FordThe rear tailgates in 2002 through 2005 model year Ford Explorers, Mercury Mountaineers and Lincoln Aviators suffer from a defect that causes them to crack, according to a federal class action lawsuit against Ford Motor Company.

Plaintiffs allege in the Ford class action lawsuit that Ford knew, or should have known, about the defective tailgates because it received thousands of complaints about the defect, but has failed and refuses to recall the vehicles to fix the problem. The tailgate defect in these Ford vehicles not only causes them to crack, but it also poses a safety risk to drivers and diminishes the vehicle’s value, says the class action.

The Ford defective rear tailgate class action lawsuit is brought on behalf of all current and former owners or lessees of a 2002 through 2005 Ford Explorer, Mercury Mountaineer or Lincoln Aviator residing in the United States. It also includes the following proposed subclasses:

(I) All original owners and lessees of these vehicles that repaired or paid someone else to repair a damaged rear tailgate.

(II) All original owners and lessees of these vehicles who have not yet repaired or paid another person to repair a damaged rear tailgate.

(III) All subsequent owners or lessees of these vehicles that repaired or paid someone else to repair a damaged rear tailgate.

(IV) All subsequent owners or lessees of these vehicles who did not repair or pay someone else to repair a damaged rear tailgate.

The Ford cracked tailgate class action lawsuit is alleging violation of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act for failing to remedy the defective rear tailgate in the Class vehicles within a reasonable time and without charge; unfair competition for concealing the known defects; breach of express warranty for failing to repair the vehicles under warranty; and more.

It is seeking class certification, restitution, injunctive relief, attorneys’ fees and costs, and other relief.

A copy of the Ford Explorer, Mercury Mountaineer & Lincoln Aviator Defective Tailgate Class Action Lawsuit can be read here.

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  • Anonymous April 18, 2011

    Ford Defective Cracked Tailgate Class Action
    The tailgate of my 2003 Aviator cracked and the dealership said it wasn’t a common problem, so I did pay to have it fixed.

  • Anonymous June 15, 2011

    Ford Defective Cracked Tailgate Class Action
    My 2005 Ford Explorer XLS tail gate has cracked and I see similar damage on Fords everywhere. How do I join the lawsuit? Can you send me a copy of your evidance showing they had knowledge?

  • Anonymous August 4, 2011

    Ford Defective Cracked Tailgate Class Action
    We have an 2003 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer V8. We have the crack happen too. It happened the month after our warranty expired, sometime back in 2008. When I had the car serviced for an AC problem one of the service managers saw it and said we could get that fixed under warranty. I explained it happened right after warranty and that he said, “Oh sorry then…” If you can get on this Class Action as well, please let me know. I am from San Diego, CA. It’s only the 02-05 explorers that have this problem. 99% of all the other explorers within the same generation have this problem too.

  • Anonymous September 30, 2011

    My 2005 Ford Explorer lift gate cracked and I had it replaced at Ford dealer, they told me there was a recall for it but my vehicle wasn’t included because it was too old. The panel was replaced in 2008. In July 2011 the same panel cracked AGAIN. I went to the Ford dealer and they told me just find a body shop and have them replace it. I really like the vehicle, but, I’m very dissapointed with the lack of professionalism of Ford. I would like to join the law suit at least to get the money spent on these panels back.

  • Anonymous October 18, 2011

    Just got this crack this week in my 2004 Explorer. Ridiculous! Just appeared out of nowhere, we haven’t even been driving the car for a few weeks, it’s been sitting in the driveway. On top of the peeling paint, curse the day I drove out of the dealership in this thing. So what can be done?

  • Anonymous October 21, 2011


  • Anonymous November 8, 2011

    My 2005 Mountaineer has a crack on the back tailgate that runs from the bottom of the window along side the emblem to the bottom of the liftgate.

  • Anonymous November 11, 2011

    I was going to start a website taking pictures of these cracks I see them all over Dallas. Funny but Sad

  • Anonymous November 19, 2011

    Recalls are for safety issues. Mfg will rarely fix something that isn’t a recall. Criminals. My 05 Aviator just cracked just below the window all the way down to the bottom of the lift gate. I am calling the body shop Mon, to see if there is a service bulletin or something that they will pay for

  • Anonymous December 31, 2011



  • Anonymous February 10, 2012

    I have noticed several Mountaineers and Explorers with this problem. The entire lift gate is problematic. We had a recall on the 2002 Mountaineer for a shattering window fix. The dealer rushed the fix and one and a half months later the window shattered as the recall said it might. We called the dealer, they said “Sorry we only honor our recall work for 30 days'”. We contacted Ford HQ, and they sided with the dealer. If Ford does a recall on this problem with cracking, will it also only be good for 30 days? Then we will all be in the same boat we are currently in. Currently looking at Honda CR-V as Ford has lost my business forever.

  • Anonymous February 28, 2012

    My 04 Eddie Explorer just had the same crack happen, out of nowhere, for no reason, it just cracked. I was also told by the dealer that it was “my problem”, but informed me I should fix it soon or else the rear window may “blow out”? When I asked what he meant, he said that sometimes the rear glass would shatter after the crack appears. I can’t find a body shop where I live that will work on it and the plastic part is not available at any of the places I’ve searched.

  • Anonymous March 10, 2012

    Count me in. This just happened to me a few weeks ago out of nowhere… I actually had to go right up to it and look, as I was in disbelief. First though out of my head was, “”are you f**king kidding me!!! The entire 2002 Exploder, oops Explorer, is defective. This thing has been in and out of the shop regularly over the past few years. I don’t know if there’s anything original on it anymore. After reading and reading and reading about peoples dissatisfaction and wrong doing by Ford not to take responsibility for their poor product, we need to make them accountable. So many dissatisfied customers and nothing is done. It’s truly bullsh!t!

  • Anonymous March 25, 2012

    I had not heard of this issue before until I noticed the the crack appeared in my ’03 Explorer. Not all that crazy about leaving it the way it is but don’t want water seeping in either. Hoping some silicone will work until I get it fixed.

  • Anonymous April 13, 2012

    I own a 2005 FORD Explorer XLT AdvanceTrac RSC. My back tailgate has a crack going all the way down it right near the FORD emblem TOO! :-(

  • Anonymous April 22, 2012

    Our tailgate panel cracked on our 2003 Explorer a couple of years back. We put duct tape over the crack to prevent any moisture from getting in.

    Just yesterday, the problem became a safety hazard. My husband was closing the tailgate and the rear window shattered. We believe the crack caused too much stress on the window. I could easily see this happening on the road while driving or possibly with people in the back seat. I think this can definitely become a safety hazard, as it did for us, for many others with cracked tailgates.

    I think this is a real problem and should have been addressed as a recall before it came down to us now having a completely damaged rear hatch window and thus an unusable vehicle until this gets fixed.

    We too have had a lot of other problems with this Ford Explorer (transmission problem that had to be replaced just over 60k miles (outside of warranty).
    We are extremely dissatisfied with Ford Vehicles and won’t be buying another one any time soon.

  • Anonymous April 23, 2012

    I own a 2002 Ford Explorer. In 2008 or 2009 while on family vacation, I unloaded my trunck at the hotel, closed my trunck and the whole rear window shattered. Luckily I had just removed my small child from the back seat , her car seat was full of glass!!. I recently had to have my transmition replaced and was informed that the 2002 Explorer transmition was not built correctly. I am interested in joining a class action law suit for the rear window and transmition.

  • Anonymous May 2, 2012

    2004 ford explorer found cracked lift gate yesterday

  • Anonymous August 16, 2012

    My story is the same as most of them listed 2002 Mountaineer, 103K I noticed a small crack in the center, eventually split top to bottom. I had it fixed 2 times crack came back. it is cracking between the center and sides now… I want to sell it, but with the hatch looking like that it makes it more difficult. I don’t see a replacement piece offered. Is there one or it is the whole rear hatch as I was told. About 1/2 of the Mountaineers I see are cracked. I had one guy say, Chevy suburbans don’t have problems like that, so he bought a suburban over my Mountaineer.

  • Anonymous August 24, 2012

    My complaint is the same as everyone else! I have a 2005 explorer with crack from bottom of window around the ford emblem and rest of way down. Called Ford and was told there was nothing could be done, the car is out of warranty .
    I have owned 4 Fords and fixing to purchase another but with this in mind I will probably go another direction unless Ford can come up with a solution.
    Who would have thought this could happen? Ford has had plenty of time to fix this situation from 2002-2005 and with the complaints I have seen it didn’t just start. I would like to get with the class action suit. Please tell me how!

  • Anonymous September 23, 2012

    Same problem with a 2004 explorer

  • Anonymous October 16, 2012

    NEW YORK, N.Y. 10016
    212 682 1818
    After much Googling this is who is heading the case. I rcv.’d a quick email response with the actual lawsuit. So this is how I added my name to the list!

  • Anonymous October 17, 2012

    Let’s start with my rear window falling off the hinges randomly when I hit the remote button for my 04 Explorer. I am the original owner of this vehicle and that is just where it starts. Next up is the peeling paint on my hood which I was told by a Ford Service man that it was in fact a defect but they wouldn’t fix it. That made me laugh. Now, just yesterday, I walked out to my car and saw that my tailgate has now joined the “crack gate club” Is this how Ford chooses to handle such an obvious problem? By not fixing it? By not making it right? This is my 3rd and last Ford product. I had similar non-responsive issues with my Windstar..which was a disaster. They didn’t even want it on a trade in when I purchased my Explorer but they took my Honda off my hands no problem. Why should I buy another Ford product when clearly, this issue is another defect? My money has value and they don’t deserve customer loyalty if they can’t own up to something this obvious. If they want my money, they will have to earn it. So far, it’s a no.

  • Anonymous October 17, 2012

    I am from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada & I am the 2nd owner of an 03 Eddie Bauer Explorer..The original owners informed me the rear door panel cracked & it was replaced under warranty..However,that one cracked in 2 places I bought it like that & it sure looks nasty!! I have also seen many Eddie Bauers here that have the same problem..Oh ya,I had to get the transmission completely rebuilt “with the updated parts kit” & it only has 70,000 miles.. Other then those 2 things,I love it!!

  • L Sweeney January 2, 2013

    I owned a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer that had the crack in the rear lift gate at the emblem. I now own a 2005 Aviator that has cracked and was replaced and within less than a year cracked again. It may not be a safety issue, but it is an issue if you want to trade in or sell the car, not to mention, it looks horrible when the rest of the vehicle looks good. The cost to replace is around $700, also not good! I’m all for taking it off and having just glass and no emblem. It’s obvious that the emblem weakens the material and causes the crack when opening and closing the window or even the weather conditions. I too wish Ford would step up and take care of this issue.

  • Travis January 4, 2013

    I have spoken with Ford Customer Relations 2 in last 2 days and they are still saying that they will not doing anything about this. I own a 2004 Ford Explorer and it has had a crack in it for about a year now. I refuse to pay for the repair b/c I believe that it is indeed a flaw and that Ford should recall the vehicle. I think they are scared b/c of how many they will have to fix. I hope the above lawsuit goes through and we can all get our wehicles fixed.

  • Bob Buell January 8, 2013

    My 2005 Aviator has also cracked. I cannot get my local dealer correct the problem so I will no longer be driving a Ford product after being a loyal customer for the last 20 years.

  • Bob Buell January 8, 2013

    The panel on my 2005 Avaitor has also cracked. The dealer refuses to admit the Lincoln has a problem so my next vehicle will not be a Ford product after being a loyal customer for 20 years.

  • Kim Moore January 10, 2013

    I too have a 2004 Ford Explorer with the same cracked tailgate. How can I be added to this class action lawsuit?

  • George Bailey January 25, 2013

    My 2004 Explorer has had this crack for years. I can’t even remember exactly when it happened. I’ve noticed so many others with the same crack that I believed Ford had to know and would be doing something about it. When googling, to my shock, I came across this site. Unbelievable. I wish to be included in the class action.

  • Randy Ramistella January 27, 2013

    How can I be added to the class action lawsuit.

  • Elaine January 28, 2013

    2003 Explorer – Couldn’t believe the crack. How do I participate in the lawsuit?

  • Scott Kaczorowski January 30, 2013

    Three weeks ago I noticed a hair line crack next to the Ford logo on the tailgate of my 2004 Ford Explorer. As of today the hairline crack is still there along with a larger crack next to it. On monday of this week the right hinge broke on the rear window and I am going to Ford to pick up the hinges so they can be replaced.I do not know if this is a normal defect or what the heck is going on with the tailgate.

    I have had two other exployers in my life and have taken them both to over 150,000 miles and I have never had a problem like this.

    The dealership has no idea what I am talking about and is stating that this defect is normal. Which leds me to believe that they know about the defect and do not want to fix the defect.

    I do not know if the two issues are linked to each other
    or separate ones. I do know that neither should be happening. If there is a law suit please include me.

  • Deborah Coleman January 31, 2013

    Had to scrape together the money to buy my 2003 Explorer six months ago and in three months BAM..cracked tailgate. I’m just sick about this and DO NOT have the money to have it repaired. HELP !!!

  • Jerry Cassiday February 1, 2013

    I purchased my 2002 in 2001 , my tale gate developed the vertical crack in January 2013. Include me .

    Jerry Cassiday

  • Paul Rozum February 2, 2013

    I too have a 2004 Ford Explorer that has a crack along the side of the ford symbol on the tail gate. I cant believe that Ford has not recalled this defect. Everytime I drive and see a Ford that is similar in age I can almost guarantee that every single one has the same crack as I do. I too would like to join the lawsuit.
    Paul Rozum

  • Stacy B February 4, 2013

    My 2005 Explorer liftgate panel cracked last week after opening to get my ice scraper after a small snow event, I am suspecting because it was so cold that morning. The Ford dealership close by quoted me about $450, what a joke!!! I too like others in here had to rebuild the transmission, 2 wheel bearings, just last fall the harmonic balancer, and too many other parts to mention. I will not buy another Ford if this is how they manufacture and design their vehicles with no loyalty at all to their customers. This causes people financial difficulties in an already difficult time. If I can sell this and get anything reasonable for it, that is my next step. I am done with Ford!!!!!

  • Jonelle February 11, 2013

    How do we include ourselves/join in this class action suit?

  • Carol Weeks February 12, 2013

    Tail gate cracked three weeks ago on 2004 explorer,called the ford dealer and was told they know all about this problem,but their hands are tied,ford will not do a recall.

  • Ernest Boyd February 16, 2013

    Ernest Boyd my 2003 EB ford Explorer top rear hatch cracked.My car alway garage kept.How do I join the lawsuit?

  • Angela Fox February 17, 2013

    2005 Aviator here. Tailgat cracked and the piece fell off this week. I am not happy. Nor is my Ford loyal husband.

  • Menyatta February 17, 2013

    My panel cracked about 3 weeks ago and there’s nothing that can be done. It it too late to join the lawsuit? If not send me information on how to join. Thanks

  • April Brooks February 23, 2013

    Just looked at my 2004 Ford Explorer (Eddie bauer). noticed a hairline fracture next to the Ford emblem on the rear tailgate, it was not there yesterday. Decided to google for a fix and found this site. Please send me information on how to join the class action lawsuit. This is totally crazy very disappointed, just brought the vehicle in September (2012).

  • Vickie Smith February 23, 2013

    I have an 02 explorer that has this defect. I would like to join this lawsuit. Please send me info on how to do so.

  • Shirley February 23, 2013

    Our 2005 has cracked the same way. Also, our lift gate hinge that holds he rear window has rotted due to the trapped water soaked lift gate and has broken off. The glass almost fell offf while driving home from the grocery store.

  • C.wirtz February 25, 2013

    I have same issue. Please inform on how to be a part of this action

  • Rayna Dziedzic March 13, 2013

    Happen to my 2004 ford explorer.Thought it was my kids until my husband started to see other fords with same crack. How can i join inlaw suit

  • Anthony G. April 2, 2013

    Here in South Florida I thought I was seeing things when after seeing the crack on my 2004 Ford Explorer, every other Explorer/Expedition has one also. I need to join the band wagon and get this fixed ASAP! That is the only flaw, besides a CHECK ENGINE light that will not go out. Something needs to be done A S A P! Enuff said!

  • David Marrs April 13, 2013

    I have had my plastic replaced 2 times now, it has has cracked again,Also the hinges have been replaced to.The heavy glass door is way to much weight for the two, 5mm screws that attach the hinge to the glass.I think ford should stand by this problem and come up with a fix these issues.

  • Jean May 18, 2013

    My Crack turned into a true bend today when my 9 yr old was shutting the tail-gate – the window exploded on her. Yeah – I’m seriously angry. I’m sure nothing will come of it however. Big company won’t pay to fix my car.

  • Brenda Wilberding June 10, 2013

    I also have a 2004 Ford Explorer V8 Eddie Bauer and yesterday mine cracked without putting any force on the tailgate door when closing it. This is not acceptable! I want in on the lawsuit for sure!

  • JIM AGNEW June 20, 2013


  • Audrie Eason July 11, 2013

    I have a 2002 mountaineer which has been kept in great shape but the crack on the lift gate I want to join this class action lawsuit to get it fixed before it causes more damage or the glass breaks. How do I join the lawsuit?!?!

  • Paul Gardner August 21, 2013

    I would like to join this Class Action Lawsuit!

    I have the same problem Cracked rear Bezel I think is what it is called.. I have not had the glass explode yet; but many other problems that Ford refuses to be held accountable for such as the gear shift breaking because of the use of cheap materials for this gear shift lever. I think this will be my last Ford vehicle I ever purchase. I just don’t understand why the American automobile companies can’t understand why Americans are buying foreign vehicles, really take some pride in your product, take a pay cut and put better materials in the vehicles you make!

  • Thomasine Hart September 9, 2013

    My now have the crack on the rear tailgate of my 2004 Explorer and want to join the lawsuit. I am told it can cost up to $500.00 to repair, but I am shopping around.

  • Hazel September 17, 2013

    I have a 2003 Eddie Bauer explorer. vertical crack on tailgate. I am in Canada. How do I join lawsuit?

  • Ronelle Coetzer September 21, 2013

    I also have a cracked tailgate in my 2004 Ford Explorer Limited Edition. I imported my car from the US. It has very low km’s for its age and I have looked after it very well, so Ford can’t blame me for this. I live in Australia and emailed Ford Australia re this, but they didn’t even bother answering my email. I guess I will have to have this repaired at my own expense, which will be enormous as it seems Ford Australia charges a lot for services and repairs in general. Just replacing the standard retractable antennae for my car was quoted as costing $700 – not the whole assembly, just the external antennae. I don’t know how they justify charging this.

  • Kelly Leblanc September 26, 2013

    I have a crack in my 2005 Ford Explorer as well, that just seemed to have happened overnight. I have noticed a lot of Ford Explorers with this same problem so I know it’s very common. Wonder why Ford wouldn’t feel like they should be responsible? This is obviously something that would have changed my mind about purchasing this car had I know years back.

  • John Smickle September 27, 2013

    The panel on my 2003 Explorer cracked too. One day I just put the top section of the tailgate down and it cracked. No reason. I couldn’t believe it. I could see if it was neglect or a baseball hit it or something like that. Didn’t know about this lawsuit but I hope something good comes of it.

  • Christopher Odell September 30, 2013

    My 02 explorer had several cracks in the rear panel, as does every explorer I’ve seen of this body style. Hope ford steps up and fixes it, but I doubt it. How can I join the suit?

  • carla mcvey October 23, 2013

    I have a crack about 10″ long on the rear tailgate. Now I am finding that it is a factory defect. How can I get this fixed?

  • d. sellinger November 3, 2013

    2004 explorer xlt…I got the crack to and I’m not happy

  • Diann M November 6, 2013

    I have the same issue. Just noticed it out of the blue one day.

  • Renee Downing November 8, 2013

    I have a 2005 Ford Explorer. Last week while I was driving to work, I heard a loud crack. Come to realize that it was my tailgate. What can I do about this? Ford wants $400.00 to fix it.

  • Ron November 12, 2013

    This is total BULLCRAP. It’s a defect. Just stand behind your stuff and FIX it.

  • Dena November 15, 2013

    Well today I finally got my crack in my 2004 explorer! So mad! What do you do???

  • Kevin Pickel November 19, 2013

    Crack below rear tail gate glass 2003 Explorer

  • Richard Clark November 26, 2013

    2005 Ford Explorer Limited I am the 1 and only owner of this car. The exterior lift gate just cracked right next to Ford Decal on the rear. I think every Ford Explorer 2002 and newer has the same crack on it…

  • Rick Montgomery November 26, 2013

    Well, I have finally joined the “I have a large crack in my rear hatch that runs from the glass to the Ford Decal Club”. I called the local Ford Dealership and was told that there was no recall for this. Other than cosmetic, is there any danger that water will get into the hatch and cause further problems?
    I agree that with this much evidence, Ford should step up and back up thier products or lose their customers to Chevy.

  • Anthony November 29, 2013

    I just seen a crack yesterday in my tail do I fix it?

  • Jeff Adams November 30, 2013

    My Dad bought this car new in 2004 and I took ownership in 2007 they had it repaired once and now it cracked again….I see many of this cracked lift gate al over the place

  • Shenia Boyer December 17, 2013

    Have a 2003 Explorer with the problems everyone else is telling. I also, said something at the dealership, and was told that Ford was aware of this issue, but they were not doing anything about it. My next fear is the rear window. According to some of the e-mails I was reading on this site, the window may shatter. Add me to you list of unhappy customers. Looking next for a Saturn.

  • C L Crowder December 25, 2013

    OK people, here’s the scoop-

    Since it isn’t a safety issue, Ford won’t fix it. The panel is just a cosmetic piece. The plastic panel shrinks with age and that’s why they crack. I bought a 2005 Explorer, the panel was pristine until I went around a car making a left turn one day, hit a bump and with body flex, after which I noticed the crack. Called in some favors and got the part for $100 and had it painted for free (Well, not exactly free. I lost my Sable and Taurus to Sandy, so I gave them to the body shop for a swap for the paint job).

    The only people who will make out on a class action are the lawyers. We’ll pay for it again by higher prices for cars in the future.

    Don’t waste your time.

  • Donna Webster January 6, 2014

    My 2004 Explorer got a vertical crack right in the center of the lift gate, running from the window to the edge of the lift gate.
    This suddenly happened about 3 months ago.
    I talked to the local Ford dealership where I purchased the vehicle, and they acted like they had never heard of this happening before! Said they could not do anything for free, but could do it if I paid for the replacement.
    I am in Canada, so wondering if there is any class action law suits up here that I could join?
    I’m very disappointed in Ford.

  • M. E. Cain January 7, 2014

    All of a sudden about 2 months ago noticed the cracks along the left side of the Ford logo on the tailgate. Had to have the glass hinges replaced on this 2004 Explorer about 2 years ago. Have noticed the defects on other Ford Explorer and sister cars.

  • Rob Rivera January 14, 2014

    Same problem here. We have a 2003 Ford Explorer and at first it was one crack on the right side of the Ford logo, now another cracked has developed on the other side of the Ford logo. As with everyone else, we have noticed similar Fords with very similar cracks. Dealerships were sorry but unable to help.

  • J.Hodges January 15, 2014

    Dear Ford – It is time for me to buy a new car for my wife. I own an F-150 with your legendary Triton 5.4 spark plug problem and clicking lifter type noise, a 2005 Explorer with a cracked tailgate, a 1996 Ford Explorer with the roll over suspension problem, a 2001 Frontier CrewCab with no problems and a 2003 Honda Civic with no problems. Please note the models with which I have had no problems. Today I looked at the new 2014 Ford Explorers, Flexes,and the Edges. I also looked at Honda CR-V’s, and Subaru Foresters and Outbacks. Which one do you think I should buy taking into consideration unanswered problems and refusals to fix known inherent defects. Do you think you can sway my opinion as to whom I should spend my cash on? Please give me a heads up on your feelings on this issue, noting the feelings of the others in this column. Look forward to hearing from you. Have a great Ford day!

  • J.Cox January 17, 2014

    My panel has been cracked for over a year now, waiting for Ford to recall. Called their customer support and got the runaround. Stopped going to their service dept. Now having my ford serviced by Chev. service dept. The original estimate was 1200 dollars from the service dept. the auto body of the same dealer gave a 595 dollar estimate to fix it. I refuse to pay for a design error on fords behalf and will not buy another ford.

  • Sue C January 19, 2014

    2004 Ford Explorer. I have the same crack, just happened out of the blue. One day it looked fine and the next cracked above the emblem, a week later all the way down. Have seen several other Explorers as well. As a matter of fact there are 5 in the parking lot where I work, we all have the same issue. I contacted a local Ford dealer, and asked if there were willing to fix it. They replied they do not feel there is any defect. Guess I need to join the lawsuit. Please advise if anyone knows how to join. Thanks!

  • Stanley F. January 26, 2014

    I just found a big crack on my tialgate yesterday. How or who do I get in touch with to join this class action law suit.

  • Doug P. February 4, 2014

    I have had a 2003 Ford Explorer with a cracked liftgate for about seven years after moving from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh. Does anyone know the status of this class action? I can’t find any information other than the actual class action filing a few years ago.

  • Kathy Wiersgalla February 28, 2014

    I own a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer and my hatch around the emblem is cracked. I had this problem fixed once before and this time it has cracked even more. I’m very dissappointed with this. I feel that it should be fixed by the company. Obviously it is a defect when this is the second time this has happened.

  • mark deming March 7, 2014

    I own a 2005 explorer, I to have a big crack in back panel, I think ford knows somebody in the crooked town called washington,they will never be recalled, ford doesn’t care, they have your money, and have lawyers to fight, giving you a dime.i also won’t buy another ford, not that they care. Have to buy foreigh cars, don’ t you hate to say that, but thats the only way to go

  • Anonymous March 10, 2014

    we have a 2004 explorer and we had the crack fixed the first time, and now it has cracked again in the same place were we had it fixed. we were told that ford wouldn’t pay for it.we are not paying for the crack to be fixed a 2nd time. If its a defect and ford knew about then they need to handle it by paying to get it corrected. I have been driving fords for a long time and never had this problem with any of my fords. something needs to be done to fix the crack before it causes more problems.

  • Bill tassey March 13, 2014

    2003 ford explorer cracked down middle of rear panel. add me to lawsuit

  • Dante Coccia March 24, 2014

    My 2004 has the same crack, any info on the recall/lawsuit would be appreciated.

  • M. Picard March 26, 2014

    I have a 2005 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition which also has a cracked panel along the right side of the Ford logo. Now fearing that the glass panel will shatter as apparently the glass window is to heavy for the plastic panel to support. I am going to be aggressive with finding a way to get this publicly noticed & addressed within the media. Ford needs to be addressed in the public eye where they can’t crawl away and sweep the problem under the rug. Want in on this class action lawsuit.

  • Andrew Lewis March 30, 2014

    I own a 2003 eddie bauer edition with the same crack everyone is describing. My wife and I have decided to not by another ford product until this issue is resolved! Please include me is this lawsuit. Thank you

  • Christi April 27, 2014

    I took my 04 mountaineer when it was still under warranty when the crack first appeared. Was told by the Service Tech that it was because I was closing my lift gate by pushing in the middle and not the “correct” way. I needed to close it by putting both hands toward each end of the vehicle. I have owned this vehicle for 10 years and have had very few issues. But seriously, this is ridiculous and should have been taken care of not only under the original warranty when it happen, but the extended warranty that I purchased. My vehicle has always been well taken care of and garage kept. What a load of horse hockey…I don’t know how to close the lift gate right.

  • l ford April 29, 2014

    contact for class action information.

  • Becky April 29, 2014

    I own a 2003 explorer and I saw the crack right down the middle within a yr after purchasing it. My explorer looks beautiful except this stupid crack and I also see them everywhere! I would def like to get in on this to get it fixed.

  • Vanna May 3, 2014

    I have a 2002 ford explorer also along with everyone else here has a crack below the window on back. I always see the ford explorers with the same crack. Please include me in the class action. Would like to get this fixed.

  • Judy Nejman May 5, 2014

    How does one get included in the class action lawsuit?

  • Ricardo Garcia June 4, 2014

    This is the cheapest material we have ever seen. We had the whole hatch replaced on our 02 mountaineer in 2009 because of a shattered window and a horribly cracked hatch. A year later, the panel was cracked again…worse.
    We just had the entire mountaineer painted with a high-end paint job as we love this vehicle that we have had for 11 years. The hatch looked beautiful once it wad all complete. A day after we picked it up from the shop, it was cracked again in two places. The bodyshop manager had told us they were having trouble with fixing the material this panel is made from.

    How can we be added to the class action suit? This is a horrible business practice by ford. Fix it Ford!!!!!!!

  • Ed Harrington June 17, 2014

    My 2005 Explorer has done this twice. The first time it had cracked. The second time parts of it came flying off in a car wash. It has cost over $1000 to have this fixed twice. Each time it gets more expensive.

  • Khurram Younus June 29, 2014

    How do i join the lawsuit? I have a 2004 Lincoln Aviator with same issues. The rear liftgate has a crack in it and my hinges broke also!!!!

  • Rick Bacon July 4, 2014

    Add me to the lawsuit. 2002 FORD XLT 2×4 Ford Explorer. Whole thing came off and their is the crack everyone is describing. I got fed up taking it to the Ford body shop only to have it come off again within a month. I finally reattached it with Gorilla glue. Doesn’t look pretty, but it hasn’t came off since I put it back on with the Gorilla glue.

  • Steve Quirk July 20, 2014

    I have a 2005 explorer with a cracked rear panel. How do I join the lawsuit and get The rear panel replaced?

  • thomas farrell September 6, 2014

    My 2004 Aviator liftgate panel cracked and the bolts holding the liftgate latch rusted and broke causing the latch to flop loosely. While setting up to try to repair that I noticed that the liftgate hinges had both broken also! They were both canted badly and barely holding. After examining it I believe the hinges were incorrectly installed originally. Now I am sitting with the liftgate off while trying to figure out my next move. This vehicle only has 52,000 miles on it and has been babied. This should never happen. Is there anything I need to do to join this class action?

  • James Hutchinson September 9, 2014

    Same problem with the crack. Told them about it the first cold season for the car, 2005/2006. Although I heard and saw several other complaints for the same issue FORD has done nothing. Now the gate won’t close, the window won’t close. Even better my glass company ordered replacement 07/31/2014 and I still have not seen it. I spoke with Jonathan at Ford Customer Relations who was of NO help.

    A lot of people have asked where to join the action however I have seen no link.

    Also, any actions against FORD for the transmission shifter lock problems?

    • Christina March 4, 2016

      Its the glass hinges!!! They were recalled once and the replacement ones are also failing. I could not open my glass when one was all messed up.

  • Brian September 17, 2014

    Count me in 2005 ford explorer eddie bauer

  • Eliezer Ramos October 22, 2014

    Same problem on 2002 explorer xls add me ino

  • Eugene Desrosiers October 27, 2014

    I personally believe this to be a safety hazard as well,THIS morning my wife moved our 2005 lincoln aviator to the other side of the street in order to rake some leaves,after she finished she went in for a rest,she heard a loud pop,went outside to see what it was and found the rear glass hatch exploded into a million pieces no window left,had it towed to a body shop for the insurance adjuster to look at it,will know what they come up with tomorrow,and it was only about 60 degrees out so it wasn’t the heat,we have about 85,000 miles on it and it still looked new untill today 10-27-2014

    • Christina March 4, 2016

      Look into the recalled glass hinges. I am almost positive they are causing the cracks and were causing the glass to break which is why they were recalled. My replaced hinges also failed and had to be replaced again

  • Dan Silvis November 25, 2014

    Thought I was seeing things….all of a sudden a hairline crack appeared on the metal under the rear window on my 2004 Explorer ….we have always taken care of this SUV and always parked it inside out of the weather only 67000 miles. This has to be a manufacturing flaw.

  • sharon young December 1, 2014

    I have a 2005 aviator and has the hairline crack under window I just was looking online to see how to fix when I came across so many others with the same problem, have always taken good care of my car bought it new was just thinking about trading in on new 2015 mcx BUT now that Im reading how
    FORD will not fix the problem that sould be a RECALL im looking into a difference maker.

  • Cathy Blaha January 3, 2015

    My 2003 Explorer cracked today out of the blue. Have not had a chance to seek repair yet. It was not hit and has not been wrecked. It cracked sitting in the driveway. Cannot believe Ford has not corrected this issue over the years knowing there has been a problem with their product.

  • david dimedio February 9, 2015


  • Chastity February 16, 2015

    A vertical crack mysteriously appeared on the tailgate of our 2003 Explorer starting right below the window. It’s been parked under our carport and not driven for a couple of weeks. We had no idea how this happened but after Googling the issue, seems like it’s a common problem. Did the lawsuit settle? Is it too late to join? Is Ford fixing the crack?

  • John Doherty February 27, 2015

    We have a 2005 Lincoln Aviator with the vertical crack on the rear liftgate. How do we join this class action?

  • Kurt I March 1, 2015

    Just bought a used 2005 XLT RSC with the back hatch panel NOT broken. Owned the car for less than 48 hours when I noticed a crack on the left side of the Ford emblem. =( Car was parked in the driveway when I noticed it after it not being there when it was parked.

  • John March 13, 2015

    yup mines cracked as well. so how do i get this resolved?

  • William H. Mays, Jr March 26, 2015

    tailgate on 2005 Mercury Mountaineer cracked Bought piece to replace, but cost to install was so
    expensive, elected not to have it done. Still have replacement part and would like to have repairs made,
    how do I join Class Action Suit?

  • B. Caplinger May 20, 2015

    I have a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT with the same type of vertical crack beside the Ford emblem. My vehicle runs great and is very comfortable, but that stupid crack infuriates me each time I look at it. I talked to our local Ford body shop manager who said it would cost me about $500.00 to replace it. Furthermore, he said that the same thing might happen the next time the temperature was extremely cold. I would think that the Ford people would be terribly ashamed to see all these vehicles with the same problems displayed prominently next to the Ford emblem. They should be so ashamed, in fact, that they should take action to fix each one. I want to be added to the lawsuit also.

  • Michelle Powell June 27, 2015

    I bought a 2002 explorer eddie bauer v8 with same tailgate panel issue. How do i get added to this class action?

  • Charles Fowler August 19, 2015

    same problem, rear window panel cracked, 2002 explorer xls

  • Jose barrera September 12, 2015

    Acabo de comprar ena edge 2015 y a los 2 meses se quebró el vidrio q va atrás del quema cocos , hable a Ford y me dicen q no procede por inclemencias del clima , yo que culpa tengo de que el cristal no aguante el calor …. Si alguien sabe un caso similar favor de contactar para ver si se puede demandar .

  • Peter Corriveau September 27, 2015

    The rear window panel of my 2002 Ford Explorer cracked. About 5 years ago, I went to a Ford dealership to have the rear window panel replaced. Within a year, the replacement rear window panel cracked too. When I had the second rear window panel replaced, the Ford dealership made no mention this was an on going problem with rear window panels. I only found out it was an on-going problem after I had the second panel installed. I pulled up behind a Ford Explorer at a gas station and noticed that drivers rear window panel was cracked also. Shame on the Ford dealership for not telling me it was an on-going problem. I could have saved myself $400 plus for the replacement.

  • Veronica September 28, 2015

    My 2004 explorer limited has the same crack.

  • Debby Achten October 23, 2015

    I have a 2004 Explorer (Eddie Bauer) and last week I also had the back panel crack for no apparent reason. The dealership & Ford Corp are taking no responsibility for this defect. I would like to be included in the Class Action Law Suit. Howl do I sign up?

  • Donna Jansen October 28, 2015

    I have a 03 Explorer. With the Ford Crack. Body shop don’t waste money to fix it will just Crack again. And I would of wasted my money.

  • Kevin Patterson December 14, 2015

    I have a 2003 Ford Explorer and have the vertical crack on the lift gate below the rear window and want to join the lawsuit. How do I join the lawsuit?

  • J. Litrenta January 30, 2016

    I first noticed that the panel had cracked on my 2004 Explorer in November 2015, yesterday the rear window spontaneously exploded while the car was parked at work. The best the dealer can do besides fixing it for $1,300 is tell me to keep the receipt in case someday Ford does a recall. I won’t hold my breath.

  • Rosalynda February 2, 2016

    How do I join the lawsuit? I have the same issues with the cracks on my 2002 Explorer.

  • Connie February 17, 2016

    I would like to know how to join the lawsuit also. My 2002 Explorer cracked and is identical to the pictures I found online.

  • Christina March 4, 2016

    My 2003 ford explorer has a cracked panel as well. I noticed that the rear glass was not latching right when closing it before the crack showed up. About a year after the crack we noticed that one of the hinges on the glass was nearly broken. Ford had a recall on the hinges and I was told the repair had already been done to my vehicle. It might have, it was 3 years old when I bought it. They refused to replace the hinges even though the exact same thing happened to the hinges that caused the recall. I strongly believe the crack had something to do with the hinges not being right and causing the hatch to not close properly and put stress on it.

  • Kathleen Reed April 10, 2016

    My 2002 Explorer has a cracked panel on tailgate. Please, advise on how to join the lawsuit

  • Linda K. April 17, 2016

    If a class action suit goes forward, I want to be part of it. My 2002 Ford Explorer not only has the cracked panel, but the crack allowed water into the door and now the lock mechanism is completely rusted and disintegrated. I am unable to use the car because the hatch does not close. I can not afford to have it fixed at this time.

  • lholt July 7, 2016

    anyone know how to join the lawsuit or is it too late?

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