Marlboro cigarettes class action lawsuitA Minnesota Court of Appeals has ruled that a lawsuit against Philip Morris over its alleged deceptive and false advertising of Marlboro Lights can proceed as a class action lawsuit. The ruling will allow anyone who bought Marlboro Lights in Minnesota from 1972 through November 2004 to be included in the class action lawsuit, and receive refunds of money they spent on the cigarettes through the class action settlement.

The Marlboro Lights class action lawsuit alleges Philip Morris used deceptive trade practices and false advertising when it marketed its cigarettes as “light.”

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently prohibited cigarette makers form marketing their products as “light,” “mild,” “medium,” or “low-tar” because many smokers wrongfully think these cigarettes are less harmful than “full-flavor” cigarettes. Studies show that nearly 90 percent of smokers and nonsmokers believe that cigarettes described as “light” or that have certain colors on the packages are less harmful, even though they’re just as dangerous. Philip Morris changed its Marlboro Light brand to Marlboro Gold this year to comply with the new FDA rule.

A 2008 U.S. Supreme Court ruling cleared the way for class action lawsuits against cigarette companies that manufacture “light” cigarettes to go forward in state courts. Since then, numerous lawsuits seeking class certification have been filed around the country with varied results.

In addition to Minnesota, class action lawsuits over light cigarettes have been certified in Massachusetts, Missouri and New Hampshire. Judges in eight other states have rejected attempts to certify similar class action lawsuits. As of October 25, 2010, there were 29 pending cases against Philip Morris regarding the use of the work “light” or “ultra-light.”

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  • Anonymous March 28, 2011

    Marlboro Lights Class Action Lawsuit Certified
    :-(:'(My mom died from a smoking habit and diabetes. Marlboro Light was the only cigarettes she smoked. I guess the “Light” part was the worst lies besides their addictive nicotine.


  • Anonymous May 11, 2012

    I smoked Marlboro Lights for years to cut back on the harmful tar and nicotine so I would do less damage to my lungs.Little did know when I went to a pulmonary Dr.,I was told My LEV1 was 19 and have end stage emphysema and need a lung transplant.It’s years now and living on ssdi is not enough money for transplant expenses.

  • Anonymous June 25, 2012


  • Christine Rudolf July 8, 2013

    I smoked Marlboro Lights for 15 to 20 years, thinking they were less harmful since they were called “lights”. 1 year ago in May, I had a stroke, caused by smoking, My left coroted artery was twisted and crimped. I had surgery to correct the “dried out artery”. The Doc said it may have been caused by smoking, as cigarettes contain many harmful chemicals that can dry out the arteries, I only smoked Marlboro Lights. I had to quit smoking and now I have to take plavix due to the fact that anywhere in my body, I may have future strokes, because there may be
    other arteries affected. It sucks because I am only 59 years old. Thanks for reading……wish I could apply for the suit against Marlboro. I tell everyone I know that smokes marlboro lights to quit immediately. I didn’t see a notice in Wisconsin.

  • mary helen robertson July 25, 2013

    I smoked marlboro 35 years I had bladder cancer surgery on may 16th removed two cancers from bladder had chemo can Iget class action law suits Ilive in north carolina ,my telephone number is 919-776-0538

  • ernie fitz November 27, 2013

    my wife smoked Marlboro cigarettes for years, I tried to get her to quit back in the eighties but she couldn’t. She switched from Marlboro reds to Marlboro lights. This was no good as she smoked more cigarettes than she did before. She died 4 Nov 2013 of small cell lung cancer. I need a Lawyer 406-338-3489

  • mj July 31, 2015

    same here for years back in the 70s

  • mj July 31, 2015

    back in the 70s

  • Gabrielle Dukatz February 28, 2016

    How do I file a case in this? I smoked Marlboro \lights\ from 1980 until 2005. I switched to Camel \lights and now they cal them camel BLUES. I am 51 years old (end of March 2016). Also, is there a lawsuit with Camel? I would assume the situation is quite similar. Consumers believing lights better than non-lights.

  • Mary chapman September 8, 2016

    I have smoked Marlboro lights since I was 16 . I am now 49

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