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Xarelto Lawsuit Says Blood Thinner Caused Intracranial Bleed

A Georgia resident recently filed a lawsuit against Janssen, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, over Xarelto problems including internal bleeding in the brain. Plaintiff Orenn F. began taking Xarelto in August 2013, as prescribed by his physician as a blood thinner… Read More »

Endo class action lawsuit

Endo Whistleblower Gets $4.7M in Medicaid Qui Tam Settlement

A qui tam lawsuit has ended in a settlement agreement that puts pharmaceutical manufacturer Qualitest Pharmaceuticals Inc. on the hook for $39 million in penalties. The whistleblower lawsuit originated from allegations that Qualitest, a subsidiary of Endo Health Solutions, had illegally marketed… Read More »

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Uber Tries to Halt Text Spam Class Action Lawsuits

Uber asked a California federal judge to pause two upcoming TCPA class action lawsuits, claiming that new FCC rules would change the cases. The proposed class action lawsuits allege that Uber sent text messages violating the Telephone Consumer Privacy Act (TPCA). These… Read More »


Seagate Faces Another Class Action Lawsuit Over Hard Drive Defect

Seagate Technology has been hit with another potential class action lawsuit stemming over allegations that the data storage company actively concealed known defects that cause its hard drives to fail prematurely. Plaintiffs Adam Ginsberg, Dudley Lane Dortch IV, Dennis Crawford, and David… Read More »


Multiple Lawsuits Allege Water Treatment Antitrust Conspiracy

At least 19 lawsuits have been filed accusing water treatment chemical manufacturers of antitrust violations. On Feb. 4, all of those lawsuits were consolidated into a single case in New Jersey. The chemical at the heart of the lawsuits is liquid aluminum… Read More »