Earth Exer-Walk Shoes Class Action Settlement Checks Mailed

Top Class Actions viewers are starting to receive checks in the mail from a class action settlement that accused Earth Inc. of falsely labeling its Exer-Walk shoes as having specific health benefits that it couldn’t deliver on. According to comments and posts… Read More


Essure Complications Lawsuit Filed by Iowa Couple

Bayer HealthCare is facing a new Essure complications lawsuit, from an Iowa couple alleging the wife suffered severe injuries as a result of the permanent birth control device. The couple is filing this Essure complications lawsuit against the pharmaceutical giant for failing… Read More

Ford Logo on Blue background

Ford Faces Nine Certified Classes Over Alleged Touchscreen Defects

A California federal judge has certified nine different class action lawsuits against Ford Motor Co.’s MyFord Touch, MyMercury, and MyLincoln Touch infotainment systems, that allege the automaker sold vehicles with faulty touchscreen systems, posing a danger to drivers. U.S. District Judge Edward… Read More

Unum Disability Lawsuit

Disability Insurance Denial Prompts Lawsuit Against Unum

A South Carolina resident has filed a lawsuit against Unum Life Insurance Company of America after receiving a disability insurance denial. Plaintiff Alcides R. was employed with Costco Wholesale, and as part of his benefits package, he received long term disability coverage… Read More


American Recovery Service Class Action Says Debt Letters Violate FDCPA

A class action lawsuit claims American Recovery Service Inc. engages in debt collection practices that violate the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Plaintiff Donald Gentile alleges American Recovery Service has been sending debt collection letters that fail to conform to FDCPA standards. He… Read More

Xarelto may cause internal bleeding

Xarelto Internal Bleeding Lawsuit Filed by Ill. Couple Joins MDL

An Illinois couple has filed a Xarelto internal bleeding lawsuit against Janssen Pharmaceuticals and other defendants stating that the use of Xarelto caused an internal bleeding event in the husband. Xarelto Internal Bleeding Lawsuit Plaintiff Herbert H. and consortium plaintiff Sharon H…. Read More

what is a class member

What Is a Class Member?

What Is a Class Member? A Class Member is a person or entity who belongs to a specific group that is directly affected by allegations against a defendant in a class action lawsuit. When a class action lawsuit is filed, the plaintiff… Read More

Image of female foot running on treadmill

Precor Treadmill Class Action Will Continue With Fewer Claims

A federal judge will allow a Precor treadmill class action lawsuit to continue, but with substantial limitations on the possible Class Members and the type of remedy the plaintiffs can seek. U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber said he will allow the plaintiffs… Read More


Lender-Placed Flood Insurance in California

Some homeowners are finding that their mortgage lenders might be imposing unfair lender-placed flood insurance in California on them. When a homeowner mistakenly allows the hazard, flood or wind insurance policy on the home to lapse, often banks are able to force lender-placed… Read More

Synapse Auto-Renewal Magazine Subscription

Time Magazine Affiliate Wants Auto-Renewal Class Action Dismissed

Leading magazine marketer Synapse Group is asking a California federal court to toss a proposed class action lawsuit claiming they failed to adequately inform customers of the automatic renewal terms for their magazine subscriptions. Synapse, whose parent company is Time Inc., filed… Read More

UMB Bank and overdraft fees

UMB Bank Overdraft Protection: Focus on Fees

Many financial institutions offer overdraft protection programs to their customers, but some of these fees for these programs have been under scrutiny, including fees associated with UMB Bank overdraft protection. Overdraft Protection at UMB Bank According to their website, UMB Bank overdraft… Read More

Logotype of Hyundai corporation on the grey background

Hyundai Class Action Alleges Defective ‘Smart Trunks’

A class action lawsuit filed on Wednesday alleges that car manufacturer Hyundai Motor America “aggressively” promotes its “Smart Trunk” feature even though they know it’s defective. Starting in 2014, Hyundai introduced its “Smart Trunk” feature, which is a trunk that opens when the… Read More