Blood Transfusion

Blood Thinner Safety: A Closer Look

Coumadin, also known as warfarin, had been the main anticoagulant across the U.S. for decades. Blood thinners like Coumadin are used to treat blood clots, as well as decrease an atrial fibrillation patient’s risk of stroke. Blood thinners like these are used… Read More


GM Orders a Variety of Saturn Recalls

A number of General Motors vehicles have been recalled, including some Saturn recalls. Saturn recalls may involve problems with airbags, steering, and ignition. Defects Involved in the Saturn Recalls Some Saturn recalls may have been influenced by defects with the vehicles’ ignition… Read More

Xarelto may cause internal bleeding

Xarelto Irreversible Bleeding Lawsuit Joins Federal MDL

The representative of a deceased Florida man’s estate has filed a Xarelto irreversible bleeding lawsuit as part of a federal multidistrict litigation. Plaintiff Linda H. is bringing this claim as the personal representative of the estate of the late Gregory H. Linda… Read More

Levaquin Nerve Damage

Levaquin Lawsuit Alleges Antibiotic Peripheral Neuropathy

A Massachusetts woman has filed a Levaquin antibiotic peripheral neuropathy lawsuit, alleging the drug maker failed to properly warn patients as to the dangers of using this medication. Levaquin is the brand name for the antibiotic levofloxacin and was approved by the… Read More

Merrill Lynch Strategic Return Notes

Merrill Lynch Strategic Return Notes Misrepresented

Merrill Lynch Strategic Return Notes were originally sold to retailer investors for a total of $150 million, but their worth has gone down significantly because of the company’s misrepresentation. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, which fined Merrill Lynch $10 million… Read More


OB-GYN Doctor’s Denied Disability Benefits Prompts Unum Lawsuit

A Tennessee OB-GYN surgeon is suing Unum Life Insurance and its subsidiary Paul Revere Life Insurance Co. for alleged improper denied disability benefits. Plaintiff Barbara N. an obstetrician, gynecologist and surgeon who has practiced medicine for over 30 years sustained an injury… Read More


Is Force-placed Flood Insurance in California Legal?

Some banks and lenders may be allegedly imposing unauthorized force-placed flood insurance in California, which is insurance placed on a borrower’s property when the borrower’s insurance lapses or when the borrower fails to maintain an insurance policy that is acceptable to the… Read More


Essure Injury Lawsuits Not Preempted by Federal Law, Judge Finds

A California judge has allowed a set of consolidated Essure injury lawsuits to continue over defendant Bayer’s objection that the plaintiffs’ state law claims are preempted by federal law. The decision allows 11 different Essure injury lawsuits brought by 14 different women… Read More


Warnings Issued Regarding Invokana Kidney Failure

The FDA recently released a new safety warning regarding popular type-2 diabetes treatment drug Invokana (canagliflozin) and its alleged association with several serious health conditions. The agency’s warning pertained to Invokana kidney failure, urinary tract infection, and diabetic ketoacidosis all of which… Read More


Invega Adverse Side Effects

Invega (paliperidone) is one of the country’s most popular antipyschotics, treating adults and children with extreme mental disorders. However a number of patients have reported serious Invega adverse side effects soon after taking the medication, with young male patients reportedly developing man… Read More

Broken down young cancer woman sitting at home with friend

Lawsuit Alleges Alopecia after Taxotere Breast Cancer Treatment

Sanofi Aventis is facing a new Taxotere lawsuit from a North Carolina woman who allegedly suffered permanent hair loss after receiving Taxotere breast cancer treatment. According to the Taxotere lawsuit, the woman had received Taxotere breast cancer treatment under the impression that… Read More

Xray of Left  Hip Replacement

Plaintiff Says Defects Led to Hip Replacement Surgery Failure

An Arkansas man is seeking compensation after his experience with the Biomet M2A Magnum hip implant ended in hip replacement surgery failure. Plaintiff Doyle T. originally underwent hip replacement surgery in his right hip in August 2009, he says. He says he… Read More