GNC Fake Sale Class Action

GNC Class Action Says Pricing Creates Illusion of Fake Deals

General Nutrition Centers Inc. has adopted the practice of using fictional “original” prices to give the impression of fake deals, according to a new class action lawsuit. Plaintiff Jenna Kaskorkis of California says that GNC uses a deceptive pricing scheme in its… Read More »

Wheel of car from hand of driver.

Uber Drivers Object to $100M Wage and Hour Settlement

Uber’s proposed settlement of two high-profile wage and hour class action lawsuits last week has drawn opposition from some drivers and other concerned parties as the ride-hailing service seeks to avoid reclassifying contracted drivers as employees. The wage and hour class action… Read More »

Apple class action lawsuit

Apple Moves to Dismiss iOS Error 53 Class Action

Apple has filed a motion to dismiss a proposed class action centered on the infamous Error 53 controversy, stating that the suit is now moot since Apple released a software update to fix all affected devices and reimbursed consumers who paid for… Read More »

Ford class action lawsuit

Ford Fails to Escape Claims in Power Steering Class Action

A federal judge has denied Ford Motor Co.’s request to dismiss implied warranty claims from a consumer class action lawsuit alleging the power steering system in some Ford cars is prone to failure. U.S. District Judge Lucy H. Koh determined that plaintiffs… Read More »

OmegaBrite autorefill class action lawsuit

OmegaBrite Class Action Claims AutoRefill Policy Violates Law

Omega Natural Science Inc. has been hit with a class action lawsuit alleging it violated California law by making automatic renewal or continuous service offers without providing consumers with information about the terms or how to cancel the agreement. Plaintiff Victoria Kissel… Read More »


Baby Powder Ingredient May Be Linked to Ovarian Cancer

Recent controversy over baby powder has caused many consumers to take action both publicly and legally. This action has been undertaken in order to bring awareness to the potential dangers and risks of talcum-based baby powder, including ovarian cancer. One grieving father… Read More »

Char-Broil grills defective lighter class action

Char-Broil Class Action Says Grills Have Defective Lighters

A class action filed against the makers of Char-Broil brand grills that alleges the igniter systems in certain barbeques is defective should be dismissed, according to the defendant’s motion filed this week. Lead plaintiffs Brian Zinn and Lawrence Dolce state in their class… Read More »

canned tuna price fixing lawsuit

Is There a Canned Tuna Monopoly?

Major producers of canned tuna products have been targeted in a series of tuna class action lawsuits, alleging that the companies work together to monopolize the tuna industry. There are currently nine putative canned tuna class action lawsuits, as well as 44… Read More »

Colgate class action lawsuit

Colgate Class Action Challenges Whitening Toothpaste Claims

Colgate Palmolive faces another proposed class action lawsuit alleging that the company has misled consumers with false claims about its Optic White toothpaste. Plaintiff Lori Canale filed the latest proposed class action lawsuit in the Southern District of New York with the… Read More »