force-placed homeowners insurance is costly

California Force-Placed Insurance Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

Who’s Affected Were you hit with force-placed insurance in California? A class action lawsuit investigation has been launched into what appears to be an industry-wide practice of banks and lenders overcharging homeowners for “force-placed insurance” in California. Force-placed insurance is homeowners, flood… Read More


Sony Data Breach Class Action Settlement Checks Mailed

Top Class Actions viewers are starting to receive checks in the mail from a class action settlement that accused Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. of failing to protect employees from a data breach that compromised their personal identifiable information. According to comments and… Read More

FACTA Credit Card Receipt

FACTA Credit Card Receipt Rules

The content of receipts for credit and debit card transactions is governed by a federal law called the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, or FACTA. These FACTA credit card receipt rules were set up to protect consumers from credit fraud or… Read More

Unum Disability Claim Denied

Lawsuit Says Unum Wrongly Denied Doctors Disability Benefits

A physician is suing Unum for allegedly denying his doctors disability benefits claim in error. Plaintiff Paul R. is a medical doctor who says he used to practice as a small-town family physician in Texas. Back in 1984, he says, he purchased… Read More

WEN cleansing conditioner

$26.25M WEN Cleansing Conditioner Class Action Settlement Proposed

A $26.25 million settlement was proposed in a class action lawsuit alleging WEN hair products cause balding, hair loss, breakage and rashes. The settlement proposal will still need to be approved by a federal judge; however, the defendants in the class action, Chaz… Read More

Baby talcum powder container

Is Johnson and Johnson Talcum Powder Dangerous?

Scientific research indicates that talc-based products used for feminine hygiene purposes can lead to an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer, lung cancer or other cancers. Johnson and Johnson talcum powder is one of the leading consumer brands of talc-based powder. However,… Read More

Angie's List Class Action Lawsuit

Angie’s List Search Manipulation Class Action Settlement

A proposed $1.4 million settlement has been reached with Angie’s List Inc. in connection with three putative class action lawsuits focusing on Angie’s List acceptance of advertising payments from service providers, and whether those payments affect service provider’s letter-grade ratings, reviews and… Read More

On Call Retail Work Laws

On Call Scheduling Laws Protect Some Workers More Than Others

The practice of scheduling retail workers for call-in shifts is getting more attention from government officials out of concern that the practice may violate on call scheduling laws. Several on call scheduling laws on the books already protect employees who are sent… Read More

Fax advertisement

Expert-Med Fax Spam TCPA Class Action Settlement

A settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit alleging The Harvard Drug Group LLC d/b/a Expert-Med violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by sending fax advertisements without the express permission of the recipients. If you received a faxed advertisement… Read More

Dilantin Cerebellar Atrophy

Dilantin Cerebellar Atrophy Prognosis

Dilantin, a form of the generic drug phenytoin, is a commonly prescribed anticonvulsant used to treat most types of seizure disorders and epilepsy. However, it has recently come to light that long-term use of the drug may lead to an adverse Dilantin… Read More