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AT&T Modem Rebate Class Action Settlement
By Sarah Pierce

AT&TAT&T Services, Inc. and several other defendants have reached a class action lawsuit settlement concerning deceptive advertising practices about modem rebates. If you purchased a DSL modem from AT&T in California with a mail-in rebate offer between 2003 and 2010, you could be entitled to receive cash benefits under the proposed class action settlement.


The AT&T modem settlement will resolve a class action lawsuit, entitled Gewalt v. AT&T Services, Inc., that claims AT&T and its vendor, ModusLink, deceptively advertised and failed to honor their promises to rebate the price of modems that were purchased by customers in conjunction with AT&T DSL service in California.


You’re considered a class member of the AT&T modem class action settlement if, during the period December 5, 2003 to December 20, 2010, you purchased a DSL modem from AT&T for use with DSL service in California, submitted a rebate claim in connection with the purchase of the DSL modem, and were not paid a rebate within 12 weeks of submitting your rebate claim form.


Here’s what you can get from the AT&T modem rebate settlement:


(I)            If you mailed in a rebate claim form to AT&T and did not receive the rebate or an equivalent credit, you can claim a check equal to the cost paid for the modem plus 10%.


(II)          If you did receive a rebate or credit from AT&T but did not receive it within 12 weeks of submitting your rebate claim, you can claim a check equal to 10% of the cost paid for the modem.


All you have to do to receive your cash refund from this settlement is to submit a valid claim form certifying that you meet the eligibility requirements to the Claims Administrator no later than March 22, 2011. Claim forms can be found at


You can find more information about how to file a valid claim form and get your cash refund from the AT&T Modem Rebate Class Action Lawsuit Settlement in our Open Settlements section.


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Updated January 25th, 2010


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