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Visa Gift Card Class Action Lawsuit

By Sarah Pierce

Visa gift cardAn Illinois class action lawsuit accuses Visa, Services Credit Union and Olin Community Credit Union of gypping consumers who buy Visa Gift Cards out of their full amount by deducting undisclosed monthly “Administrative Fees.”



Lead plaintiff Karen Rhodes claims in the Visa Gift Card class action lawsuit that she purchased a $50 Visa Gift Card with a “Valid Thru” date of “12/28” imprinted onto the face of the gift card. Unbeknownst to her, the class action claims, the actual value of the Visa Gift Card was only $35 at the time she purchased it because the defendants had imposed Administrative Fees of $2.50 per month before she even purchased it. These Administrative Fees continued to be deducted from the gift card each month without her knowledge until she used it for the first time in late November, early December 2008, before the “Valid Thru” date expired, and realized the gift card only had $2 left on it.


The Visa Gift Card class action lawsuit accuses the defendants of deducting undisclosed Administrative Fees from the gift card’s stated value prior to the Valid Thru date, sometimes until the card’s stated valued is completely depleted.


The class action is brought on behalf anyone who has a Visa Gift Cards issued by Services Credit Union or Olin Community Credit Union that lost any of the original purchase value prior to the expiration of the “Valid Thru” date because Administrative Fees were deducted. It also includes a subclass of individuals with pre-activated Visa Gift Cards whose values have diminished less than what they bought them for due to the pre-sale application of Administrative Fees.


If certified, the Visa Gift Card class action will seek to fully compensate class members for their damages arising out of the defendants’ conduct, restitution and interest, attorneys’ fees, and other relief.


A copy of the Visa Gift Card Administrative Fees Class Action Lawsuit can be read here.



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Updated November 23rd, 2010


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  • andrew watkins March 30, 2013

    Another way the Banks screw the American public. A $2.50 monthly service fee ? Really ? Then a $3.95 card fee at purchase. Happy fucking birthday

  • Deanna Schmitz January 1, 2014

    is there a class action lawsuit for the same reason against master card gift cards as well. I had the same thing happen to me. it is 2014

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