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Construction Worker Files Asbestos Mesothelioma Lawsuit Against 3M

A North Carolina plaintiff recently filed an asbestos mesothelioma lawsuit against 3M Company, alleging the company and other defendants were responsible for his mesothelioma diagnosis. The plaintiff, Wade G., filed this asbestos mesothelioma lawsuit after being diagnosed with mesothelioma in May 2015…. Read More


Uber Driver Pay In California May Not Be What Drivers Expected

The popular ride sharing giant, Uber, has always classified its drivers as contractors. However, many drivers are speaking up against the company. In fact, Uber is the subject of several lawsuits currently regarding Uber driver pay in California and other states. Uber has… Read More

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Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit Filed by La. Woman

A Louisiana plaintiff recently added her baby powder ovarian cancer lawsuit against pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson to the growing litigation against the company. The plaintiff, Peggy V., regularly used Johnson & Johnson baby powder for feminine hygiene purposes. The lawsuit noted… Read More


Studies Document Cases of Dilantin Cerebellar Ataxia

Dilantin, also known as phenytoin, is one of the oldest and most frequently prescribed anti-convulsants used to treat seizures. But even with its long track record, Dilantin is not without its side effects, some of which can be fairly serious. Published research… Read More


Study: FDA Warning Decreases Use of Cancer Causing Medical Device

A new study shows use of power morcellators has decreased significantly since the FDA warned that they can be a cancer causing medical device. The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in August 2016. Researchers collected data… Read More

Benicar Joint Report

Benicar Joint Report: MDL Plaintiffs To Seek Partial Summary Judgment

Attorneys representing over 1,700 Benicar plaintiffs have filed a Benicar joint report notifying the Court to anticipate the filing of a motion for partial summary judgment that drug maker Daiichi Sankyo failed to warn about the gastrointestinal risks of the blood pressure medication…. Read More

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MetLife Disability Benefits Lawsuit Alleges Wrongful Termination

A woman from Ontario, Canada has filed a MetLife disability benefits lawsuit alleging the insurance company wrongly terminated her long-term disability benefits. Plaintiff Virginia A. was provided long-term disability coverage pursuant to the terms of a group employee benefits plan by her… Read More


Nursing Home Faces Whistleblower Health Care Fraud Lawsuit

A False Claims Act lawsuit has been brought against a nursing home provider, Vanguard Healthcare LLC, a currently bankrupt company in Tennessee. The U.S. Department of Justice has joined in on the health care fraud lawsuit which claims that the company failed… Read More


Dish Network TCPA Lawsuit Alleges Illegal Debt Collection Calls

Dish Network LLC is facing a new Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) lawsuit, from a Florida woman allegedly over discharged debts. According to the Dish Network TCPA lawsuit, the plaintiff had received several unwanted phone calls over an alleged debt that was… Read More


California Farmworker Overtime Bill Passes in Assembly

A California farmworker overtime bill that would dramatically adjust the overtime pay of agricultural employees was recently passed by state lawmakers. This California farmworker overtime bill would not only bring down these employees’ workweeks to the equivalent of hourly workers in other… Read More


Lender-Placed Home Insurance in California

Some disappointed consumers who have been subjected to lender-placed home insurance in California claim that the practice unfair and unjustifiable. Many of these customers have proceeded to file lawsuits over these force-placed insurance policies. Lender-placed home insurance in California, also known as force-placed… Read More