cv-01958, U.S. District Court, District of Minnesota

Case Summary

Class Members that experienced at least one leak in a Zurn F1807 Fitting due to corrosion or are able to demonstrate through a “flow test” that corrosion is causing a differential in water flow of more 50% between the hot and cold lines of one or more system fixtures are eligible to seek benefits under the Zurn plumbing fittings class action lawsuit settlement.

These benefits include, but are not limited to:

Payment of Property Damages Due to Leaks: Receive up to 60% of documented damage resulting from each leak (up to $100,000) that occur(ed) during the seven year claims period. You must provide proof of the presence of the F1807 Fittings in the subject property and documentation sufficient to support the claim (photographs, invoices, video, or other support) and establish that the root cause of the leak was corrosion of the Zurn F1807 Fittings. Claims filed without supporting documentation may not be paid.

Re-Plumbs of Structures that have Experienced Multiple Leaks: If you own a Small Structure or Medium Structure that has had two or more leaks prior to April 1, 2020, or a Large Structure that has had five or more leaks prior to April 1, 2020, whose root cause was corrosion of F1807 Fittings, you may request to have your plumbing system replaced by an approved contractor. The Claims Administrator will pay you up to 60% of the re-plumb cost, with the balance to be paid by you before the work is done.

For Small Structures and Medium Structures, such payment by the Claims Administrator will be subject to a cap of $7,000 and within an overall per claim cap (meaning the cost of re-plumb plus the cost paid due to the leak that led to the re-plumb) of $100,000. For Large Structures, the cap will be $100,000, including both the amounts paid for the re-plumb and the amounts paid as a result of property damage from the leak that led to the re-plumb.

If the third-party Remediation Contractor is unable to perform the re-plumb, or if you do not wish to use the Remediation Contractor to do the work or do not wish the re-plumb to be done with a Zurn Pex plumbing system, the Claims Administrator will pay a contractor of your choosing a cash equivalent out of the settlement fund equal to what the Settlement Agreement provides would have been paid to the Remediation Contractor for the work.

The ONLY way to receive any money benefits from the Zurn plumbing settlement is to submit a Claim Form with supporting documentation and information to the Claims Administrator by the appropriate deadline. For a leak or occlusion that occurs on or before April 1, 2013, Settlement Class Members must complete and submit a Claim Form no later than April 1, 2014 (the “Past Claims Deadline”).

For a leak or occlusion that occurs after April 1, 2013, Settlement Class Members must complete and submit a Claim Form no later than 12 months after an eligible leak or occlusion occurs. However, no further claims will be allowed after April 1, 2020 (the “Future Claims Deadline”).

Final Hearing


UPDATE: Final Approval was granted on Feb. 27, 2013.

Claims Administrator

Zurn Pex Claims Administrator
c/o Epiq Systems
P.O. Box 3266
Portland, OR 97208-3266
1 (877) 341-4602

Class Counsel

Shawn Raiter

Defense Counsel

James A. O’Neal
Daniel J. Connolly
Amy R. Fiterman

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  • Richard Bensman July 17, 2013

    Are brass fittings stamped with “DURAPLEX CPI” and “ASTM F-1807” also included in suit? Other suits or problems?

    Also, is “PEXa” (red or blue) a problem in 7 year old home?

    Please advise. Richard C. Bensman, 116 Wedge Loop, Fairhope, AL 36532 @ 251 990-8258

  • Brian July 22, 2013

    I submitted mt claim included photos of my fittings and copies of invoices from the fittings purchase…..I got a letter wanting pictures of the other sides of the fittings. I just took pictures of the sides that were stamped with information. Why do they need pics of both sides….I didn’t keep the mess, I guess I should have kept them.

  • Mikey November 5, 2013

    Just received a letter from Claims Administrator. Requesting my invoice for repair work done under section IV of the claim form. I originally sent the claim 6/17/2013.
    So it appears that they are processing claims, but are behind schedule.
    Off in the mail tomorrow!

  • Mary M December 2, 2013

    My husband, just happen to find one of the brass fitting, we replace all ours with the white PCV piping. He is a plumber and a electrician, But we send pictures, and invoice and the fitting, by certify mail. Haven’t heard anything yet. That was months & months ago. I’m hoping for a nice Christmas present.

    • Richard Sargent May 2, 2016

      If you read, the deadline for filing is November 2016. You wont hear anything until after that date.

  • Mary M April 5, 2014

    Any update information.

    • mikey April 18, 2014

      I did receive a check for 60% of the total damages due to the leaking fitting in December 2013. The claim was mailed 6/17, I was contacted for damage repair invoice November 2013.

  • Big Joe June 7, 2014

    Any up dates. thy needed more infor so I sent it on 4/20/2014

  • Big Joe June 11, 2014

    Dose anybody have any updates on this settlement ?

    • mary June 24, 2014

      I Can’t believe there no updates.

  • Big Joe July 2, 2014

    Man! I Hope I hear something soon. If anybody hear anything please let me know. Thanks.

  • Big Joe July 11, 2014

    Hey, everyone I called on 7/8/2014 And thy are still processing claims.

    • mary July 21, 2014

      I got a letter in mail saying my claim was denied,from a whole differ company name Verdejo v. Vanguard piping, I never put in for any other claims, only Zurn, They say their fitting is brass with black going around it. They wanted me to fill out these papers and show proof. I keep copies of all my claims. I never heard of Verdejo v. Vanguard piping.

  • Big Joe July 21, 2014

    Hey. Mary I got the same letter. what’s really going on!

    • mary July 23, 2014

      Hi Big Joe, Wish I knew what was going on. Sound a little far fetch.

  • chris September 3, 2014

    was wondering are we going to have to wait till 2020 when claim is closed for us to get paid?

  • Big Joe October 28, 2014

    Chris, I really don’t know what’s going on. if i found out anything i’ll pass it along.

  • LYNN January 15, 2015

    Unfortunately you have to wait until the deadline of 2020 for payment.

  • JENA February 8, 2015


  • Carolyn June 21, 2015

    Has anyone received payment? Every time I call to speak to someone and get a status update…they literally read me the information off the website – word for word. And all I am told is to keep calling them… for what? So they can continue reading me the same thing on the website. I am starting to feel as if this is a fraudulent claim.

  • Wonka March 3, 2016

    LYNN you should not post comments on this matter unless you have basic comprehension on the material you are reading. Docs state that payments are made yearly. You have till 2020 to file.

  • Julie Cavanaugh March 10, 2016

    Will you let me know when my claim will receive payout?

  • Geri March 13, 2016

    What paperwork did you need to submit?

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