Samsung refrigeratorA design defect in Samsung refrigerators causes the coils to freeze over, leaving the refrigerator unable to remain cold enough to keep food from spoiling, according to a class action lawsuit filed in New Jersey. The lawsuit estimates thousands of U.S. consumers have purchased the defective refrigerators since 2005, and that consumers have suffered hundreds of dollar in damages from lost groceries and repairs caused by the alleged defect.

According to the Samsung refrigerator class action lawsuit, “The refrigerators are designed and manufactured with heated coils that are intended to prevent excess frost from developing in the back of the machine. Instead of preventing frost, however, the coils allow frost and ice to build up in the refrigerators until the ice clogs and/or disables the machine’s fans, making it impossible for the fans to work to keep the machine cool.”

The alleged defect not only renders the refrigerators unusable, but also poses a safety risk to consumers because it leads to food spoilage and the risk of food-borne illnesses. Further enhancing consumers’ risk of illness is the fact that many of the refrigerators falsely display on the exterior temperature reader that the inside of the fridge is at a standard cool temperature.

The class action lawsuit alleges the defect exists in all three varieties of refrigerators Samsung manufactures, including its French door, side-by-side and bottom freezer varieties, and the model numbers:


  • RF266AASH
  • RS263BBWP
  • RB1955SH
  • RS2533SW
  • RS267LASH
  • RS267TDRS
  • RS2630WW


The lawsuit further charges that “Samsung sold and serviced the refrigerators even though it knew, or was reckless in not knowing, that the refrigerators were defectively designed, would fail prematurely, and would ultimately result in [class members’] inability to use their refrigerators for their intended purpose.”

This is the second class action lawsuit filed in two months over defective refrigerators causing food spoilage. A class action lawsuit filed in July alleges LG’s French door refrigerator models contain a defect that causes the interior light to stay on after the doors are closed, resulting in overheating, food spoilage, melted plastic and fire hazard.

The Samsung refrigerator class action lawsuit is seeking damages, restitution and other awards for class members. A copy of the lawsuit can be read here.

UPDATE: On September 3, 2015, the Samsung refrigerator class action lawsuit was dismissed.

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  • Anonymous July 3, 2012

    I have a sightly different model than listed but have all the problems can I get compinsation? Samsung frig. model RF26XAEBP maybe newer only 2to 3 years old.

    • Angie March 13, 2015

      I have model RF26XAEBP with same issue! Add me to lawsuit!

      • Bonnie Kuyateh July 16, 2015

        I have been putting up with the same problem for years but my model is RF263AEBP

        • Karen July 26, 2015

          I have the same model in white with the same problem. I purchased it in December of 2011, so it is only 3.5 years old. We have moved since our purchase and our fridge was in storage until we had our tiny-kitchen remodeled in the little 3 bdrm cape we purchased. We actually had to wait until all the old cabinets were ripped out before we could even move it into the kitchen because of its size. If we have to replace this fridge (and we have problems with it every year – especially in the summer), we will not only suffer the loss of our food, the cost of a new refrigerator, but we will also incur further cost to have the cabinets and countertop near our kitchen door removed and reattached. I just completely removed all the food and defrosted this fridge only a week ago because of this problem. Now I am having to do it all over again!

          • Dee Oldguy September 5, 2015

            And all you do,is enlarge the opening to the STANDARD size opening 36 inches” and it moves in and out effortlessly. Then once or twice a year, slide it out, vacuum the vents that are clogged you ignored the install instructions and have it it too close to the wall and all fixed.

      • gloria wright November 3, 2015

        I have the same problem my model # RB215ACBP my purchase date around july 2012 cant buy grocery to put in fridge buy milk have to freeze it or use right away every 5 days have to defrost or unplug makes a awful noise when freeze up

    • Johndiangelo November 3, 2015

      I have the same issue with same model fridge.Did anyone get anywhere with lawsuit?

      • Sarah Astles June 16, 2016

        I would like an update also. I have RF217ACPN that i bought in 2013 and it has frozen up around 5 times. The first time I paid around $400 to replace the damaged parts. The second time I paid for an assessment. They told me to just to shut down the fridge for a few days when it starts to freeze up. It happened once just before vacation, so we had to let the ice melt onto our floor when we weren’t available to wipe it up. We can’t be loosing are fridge and food every few months! And why did they continue to sell fridges with this design defect well after they knew about the problem? And why is it 2016 and they still deny that there is a problem? Ive been on the phone with customer service for 6 hours! They really need this class action.

        • angela venn June 29, 2016

          hello do you know how i can join this CAL ?

    • Jo January 13, 2016

      We had this same issue. We searched Google and found Youtube videos. Here`s how you can fix the problem!

      • Mary Negrete April 7, 2016

        YouTube fix doesn’t work …. Tried it and still freezes up

    • JESSICA L DAVITT April 17, 2016

      I have the same issue with the rf26xaebp

      • Dianne April 27, 2016

        Ours is the RS265TD–same issue as everyone else: Our technicians would simply say a sensor failed, and replace it—4 different times, each time the repair lasted about 4 months. Around $340 fixes each time. Ice maker wouldn’t work because the water line froze, ice packed up behind the housing at lower portion of refrigerator, freezing our fruits and vegetables, but the top part was 50 degrees and the food spoiled. Contacting Samsung repeatedly was a waste of time. Never buying a Samsung again.

        • Salvatore June 8, 2016

          Same problem here, Dianne, with the same fridge. Our refrigerator constantly ices over. Thankfully, we watched the tech fix it the first time, and just do it ourselves now. But we still lose fruit and vegetables like crazy. It is infuriating.

        • Lorinda Vance July 28, 2016

          Same problem – junk!

          • Millie perez August 25, 2016

            Yes freaking piece of shit! Sooo much money paid and I bought less than two years ago model number rs25h5111sr/aa fridge says 34 degrees! Put a thermometer inside fridge registers 61 ugh!! How do I get my money back 😢😢😢

  • Anonymous July 24, 2012

    I also have a slightly different French Door Model which is experiencing the above described issues and would like to know if it is included in the suit. (RF267AERS)

    • Ocasio July 2, 2015

      I also have the rf267aers wi t h freezing and not cooling damage . I want to know more about the lawsuit. Is the sam samsung company paying for refrigerator and punitive damages ?I

    • David November 18, 2015

      Did you get anywhere with the suit? I have the same model and it does the same thing.

  • Anonymous August 1, 2012

    I just had to repair the same problem, What can we do to get in on this? or is it too late?

  • Anonymous August 29, 2012

    I have the same problem with mine but it is a different model. Can I join the class action?

  • Anonymous September 3, 2012

    Our Samsung Frig with the French doors just caught on fire today. Model RF268ABBP. I to also want to know how to get in on the class action lawsuit?

  • Anonymous December 12, 2012

    I have a2year old Samsung,french door bottom freezer that has froze up twice in the last year. cost approx 550.00. model # RF217ACRS. how do I become a part of the class action suit?

  • Anonymous December 12, 2012

    I have a 2.5 year old Samsung model #RF266ABPN that shortly after one year is freezing solid in the back vents, filling with water chronically. Can this be included in the class action lawsuit

    • Rebecca Vahoviak July 27, 2016

      My daughter has the RF266ACRS also and the exact same thing has happened to her 3 times this year.

  • Linda January 7, 2013

    I would like to join in the class action. I have one of models listed RS267LASH. It wasnt cheap at purchase, but 3 repair men later, and no help from Samsung, we are to the point that every 2 months we have to defrost the frig with a blow torch.

    • wes dvorak March 11, 2015

      How do we sign up to join the law suit?

      • Colleen Bowie April 14, 2015

        I would like to know more about the lawsuit and how to be part of it. I have a Samsung refridgerator that was less than a 1 year and had these problems. Samsung fixed it under warranty, but now 4 months later it is doing the same thing. Help.

  • G. McKinney January 26, 2013

    We also have the same problem. Model # RF26VABBP. How do we add our name to this lawsuit?

    • judith barry April 12, 2014

      We have a Samsung French door refrigerator, model no. RS261MDBP. There is a very noxious smell coming from behind the frig possibly behind the back panels. It is has been 4 months now and the frig had to be removed to the garage where the smell is still very strong even with the garage door open. I have been nauseated, headaches etc. I recently had a mold test done next to the frig and it came back positive. What is our next step?

    • everest barreto November 23, 2015

      buenos dias g. mcklnney yo tengo el mismo modelo que usted y quiero saber por favor si usted me puede ayudar con el modelo de afuera de el rf26vabbp ya que el mio no lo trajo esa información es la que trae pegada a un lado de la puerta

  • B Clough February 2, 2013

    My father in law fridge is a Samsung # RF263AEBP, he has the same issues with this model. What would be the next course of action?


  • Barbra Craig March 12, 2013

    RS263TDPN Our Samsung stopped cooling in the refrigerator side in Jan. 2013. We purchased in July 2010. It freezes up on the left side inside the frig and we actually can see the ice. Lots of spoiled food and bad smell. How can I be involved in the class action suit?

  • Barbra Craig March 12, 2013

    Ice forming on the left inside back panel, all food spoiled (RS263TDPN) Big disappointment for our dream fridge. Two and a half years old.
    Freezer works fine.

  • J Lawson March 27, 2013

    Model RF263BEAESR is junk also. Day I received it it did not work. Samsung told me to put the food in the refrigerator to help it cool of after 15 hours of install.. The next day needless to say all the food was ruined. They will not pay for the ruined food nor the inconvenience we experienced trying to get it diagnosed. All I can say is stay away from refrigerator refrigerators, I swapped ti out for LG and it worked on day one.

  • Pat Bowman March 29, 2013

    Please add my name to the law suit we are having the same issues

  • kenneth phillips June 1, 2013

    A bunch of us have RF265 french door with ice sheet buildup under crisper. Samsung needs to be sued for all of these other problems until they learn that they can’t cheat American consumers like they do in third world countries!!! Any lawyers want to take on the ice sheet buildup problem please e-mail me at:

  • Kerry Hollis June 11, 2013

    Purchased Samsung RF263AEWP on 10/08/2010 with 4 year warrenty. The fan/back panel have been replaced 3 times (fan always starts making noise, and water collects in and below crisper tray). It just happened again…4 times now same problem. If they replace it again, I am afraid it may last long enough for the warrenty to run out.

    In fact, they already sent a repair man out, he states it’s the same problem. I wonder if there is a lemon law for appliances.

    How can I be a part of this class action suit? Enough people have been taken advantage of…thanks.

    • kristy rasdall September 16, 2015

      We have the same model with same issues…purchased in 2010….the fan started being very very loud and then after several days of that, water under the crisper drawers appeared…this has now happened several times….now fan isn’t running at all….icemaker is defective as well and has had maintenance and parts replaced twice, early on.

    • Jason Burton November 20, 2015

      I have the same model as you just wondering if you got anywhere with the lawsuit or how did you fix your problem

  • Angela Flores June 21, 2013

    Angela June 21, 2013 at 9:34 am

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Our Samsung refrigerator is also defective and I would like to join the CAL. After a year of owning it the ice maker stopped working completely. Just refused to make ice. We had it serviced and it was discovered that the coils were all frozen through. The fridge was emptied and thawed to attempt to fix the problem. But when turned on the coils just froze up again. Now after 3 years of purchasing the unit, the refrigerator side refuses to maintain a cold temperature. The display panel keeps creeping up to 60 degrees and nothing in the fridge is chilled properly. you can imagine we have lost a ton of food due to spoilage.

    • M. Rogers October 8, 2015

      We have exactly the same problem. The Regional Factory parts and Service in Ottawa is the company assigned to repair for Samsung . Since December 14 , 2014 after 10 visits where they replaced the whole ice cube maker unit which cost us over $560. No success and the ice maker is still NOT working. They want to keep charging us to come back.and try to fix the problem. Terrible mistake to buy Samsung.

  • Jennifer Moore June 24, 2013

    I am also having the same issues on my 3 yr old unit, top fr doors back panel completely icing over and freezing up…PLEASE ADD ME to CAL is not too late.

    Technician advised to manually defrost unit for 24hrs every couple months to avoid complete overhaul. So every 2 months I have to drive to someones house and store my food until the refridgerator has defrosted then wait till its cold and return my food. WHAT!!
    this is definetly not a permanent fix, just a bandaid for a problem that needs to be addressed by Samsung.

    These are very expensive units and this is unacceptable. Completely faulty manufacturing and Samsung should be held accountable.

  • Donna Janssen July 5, 2013

    Please add me to your lawsuit. I have the exact same problem with the refrigerator side not cooling. Model#RS263TDBP. I paid $1438.41 for something that was supposed to be good quality. That is a lot of money to just throw away.

  • Megan Fitzgerald July 6, 2013

    A year and a half ago I purchased Samsung Model #RF197ACRS. A few months ago I started hearing popping and crackling and found ice build up in the back of the refridgerator section and water pooling beneath the vegetable bins. A few days before July 4th my fridge stopped cooling, all food was spoiled. Especially for a $2100 appliance this is completely unnacceptable! Samsung must be held accountable to all of us that clearly have purchased a known lemon appliance. What do I need to do to join this CAL?

    • Betty Faircloth June 16, 2015

      I purchased my Samsung Model #197ACRS April 2015. It came with a one year warranty and I purchased the two year extended warranty. I have had the service man to my house 3 times, two for the freeze up problem and one for a broken door spring. Its now June 2015 and I have the freeze up problem again and no warranty or service contract. Samsung should have to stand behind their products like car manufactures do and have to recall and replace their refrigerators if they cannot fix their problem. What do I need to do to join the CAL?

  • Terri B July 8, 2013

    I also would like to be part of this law suit. I purchased a French Door refrigerator RF217ACPN ANPN July 2011, for $1134.00. For that price I expect to last longer than one year. I have to spend time defrosting a “no frost” refrigerator. I have to wonder if Samsung has even been notified of law suit since they are still selling defective appliances.? Not only does it have ice coming out of inside panels in the top section…I get water in my crisper s. I do not have an ice maker so no water hook up. Also freezer compartment has build up of snow like frost and ice….NOT HAPPY !

    • Peter Kern July 4, 2015

      I too have a Samsung RF217ACPN which I purchased in June of 2011. About 6 months ago, the refrigerator started to freeze up and the fan made a terrible noise. Since then, I have had to defrost my refrigerator every month. It now keeps nothing cold and I have been loosing food regularly. I too would like to join this class action suit. I have called Samsung a few times but since it is no longer under warranty, I am faced with expensive repairs.

      • Yong Jiang September 6, 2015

        Please add me too. We have purchased RF217ACWP from local sears store two years ago. and the refrigerator temperature went up gradually, now the top panel stop showing any numbers after we defrosted the refrigerator.

  • Babu Antony July 15, 2013

    I also habe the same problem. Can I join the lawsuit?

  • carmen reschly July 16, 2013

    I have a samsung rs2630 please include me!

  • C Schmidt July 30, 2013

    I have a model #RFG297AARS that will not keep foods frozen. Purchased 10-17-09. Can I be added to the lawsuit? Any advice?

  • C Schmidt July 30, 2013

    I have a model #RFG297AARS that will not keep foods frozen. Purchased 10-17-09. Can I be added to the lawsuit? Any advice?

  • C Schmidt July 30, 2013

    I have a model #RFG297AARS that will not keep foods frozen. Purchased 10-17-09. Can I be added to the lawsuit? Any advice?

  • Sharon Johnson July 30, 2013

    I need to know how to become a part of this class action Lawsuit ! I too have a Samsung Side By Side model # RS 2545SH that is not working right ! We have had a repairman out 3 different times for the same problem , the back coil freezes and it clogs the drain hole and they have to use heat guns and unthaw it ! They have told us that it can’t be fixed that we just have to keep having someone come thaw it out when it freezes again because it makes the fan not run so it doesn’t keep the food cold ! We need and want a new fefrigerator ! We can’t afford to keep paying someone to come out and unthaw it and we can’t afford to keep losing food because it spoils ! What am I to do ???

  • Sharon Johnson July 30, 2013

    I need to know how to become a part of this class action Lawsuit ! I too have a Samsung Side By Side model # RS 2545SH that is not working right ! We have had a repairman out 3 different times for the same problem , the back coil freezes and it clogs the drain hole and they have to use heat guns and unthaw it ! They have told us that it can’t be fixed that we just have to keep having someone come thaw it out when it freezes again because it makes the fan not run so it doesn’t keep the food cold ! We need and want a new fefrigerator ! We can’t afford to keep paying someone to come out and unthaw it and we can’t afford to keep losing food because it spoils ! What am I to do ???

  • Sharon Johnson July 30, 2013

    I need to know how to become a part of this class action Lawsuit ! I too have a Samsung Side By Side model # RS 2545SH that is not working right ! We have had a repairman out 3 different times for the same problem , the back coil freezes and it clogs the drain hole and they have to use heat guns and unthaw it ! They have told us that it can’t be fixed that we just have to keep having someone come thaw it out when it freezes again because it makes the fan not run so it doesn’t keep the food cold ! We need and want a new fefrigerator ! We can’t afford to keep paying someone to come out and unthaw it and we can’t afford to keep losing food because it spoils ! What am I to do ???

  • Sharon Johnson July 30, 2013

    I need to know how to become a part of this class action Lawsuit ! I too have a Samsung Side By Side model # RS 2545SH that is not working right ! We have had a repairman out 3 different times for the same problem , the back coil freezes and it clogs the drain hole and they have to use heat guns and unthaw it ! They have told us that it can’t be fixed that we just have to keep having someone come thaw it out when it freezes again because it makes the fan not run so it doesn’t keep the food cold ! We need and want a new fefrigerator ! We can’t afford to keep paying someone to come out and unthaw it and we can’t afford to keep losing food because it spoils ! What am I to do ???

  • Layla August 9, 2013

    I have the ice build up under the crisper too. Samsung says it is the Evaporator cover. The first time it went out the fridge was 13 months old and it cost me $276.00. Less then 6 months later it went out again and Samsung covered it. That one lasted just over 12 months and now I’m waiting for Samsung to come fix it again. They said I will have to pay for it because its past the 12 month warranty. Please add me to lawsuit.

  • Laura August 16, 2013

    We have a RS263TDWP, 13 months old, same, exact problem. I’m two weeks out without a fridge now. Add us to the list.

  • Tara Raque August 17, 2013

    I have a Samsung french door fridge model RF26XAERS. The inside back wall keeps freezing from top to bottom. Water under both drawers. Awful fan noise. How do we join this lawsuit???

    • Teresa Sanchez May 13, 2016

      I have the same fridge and the same problem Model RF26XAers

  • Sharri Bowers August 19, 2013

    Add me to the list. Same problem here as well.

  • Chris A. August 23, 2013

    I have a Samsung model #RF267AERS/XAA builds up water and ice under the bottom drawer inside the fridge. help if you can!!! Thought I was getting the best product on the market.

  • kathi August 24, 2013

    Why are there no updates on this lawsuit filed in 2010? My SAmsung was purchased in 2008, I have had to replace the icemaker 3 times… and the cooling unit has gone out twice… it sits in the garage, wasting space as I refuse to put more money into it!

  • steven September 3, 2013

    i have the same probelm with the back freezing up and clogging the cool airway. when would i get an update and/or when is this lawsuit going forward? in the mean time, what can i do to repair the fridge?

  • judy September 8, 2013

    Can you still apply for the Samsung Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit? All I have is frustration with mine.

  • ELLEN September 9, 2013

    Please add me to the lawsuit as well. Purchased the RFG297AAWP in Dec of 2010. Water/ice builds up under the deli tray, Freezer gets frosted over, Water/ice thru the door has a leak and the moisture inside the door causes paint to bubble up and rust. A $2500 refrigerator, not worth the price. Samsung needs to back their name and fix these issues.

  • Dave October 14, 2013

    When will this Samsung refrigerator lawsuit close?
    Did they fix the problem for later models?

    I am considering purchasing an RF260BEAESR, french door refrigerator, which is similar to the RF266AASH in form and function.

    I wonder if there will be similar problems with this later model?

    • Patricia Thoel December 26, 2015

      Don’t bother. Bought mine in June and now 6 months later I’m experiencing these problems!

    • Barry Jamieson September 7, 2016

      Model RF263BEAESR/AA
      Compressor: MKV190CL2J/SM1

      same crap… every 5 weeks I have to defrost!

      can we still add to the law suit! Frustrated!

  • Krysha October 18, 2013

    We have had our Samsung fridge for just over 1 year the ice is causing the fan to make an enormous noise. Had to defrost the fridge once already!

  • Claudio October 31, 2013

    Same problem with the back of the fridge freezing up and plugging up the cooling vents in the rear wall of the unit. Had to defrost the unit several times. Always have issues with food not staying fresh very long. Unit is an RF26VAB.

  • Lisa November 6, 2013

    My Samsung Refrigerator #RS261MDRS has the same “Fan Noise” and freezing over issue. It sounds like a helicopter is flying in my kitchen. Within a month HHGREGG replaced the product. Within a couple months the replacement had the same problem. We have had the new product repaired 3 times and it has not helped. Samsung promised a replacement now is going back on their word and wants to repair again…PLEASE HELP! They will not honor what they promised!

    • Paris February 16, 2015

      Lisa, We bought the same model in July of 2013 and have the beginning problems that everyone here is expressing. Did you get any info on the unit or were you able to get help from Samsung or the lawsuit? Thanks, Paris Wallace

  • Ellen November 6, 2013

    Do any of these comments get answered? When will we know if this lawsuit has been settled?

  • wade November 11, 2013

    How do you become part of this lawsuit. I am haveing the same problems with my refrigerater and tierd of the BS and run arround.

  • Mary Taylor November 13, 2013

    Please advise if this lawsuit is still open. My Samsung is just 5 yrs old and stopped cooling. Sometimes sits on 50 degrees.

  • Jessica Mercer November 30, 2013

    The Samsung RS263TDPN refrigerator does not cool correctly. The ice builds up and requires some one to come out and fix every 3 months. It makes a loud noise once the ice has built up. If they come out to fix it you will loose all the food in your refrigerator. It is grossly engineered and leaves the buyer to pay the bill. Samsung will not take responsibility for selling broken refrigerators.

  • Chris Westerdahl December 4, 2013

    I have the model RS261MDRS purchased from Sears In July of 2012. Same problem. Fan in freezer is getting locked up and sounds like a helicopter. Unbelievable 18 months and stuck with a POS. also the supposed LED lights on the front are burning out. 1200 down the drain.

    • Amy October 15, 2014

      We have the same model as you and purchased ours from Sears at the same time. Did you ever get a fix on yours or resolve this without buying a new one?

  • Robert Howard December 26, 2013

    I have the Samsung RS2555SW coils freeze over have spent money fixing in past, now Christmas Day the frig just shut off with food etc ruined HELP PLEASE

  • Nell December 28, 2013

    I bought the RF263AERS in 2010. It was repaired for ice build up under a 2 year extended warranty I purchased at Lowes. It is having ice problem again and no longer under warranty. If there is a class action suit I would like to participate.

    • Mia April 1, 2014

      I purchased my Samsung refrigerator in 2010 from Conn’s Appliances and have been experiencing the same problems multiple times since then. I have had a repair man come out , but have yet resolved the problem. If I can receive any information concerning the class action lawsuit please contact me via email.

  • George January 11, 2014

    Purchased a RF267ABRS and having the same icing problem as everyone else. Now seems to not be cooling. Please include me in the class action suit.

  • chris January 11, 2014

    I have the same problem, I live in Toronto Canada. Is there a Canadian Class Action suit I can join.

  • Jaya January 14, 2014

    Please add me to the suit. All of my electronics are Samsung, I am extremely disappointed in the performance of my RF 267.

  • Jessica January 18, 2014

    How do you sign up for this? I owned mine for 2 years and have the same problems as described above.

  • lawrence January 29, 2014

    purchased a samsung rf217acrs in july 2010. have had ice build up on the evaporator coil, water leaking into the vegetable bins and under them (due to drain being frozen over), popping noises from ice build up pushing on the plastic evaporator cover, and ice freezing the cooling fan which stops the cooling in the frig and makes the temperature go to 55-60 degrees. after a year of talk and letter wrtiing to samsung – they have paid for 3 repairs (i only had the 12 month warranty), and it still has the same issue – ice is building up because the design of the heater element is faulty – and supposedly the 3 repairs had a newly designed heater element. after all of this, the are willing to buy the unit back, less 10 percent per year depreciation prorated against my original bill of sale receipt (1,269) or in other words give me $818 when i supply them a picture of a cut power cord to the unit and the decal inside the unit with the serial and model number.

    trust me, i am finally get some recompense for all my efforts, but i surely have earned it the hard way. to buy another samsung with all the horrible customer service….. they cannot even tell me if this problem has been addressed with their new production of this model – and i have repeatedly asked the specific question.

    what samsung should have done is a product recall and fixed the problem for everyone – instead of making each single customer go through hell. it should be known – spread the word – that samsung really does not stand behind the product, manufactures it with known issues, and has poor customer service and outreach. it is a nice looking unit, has nice egonomics, etc. – if it only WORKED.

    • Isabella Tran June 24, 2014

      I have the same model RF217 and called Samsung and said is out of warranty. I also have same problem as you do with ice building up to the point that my veggies bins are frozen that I can’t pull it out. I hate Samsung so much. If you have any further info on this model, please email me and I will do the same for you. I think we should all be compensate for theiry crappy shit products. Thank you.

  • RUDY CASTILLO February 11, 2014


    • Elisa Mason October 3, 2015

      I have the same model and I started having problems within the first six months we had it serviced still didn’t fix the problem! We have only had the fridge for two years. Now the filter area is leaking we have to change the filter every three months. So frustrating!!

  • Gary Ross February 12, 2014

    I have the same coil freezing issue as most others here. Please add me to the class action suit.

  • Mark Madden March 5, 2014

    I have an RF267 with ice build up. Please include me as well if it is not too late.

  • Kelly March 14, 2014

    My model not listed above BUT I am having freezer problems. It will not get below 20*F. I have been searching info online in order to be prepared to call samsung. This fridge is less than 3 yrs old (we got in July 2011) it is out of warranty but I believe this should not be an issue for a fridge less than 3 yrs old…

  • Ian Throop March 24, 2014

    Same problem as you all mentioned. Model RF26XAERS. Purchased in early 2010. My back is frozen. I also had an issue a year or so ago that the water just wouldn’t work. Please add me to the suit.

    Any new info would be great!

  • Martha Wong March 27, 2014

    Having the same problem. Within one year water line frozen, in fact the reservoir in back completely frozen. Called service, they came and defrosted the reservoir but we continue to have problem. We continually have to clean water under the crispers and now the fan is making a huge racket and we see the back panel has ice buildup. It definitely appear to be a product defect and would like to be in on the CLA if its not too late. Where do I sign up? Our fridge is about 5 yrs old.

  • Mike Harper March 31, 2014

    I purchased a Samsung RF268ABP French door bottom freezer in Sept. 2010. On several occasions I have come out in the morning and there is water on the floor by both front corners. I have had a repairman (through the ex. war.) come out only to tell me that its not leaking now, so I can’t fix it. It happened again this time causing damage to our laminate flooring next to the kitchen. Am I eligible for the lawsuit?

  • Andrew Burt April 1, 2014

    RF26XAERS freezes water lines and control panel failure. Is this model part of the class action..what a POS. Samsung should stick to mobile phones and leave the refrigerator market to a company who knows refrigerators.

  • J Anderson April 2, 2014

    Model # RFG298AABP
    Purchased in 2010. Front panel completely rusted through. Samsung “customer service” completely unhelpful. Please add to the lawsuit.

  • Dee April 3, 2014

    Same Problem with our RS267, what is the update?

  • Debra Ward April 5, 2014

    We purchased a Samsung French Door Refrigerator Model# RF267ABWP in 2009. We are having big problems with the cooling coils. They continue to freeze up. We have had repairmen out 3 different times for the same problem. We’re told that we need to defrost the refrigerator every 3 months. That is not a solution. Can we please be added to this class action lawsuit?

  • JGlenn April 13, 2014

    Have Model RF266AFRS which has the same problems, include me in law suit as well.

  • AAndrews April 19, 2014

    You can add one more Samsung model to the list (RS265TDWP). My refrigerator wasn’t cooling and come to find out it is because the back of the refrigerator was covered in ice. Water was also pooling under the vegetable crisper. Additionally , there was a very large ice build-up next to the fan, which was preventing the fan from spinning properly.

    I have had this refrigerator for 2 1/2 years and am appalled by the quality. 1 1/2 years in, the display broke and I would have to replace the whole door. Not willing to pay for a repair that is half the cost of the refrigerator, I have opted to live with a malfunctioning display. Now that I am having problems with ice build-up I am sincerely regretting this purchase.

    • sheela April 25, 2014

      Can anybody share if they have done diy fixes for this? Sears wants $300 to look at this.

    • Ggbrook February 23, 2016

      I have a similar problem with the RS265TDWP model . Bought in March of 2013 . The unit has two separate siides and is basically a freezer and separate refrigerator. Two months ago the refrigerator side had ice build up and stopped worked required the entire electronics to be replaced at $822.00 . Now the freezer side is doing the same thing and even though I would not have spent any more money on this poorly manufactured product know one makes the freezer side parts so at three years old the unit is total junk . Samsung refrigerators should not be trusted .

  • kevin kotermanski April 19, 2014

    I also have a rf267 Samsung have had to pull apart several times over the past few years what a hassle please add my name to law suit I purchased from best buy and they were no help at all with the issue and no repair service will even work on this issue good luck everyone worst $2500.00 ever spent on a Samsung product!!!!!!!

  • heather wilson April 19, 2014

    I have a Samsung and need to know how to join this. Thank you.

  • sheela April 25, 2014

    I have the same problem, my samsung side by side refrigerator freezes up – i Have had to defrost by shutting off the fridge for 15 hours, then it works. I also get a bad smell sometimes, looks like the drain is getting clogged. Diagnostics showed 22E which means fan problems- But the fan problem is resolved after defrosting so looks like it is frosting issue

  • Brandon Chong April 26, 2014

    I have the same problems which started at about 4 years into the fridge’s life, it is now the 5th year. I contacted Samsung through their live chat. they put me through all of the BS repair problems protocol. I told them to “stop BSing me” and then they said that they will write a ticket for me and be contacted within 2 days. doing those repair protocols, for a year; lead nothing but the fridge worsening in problems…. now after it defrosts, itll take less than a day for the problem to reoccur…. and now the temperatures just say 0*F for both the fridge section and the freezer section…. so now after doing researches i have found out that it most likely was a problem of Samsung not just one in a hundred/thousand units…. i would like Samsung to do something about this problem…. I am more concerned about the food that is going into the fridge and the freshness of them…

  • Lori Sparks May 28, 2014

    I have a Samsung RS263TDBP. It is now out of warrenty, and this is the third time it have freeze and iced up and stop cooling. I will not pay to fix somethink that will never be really fix. Help what do I do. I want to be added to Lawsite.

  • Donna Stone May 29, 2014

    I am also having issues with my almost 3 year old Samsung French Door Refrigerator model number RF266AEPN. At first the freezer failed. We pulled it out, vacuumed the coils and it worked again. Now the handle’s plastic hinges that allow the freezer door to open have broke. This happened when I attempt to open it today. I contacted Samsung because I do not believe that a almost three year old refrigerator should have issues. I was basically told that it is not under warranty and that a service technician would call within 24 hours to talk to me about it if they deem it to be an issue they should address. When you spend $1400.00 on a refrigerator it should last. I should not have to worry about coming home to find my food spoiled. Please add me to a possible lawsuit.

  • Stephanie June 5, 2014

    What is the update on the lawsuit? I have a Samsung RS263TDWP that has the exact same problems as the models included in the lawsuit. I would like to know if another lawsuit can be initiated or if it’s possible to add models to the existing suit if it hasn’t been settled.

  • Jan June 13, 2014

    Same story as ALL the others with coil and drain freeze up and water and ice in crisper drawers. Yes, spent lots of money only it only to be told it is out of warranty. not my problem anymore attitude. PLEASE add me to the list. Bought in late 2011 I read as long as you are having the coil freeze problem the model does not matter that you would be included in class action suit. I am so irate. never never buy Samsung again because of their customer service. I am sure none of us have money to throw out the window these days!

  • Scott Hilderbrand June 13, 2014

    I have a Samsung RF267ABWF with the same problems . please include me in the law suit

  • Chris Hiday June 17, 2014

    I have a RF267 the has the iced over coil issue. How do I get included in this?

  • Frances cottone June 17, 2014

    I am having the same issue with the coils icing over. How do I get included in this.

  • Frances cottone June 17, 2014

    I am having the same issue with the coils freezing over. How do I get included in this.

  • janelle centala June 29, 2014

    I have a rs263tdbp .. n it sounded like a helicopter but still functioned. Until today now I have no cooling of the refrigerator side AT ALL! I’d like to b added to this suit as well.

  • Ryan Nelson July 3, 2014

    How do I join the lawsuit!??

  • Jason R. Smith July 17, 2014

    Same problem here. Freezer works fine, fan makes horrible noise, ice builds up on back panel, water collects under crisper drawers, and will only cool to about 50 degrees. Really thought I was buying a quality product with Samsung. Will never own another one of their products, nor will anyone I know if I have anything to do with it.

  • P. Chan July 21, 2014

    RF263AERS bought from Lowes in 2011 has given us so much grief. Finally the trick to stop the freezing of evaporator fan is to set temperature warmer which substitutes in a different problem but more manageable: water pools under the deli tray until starts to leak out when its accumulated too much. This is half hour cleanup every couple months rather than defrosting and losing food every 6 months.

  • Jack Brodzik July 25, 2014

    I have the same freezing/leaking problems as well. Do not have the model # available for this post, but it is only 2 years old. I would definitely like to be added to the lawsuit list! thanks.

  • Latasha Dominguez August 2, 2014

    Bought a Samsung fridge in 2012 made in 2011…model RF266AEBP….Coils ice up and fan ices up so the fridge won’t cool… Wasted a lot of money on spoiled food. I have to manually defrost fridge every 3 weeks :( only owned it for 1 year before it started acting up.

  • Michelle Gieng August 3, 2014

    I am having the same problems with my fridge. Can anyone tell me how I can enroll in the class action lawsuit. Or if there is anything I can do. The warranty is over and I am putting out a lot of money on repairs just to have it stop working on me again in only 3 weeks from the last repair.

  • Pradeep Yelisetti August 9, 2014

    I have the same problem. Temp startyed blinking at 34 deg and when opened the back panel is iced up.The evaporator heater is open and needs the total evaporator coil need to be replaced and whole freidge need to be redone to fill refrigerant, which is a costly repair. etc.. Fridge is bought in 2009. Please add me to the class action suit list as well.

  • Bryan Daley August 9, 2014

    I have the RF267AERS and I have the same problem with the back freezing up and leaking water. Please include me in on this class action lawsuit.

  • Jen August 10, 2014

    My refrigerator (RF217 ACPN) has the same water leaking problem. Please include me into the class action.

  • Paul Vangi August 11, 2014

    I have same problem! Model number # RF217ACRS Please include me in class action lawsuit just under 2 yrs old refrigerator. Thank You !

  • Amanda August 12, 2014

    I have the same issue. There has to be a way to stop them from selling these defective products. I don’t even want to have mine serviced because of all the comments I have read. There is no fix for it. It just continues to stop working and freezing up. It will cost $500 to have a service call and break again in a month. Please let me know what to do next. I am still making payments on this fridge and looks like I will have to go buy another one. Please include me in the class action lawsuit.

  • Allene Fox August 12, 2014

    I bought my fridge in Feb 2013 and had this happen yesterday. In troubleshooting on the internet, I found out all this information. How can I be included in the class action suit? My model # is RF267AERS. I fixed it by watching a video on tube showing how to take off the panel and defrosting the coils and the drain line. What a mess. Took me 5 hours. I am so mad right now.

  • Young Yoon August 24, 2014

    My 3 years old Samsung refrigerator RF217ACPN has the same problem. Coil freezing issues keep happen even if you manually defrost the coil. The issue started a little over a year after we bought the refrigerator. Any solution to this?

  • April August 26, 2014

    Has anyone received a reply regarding this class action suit? Is it still pending? Can people still be added to it? Have there been any settlements? I’m having the same problems as others are mentioning above and would like to be included as well.

  • Joyce September 4, 2014

    Having the same trouble with a fridge we purchased in April of 2013, I went online to find out how to clean coils and found class action lawsuit information instead. I went to the website for the District Court in New Jersey, got a phone number and found out you have to write a letter to the judge to request being added to the case. Website is here: Judges for the case are Martini and Falk, you can get their names off the website. Write a letter with documentation about your purchase and any repair history, and mail to the Newark address. They will want the case number: Civil Action Case No. 2:10-cv-04811-WJM -MF. I am hoping to exchange at Sears on a defective merchandise policy; we will see. Otherwise, I will be joining the case myself.

    • Frederick Schoenig December 26, 2015

      Joyce, thank you for the info and leg work regarding Samsung Fridge. Were you able to get added on to the suit. How did the defective approach with Sears work for you. Our Fridge is going on it s second fan now. Thank you for your help.

  • Obed September 6, 2014

    I bought Samsung RS261MDRS from HHGREGG with their extended warranty. After about 18 months it went bad. It started with making a very loud noise like that of a helicopter, then it starter forming ice and eventually stopped working. HHGREGG sent technician to fix it 4x but could not fix it. Then they told me that they are done because they do not know what is wrong with it. I called Samsung but they could not do anything for me. They told me that I am out of warranty and cannot extend it. Please add me to your lawsuit.

  • Darren Durel September 27, 2014

    I have a rf268 model, I’ve taken it apart 3 times to unfreeze it. I would like to join join the lawsuit also.
    Please advise

  • Kelly martin October 7, 2014

    Weve had an ice build up since we bought our fridge. I just now found this page .im in canada , can we join in this action . Im very tired of paying top dollar for things that require more money to fix. Please advise
    Thank you

  • Sherri Zuroff October 12, 2014

    I have had the rf266aepn model since 2010, it has frozen over 6 times since then, had several repairman over, no one could permanently fix it. wasted a lot if time and money defrosting this, please include me in lawsuit. Samsung customer service is also terrible and unhelpful.

  • Bruce Ulch October 21, 2014

    I have a RF266AFRS and is on extended warranty with W-3 Solutions. The unit is making the fan noise like the above units. There is a high temp light on. I called them and they told me that the unit has to be inoperative to be covered under this Warranty. I said what about the food spoilage if it comes to that point and they said they would cover that also. That is bullshit that I have to put up with this noise until it quits working. They are probably betting the warranty will run out by that time. Can I be added to the lawsuit.

  • Sonja Henderon October 22, 2014

    I have had the RS261MDDRS model since 2012, it has frozen over 3 times since then, had several repairman over, no one could permanently fix it. I am now forced to replace the cooling fan with hopes that this will solve the issue but after several reviews of You Tube videos addressing this very problem for the past four years and numerous of customer complaint’s replacing the part is highly unlikely to resolve this apparent faulty manufacturing of a high end refrigerator $1200+ and me having to take the back panel off every 7 months to defrost and throw away hundreds of dolor’s of wasted food and a lot if time and money defrosting this, please include me in lawsuit.

  • Deborah Pfeiffer October 23, 2014

    Please include us! Our RF217ACPN is less than 2 yrs. old. The whole fridge went dead a few months ago for about 8 hours (it was a Sunday, talk about scary) but husband-engineer was able to get it going again and, thankfully, we have an old fridge in the basement (30 yrs. old!) that saved the food. Now water accumulates under the crisper in the Samsung and freezes. The front of the crisper just snapped off as I tried to get it open, and I’m looking for a replacement on line– when I discover thousands and thousands of similar complaints about these fridges! What’s going on?

  • Donna Horan October 25, 2014

    My Samsung RF217ACP is having the same trouble does not stay cold or get cold . How do I get in on the class action suit?

  • Hugh Johnson November 18, 2014

    I have to defrost my RF267AERS every two or three months!!
    What a piece of GARBAGE!!

    • Bobby S September 1, 2015

      I have an RF267AERS, we have been dealing with the same ice build-up for several years now. I’m a disabled vet and can’t do the repairs. Does anyone know what the best course to take is to get the fridge fixed/replaced?

  • Amy Lee November 20, 2014

    RF263AERS/XAA–spent over an hour with a ‘technician’ in online chat because ice and frost built up in freezer everywhere. Bought Dec 2011 for a LOT of money from Lowe’s. Followed tech’s suggestion. Unplugged, cleared food from freezer, used hair dryer to help melt the ice. Cleaned freezer of ice and water. Dryed surfaces with cloth. Returned food to freezer. Plugged unit back in. Frost and ice are back. How can I join this group of people being victimized by an obvious defective appliance?

  • Martin Ha December 6, 2014

    I am having A RF217ACRS. I collected around 1 and a half of gallons of water in the left side vegetable compartment and on the floor of the refrigerator this morning. It was frustrating to see the water dripping into the vegetable and rotten it.

  • CJ Geng December 8, 2014

    I have the same problem with my samsung refer service person worked on it 12/7 /2014 it is 2year old he said they are all that way. What can we do to get it fixed so as not do it any more the bill would have been over 200.00 if had not had extended warranty. Please help

  • bernice mick December 16, 2014

    I am dealing with freeze up issues as i write!! We bought a Samsung fridge side by side bottom freezer model# RF 197acrs. in Oct. 2013 , in July 2014 it froze up and a lot of water under veg. and crisper drawers.
    repair man came fixed it….NOW Dec. 16th woke up to noisy fan , temp. rising! so here i go AGAIN!! I have 2 Christmas dinners coming up and a lot of baking to do!! called today and they will get back to me…last time i lost a lot of food items..they told me to put “stuff” in a cooler til they get there???? took a week!! lost a lot!! I’m done with this crap!! I want a new Fridge and i will get it on them!!!!

  • Kathy bledsoe December 18, 2014

    I purchased my side by side refrigerator from best buy and have only have a few months and have nothing but problems with loud fan, freezing up, or items not being cold and my temp is turned up , or my food spoiled quickly and we have wasted so much money and we get told its under warranty but they never show up to look at it or fix it. Waste of money and very upset with it and we paid almost 2,000.00 for it. Major rip off. I want in only a class action suite if one is available. Thanks

  • John Caldwell December 22, 2014

    I have a 2010 Samsung RF267AERS Refrigerator. This thing is a total piece of JUNK. Service company agrees after trying to repair it numerous times. Home warranty company will no longer help. Samsung will not help! ICE forms under the crisper drawers about every 3 weeks. The drain hole quickly freezes over and water soon flows into the fridge. It’s VERY FRUSTRATING!!! PLEASE ADD ME TO LAWSUIT!

  • Bryan Tippetts December 23, 2014

    We bought our RF265ABPN in the summer of 2009. have had the same issues everyone else has been reporting. In addition however, the rubber seal around the French doors had to be replaced because of a tear in the top of seal allowing room temp air inside. Replaced in 2012 and now another tear in the exact same spot as before.
    All concluded to us that Samsung designs are faulty and do not stand behind their refrigerators. Please add me to class action lawsuit as we’ve spent hundreds of dollars in repairs. Or email information on joining the CAL.

  • Lisa Lopez December 25, 2014

    So what is the point of this thread? No one responds to it. Has anyone been contacted about the lawsuit? We also have the French Door Model RS263TDBP with the same issue described repeatedly in this thread. Loud noises, now no longer cools effectively and we have lost a lot of food. It was manufactured June 2011 which means Samsung continued to make these faulty appliances even after the lawsuit was filed. Goes to show you they make so much money they don’t even care. Stop buying Samsung products – all of them. Fight them with your wallet.

  • Randy January 1, 2015

    We have several Samsung products but ; the refrigerator mod# RF265ABPN has been a nightmare ! We’ve had these same freezing issues ( 3 times ! ) ,what can we do ?

  • Kathy January 6, 2015

    I would like to be part of this law suit. I purchased a Samsung French Door refrigerator Model RF217ACPNXAA from Best Buy on Sept. 25th 2010 that was on back order and I didn’t receive until Oct. 23, 2010. The refrigerator settings were done at the time of delivery by Best Buy. From the start, the refrigerator was noisy and would sound like it was clicking on and off. Then we started having trouble with things freezing in the refrigerator and the crisper/vegetable bins would fill with water and ice in them that was 1\ or more! Even after service, this is still going on! We have lost a lot of food that was ruined by freezing. Also, we have had snow like frost in the freezer. We do not have an ice maker. All this started shortly after purchase; nothing is covered by the warranty! A new refrigerator should not have these problems! VERY UNHAPPY WITH THIS SAMSUNG REFRIGERATOR!

  • Kathy January 6, 2015

    Regarding my comment with problems with my Samsung French Door refrigerator Model RF217ACPNXAA, the ice build up in the crisper/vegetable bins is 1 or more! ALSO, I forgot to mention that the water and ice buildup is also UNDER the crisper/vegetable bins (across the whole bottom of the refrigerator). It is a mess!

  • Andrew Stevermer January 19, 2015

    Purchased the RS267TDWP$1240 on 12/10/10. Began having icing and evaporator van motor failure on 9/10/13. Paid almost $300 to replace motor. Now I am having the same problem. This is clearly a design failure. Please add me to the law suit.

  • kelly anstett January 20, 2015

    I want in model RF26XAERS same problems please add me to the lawsuit!!!!!

  • Larry Thomas January 21, 2015

    We have had repairs on our 4 year old refrigerator 7 months ago and 2 days ago, again, for the same problem! We have the repair costs, loss of food costs, and the expensive frig. Our model # RF267AERS. How do we get on this class action suit? Please reply.

  • bill johnson January 28, 2015

    same issues — no cooling!!

  • Wilma Padin February 4, 2015

    RF4287HARS hasn’t work well since the beginning. Please include me.

  • Raymond Gapinski February 5, 2015

    I own one of these models and have experienced the same problem. How do I join the Lawsuit?

  • Michelle Corbo February 5, 2015

    How do I become part of this suit? I have the RFG297AARS purchased 8/2010 and it has a leak problem under the deli tray.

  • Anthony Iacobucci February 5, 2015

    I have a model RF217ACPN Samsung refrigerator with the same problem. I just had a repair man come in. He replaced the evaporator cover along with a cheap little aluminum part that transfers heat into the drain hole for a cost of $388!!! A recurrent problem that occurs on many of these lemons

  • Monte Wall February 6, 2015

    We own a model RS261MDWP and all has run fine until this week when evap froze over. If there are known issues and this model is included, please add my name and email to the list for further information.

  • Vikas Verma February 8, 2015

    I have an RF260BEAESR with the exact same problems. The freezer is working fine, but the refrigerator has stopped cooling altogether. The temperature indicator shows an incorrect reading of 34 degrees when the actual temperature might be in the 45-55 range.
    Please add this model as well to the list.

  • oswaldo verde February 9, 2015

    Bien. Tengo el mismo problema con mi nevera de dos puerta sansung. Me gustaria saber que se tiene adelantado para posibles reparaciones. Saludos

  • Selene Lizarraga-Bernal February 13, 2015

    Our temperature for the freezer and fridge switched to 0 degree on its own. We tried to switch the temperature back to its normal temperature but it instantly goes back to 0. Everything in our freezer has been covered with ice, and we noticed the snow like ice before the tempratures changed to 0. I’m worried that in the future all the ice in the freezer will cause more problems. We’ve had the fridge for 2 years.

  • Paris February 16, 2015

    We are having the same problem with our RS261MDRS/XAA 01 model. We would like to get in the CAL!!

  • Daniel McGraw February 16, 2015

    I would also like to express my discontent with this product. I purchased the Samsung RF266AEPN/XAA with the French doors and having the same problem with the evaporator freezing up and not cooling the fridge. Would like to join the CAL.

  • Deborah Spaulding February 17, 2015

    RF217ACPN is the model I purchased…It accumulates water in the veg bins, along with icing at times, plus icing over the entire area underneath the crispers…I thought for the longest that I was not adjusting the fridge and freezer temps properly, along with the humidity adjustments of the bins…My concern is that after my extended warranty is depleted, I will be stuck with repair costs for this obvious design flaw…Shame on Samsung…

    • Brian January 8, 2016

      I have a refrigerator with close to the same model number as yours. Did you have it fixed and if so what was fixed to repair this problem?

  • Vierka guzman February 17, 2015

    Yo tambien tengo una de cuatro puerta estoy cansada de pagar garantias y siempre un problema la comida se Dana pronto en la nevera ahora mismo no se de donde sale un Olor malicimo temo por la salud de mis ninos la limpio y nada el olor no se puede tolerar estoy cansada de esta nevera por favor pongame a mi en la demanda domini

  • Cindy Holtz February 19, 2015

    We have a three year old Samsung refrigerator Model RS263TDBP that has now gone out for the second time with the same problem. Back in April of 2014 the vegetable crisper began to freeze food and the upper part of the fridge was not cooling. Ice was building on the back wall. We paid $500. for the repair and now again it is doing the same thing. I want to get on this class action law suit. How do I go about doing this?

  • Keosha Weaver February 21, 2015

    My unit is having the same issues. My model number is slightly different though; RS261MDRS. Can you give me information on how I can join this CAL?

  • E. Mann February 21, 2015

    Samsung model RF265ABB. After I purchased this refrigeration unit, I had problems within the first month and had to call for repairs under warranty. Hindsight, I should have returned the unit for a full refund. The cooling system inside continues to freeze around the coils and circulating fan. This causes fan noise (due to ice build up) and lack of cold air circulation. The noise is always a concern and food does not cool properly causing spoilage. This has happened so many times I have learn to do the repairs myself due to the unit now out of warranty. BOTTOM LINE, a refrigerator is an expensive appliance to purchase. All of the consumers on this website expect their major purchase appliances to work properly. Samsung should be held accountable and correct the issues. When will someone hold Samsung accountable? Enough is enough?

  • Anita Baldwin February 21, 2015

    I have the same problem however a different model# RS261MDRS. Had a repair guy out 3 times before the 1 year warranty was up. After 15 months old & the ice maker quit working. Now a month later (16 months old) it’s making that loud noise & isn’t cooling. How do I join the lawsuit?

  • Christine Emery February 25, 2015

    Same here with model RS265TD. Not cooling anymore due to ice build blocking the fan. Unit not under warranties anymore and spent hundreds in worthless repairs. I want to be part of this lawsuit as well.

  • Sara February 26, 2015

    My model # RF266AFRS it is different from the ones listed however I am having the same issues. I am emptying and defrosting my refrigerator at least once a month. The frig is barely 3 years old. This is unacceptable and the individuals answering the phones at the Samsung call centre have terrible customer service. Please let me know if I can be added to the CAL or what my next steps should be.

  • Leanne Moffit February 26, 2015

    We bought the same model RF197ACRS in August 2012. The next year in Nov.2013 water started pooling in the veg.drawers and under the veg. drawers on bottom of fridge and freezing sheets of ice!!! Got on the internet and there was tons of people with complaints…..all with no satisfaction from Samsung company. A few people said it was not a defective part, but its a defective design in making the fridge! It stopped last winter and started up again this last summer and I am just sick and tired of having to put a hand towel in the back of each drawer to absorb the water. The drawers seem to take turns with the water leaking. Its ruining my vegetables with the wetness and slime! We paid $1,200.99 and that’s before they added the tax. We would love to get on the CAL!!

  • Martin Priches February 27, 2015

    I have a RF4287HARS almost 4 years old, just had it serviced for the icing up issue. Please include me.

  • Patrick DeBauche February 28, 2015

    My Samsung side by side model # RS253BASB, has been freezing the food in the refrigerator side for over 6 months now. Ice builds up behind the bottom drawer until it pushes the door out far enough that the door will not close. I have to put any food that I do not want frozen on the middle shelf or higher. I have had a qualified Samsung repairman look at it and he said it was a design flaw and I would have the save problem repeat itself. I set the temp at it’s highest setting and it still keeps freezing up.I have dealt with this at least three times and enough is enough! I have a lot of money tied up into this thing and I want some compensation for this piece of junk. Please add me to the class action lawsuit! If this isn’t the right website to do so,PLEASE direct me to the correct website.

  • Katherine Edwards February 28, 2015

    Refrigerator purchased 2&1/2 yrs ago from Lowes several hundred $ already. Re freezing in the interior and making so much noise we can’t hear tv! Include in class action suit please!

  • Gwen Sheppard March 2, 2015

    I would like to be added to the lawsuit. I purchased a Samsung RS263WW/XAA side-by-side refrigerator a few years ago. We have had issues with the icemaker and we are having problems with water leaking underneath the ice/water dispenser. This has caused the surface to rust and the pain to bubble and crack.

  • Travis McCann March 4, 2015

    I have a Samsung RF266AEPM model with the same freezing up under back interior panel, drain hole freezing and water periodically accumulating beneath the crisper/deli drawer(s). Have dismantled the unit twice to defrost behind the interior panels, evap coils and drain hole. Also have manually defrosted the unit twice by removing all the food into ice chests and turning the unit off for several hours, then restarting. Have replaced the Evap assembly and the ice maker switch in the past year. Bought the unit in 2010. Unit does not perform as advertised, leading to food spoilage. PLEASE ADD ME TO THE CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!

  • Michael Viggiani March 5, 2015

    I have a Samsung model # RFG298. Water pools under the vegetable drawers. This has been an ongoing problem and it effects food quality. may I be included in the class action law suit?

  • John Neibert March 6, 2015

    Model # RF267AERS water under drawer. Please include me in class action law suit.

  • Vaclav Dvorak March 11, 2015

    After watching CBCs Marketplace and the problems others were having with their expensive Samsung refrigerators, I decided to check further how Samsung is allowed to get away with their shoddy workmanship and design. I bought our fridge at Lowes in 2011. It was noisy from the start. In December of 2014 it simply died. I was able to put the freezer food out on the deck and save the Christmas Turkey. Phone calls to Samsung are routed to Costa Rica. They told me I had to contact a certain repair shop. An initial charge of $90.00 to look at the fridge was charged. I tried to get out of the repair man what the matter was as the condenser was still under warrantee. He would not give me any straight answers at all. 2 days before Christmas he came to repair it. In total almost $950.00 to repair it with only one month warrantee on the repair and only 3 months on the new parts. The guy spent 2 hours doing the repair. I WOULD LIKE TO PARTAKE IN THE CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT AGAINST SAMSUNG. I hope Lowes, Home Depot and whoever are selling Samsung refrigerators drop them like a hot potato until Samsung can act in good faith and pay for the cost of the repairs,.

  • Cindy Kennedy March 11, 2015

    We have model # RF267ABRS and are having the same problems with it freezing up. Just had a repairman out here for the 3rd time. We would like to join the law suit.

  • Angie March 13, 2015

    I have model #RF26XAEBP with coils freezing over every 5-6 months! Add me to lawsuit!

  • Angie March 13, 2015

    I have model #RF26XAEBP with same problem of coils freezing. Add me to lawsuit!

  • Javier Morales March 17, 2015

    Have same issues with Samsung French door fridge bought in December 2013. Include me in also.

  • Joe Cool March 19, 2015

    I have a Samsung side by side model RS261MDBP, I purchased this from Bestbuy on 06/01/2013 to this date the repair tech has made two trips to replace both the ice maker and the back fan assy. that freezes and starts to clatter because the blades are hitting the ice as it builds up. Today 03/19/2015 Bestbuy is coming out again for the same problem, I was told by the repair tech the last time that Samsung is aware of this problem and has no fix for it other than to replace the parts and then wait till it freezes up again! I asked Bestbuy about the lemon policy Ann from Bestbuy told me that if the item fails same problem twice then they issue a RA coupon to come get another product. She kept asking me if this was a specific sales, item I told her I have no idea what she was referring too, after several back and forth on the phone as she was trying to look up previous records she came back and said sje would hand me off to Bryan who would schedule a service call, Bryan had a problem with his phone and I could only hear every other word, he had to call me back and then when he attempted to put me in the system it would not work, after sever minutes on phone while I waited for him to get it fixed he finally came back and asked if I could call them back in 2 hours and see if it worked then. two hours later and it still would not work, they finally got me scheduled and I await the Tech to come by and give me the diagnosis, So far I have spoken with Ann, Victoria, Bryan and a David. One other thing that is sketchy Victoria told me that since the fridge had been worked on twice while under the manufacture warranty, that now it is on the Best buy 4 yr warranty that I had purchased for them to deem this as a lemon it would have to fail with the same problem 3 more times! I dont know what kind of games both Bestbuy and Samsung are playing but they both need to get there act together!

    • Bob Osgood October 2, 2015

      They were asking about Pacific Sales, not specific sales. They are a big box retailer in Southern Califorina (maybe other places) That is where we bought our Lemon, same model as yours.

  • Tommie L.Watts March 19, 2015

    I have a Samsung refrigerator Model#(RF267ABRS) BOM NAME #RF267ABRS/XAA. I just had 3 repairman at my house yesterday and worked on the refrigerator for 3 1/2 hrs. Changed the coils in the unit and some other parts because the unit stopped cooling and freezing and ice maker would not work. I’ve had multiple problems with the unit. I purchased the unit in April of 2009 and paid $2300.00 I expected after paying that much for a fridge that it should last at least 10 yrs one would think. I had just been grocery shopping for the family and lost over $500.00 in food and frozen food. I am on a stricken budget and don’t have the funds to replace items such as food and refrigerators. I could go on and on about the fridge. It took a repairman from Samsung factory repair over a month to have someone to look at the unit. How do I get in on this class action law suit? VERY DIS SATIFIED ABOUT SAMSUNG.

  • Antonio Montana March 23, 2015

    compre este refrigerador puertas francesas, en Aarons… hace 4 anos,modelo # RF217ACRS, hace dos meses empezo hacer escarcha hasta que dejaron de funcionar los fans como me puedo unir a la demanda colecctiva

  • pamela makuch March 24, 2015

    We purchased a Samsung refrigerator several years ago and since then had to purchase a new Kenmore frig.Samsung frig starting acting up I noticed several months later ice 1 to 2 inches thick under the drawers. I had to chisel it away to even get the drawers open.(food wasted) I cleaned up the mess and couldn’t for the life of me figure it out.Not long after that I realized this same problem was reoccurring. We had several repa8rmen out and basically was told it could not be resolved it was a design issue.Our 1500$ brand new Samsung is sitting out in the garage unusable(money down the drain) Not to mention Hundreds of dollars of food thrown out CONSTANTLY!! Please include us in this lawsuit.This has been a NIGHTMARE!!!

  • Connie valencic April 1, 2015

    My Samsung French door bottom freezer has froze up since I bought it 3 years ago. How do we get in on this lawsuit.

  • Chris Maag April 7, 2015

    Hope this is how you do it, I bought a rs265tdbp , first right after the 1 year warranty was over the LEDs in the front started to go bad, about 2 year later it started with the grinding noise and stopped cooling on the refridgerator side, had to have a service man come out and defrost the entire thing and replace some circuit card. A year later it did the same thing. Went and bought a new fridge yesterday, I was just sick of it, samsung wanted me to purchase a 1 year warranty on it for 450 bucks. It is now gone.

  • Roberta Benton April 8, 2015

    I am having similar problem with my refrigerator bought Jan 2013 #RFG297HDWP. Its rusting on front door below ice maker. Makes a lot of buzzing noises. Can you please tell me how to add my name to the class action law suit? Thanks (I will never buy another Samsung appliance; I will go back to Whirlpool)

    • Darci Nelson February 4, 2016

      Slightly different model-RF28HMEDBSR but mine is also rusting on front door below ice/water dispenser. I would like to be added to the class action law suit.

  • Unhappy with Samsung! April 13, 2015

    I have model RF268AB and have water and ice buildup under the deli tray. Is this class action still active? I would like very much to be included. This is the second product from Samsung that let us down. We will never purchase another.

  • Jay Alexander April 15, 2015

    Mine is continually freezing in the back of the refrigerator and the vents. the fridge will not cool to below 50 but the freezer goes to below zero. My model is RFG297AARS. I paid a 2K plus for mine a few years ago and am not happy. Have noticed this happening over the last couple years getting progressively worse. Add me to the suit.

  • Yung April 15, 2015

    What a remorse, I have RS267TDWP/XAA bought this from Lowe October 2010 and having icing problems every six months. I would like to be included in a class action law suit. Future consumers should be warned about Samsung refrigerator icing issues.

  • Yendry April 19, 2015

    tengo los mismos problemas que ustedes con mi refrigerador sansumg modelo RS 261 lo compre hace dos años y me cambiaron uno por problemas hace un año y algo el otro hace 10 días dejo de funcionar la pantalla frontal la cual lo único que puedo es agarrar agua y la luz se queda encendida,compre una pantalla nueva y sigue con el mismo decir estos refrigeradores an salido malísimo

  • Anita April 20, 2015

    My RF267AERS has the same issue, please add me to the lawsuit.

  • Kasia April 23, 2015

    I have a very similar issue with model RF197ACWP/XAA…experiencing ice buildup on the evaporator coil, water leaking into the vegetable bins and under them..How do I get in on this class action law suit?

  • Bruno Davis April 23, 2015

    We bought a RS261MDBP side by side and 2 years later the computer went out…shortly after the fan was replaced due to icing up behind it and contacting the blades. Also bought their highest end front load washer n dryer with issues too within a few years! Never will buy Samsung appliances ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Earl April 24, 2015

    Purchased from Lowe’s, model RF26XAEPB, 2010, and we are also experiencing the same issues with coils freezing and standing water under the bins. Please add us to the lawsuit. We should have know better than to buy a Samsung product again. We purchased a front loader washer/dryer set and after months of trying to get a “certified” repairman for service (it was still under warranty at the time), we took Lowe’s to task and they replaced with a new washer/dryer set of our choice/brand.

  • Kent Libby April 26, 2015

    Where can I sign up for the Samsung Class Action Law Suit?

  • M. Taylor April 26, 2015

    I have model # RF217ACPN and I am having the same problem. It only lasted a week before freezing again after thawing out for 2 days. I am waiting for Lowes to respond to my complaint about this Samsung refrigerator. I do believe the company should stand behind its customers, we are the ones who keep them growing.

    • M.T. May 5, 2015

      Lowes has refuse to do anything, stating I did not purchase the extended warranty. They knew of problems with the Samsung refrigerators, but still continued to sell them in their stores. Samsung only warranties their refrigerators for 1 year. What does that say about their products, you pay a small fortune for their product and they nor lowes backs it.

  • Eric April 26, 2015

    We had the same problem. Our model is RF266AERS

  • Russell Brewer April 26, 2015

    RF268ABRS with same issue and other problems. Currently in need of our 3rd instrument panel. First was replaced under warranty and 2nd one has exact same issue. LEDs not working which is needed to navigate through the functions on dispenser. Also both top and bottom ice makers need complete breakdown monthly to function correctly.

  • Tom Marlatt April 29, 2015

    I have a model RS263TDWP with the fan problem in the refrigerator side.

  • Jorge Escobar April 30, 2015

    I encountered the same problem with my RF266AERS model and I will like to join the class action suit.

  • jorge escobar April 30, 2015

    I would like to join the class action suit, I do too have the problem on my RF266AERS refrigerator

  • Paul Grimm May 2, 2015

    Ditto. We have a rf263aers that ices up very 2-3 months. Add me to the list

  • anita welych May 3, 2015

    We bought our Samsung side-by-side model # RS263TDWP last fall when the old fridge failed. I noticed a different noise yesterday and today the fridge side isn’t cooling. :^( Looked up information, vacuumed coils and played with temp. controls. Read some more and found this website. Checked the refrigerator behind the vegetable bins and found ice. I don’t know how to remove that back panel to get all the ice off but hope to learn when the repairman comes by tomorrow. UGH. I paid a ton of money for the refrigerator! Will be writing the NJ judge soon to be added to the CAL.

  • tuan nguyen May 5, 2015

    Hi, I have the model RF267AERS/XAA has the same issue, please add me to the lawsuit. Bought in 11/2009, just over 5 years now and started having this problem. Top fridge out not cool down past 55F, ice maker not working, fan making loud noise, ice built up in fridge, freeze is working fine. Water spilling in fridge. Very frustrated to buy an expensive fridge with problem so soon.

  • Jeannie Heath May 10, 2015

    Model RF217ACPN – aprx. 3 years old – throwing out food AGAIN today 3X – I know its frozen up – Have had water build up under crisper drawers and the refrigerator not get cold due to ice. This is junk….. Annual repairs is not acceptable, annual loosing my food is not acceptable. Sales person of course said was great………If you need, I can find date of purchase from Sears ….. Had to pay MORE than a larger unit because not a lot of selection in my space size – they know that and charge accordingly, then to have it be a joke. I only got 10 years out of my old GE and I thought that was bad.

  • DM May 11, 2015

    We have the same issue with Samsung refrigerator model RS263TDRS/XAA purchased in 2011. The fan makes loud noise and stops as soon as door is opened. The icing inside the casing is leading to this fan noise. Samsung sucks. Add me to lawsuit. Please send confirmation when done and send updates on the lawsuit. Thank you.

  • steve pape May 11, 2015

    I have a RF267AERS and I am running into the same icing issues, how can I get added to the lawsuit?

  • eym May 13, 2015

    So we all have the same or similar problem and are asking to join the lawsuit which doesn’t seem to even exist. How do we move ahead from here? Complaining is not going to solve the problem with Samsung. We need a lawyer.

  • Bill Furlong May 14, 2015

    Same story here. Bought the Model rs261mdbp/xaa when it first came out, Im assuming it was 2012. Had one instance where Ice was forming. Defrosted and cleaned, lost all the food, but it continued to work. Now here I am, May of 2015, and the fridge just decided to quit cooling on either side 2 nights ago. All food lost. Hopefully there will be some movement on retribution for all of our troubles. If anyone is reading this, please contact me at my email- My name is Bill Furlong. Thanks.

  • Elizabeth R May 18, 2015

    RS263TDPN is our model number. We have had a Samsung fridge for 2 years and know ours has ice in the lower part of the fridge. Nothing is blowing, melted the ice days ago and it is back. This is really frustrating. My model is there any hope for us? It is a side by side. Thanks!!

  • Elizabeth R May 18, 2015

    Is there a way to get added to the lawsuit? Thanks!!

  • Jacqueline Avila May 20, 2015

    I want in this class action my model number: RF263BEAESR. Spent tons of money in repairs and still not working.

  • Renee Lawrence May 21, 2015

    i purchased a Samsung side by side with freezer on bottom end of 2012. Model RF263BEAESR fridge won’t stay cool. Temp is 45 degrees won’t go lower. Samsung said NOPE. Can’t help you. I want in on the lawsuit. Crooks!!!!!!!

  • Lacie Root May 22, 2015

    Purchased Samsung RF267ABWP 6 years ago it has had ice build up from month one but had not stopped any of the cooling. Well now the whole thing is now frozen and the freezer is now building up so much ice it won’t shut. The refrigerator is not cooling and mold was starting to form on the shelves. For the price of this I feel like it should have worked better to begin with and lasted at least 10 years.

  • wai siu May 25, 2015

    I have a rf26hfendsr , got it 6 months ago, today the freezer evaporator fan is making loud noise already!!Wonder if I got the same bump style like you all. Anyone knows who is the lawsuit admin.?

  • Sean Ly May 25, 2015

    What do I need to do to join this CAL? Having Samsung RFC197ACRS with water leaking issue because of ice formed in the back panel.

  • Dave J, New York May 25, 2015

    I have the same problem. freezes over, then water cannot drain, therby water accumulates in the bottom draw. Have to empty draw every few days. I spent a lot of money on the fridge, why everyone hving problems. Samsung not ever returning my calls. please list me under this lawsuit. very upsetting that the company does not rectify this problem had a repair man here, he said many people with same problem. Not know what to do now????

  • JAMES COLEMAN May 26, 2015

    I have the same problem with my RS265TDBP that is two years old

    • john lopez June 13, 2016

      i have a rs267tdrs and refrig. side will not cool correctly. had to move food to other refri. and lost some too.

  • JAMES COLEMAN May 26, 2015

    I have a two year old RS265TDBP that does the same

  • Stephen Gearheart May 26, 2015

    Have a Samsung French Door model Rf266aers that defrost cycle quit and froze up fridge back panel ports. I replaced the heater, defrost thermostat, and bi-metal sensor two weeks ago. My daughter has a Samsung Rf263aewp model that defrost cycle quit this week and is freezing up ports on back panel. Ordered parts to fix. If had known about the CAL and this issue, would have picked something else. Do we join this CAL?

  • Shruthi May 26, 2015

    We have same problem with Rs267tdwp Samsung 2 door refrigerator.

  • Curt Wynkoop May 26, 2015

    We have model RF217ACPN. This unit has had issue a number of times but I was able to defrost enough for it to start working . Now I must remove the inside panel to replace heater or sensor. Appears to be a defect in the design. One shouldn’t have to put up wit his unreliability. Add me to the class action !!!!!!

  • Ruben May 26, 2015

    Add me to the class action I have the same problem with the RS261MDRS. Add me to the list

  • Danielle Carno May 27, 2015

    Model: RF263AEWP the same thing is happenning!! I purchased a refrigerator a little less than 3 years ago. After a little over a year, we had to have a part replaced for around $300, 8 months later the same part broke again and we again had to have it replaced. We are now hearing the same sounds and will have to spend another $300 to have the same part replaced. Each time it breaks, we lost a refrigerator full of groceries. I have asked for a replacement in a difference model as it is obvious that the refrigerator must be defective. I am not trying to get a hand out, but we have now come to a point where we will have paid as much in repairs as we have for the refrigerator originally, which is not ok in the short time we have had it. I was told a replacement was not possible. They gave me a service ticket where someone is going to call me in 2 business days. The told me there was no way they would replace the refrigerator.

  • Travis Landry May 27, 2015

    I have a RS261MBDP/XAA model side by side refrigerator that is having the same problems as being describe with the evaporator coils freezing up and temperature dropping in both the freezer compartment and fridge side causing me to lose everything when it happens. How do I get added to the list for this class action lawsuit?

  • Cathy DeAbreu May 27, 2015

    I’ve been having the same problem with my RF217ACPN refrigerator. How do I get added to the lawsuit.

  • Sean Yost May 28, 2015

    Same problem. Water in the bottom of the frig and a solid piece of ice in the freezer that melts and leaks on the floor. My model is the RS263TDPN

  • Leela DeVere May 28, 2015

    I have RM255LASHThe reason I found this is because once AGAIN I am getting the ice out from the bottom of the freezer…Many many times…ice maker stops working all the time…freezer barely working…Add me as well please.

  • Leela DeVere May 28, 2015

    Is someone currently maintaining this website? How can we know? What to do about this Class Action Suit? Was it resolved? Does anyone KNOW anything?

  • Kevin Z. May 29, 2015

    We have model RF267 samsung refrigerator and have exactly the same problem. How do we would join the law suit?

  • Radomir May 30, 2015

    I have purchased RF217 ACRS at Lowes back in 2012; clogged drain was repaired by an authorized Samsung Certified Repair Shop in June 2013, exactly 2 month upon warranty expiration period; now we have re-occurring clogged drain problem; Similarly to others, Lowes will not do anything about defective unit. Is Samsung expecting that the consumer spend upward of $200 for the same repair ? Where do we sign to join CAL?

  • annonomus June 1, 2015

    I also have a slightly different French Door Model which is experiencing the above described issues and would like to know if it is included in the suit. The model # for the unit I have is(RF267AERS) and has been mentioned several times in other responses.

  • Russ Smith June 1, 2015

    I have same issue on model RS265TDRS frozen fan ruining all food in refrigerator. Repair is over 300 dollars and over two weeks to get part with insurance it will happen again. I want in to lawsuit, refrigerator is less than two years old.

  • Jeff June 1, 2015

    About 18 months ago, we purchased a similar model Samsung (RS261MDRS/XAA), and it has been the noisiest appliance we have ever seen. The ice maker fan (?) is horrendously noisy… and the fan design-noise issue seems a likely culprit. Any action pending for this model, or can we get it included? Thanks!

  • Carol June 2, 2015

    We have been having the same problems with our refrigerator. Lots of ice build up underneath the freezer compartment. Is there anyone we can contact to get in on the class action lawsuit. Ours is about 2 years old and its been nothing but problems. Our fridge prior to this lasted us 19 years. Not a Samsung.

  • Shanous June 2, 2015

    I have RF267AERS/XAA, and having the icing and stop working refrigerator. Who should I contact.

  • Arlene June 3, 2015

    I purchased my Samsung Refrigerator (model # RF217ACPN) a few years ago from Best Buy. Freezer is running but the refrigerator coils froze up. We have spent most of the day defrosting it. I’m assuming this is going to be an ongoing issue for now on. Worst product I have ever bought. My spare refrigerator is from the 90s and is still running great. Is the class action suit still open and whatever happened if it has been settled. Please add me to the list of complaints.

  • Karen June 6, 2015

    I have a Samsung french door refrigerator that is only three years old. It is not one of the models listed and it should be because there is nothing but trouble with it. It freezes the whole refrigerator and then has to be shut down and thawed out….the drain is not working and lets water into the veggie bins. When it starts to freeze the veggie bins freeze all the vegetables! What a piece of junk this thing is. Anyway please add model number RF217ACPN/XAA to your list. My husband and I are now retired but I have gone back to work so we can live like we did before and I really dislike manufacturers selling junk products and acting like they are ok……….When they are not!! Please contact us at the above email to be added to your list.

  • BT June 8, 2015

    Same problem as all above. Three year old Samsung RF267AERS. Now what?

  • Angela Alsalami June 8, 2015

    I have the same problem. freezes over, then water cannot drain, therby water model # RF217ACRS WASTING FOOD EVERYDAY ADD ME PLEASE

  • Claudia Meyers June 9, 2015

    We have model #RS263TDPN/XAA. ONLY A FEW YEARS OLD, now NOT COOLING. Had an issue with ice maker within a week of buying it. was fixed under warranty. Now food going bad. Freezer fine, but fridge will not cool. Ridiculous for a fridge to go out and not that old! Can I join this suit?

  • Dustin Kirkpatrick June 13, 2015

    We have the RS253BABB model. The fridge was new when we bought out house and it has always leaked. Thought it was the water line hook up so we unhooked it, but the leaking continued. Noticed the door wasn’t closing which essentially was where the leaking came from because the ice build up over the coil like part in the back of the fridge was pushing the drawers out and not allowing the fridge to seal. We would love to get into this CAL so if anyone has any idea how we would greatly appreciate it. Fridge looks nice, but it’s job isn’t being done by not keeping our food cold. The freezer is working great btw!! Thanks everyone!

  • Mark spence June 14, 2015

    I have an RS265TDRS SAMSUNG FRENCH DOOR FRIG since day one been NOTHING BUT problems. Replaced the fan motor and a bunch of other parts. No ice maker, constantly freezing over. Once a month have to pull apart and defrost. Now the thing just stopped working, no freezer or fridge. Include me please

  • MP June 14, 2015

    I also have the same problem with my samsung refrigerator.I wan to know how i can be part of the class action lawsuit

  • Y White June 15, 2015

    Same problem as others. Owned RF266 a little over 2 yrs freezer working but the refrigerator is not cooling properly. How do I join class action?

  • Betty Faircloth June 16, 2015

    Purchased SamSung Refrigerator Model RF-197ACRS May 2012 with 1 yr. warranty plus 2 yr. extended warranty. Repair Master was called twice for freeze up problem in refrigerator back wall and one time for broken door spring. Its June 2015 and the back wall where the fan is located is now frozen again. I have no warranty. SamSung should be responsible for problems that can not be repaired. How can I join the Class Action Law Suit? How does SamSung get by without being responsible for compensating customers for their manufacturing problems?

  • Betty Faircloth June 16, 2015

    I purchased SamSung Modle RF-197ACRS in 2012, with 1 yr warranty and 2 yrs extended warranty. I had to call Repair Master for the freeze up problem in the back refrigerator wall in 2013 and again 2014, and in 2015 for a broken door spring. This is June 2015 and the back refrigerator is frozen again and I have no warranty. How does a company like SamSung get by without having to fix their manufacturing problems that all their customers are experiencing with all models of refrigerating? Why don’t they take all of their Refrigerators off the market. I didn’t know we had companies in the US like this.

  • Pauline Israelian June 17, 2015

    my fridge model 267AERS has the same problems as others listed. Water in the crisper drawers and on the floor of the refrig. Please add this model number to your list.

  • Bethany June 18, 2015

    I have model RF26XAEBP and it does the same thing. It is driving me crazy! We have to have it fixed at least every six months. You could buy a new fridge with the money it costs to have it repaired that often. And I had a lovely bout of food poisoning last week! Why is this model not on the list for this lawsuit?

  • KK June 19, 2015

    Samsung RF26XAERS add us too. We have a issue with the ice maker the ice its not producing ice properly and it turns into one huge clump of ice instead of ice cubes that can be dispensed through the ice dispenser. The shaved ice part doesn’t work right at all. It also makes a loud banging noise when the ice bricks basically lol drop. There is also water underneath the vegetable/meat trays I clean it up it comes back over and over. Today we now have a very loud noise coming from the back of it. When you open the doors it stops. So we have to unplug it for awhile. This thing cost $2600 new. Its Bs to have to go through so much trouble on a less then 5 yr old fridge.

  • Dale Spoonemore June 21, 2015

    I bought the rf26xaers Samsung fridge from lowes in 2010. The freezer ices over every week and the ice maker freezes up daily. I’d like to be added to the lawsuit.

  • courtney June 22, 2015

    We have a RFG297aawp which stopped working this week. The freezer will not freeze, so we lost food. We had to unplug and let sit to get the refrigerator section to work.

  • randy June 23, 2015

    Samsung SUCKS, I have the same problem defrost line freezing up Samsung should be responsible for the repair

  • Humphrey Peterson June 25, 2015

    We purchased the RF267AERS model. We have the same problem. Drain does not work, ice under vegtable bins and pull out drawer. Water all over the floor leaking. We have had repair men out three times for the same problem. I want in on the Class Action Suit. We paid alot of money for this refrigerator and have had nothing but problems. When the repair men come they take one look at Samsung and know the problem immediately. How can Samsung not be fixing this problem for all the people that relied on them for a good product.

  • mike steckler June 26, 2015

    i have samsung model rs261mdrs, same issues, have been having problems since day one. Replaced evaportor fan motor within three months of buying it, it makes horrible noises, the freezer and refer quit cooling about a month ago, cleaned the seals around door, and worked for about three weeks, now the freezer side is working but refer side is not, lots of ice build up behind ice maker.

  • Philip J. Rosch June 27, 2015

    I have a French door refrigerator from Samsung serial number JJ084GBB300702B, Model # RF-266AEWP which has been freezing up since it was purchased every 3 months on average. Please add me to the lawsuit, Samsung is just as irresponsible as GMs ignition switches which could have been fixed for $.50 Had they stepped up and done a recall, they wouldn’t be in this public relations train wreck.

  • Ethen Tsai June 27, 2015

    I also have a french door refrigerator from Samsung (serial number 43F14GBB400364H, Model # RF-263AERS) that has been stopped working (no cool generated) for several months. I just finally got a local repair person to check it out and replace a frozen fan (it cost me $263.22). It is working for now but I guess the same problem will come back again if the defect design is not corrected. Please add me to the lawsuit. Samsung should step up with a recall, otherwise this public relations mess will continue to grow!

  • Bill Thielman June 28, 2015

    About four years ago we bought one of you Refrigerator/Freezers. To be specific it was a:
    Model #: RFZ67AEWP
    Serial #: JJOD4GBB400216J

    First, a little background on me. For about 25 years as an engineer I designed commercial Ice Makers ( Ice-O-Matic and Cold Draft) and Refrigerators and Freezers (Traulsen) so I have a bit of a working knowledge about the issues below.

    After the installation we opened it up and noticed that the two labels on the left interior wall were stuck on crooked. To us this was a sign that if the person in charge of applying these stickers had no pride in the job they were hired to do. Then to think that the Quality Control Department didn’t care enough to have it corrected, what does it say about the rest of the unit?

    Next, after it ran for a while we tried the Ice Dispenser. After dispensing some ice and removing the glass, about a second later another cube was dispensed which bounced off the tray (the glass was already removed) and onto the floor. I thought this was maybe a “start-up” glitch. I was wrong. My best guess is that least one time out of eight uses, one or two cubes are dispensed after the glass has been remover from the actuator.

    Then, after about a year, we notice ice buildup on the evaporator. We shut the unit off, emptied everything out and left the doors open to defrost the evaporator. I then removed the cover to see if there was something obviously affecting the proper function. I didn’t notice anything so I reassembled it, turned it back on and put the food back in.

    About six months later the evaporator was frozen up again. This time we called the Sears Service Department (we bought it through Sears). They sent out a technician to fix the problem. (He also broke the water supply line to the ice maker which caused $30,000 worth of damage to our house.)

    After about another six months the evaporator was frozen, again. This time we called a well respected local appliance repair service. The only thing he could deduce was that “maybe the Mother-Board was bad”. He ordered a new one and installed it. He also mentioned he had seen “a lot of issues with Samsung refrigerators”.

    Here it is, six month later and guess what, it’s frozen up again.

    After about the first year of ownership we seriously thought about throwing this piece of junk away, but we spent so much money on it we decided to continue to try to make it work. Now after another three years (and many hundreds of dollars) we realize what a mistake this has been. I will make a point (via internet and word-of-mouth) that as many people as possible know my opinion of this product.
    Please add us to the Law Suit.
    Bill Thielman,
    91182 Territorial Road
    Junction City, Oregon

  • kellie michael July 1, 2015

    we have the Samsung rf263beaesr with the same issues

  • Paul Jerrell July 4, 2015

    I also have all the above problems with my RS265TDP ,Samsung refrigerator.Freezer side works fine, But refrigerator side heats up to 58 degrees.Had horrible experience with Samsung’s customer service dept. Contacted them several times and all were negative ,with no help at all,only wanting me to purchase a $385.00 one time warranty .Had all the same problems ,as everyone else it looks like.I contacted a local technician who came out for about 2 hours .defrosting machine with a steam gun.He knew exactly what the issues were as soon as he arrived.He advised me that this was an existing issue that Samsung was very aware of.If any one knows how or can advise me as to how to get or join a Class action law suit ,I certainly would love to ,or just get a chance to voice my humble and horrific experience with the Samsung’s brand.Feel free to contact me ,Any help would be great. Thanks for reading.

  • Ethel Lambert July 6, 2015

    My Samsung side-by-side model RS267TD has the same issues, and the noise is driving me insane!!! Please tell me what to do to become a part of this class action suit. I have had nothing but problems with all of my Samsung appliances and they are only five years old.

  • chen li July 7, 2015

    I have a Samsung french door refrigerator that is only 2 and half years old. It is not one of the models listed and it should be because there is nothing but trouble with it. It freezes the whole refrigerator and then has to be shut down and thawed out….the drain is not working and lets water into the veggie bins. When it starts to freeze the veggie bins freeze all the vegetables! What a piece of junk this thing is. Anyway please add model number RF217ACPN/XAA to your list.above email to be added to your list. Two days ago, it finally stopped working, both freezer and fridge temperature is 80 degree, it wont cooling no more, totally piece of junk.

  • Susan MacDowell July 9, 2015

    Bought a Samsung French Door Refrigerator with freezer on bottom in 2011. Recently it was not working due to freezing up solid and paid $263.91 to have repaired on 5/15/15. Same problem is happening now. Lost about $400.00 in groceries from May to current date. What can I do to be compensated?

    • Susan MacDowell July 9, 2015

      acPNThe model # to my comment is RF217

  • Ashley July 12, 2015

    I have the same problem with my 3 year old Samsung side by side. How do I get in on the lawsuit please?

  • julie July 13, 2015

    add me and my fridge to the list! rf26xaers!
    called Samsung, our warranty expired last month! They would not help, other than telling me it would be at my expense… Sad. They claim they have no record of this being a problem! I told them to go look at the internet.. He said he doesn’t have access.. LOL!

  • Carma July 14, 2015

    I have a different model RF261BEAESR/AA with different problems, 13 months old. The problem is that there are unpleasant odors and sizzling/hissing sounds coming from the back of my refrigerator. Samsungs customer service tells me to clean it out with baking soda and make sure it is dry before adding the contents back in. I ate some grapes and my mouth and throat started stinging and feeling sore. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this same problem? Please add me to your class action lawsuit list. I have a Samsung TV and my husband has a Samsung Phone; which seems to be working well. After reading these reviews I will never buy another Samsung refrigerator. I worked hard for my money to be able to purchase this refrigerator. Veryfurstratedcustomer

  • Kelvin July 15, 2015

    Our fridge has been a nightmare since the day we bought it. Samsung RS267TDRS. We have had ours since 2011. Had it serviced shortly thereafter. Still having problems with the ice maker. Now it has completely shut down.

  • Arik July 17, 2015

    our RF266AE has the exact same problems with ice in the back and water on the bottom. The fridge is three years old.

  • debbie patalonis July 20, 2015

    I have had my Samsung French Door Refrigerator for 2 years Model RF217ACPN. Icing had been forming under veggie/fruit bin. Called repairman for $125.00. He used a turkey baster with hot water to unclog hole behind back panel. This worked for a couple of weeks then problem re-occurred. I tried same. Worked for a couple of weeks now ice is back. Not sure what to do next. He could also not turn off ice machine switch. I have no ice maker. Can I be part of class action suit?

  • Ypau July 21, 2015

    I bought a house two years a go which comes with RF267AERS/XAA. Having the similar issue, not cooling and water leakage from the bottom. Can I be a part of class action lawsuit?

  • JAMES July 22, 2015

    I have a RF263AEWP model Samsung with all the same problems how do I get more info on this class action lawsuit. I am sick of loosing money other month and having to empty my fridge out to thaw out so it will work right for another month or two or three. $2400 is a lot of money for a fridge that dose not stay cold.

  • Kathy July 23, 2015

    I have a samsung RF217ACPN with water leaking in drawers. Just looking to see how to fix this problem and came across this lawsuit. I would like to be a part of it. Please let me know what I need to do. Something needs to be done for all of these people that are have the same issues. Very disappointed in Samsung.

  • Sherrie felio July 23, 2015

    I have model rf263beaesr that has been serviced 5 times since 1-2013. Now the service company can’t get the parts. I ordered the part on line. There was only one available. The refrigerator is freezing the food and the temperature reads normal. So far we have put about 600.oo into this outside of the warranty. Any advice would be appreciated. Motherboard replaced, ice cube maker replaced twice and now we installed the assembly cover evap-ref;aw1.

  • Mark Glaser July 24, 2015

    Unit RF267ABRS same freezeover and water under bin. We noticed our laminate floor buckeling so I figured a icemaker leak and shut off the water to it. Floor continued to get worse and I pulled out dishwasher assuming that might be slow leaking. Floor continuing to buckle I noticed lots of water and ice under bin. I could see the vent holes in the back clogged with a heavy buildup of ice. I am currently in the process of defrosting the fridge instead of paying $500+ for a repairman. I have approximately $4000 of damage to my laminate and all posts I read says there is no fix as it is a design issue. I wish I knew how to join a class action lawsuit.

  • Holli Grabenstein July 25, 2015

    We have the same ice build up – fan motor breaking because of it. Our model # is RS265TDBP. This happened after we had it only one year! We had to pay a lot to a repair man. Now its happening again! Ugh! This is a bad fridge! I want compensation and a new fridge!

  • Kelly July 26, 2015

    I have been having continuous issues with my Samsung refrigerator/freezer- building up ice and not maintaining temperature. My model # is….. RS2534WW1XAA…. from reading these post… it appears Samsung just shouldnt be making refrigerator/freezers. Maybe they need to stick to Technology instead! (lol). Where are the recalls of these defective appliances and why isnt Samsung held accountable by giving free repairs to customers who purchased these appliances…? I want something done as a consumer, I feel as though I should not have to bear cost of a manufacturing defect by Samsung!!!!….. Add me to lawsuit as well.

  • Kelly July 26, 2015

    Very informative and true to my defaulty Samsung refrigerator/freezer!

  • Karen July 26, 2015

    Please add my name to the CAL. My Samsung FR263AEWP is only 3.5 years old and it gives me fits with the same problem as described above every time the weather gets warm and humid. The only summer I did not have problems was the first one after I bought it. We were renting a house with a really inadequate fridge in a huge kitchen, so I bought the additional fridge of my choice and took it with me when we left. That house had central AC, as did the house we sold in Cincinnati where I bought my first Samsung French door fridge in 2009 and never had a problem. We finally purchased our retirement home in 2013 – a little cape in the mid-Hudson valley where it gets quite humid in the summer. We brought our Samsung fridge out of storage and began using it when we remodeled our kitchen. Since then, we have had problems with it every time the weather gets hot & humid. We do not have central air here and in order to save $$, we usually do not run the big window AC in our dining room unless the weather is unbearable. We only use our bedroom window AC at night. I suspect that the Samsung fridge was not tested to run in humid environments, as that seems to be where we have encountered problems. I had to get up this morning and empty out my fridge and leave the doors open so the built up ice would melt. Most of my food is stored in two picnic coolers on my DR table and some of it got moved to the fridge that was originally in our kitchen but got relocated to the basement when we moved the Samsung in to take its place. Fortunately, I also have a commercial sized upright freezer. It is still full of food from the Samsung that I squeezed in their last week when I completely defrosted our French door fridge. This time, I left our refrigerator plugged in and the freezer has continued to work fine so I did not have to remove anything from that section. I just left the fridge doors open and listened to that dinging sound which warns that the doors are open. When we returned from church this morning, the temp in the fridge (doors open) had gotten up to 70 degrees but there was still ice in the channels in the back of the fridge, so we got an extension cord and our hair dryer to melt the remaining visible ice in the channels before I closed up the fridge doors and turned the temp down again. Meanwhile, I have come to the conclusion that I am going to have to run my large AC constantly until if and when this situation is remedied. If we have to replace this refrigerator, we will have to rip out and replace the kitchen cabinets near the door and our built-in microwave just to get our current fridge out and a new fridge in. I love the French door styling with the freezer on the bottom, but would never purchase another from Samsung.

  • AJ July 30, 2015

    I have model number #rf266abpn, and I have the EXACT same issues. How do I add my name to the lawsuit?

  • Bob Smith August 1, 2015

    Please tell me how to join this class action lawsuit. Purchased the French door style January 2013 and have had trouble with it ever since. It should be against the law for Samsung to continue marketing these refrigerators!!!

  • Shara Trevino-Crespo August 3, 2015

    This by far is the worst refrigerator!! I bought my Samsung a year ago and haven’t really been able to use the freezer. It freezes over and not error 22E/21E keeps displaying. I got it repaired-new fan, etc and we’re back to the same problem!!!

  • Eric G August 4, 2015

    I would like to be added to the CAL as well. I have a RF267AERS that just recently started to have this issue (first real humid summer with it). Very annoying, I lost a huge amount of food and had to defrost the damn thing for two days. I cant believe I spent this much on a fridge that cant even defrost itself. My $500 craigslist garage fridge works better.

  • Amrita August 5, 2015

    I would like to be added to this suit. Even with extended warranty Samsung is unable to fix the cooling problem.. Their parts are always back-ordered. Its more that 2 months and they wont replace the fridge. Hate both the fridge and their extended warranty called protection plus

  • Joe Anderson August 6, 2015

    I have a Samsung model RS261MDRS/XAA01, it us almost 2 years old. About 6-8 months ago the freezer fan started making a clicking noise due to ice build up around the fan. I thought it might be caused by a leaking solenoid valve to the ice maker so I valved off the water make up line. That helped for about 3 weeks, then the fan noise was back. I started to take a warm air gun and blow around the fan and that would help for about a week. Now warming the area around the fan will only last for a day or so. I called the Samsung 800 number and spoke with a lady and she could not give me any help except to send a technician to my home, and after reading all the above post I told her no thanks if she could not give me any help I would rather junk the refrigerator than throw away good money. Will the model unit be included in any class action law suit?

  • Eric Kaeding August 6, 2015

    I have a Samsung model RS265TDWP that does the same thing and I want to take it back to lowes and tell them to stick it where the sun never shines. I t freezes up about 3 times a year.

  • Tom Joyce August 7, 2015

    I have a Samsung RF 267 AEWP and am having ice build up both in the freezer and under the crisper tray. Please add me to the lawsuit. Thank you!

  • Karen August 8, 2015

    Same problem! Less than one year old and the lower tray of fridge and crisper fills up with water and forms ice on the bottom! REALLY Wish we had NOT purchased a Samsung!!!

  • Gina Targal August 10, 2015

    I have model #rs265tdwp that is having the same problems. I bought mine memorial day weekend 2013.Samsung needs to refund eveyone their money on these pieces of crap.

  • Arun Sekhri August 12, 2015

    I have model RS265TDRS/XAA and have same problem. Spent lot on money so far. Still the problem has not been fixed. Wants to join the case.

  • lorri L Brown August 13, 2015

    i have the l SAMSUNG RF 267 Refrigerator and am having all the same problems.water constanly leaking out,the freezer has now stopped working,the ice maker stopped.We lost all our food in the freezer.Is it to late to join the law suit?

  • Steve S August 14, 2015

    Same problem with our RF267AERS. Freezing up rear coils plugged drain, ice obstructing fan. Shame on Samsung. I have TV, Cell, Refrig. No More. DONT BUY SAMSUNG. Poor Quality and not customer service. Also, DO NOT TRUST JD Powers quality ratings. JD POWERS rate Samsung 5 out of 5 stars best refrigerator way above the rest. They are either getting paid or their quality research is faulty. Look at all the people on just this site with issues? A lot of scamming going on out there, buyer beware!

  • Georgia C August 17, 2015

    Purchased the Samsung French door refidgerator 01/2010 we have the same we have the same problem with the freezing up. Can we be added to the lawsuit? Model # RF26xAERS

  • Kathy August 17, 2015

    we too are having the same problem. It was fine for the first 9months since then we have to turn off the fridge until it thaws then turn it back on. It’s good for a month or so then we have to do it again. With what the Samsung appliances cost you would expect better quality. I could have gone to lowes and paid 500.00 for one and probably had better service. So you get what you pay for is not always the truth

  • dEBORAH hOLBROOK August 18, 2015

    My samsung fridge, model number RF323TEDBSR/AA is completely dead . We purchased the fridge in 2012 and now have a 2500.00 pile of junk in our kitchen. Samsung will not acknowledge their fault in this mess. We cannot even get parts to have the fridge repaired as there is a back order for parts. The back-order is due to the enormous amount of people suffering with the same problems. Please tell me that a lawsuit against Samsung has been started. My fridge died the day before my sons graduation party. My son is a veteran and his graduating from college was a struggle and a triumph. However, his party was spoiled because we had no fridge. All of my family that came from out of state pulled together and went out to eat. This was two weeks ago and I am still waiting on parts to repair my 2500.00 mistake.

  • Andre Doss August 18, 2015

    I purchased my samsung refrigerator in 6/2010. I have had the issue with temperature fluctuations less than a month after purchase. I have experienced random defrosting, chiming at 2am in the morning, icing in veggie bins and walls. Id like to be a part of a class action lawsuit.

  • Jose Fernandez August 24, 2015

    Tengo una nevera Samsung modelo rs263tdbp/xaa y se me ha dañado mas de 6 veces. Deja de enfriar y se me dañan todos los alimentos. Quisiera participar en la demanda.

  • richard paul August 25, 2015

    my Samsung model rf265abbp quit freezing in the freezer and I lost all of my frozen food..also ice maker went out a good while ago but just been buying ice.I have had other problems with Samsung and their products and their non-willingness to help. I am very short on money to purchase another one or even pay for parts.thank you for your time,I hope something can be done

  • Rita Esposito August 26, 2015

    This is unacceptable by Samsung to not even acknowledge that they designed and sold defective refrigerators. I have the RF217 ACPN every 3 months I have to defrost my refrigerator to stop water from leaking the crisper bins. Very aggravating!!!! This began shortly after the 1 year warranty was up, how convenient for Samsung.

    • Rita Esposito August 26, 2015

      RF217 ACPN needs to be added to the list!

  • Benigno Diaz August 26, 2015

    Tengo una nevera modelo rs263tdbp y tiene el mismo problema que las mencionada en este artículo, me gustaría saber si podemos entrar en la demanda y obtener más información sobre la misma

  • hey August 27, 2015

    i just want to file a complaint for our neighbourhood. the owner lives at 3249 e23rd ave vancouver bc v5r1b6, that owner hangs a silver plate at the balcony for 24hours, with a metal post next to it. vancouver is a quiet place to live, however, in autumn/winter season, winds might hit our area, therefore, winds blow the plate to the metal post. then sounds started to created. within 24 hours, there probably total of 7-10 hours continously of sounds created by the plate. people in this area know what happen at all. the owner refuse to speak with the people concerning on the plate. is there anyone out there who can help this area to be more quiet again?
    we don’t know how long this gonna have, we just moved this area few months ago
    thank you
    God please help us

  • Kristy digangi August 28, 2015

    I purchased the Samsung Rf217acpn…only had it a little over a year..the icemaker only worked for 5 months.I have so much water built up under the crispers…it freezes up…it’s a me to the law suit.This is ridiculous

  • Robert Heishman August 28, 2015

    Please add me to this lawsuit. I would like more information. We have had this exact same model since 2007. We are having ice building up issues leading to water leaking outside of the refrigerator.

  • Effie Rea September 2, 2015

    I have the exact model you do. I, too, have and am still experiencing the ice build up under the crisper drawers and water in the drawers as well. My refrigerator is off and defrosting right now to get rid of the ice build up. I would like to joing the CAL. Did you find out any information on how to join this lawsuit?

  • Tom Taulbee September 5, 2015

    How can I add my name to this lawsuit? I have the Samsung Model # RF26VABBP.

  • Nataly Foo September 6, 2015

    I have my RS261MDRS/XAA bought at Lowes on July 7, 2013 and right now the freezer works but the fridge not cooling. This is ridiculous only 2 years and having this problem. All my tv, cell Phone etc are Samsung and this is a total disappointment. I have to pay for the technician to come out and I don’t know what will be my cost on this repair.

  • Andre September 7, 2015

    I purchased a Samsung French Door refrigerator for $1574.41 in May of 2011. We began having problems with it last year when it began chiming constantly, temp control didn’t work and icing of coils. I called Samsung and since it was out of warranty them told me to pound sand. I replaced the temp sensor, that didn’t work, then replaced the fan motor, that worked for a year now it beeping/chiming again. What a piece of s__t! Id like in on the class action lawsuit.

  • Alisha September 9, 2015

    Too bad I didn’t find this info back when we got our fridge ! Same issues listed above ! Freezing up. Such a waste of $!! Things don’t last like they should and cost more !!

  • Gina Chung September 11, 2015

    We’re having the same issue with our model RF20HFENBSR. We purchased this fridge about 3 1/2 months ago. For at least a month, we noticed drinks and food wasn’t getting as cold as our old fridge but thought maybe our old fridge was working overtime since the temp display was showing 38 degrees. Then I started to notice mold on food much quicker than expiration date and decided to do some research. We tried unplugging the fridge and plugging it back in and the temp display showed 55 degrees. And since then the temp wouldn’t go back down. Btw, I’m 7 1/2 months pregnant so am worried that I’ve been eating spoiled meat and food. Called Samsung today and they told me to turn off the fridge and defrost it. I’m hoping eating all this spoilt food has not affected my unborn baby. Does anyone have any new information about this?

  • kandi tripi September 15, 2015

    Yep, Same problem here with RF217ACRS.had it repaired 3 times and hundreds of $ of food wasted besides family members getting sick…… How do we join the lawsuit?

  • Krista Preisberga September 16, 2015

    Same issue with ours – can I join the suit at this time? Please let me know!

  • Thomas Witman September 19, 2015

    I am battling the same problem. Mine is a RS267LBSH. I purchased it in 2008. I have had a repairman out once and now I do the repair myself when needed but this is ridiculous!

  • Wendy September 19, 2015

    We have Samsung RF26XAEBP since March 2010. In the past 2 years we have been dealing the same problems. No help from Samsung and no any fridge technicants want to come to fix Samsung fridge in our area. We like to join the suit.

  • Alice September 20, 2015

    I have the Samsung RF26VAB that has this very same problem. Can you expand this lawsuit to cover the rest of us that unfortunately bought these defective refrigerators? I even had the extended warranty but it just ran out as well. My freezer works great, but the food spoils quickly in the refrigerator portion. I had water and ice continuously in the bottom under the crisper drawers for over a year, and then it just quit cooling at all. Perhaps, you can email us and let us know what recourse we have if it is too late to join this CAL. Thanks.

  • Robert September 23, 2015

    My Samsung freezer doesn’t get cold works when it wants to how I get in the suit

  • Bruce Perkinson September 28, 2015

    I am experiencing icing problems as well. RF263AEBP. What can I do to join the lawsuit?

  • Mirela Hardy September 29, 2015

    I have a Samsung Refrigerator ,French doors . I would like to join the law suit too. I had problems for quite a wile ,bought the fridge 4 years ago and the ice maker stopped working a year an a half after. I thought was our fault ,had no idea this refrigerator is not good. We paid around $2000 at that time. For the past year it stated building water and later iced under the crisp drawers. We checked the water line , no issue there so now I found that is a real problem with the refrigerator . My freezer doesn’t want to keep my food frozen either ….such a shame for the company. I used to buy only Samsung products ,never thought the refrigerator is such a bad quality.

  • Bob Osgood October 2, 2015

    I have seen a lot of request on how to be part of this law suite, but no answers to that question. I also would like to be involved in it. Please someone, post a link or something.

  • Mike Mannifield October 9, 2015

    Model RF260BEAEBC French Door side by side with freezer and ice maker on the bottom. Same problem, the fan started to sound like it was going to take off and then the next day complete silience. Although it read that it was 34 degrees nothing was cold. Lost food. Paid a repair man whom advised me that this is common for Samsungs like this. We were told the only answer is to turn if off and let the ice melt for atleast 48 hours. This doesnt make me happy as this was just made in June 2013 and we purchsed almost 2 years ago. I also want to add the the cheap plastic clip on the door flap has broken 2 times also which meant that the door wouldnt close correctly. We paid a lot of money for this Samsung Junk!!! I realllly want in on this class action suit.

  • Vladimir Kuljanin October 12, 2015

    I have same issue with my Samsung RF267AERS for couple of years. I purchased this fridge in 2010. It was not cheap and now I have to deal with manually putting it all apart and defrosting every 3-5 months. I want in on this class action suit.

  • Tammie Morgan October 15, 2015

    Samsung Model RF28HMEDBSR Serial 065L43BG505238L purchased July 4, 2015 replaced by Home Depot on 9/18/2015 because the freezer went out. Today Oct 15, 2015 I wake up to another freezer full of thawed out meat. This is crazy, will my model be included in this class action suite?

  • Pamala Treat October 16, 2015

    Would like to get involved like the rest of the unhappy Samsung owners. I have the RS261. After a year we are still trying to get Samsung to do something. We have been sick the times over this and are no longer using the fridge. We are living out of coolers til we can find a new used fridge. NOT A SAMSUNG!

  • Alexandro Davila October 19, 2015

    Same issue with my Samsung RF266AEPN. Purchased it in 2010 and early this year it started freezing in and around the coils and we’ve had to have it fixed 5 times now. I would like in, in the class action lawsuit, could someone provide me information?

  • Alex October 21, 2015

    I have model RF267ABRX with same issue! Add me to lawsuit!

  • Alvareen October 22, 2015

    Purchased my samsung side by side RFG298AARS?XAA in 2010, I paid over $2000.00. It has now stop cooling on both top and bottom. I had to suffer the loss of a fridge full of newly purchsed groceries. Most was organic. my 5 year factory warranty just expired. Contacted Samsung and spoke with a supervisor who politely told me found the email of the office of the CEO and they denied me also. I did not give up, i wrote again, now they are offer a parts only solution but im sure the labor is going to cost more.
    Samsung needs to do beeter by their customers and stand by their product.

    Had a similar problem in May with their microwave after 21/2 years i had to purchase a new unit.

  • ed October 22, 2015

    Same issue here, Ice jamming fan motor on fridge side, freezer works fine. Had repair man thaw it once, now I have to do it myself. about a five hour process dropping hot water down drain hole. its only three years old and bought from Sears. Wouldn’t you think they would know of this on going issue with this company yet they still sell these in their stores. Control panel doesn’t function properly either. add me to the list please

  • Amy Francis October 28, 2015

    I have been trying to get information on this lawsuit for awhile now. We have had THE WORST and SAME problems with our french door Samsung model RF217ACWP. The ice maker has NEVER worked in spite of paying 3 repair men to come fix it. The coil in the back has frozen over MULTIPLE times resulting in major food loss in the fridge HUNDREDS of dollars lost! We have had to take the back panel off, unthaw the coil and or replace. Another HUGE annoyance that results in loss of produce on a weekly basis is water collects in both of the bottom drawers!! and some is partially frozen and water collects under the drawers and freezes. I have to dump the water out of the drawers several times a week to try to prevent loss. It is the worst fridge I have ever purchased!!! We paid over $2000 and it is a JOKE!!!! Samsung does not care remotely about the problem, has done NOTHING to try to help in spite of the repeated calls and complaints. I would like to be added to this lawsuit and want out fridge replaced! It is only 3 years old. Please contact me!

  • Colleen October 29, 2015

    I have had the same problems that you all have mentioned above with the freezing and fans locking up. I purchased my Samsung 6 months ago and have had a repair guy here 2 times now. I made him aware that my intentions were to have the fridge replaced because it was far to expensive to be having these kind of problems 6 months in. He told me that in his history of repairs, he has NEVER seen Samsung replace anything and that I would have more luck going back to the store of purchase. The repair guy had told me to go online to find a food spoilage refund form which is how I found this site instead. I wish I would have seen this before my purchase. Now I know! HOW DO YOU GET ADDED TO THE CLASS ACTION?

  • Bruno Davis November 1, 2015

    I have a RS261MDBP model side bt side and the condensor failed. Samsung said it was under warranty but hteir repair guy wants to charge me $200+ in labor! I just want the part because my guy who owns a refrigeration repair will do it for free, but I cant even find the damn part!!!!! Add me to the suit!!!

  • Eric R In Chattanooga November 5, 2015

    We just pulled our RS263TDPN apart again tonight for about the 8th time to defrost the fresh food side. Bought it new from Sears in 2010. YOU WILL ALL LOVE THIS PART my wife called the Samsung customer service line today and described our situation, but they did not give her any real advice on how we might address the problem. You know, like actual tech support. With technical and supportive information. Instead, they said the only thing they could do for us was sell us an extended warranty for over $400, and then if we continue to have problems AND the issues happen to be covered under this pricey warranty, they would repair the problem(s). We are getting a bit tired of this and wonder how much longer until the thing totally fails. It will be a cold day in my refrigerator when I by another Samsung. Good luck everyone!

  • leonard anderson November 6, 2015

    i thaw this expensive fridge twice a year . samsung we deserve better

  • leonard anderson November 6, 2015

    i thaw this fridge twice a we deserve better

  • Rao November 8, 2015

    We bought the Samsung RF217ACRS 2 years back and after one year started seeing the issue with water collecting in the crisper drawers; manually defrosted the fridge and it has only been 3 months and the problem has started again; so back to defrosting the fridge this weekend.

  • Rob November 9, 2015

    I have model rf263beaesr same issue, spoiled food, multiple defrost events – finally took it apart myself last time and noticed the ice build up had damaged the drip tray to the point it was allowing water to run down the inside of the fridge instead of the drain (which also freezes up it you dont catch it in time). All in all what a garbage product – threw in towel – I am now a proud owner of GE Profle. If there is still a chance to get in on a law suit or if someone knows how to fix this piece of crap (I still have it in my garage – using the freezer – it still works). Samsung should be held accountable…..

  • Travis Johnson November 16, 2015

    I have a RF267 spent over $600 on repairs that’s did not work . The Samsung refrigerator won’t make ice , it creates frost so bad in the freezer section I have to clean it once a week for the past three years and now it leaks in my crisper / pantry

  • Kim November 16, 2015

    Model RS263TDWP, same issue. Bought 5/2011.

  • Suzanne Robinson November 17, 2015

    Model #RS265TDBP ,The evaporator fan froze up,and lost most all my food.Called repair man and he said compressor is pulling to many amps which will cause a fire hazard.Will cost over $500.00 for compressor,and still may need a control board.Called Samsung because it is still under warranty and they said that the warranty would not pay for it! The cost for this was $1400.00.bought from HHGREGG.Please add me to the lawsuit!

  • Brooke November 19, 2015

    Same issue here! We have been pleading for help from Samsung since the month we bought it in 2011! Everytime I call them they cut me off!!!! Let me know what I need to do, we’ve HAD it with them! Model # RF267AEP

  • Michael Nelson November 21, 2015

    Hello, Currently having same issue of fridge icing up, fan stopping. Had to replaced board already. Looking for information on this class action lawsuit. I currently have a model that is listed. Thanks.

  • Jeff Bezold November 22, 2015

    RF267AERS same issue. Please add me to the suit

  • Scott T Armstrong November 27, 2015

    Model 265….been fighting this same freezing coil issue for two years…new control board…repairman after repairman. I want a fridge that works. Bad milk, spoiled food and the hassel of taking stuff out of this thing are really old.

  • Tina Tracy November 29, 2015

    I am having the same issue, but this FORUM has been going on for 3 years and I see NO responses about the lawsuit or any responses on how to fix the problem. I have found many videos on YOUTUBE regarding this problem but NO permanent fix. Has anyone found a permanent fix?

  • David Baker December 1, 2015

    My six month old Samsung RF23HTEDBSR/AA French Door Freezer has totally frosted over…this is just nuts!!! Please add me to the lawsuit. Bought this piece of garbage after 7 years of a GE Profile breaking at least every six months…is there such a thing as a quality refrigerator/freezer anymore?

  • MICHELLE GONZALEZ December 2, 2015

    Bought Samsung model RF217ACPN just over 2 years ago…..same repair now 3 times!! Water collecting in crisper drawers due to drainage tube freezing, clogging, causing ice buildup!!! Please send me info regarding this terrible product. It should be recalled and all of us should get monetary compensation. Never buying Samsung again!!!!

  • Kirk Dore December 3, 2015

    Same problem – model RH269LBSH – hundreds in food lost and damage to hardwoods. Called Samsung and they acted like they never knew of an issue. Told me I would have to call a local repair person. Call a reputable repair person who said the repair was extremely costly and it will occur again because the basic design and technology are bad. His advise, considering his 40 yeasr experience was to trash it and get a whirlpool. I paid almost $3000 for the stupid thing!! Is the lawsuit still active?

  • David M. LoCoco December 4, 2015

    The malfunctioning Samsung refrigerator I purchased is model RF26XAEBP. Have had it a few years when it started freezing up the back panel where the fan is located. I noticed an unusual noise coming from the unit. Ice had accumulated inside the fan compartment, the fan blades were hitting against the ice build up. I unplugged the unit to prevent damage to the fan. Had to runout and buy ice and try to preserve all the food in there. Lost much of the fresh produce, meat and dairy due to this issue. Put everything in ice chests while the Samsung refrigerator thawed out. It took about 3 days for all of the ice to melt and the floor was flooded because the melted ice drained into the box and out of the french doors onto the floor, instead of draining into the condensate pan. This unit was very expensive and I feel cheated, ripped off!!! Somebody needs to go to jail!

  • Rick December 9, 2015

    The buildup of ice on the bottom of bottom freezer and French door fridges is due to the formation of an ice dam in the defrost drain. During the defrost cycle, the water can’t go down the drain and instead flows into the freezer compartment. The cure is easy. Using a copper wire (best is some romex ground wire) wrap it once or twice around the heating element just above the drain. Extend the wire down into the drain. This will convey heat into the drain, preventing ice formation. Worked for me for 2 years and still working. There is a YouTube video showing it.

  • kevin December 13, 2015

    may as well add my name to this long list…model rs267lash…have replaced the fan motor,temp sensor and thermal fuse assy on the fridge side due to the coils keep icing up…all to no avail,the unit works fine for about a week and then I get to hear the helicopters again…I know the drain line is clear so that’s not the problem.I too have run the Samsung customer service gauntlet,they are just warm bodies hired to answer the phone that are completely clueless other than the fact that they seem to have been coached on what to say…end result:the company Samsung,and any company selling Samsungs products if at all possible,will never get any more of my hard earned money…

  • Alex W. December 13, 2015

    I have the Samsung RF266AEPN French door with bottom freezer. Purchased Oct 2011 and the rear coils have frozen up twice, along with the freezer handle breaking completely off. Lost groceries twice when having to thaw coils. Add me to any future lawsuits.

  • Melanie S. December 14, 2015

    We have model # rf266abpn same problems! We bought it in 2009. We have lost so much in groceries. The problem is getting worse and worse. Can I be added? I still have my receipt. Please help!

  • Parth Patel December 19, 2015

    I have a samsung RS265TDRS model with the same issue. Repaired it multiple times and same issue keeps coming up.

  • Ozzie Albini December 20, 2015

    I have a model RF26VABBP same type of problems that other models have.How I can joint CAL?

  • Jeannette December 24, 2015

    I have the same problem! Model#RF266AEBP. Today is December 24, and my Samsung frige is not cooling. I looked on line and found out what the problem is and that it is an ongoing problem with Samsung Refrigerators. I would also like to become a part of the class action suit. I think that all Samsung products should be boycotted until the make ammends!

  • Patricia Thoel December 26, 2015

    Ive had my 4 door Samsung for 6 months and cannot believe how many defective refrigerators there are after reading this. My fan has been loud for about a week and only shuts off when the door is open. I paid almost $4k for this thing and it isn’t even paid off yet!

  • Norman Watson December 26, 2015

    We have Samsung Model RF26XAEBP/XAA purchased May 6, 2010 from out local Lowes. It has not cooled properly numerous times due to ice build up in upper back compartment. Temperature gauge reads a cooler temperature than actually in frig. We thought this was a quality refrigerator and purchased it from Lowes because we thought they carried the good reliable brands. What a double disappointment. Can we participate in this class action law suit? Please advise. Thank you… norman

  • Scott Lucas December 27, 2015

    We purchase a Samsung from Lowes in 2011, ($1800) Mod#RF263AERS, what a piece of junk. We did nothing purchase the warranty. I have taken the evaporator fan off 3x time to defrost the cooling coils. Remove all the food, clean up all water , defrost the back panel to get it off, clear the drain line, reinstall everything. Works for a couple of months, repeat!!!!!! What a pain!!! Thanks god we have a second refridgerator, a cheap fridgidare, which is 10 years old and still working perfectly.. Please add me to the class action law suit. I will never buy anything Samsung make again..

  • Jim&Vickey December 27, 2015

    My wife and I have been going trough this problem for years. We have fixed our Samsung at least 4 times and have it apart again today!! We are doing a defrost and check to see if it broke the cooling fan again. How do we find out any info on the class action suit?

  • Jim Vaughn December 27, 2015

    we bought our RF261BEAESR Labor day weekend 2013, it worked fine until late August 2015, then we noticed the upper section was getting warmer. We tried to get Samsung to provide warranty service but they used A&E for warranty work, and they had a over a month wait just for an appt. We paid for service from a non-warranty Samsung repair service, they replaced the defroster/heater and thermostat sensor and things were fine until late December, now frozen up again. Now reading everyones reported problems and feel like its a big waste of time to even try to have it repaired a second time. Ill try to join the lawsuit. Jim

  • Alexis Moreno December 29, 2015

    I have a RS263TDRS I purchased 10/11/2011. I had some issues with it but it was covered under warranty. This fall (2015) my ice maker went out, and I hadnt had time to look into repairing, but it was out of warranty, and now it doesnt stay cold.. My fridge should not be going out only having it for 4 years.. Is this class action lawsuit even legit? Ive seen everyone saying add me, but no additional info on it.. Add me or how do I get added in this lawsuit? From all the complaints from Samsung refrigerators. We had to go out and purchase a new one. I would like to hear something regarding this soon.

  • Catherine Fogal December 29, 2015

    Our Fridge is RF26XAEBP. We are having the same issues. Spent a ton on repairs. They keep telling us because the fixed it prior, that it cant be the same issue. How do we join?

  • Katie Bowen December 31, 2015

    We have the same issue with our and constant food spoilage. Model # RF266AEWP manufactured in 2011. Please advise who we should contact.

  • Michel December 31, 2015

    We havé à Samsung side-by sied Model Number RS265TDRS built in september 2011. I would Luke to join the lawsuit.

  • Barbara December 31, 2015

    I found this post from September 4, 2014. Maybe it can help you.
    Having the same trouble with a fridge we purchased in April of 2013, I went online to find out how to clean coils and found class action lawsuit information instead. I went to the website for the District Court in New Jersey, got a phone number and found out you have to write a letter to the judge to request being added to the case. Website is here: Judges for the case are Martini and Falk, you can get their names off the website. Write a letter with documentation about your purchase and any repair history, and mail to the Newark address. They will want the case number: Civil Action Case No. 2:10-cv-04811-WJM -MF.

    • Shannon February 27, 2016

      thank. any luck?

  • Kathy Burtram January 1, 2016

    We have Samsung model RF263AEBP manufactured in October 2010. We have been experiencing these ice issues along with noticing melted wiring inside the panel while defrosting. We are not sure the next step to add our names to this lawsuit or if there has already been some kind of outcome we would like to know about it. This is extremely upsetting that such an expensive piece of necessary piece of our kitchen would not work properly and for such a short amount of time.

  • steve January 2, 2016

    I have a Samsung fridge/bottom freezer with the same issues. I live in Canada can I be included in the lawsuit or would there need to be a class action lawsuit filed in Canada?. Can someone please get back to me I do not see and lawsuits filed in Canada against Samsung as of today Jan 2 2016 for this problem.

  • Mark January 3, 2016

    We have a model RF263AEWP/XAA that is building up ice under the pantry tray. Is this model included in the suit? If it is what do I need to do?

  • Rick Whitesell January 4, 2016

    Compressor just went out on my 2007 Samsung RF266AASH

  • Philip A. Noce January 5, 2016

    I would like to be included in this class action law suit. My Samsung rf217acpn has all the same issues as many that have posted.

  • W. Lee January 6, 2016

    I have a Samsung refrigerator RF267ABRS and have the same problem and the icemaker makes 1 tray of ice every 3-4 days, even tho I’ve tried the reset button. Icemaker has had problems from day 1. Is it too late to be included in the class action law suit?

  • Peter Hilbig January 8, 2016

    Have RF265ABWP, same problem – cooling fan becomes encased in solid block of ice so it cannot circulate cooling air from freezer to food compartment. Have had to dismantle inside of food compartment three times to defrost the area behind back wall. Freezer works fine, but cold air cannot circulate to food compartment because cooling fan is immobilized in ice. The defrost drain freezes shut, so water builds up in and around the styrofoam insulation and ice builds up until it reaches the fan. Once the fan is stuck in a block of ice, the food side gets warm. Design defect! Samsung needs to put a heater wire in the defrost drain to prevent it from freezing shut and causing defrost water to accumulate.

  • Daming Yang January 9, 2016

    Same problem on my RF267AERS purchased in 2010. Very frustrated and disappointed. Please add me to the lawsuit.

  • George Borges January 9, 2016

    Same problem with mine. My Model # is RF263BEAESR. I Bought it on 11/28/2013. Today is 1/10/2016. Same exactly problems. Fan noise due to ice buildup. Unit is not doing a proper defrost cycle. Please add me to the suite!!!

  • Kristin Thayer January 10, 2016

    Please add me as well. Ive had our fridge serviced 4-5 times now and Im so sick of it! Ive lost food every single time, constantly having to throw out meat, dairy, etc. My husband just removed the panel from the back wall of the inside of the fridge and it was completely iced up. The fan looked like it was from the ice age and after thawed, wont work. Im trying to find a replacement part and cant even find a replacement for it! I WILL NEVER BUY A SAMSUNG REFRIGERATOR AGAIN!! Please add me to the lawsuit. Model # RF267AERS

  • Wayne January 11, 2016

    There is no class action lawsuit anymore, I think it is done with. We lose!!

    • Darci Nelson February 4, 2016

      Then another needs to be started! There has to be a hungry attorney out there!

  • Ralph B January 14, 2016

    I have the Samsung RF267ABRS and it has been a can of worms from the day I bought and replaced my previously owned 15 year unit. The Samsung constantly freezes up, the condensation drain line freezes, ice maker stopped working, and when the ice maker was working it was constantly not cold enough to keep the ice from melting which resulted in water constantly dripping down the ice chute. I have noticed in the newer models they have abandoned this design. However, when I replace my unit I wont be buying another Samsung unit. My previous unit was a Kenmore and it worked flawlessly for nearly 15 years. The purchase of the Samsung RF267ABRS was the biggest appliance purchase mistake I have ever made.

  • Brian January 19, 2016

    I have the same problems with crisper freezing model#RF197ACRS. Add me to the list

  • Lisa Gray January 19, 2016

    Model RF265ABBP. Having same problem. Please add me to the list.

  • Kathy Gonia January 22, 2016

    Is there a class action law suit?

  • Kathy Gonia January 22, 2016

    Is there a class action law suit? Please add me to the list.

  • FT January 23, 2016

    I have a RS2533SW with the same problem. Anyone know the status of the lawsuit?

  • Darryl Sims January 28, 2016

    I just had a repairman out for the 4th or 5th time today. I have a model # RF24FSEDBSR/AA Samsung refrigerator that we purchased 2 years ago. It worked fine for the first year. But, now we are having a repairman come out every 3 months or so to fix our ice maker. The first 2 times they completely installed the whole ice maker. Ice was not forming correctly and water was leaking out of the ice/water fill area. Fan was seizing up due to frosting inside of ice compartment. Now, they are replacing the auger section and putting sealant between the refrigerator interior wall and the ice holder. THIS time the ice maker completely stopped making ice. Repairman installed a new auger piece and put more sealant. Luckily we purchased the EXTENDED WARRANTY so no money out of our pocket. I think that Samsung should pay for ice maker problems once my warranty runs out. This is an ongoing problem from the start. Make me a part of this class action suit as well. Does anybody else have this fridge and the same problems???

  • linda January 28, 2016

    please, you have to help us, our concern is the noise problem we have at night and day time also, that freak owner 3249 e23rd ave vancouver bc v5r1b6 canada 604 434 7745 has the baking plate at the back of the house, we need someone to get in touch with the owner. we in renfrew height area has problem sleeping at windy night, day time is ok, most of our families members are not home, the noise is really disturbing, no one could sleep with the that kind of noises, just like using nails scratching the chalk broad, we called polices and city of vancouver staff, no help, people dropped a note about the noise, still the problem is there, the owner doesn’t concern our problem. is there any thing you can do for us? we are praying for god. please help us, i needyour help, if the plate is gone at midnight, then the ownerknows, or else the owner just ignre everyone people who knock the door and ring the bell. please help us, this is a serious matter. thank you
    Submitted by Visitor on October 26, 2013 – 8:41pm

  • Rob Black January 29, 2016

    I have the samsung model RF197ACRS and I’m having the issue mentioned many times above. Pooled up water under the crisper drawers. Driving me nuts that I spent my hard earned money on an appliance I expected to last for years, and it’s already failing. I don’t have $1500 to throw down the toilet. I also haven’t seen any answers above on how to get in on the class action suit??????????!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Samantha Lyons January 30, 2016

    We have a Samsung model # RS261MDWP and we are having the same issues. How can we become part of the lawsuit?

  • Elaine Larson &Randy Moore January 30, 2016

    We purchased a Samsung model number RF 261RFAFRC Approximately two and a half to three years ago,We have had nothing but problems from the day we bought it such as the ones I am including the ones I am reading about here could you please let me know how to join the class action lawsuit.

  • Paul Wilcox February 3, 2016

    If you want to be part of the class action, call one of the attorneys at the bottom of the full lawsuit linked in the article. There are a few, I called this one: Kristen L. Sagafi Alison M. Stocking LIEFF CABRASER HEIMANN & BERNSTEIN, LLP 275 Battery Street, 29th Floor San Francisco, CA 94111-3339 Telephone: 415.956.1000 Fax: 415.956.1008 Attorneys for Plaintiffs

    • Aimee Miller February 23, 2016

      Thank you for attorney information!

    • Shannon February 27, 2016

      no attorney at that firm by those names currently. a CAL against samsung, lowes, best buys, etc. was not listed in their current cases. any luck with this yet? thanks

  • Corey Worrell February 3, 2016

    Same issues can’t believe they are still selling these. When you call they claim they have never heard of this even though hundreds of same complaints all over the Internet. Please include me and update with information

  • Eugenie McClintock February 5, 2016

    Please add me to the lawsuit against SAMSUNG refrigerator. A repairman from Bakers told me about this lawsuit. I have Model#RF197ACRS, s/n Y4G54ADB500142B. Same problem as the other, frozen coils.

  • Rickey Crow February 8, 2016

    We have Samsung Model RF217ACBP and we are having the same problems and have had for quite some time. How do we come part of the lawsuit. Very frustrated!

  • Sumathi R February 13, 2016

    I have a RS264ABBP/XAA Samsung refrigerator and have the same icing problem. The fridge stops cooling when the ice forms.

  • BLRaftery February 13, 2016

    My model-RF266AEBP is humming very loudly as I type, I just found this thread. I also have had to get ice out of the bottom of the refrigerator. How do I A) get help, B) is there a recall and C) get in on the class action lawsuit?

  • Eugenie McClintock February 15, 2016

    I have the same problem. My Samsung Model#RF197ACRS stopped producing cold air because the coils & fan froze. It is still under warranty. The repair person told me to join the class action suit. I bought it through a contractor when I got a new kitchen. He bought it at Gerhardts in Glenside, PA. The warranty is through Consumer Priority Service. I had a new fan installed on 2/12/16 and was told this would never happen again. Now, three days later there is a loud buzzing noise throughout the day and night. I will be calling again today, 2/15/16.

  • Dimitar Dimitrov February 15, 2016

    Add RS265TDRS to the list. Same issue. The frig side is building ice around the fan. Over the time noise become higher and higher and on the end is like having a helicopter into the kitchen. At this point it must be unplugged.

  • Karla windle February 16, 2016

    I also am having the same problem with my Samsung RS261MDBP. I purchased in 2010 . The ice maker only lasted 2 months and it started clumping all together. Then the loud noises started and everything in the crisper drawers were freezing.i have had so much food ruined . Tonight it has not even kicked on I’m thinking in a while cause my pitcher of tea was ruined. Now it has started dumping water in the floor. I to have been getting bad headaches and come to find out we tested positive for mold. So what can I do about this?

  • diane February 19, 2016

    There should be a lawsuit so that samsung never makes another refrigerator. The thought of another repairman coming out to fix something and me going to work and coming home with a flood again and a fridge full of either frozen or spoiled food. I spent close to 2k for this fridge only 3 years back, i cant believe the problems. My model is RF263BEAESR, i hope some lawyer can bring up another suit…i feel robbed.

  • John February 22, 2016

    Same issue on the refrigerator Side. MODEL Rs265tdrs I have this Refrigerator service about twice since 2011 continues to build up ice on the refrigerator side. I purchase parts after the warranty was out and still those parts go bad please add me to the last two as well

  • Aimee Miller February 23, 2016

    Well add me to the ever growing LONNNNGGGG LIST OF DISSATISFIED SAMSUNG OWNERS! I sure wish I would have seen this before investing hard earned money on our fridge. Same problem…freezing up in the back of the unit. Making the fan stop spinning. Repair guy has been here twice to thaw unit. Only 2 1/2 years old. Has anyone gone to the media? 403 customers with the same issue and how many hundreds more that aren’t on this list. Would love to have compensation for this. They are beautiful looking refrigerators and we purchased ours because of the 10 year warranty on the compressor after our previous fridge died after 2 years (whirlpool French door). I feel like we’ve been cursed with fridges! I would like to add my name if a law suit does come out of this. Model RF263BEAESR

  • Linda Galloup February 25, 2016

    Please add our model # RF267AERS to this list as we have had non stop problems with this model for years including that the ice maker does not work, the fan continually iced up and had to be repaired numerous times and the drain plug constantly freezes up causing water to pool up and freeze under the crisper drawers. We have been dealing with all of these problems for years with no solution.

  • karin Elliott February 26, 2016

    How do you sign up for this? Our Samsung RS267TD has had this problem constantly. Had so many repairmen look at it.

  • Nate February 28, 2016

    Samsung refrigerator that has been frosting over in freezer. Model # RS261M**. We got a home warranty when we bought our house this year. The refrigerator didn’t work right since we moved in. Service guy has been out 3 times and after a new motherboard it still doesn’t work. Has there been progress with the class action lawsuit?

  • Jack March 1, 2016

    POS POS POS POS The S emulates Samsung!!!!!!

  • Jack March 1, 2016

    Add me to the list !!!!! RF263 BEASER

  • Jack March 1, 2016

    Someone make note—- This class-action lawsuit(CAL) must also have charges of Elder Abuse attached !!!! Our Elders, buying the most modern appliance they’ve ever owned, are the most easily taken-advantage-of segment of our modern society… They are the first to use their hard earned dollars to buy Good Quality merchandise, and the last-to-address perceived arenas of conflict…….

  • Jim March 6, 2016

    Wow, the amount of people is staggering. Same issue here with refer side freezing up.

  • Laura B. March 9, 2016

    I have model # RB195ABBP purchased 4/15/2010 with the same problem. The previous homeowners purchased an Extended Warranty that, according to Samsung, had expired a month prior to my call. I then purchased a Samsung Protection Plan (over $400)… but the problem persisted. When I called today for service, I was told that my Protection Plan expired last week. Hmmm. They wanted another $595.01 to service the same problem. Samsung makes the worst appliances… AND customer service is terrible. TOTAL Rip off. Samsung deserves to be sued. Add me to VERY LONG LIST of ripped-off customers.

  • LeeAnn Crowe March 10, 2016

    Please add us to the CAL. We have a Samsung Side by side refrigerator and it keeps frosting up and we have to manually defrost it. As well as it sounds like it is ready to take off. The model number is RS261MDRS /XAA. We have only had this refrigerator for about 1.5 yrs, we did not purchase the extended warranty. Have had a Samsung tech. out and he stated that it is recommended that the Assy panel-front and rear to be replaced and a new sensor, and this is to a tune of $463.00 and it may not take care of the problem. He has told me that another one of his customers has had the same issue as we do and he has made 3 repairs to the same refrigerator and still the problem exists. I have called Samsung about this issue several times and they are NOT willing to help in anyway except telling me that I can purchase their Rescue Repair Warranty, which is $390.00. This is all crap if you ask me. My last conversation I told the CS lady that I was reporting to the BBC and Attorney Generals Office here in Missouri. I told her that there are other people with complaints like mine on their refrigerators but different models but ALL the same issue. I told her that to me this is a design flaw and that Samsung is not standing behind their products that they make, that a refrigerator that is less than 2 yrs old should not be having issues.

  • Yolanda T March 14, 2016

    We bought a Samsung RS265TDRS and only had for 3 years and ice started forming on coils in back of fridge making a loud popping noise and refrigerator was not cooling anymore and food spoiled also the ice maker would freeze over and stop making ice we called for repair man but we were out of warranty and we would have to pay for repairs ourself. I only found out to defrost over night from comments on internet which only last a few weeks and when the coils freeze over we dont know until we notice food spoiling faster than normal or items dont seem as cold to the touch. We saw the class action lawsuit and we also want to be included in it. We expected to have a refrigerator lasting longer than this!!

  • Franco Facchini March 15, 2016

    Yep. Samsung Model RS265TDRS, 2 1/2 years old, same problem. Evaporator coil freezes over and refrigerator wont cool. Need to pull out all the food from the refrigerator, wait until ice thaws out, remove the back cover, use a hair dryer to thaw out the evaporator coil, pour hot water down the drain until IT unthaws. And then put everything back together. A PIA job every 2-3 months.Had a repair man out here once, he told me it was a design flaw with Samsung. If there were a fix, I would invest in it. But judging from all the comments here, I am not going to throw good money after bad. There has to be enough for a class action suit.

  • Dennis March 16, 2016

    Same issue with RS265TDRS. Evaporator fan on Fridge side started making rumbling noise, then quit entirely. Evaporator coils seem to be frozen over, as I can see ice covering one of the screws that allow you to remove the panel. Also ice at baeof panel. Refrigerator is only 4 years old. Would love to join class action suit

  • Meg March 16, 2016

    We have a Samsung RFHmedbsr/aa model that is doing the same. The refrigerator evaporator fan has stopped completely now. Frig still cold. After numerous calls and being told they would have someone call us back , we finally are to get a repairman to call us – next week. Our refrigerator is only 19 months old. The problem with the fan started 3 months ago. We have done what they said to do, which is unplug the unit for 9 hours. That defrosts it, but within a week it starts all over again.

  • Bob Vietas March 17, 2016

    I would like to be added to this class action suit, if still possible. We have a Samsung RS267TDRS that continues to ice over on the refrigerator side.

  • john mcmains March 18, 2016

    I have a Samsung RF266AEPN with the issues mentioned above. Drains freeze over and flood the refrigerator.

  • HEIDI MERCADO March 24, 2016

    Hello, we are having the same issues our model # is RF263TEAEBC. I already called Samsung and they said they can not help me. How can we find out if this is the exact part and if so what we need to do. Thanks Heidi

  • Maryann and Al Schuld March 29, 2016

    Our Samsung Model #RF217ACRC was just purchased in August 2015 and has been repaired by the Home Warranty repair 3 times. I would like to be a part of the class action.

  • Grace Vise March 31, 2016

    I would like to be apart of this lawsuit my Samsung Model # RF267ABRS The freezer keeps icing up and water leaking under crisper drawer constantly. I wish I never bought this refrigerator.

  • Laurel Salazar March 31, 2016

    I would like to join lawsuit. Samsung Model # RF26XAERS. I have had to empty and defrost my refrigerator at least every 3 months for several years now to keep it going.

  • Ryan Escobar April 6, 2016

    I would also like to join the lawsuit. My Samsung Model #RF28HFEDTSR is having this same issue and its not even a year old.

  • Benedict Curatolo April 7, 2016

    I have Samsung RFG297AARS/XAA. It has a slow leak and the icemaker has been repaired twice. Can I be added?

  • William Askay April 9, 2016

    Can I be added. I have a Samsung refrigerator icing up my model number is RF217ACRS. On a tight budget can not get repairs. Just constantly manually defrosting every month. When first happens till now probably lost a total of $2000.00 in food in the last4 times I had to do a manual defrost. This problem needs to be fixed and fixed right with no other issues.

  • Melissa Signoretti April 9, 2016

    Our fridge is 2 years old and is now experiencing this issue. I wish we would have researched more prior to purchasing a Samsung Fridge. Is it too late to get in on the class action lawsuit? We also have a Samsung Smart TV that has A LOT of issues. Not too pleased with Samsung right now :(

  • DP Davis April 11, 2016

    Add me to the list… what a PIA. Purchased RF266AEWP in Nov. 2010, it looks like I made out a little better than most of the others because mine lasted 5 years, but first the ice maker quit and then the cooling fan started making a horrible racket… and it stopped cooling. Turns out the entire back panel, inside and out, was completely frozen up. NO ONE would work on it except Sears, and that tech told me its because they cant get parts. He gave me an estimate of $900 to fix, although 2 of the parts he needed were not even available. So he defrosted it and gave me some breathing room to get another fridge. I will NEVER buy another Samsung and have told a lot of people…The tech said Samsung and LG are both notorious for this.

  • Shelly B April 12, 2016

    I have a Samsung RFG237AARS, bottom of freezer forms a big sheet of ice, gets very thick then starts leaking water as door starts to not close well. Has ruined my hardwood floors. I have to constantly check to see when the ice starts to form, then take everything out and defrost to get the large sheet of ice that covers the whole bottom of the freezer. This has happened since I bought it.

  • Vanessa Flores April 16, 2016

    Same here with our RS265TDRS. We bought it in 9/2013. Only 2.5 years old! Food has spoiled. My husband is going to try a repair option after he saw a video online. But we are not throwing any more money away on the darned thing! We are letting the coils defrost overnight. Do the repair tomorrow and if this happens again the whole thing is going to the trash. So much for a Consumer Reprts Recommended Buy. I just wish there were a lawsuit in place to join but it seems unclear based on the comments I’ve read here.

  • sandra emory April 18, 2016

    I have bought two water fillters for my samsung and it will not make ice water ends up in the bottom of thr freg.

  • William Williams April 19, 2016

    Are there any updates on this lawsuit? I bet there would be thousands of more names and complaints if this were advertised on TV like the commercials for bad drugs and medical devices.

  • Mercy M. April 20, 2016

    I have the same problems! Very frustrating! Cant believe that Samsung knowing this defect still sold the refrigerators. I wish I knew all this before buying it. I have never had a refrigerator problem before. Should just have kept my 15 year old fridge! Will never buy anything with this brand name. My freezer freezes too much. We have tried changing the temp many times, and nothing works! Our ice-cream is like rock. We have to defrost it a bit in the microwave in order to eat it. Above the freezer it forms a sheet of ice which freezes my vegetables in the drawers. So upset having to throw away frozen potatoes, celery and carrots. Then the darn noise that it makes I cant even sleep at night. I will try what people are suggesting… unplug it and let it deice. Hopefully that helps. So upsetting!!!

  • Dnguyen April 22, 2016

    I purchased Samsung refrigerator RF263BEAESR/AA on November 0f 2014 but didnt delivered until April of 2015. which is less then a year of used. I noticed problem months ago but didnt notified Samsung. Now the warrantee is expired. Stupid me. Can I join the lawsuit?

  • Sonya April 23, 2016

    I have a Samsung French door refrigerator model # RF217ACPN. It has also been leaking water underneath the crisper drawers causing them to freeze to the bottom. This has been happening for some time and it is very frustrating. Please email info. to me about joining this lawsuit.

  • Jackie Boehme-Mason April 23, 2016

    I have the RS265TDRS purchased in 2010 3 years Samsung had to replace the entire ccoling system under warranty, April 2016 same issue again. Want to be part of law suit, also had issues with Samsung Washer drum breaking after 3 years. Customer service is terrible

  • Billie Jo April 24, 2016

    4/24/15 I have had the same problem buy my model # is RS263TDBP. Fridge side wont keep cool. I have had it 4 years. I called Samsung and they told me it had a 5 year manufacturer warranty. Someone had to come look at it but I would have to pay for the labor. If it was the computer part, the parts would be covered only. I cannot get anywhere with this. I am going to buy a new fridge. This is sad because not only do I spend money on the fridge but lost all my food to.

  • Amber April 26, 2016

    I’ve had the same problem with mine! Takes them weeks to fix anything so we bought something new. In 3 years it broke 3 times leaving us to buy all new food every time! Very disappointing!

  • Darby Carroll May 1, 2016

    I have a Samsung RS265TDRS SIDE BY SIDE and it has frozen up at least 3 times a year for the past 5 years. I am so disappointed in Samsung. Does anyone know if this lawsuit is still open? Or how I can file a claim?

  • Leah Grant May 4, 2016


  • Sandy Nuu May 7, 2016

    Same problem with mine. Ice build up on back inside wall of fridge. So frustrating!!! Such of waste of time and I have had to throw away a lot of food and live out of ice chests with my kids!! How can I be included in the class action lawsuit??

    • June Sprague May 16, 2016

      I have the RF217ACPN purchased from Lowes, and having the exact same problem. The unit continually freezes up and the fan runs…….I have had the parts replaced twice and it still freezes up. Can I be included in the class action suit?

  • Michelle Kelly May 8, 2016

    For us even the screws are frozen over. We are defrosting it now, for what its worth, the video of adding the copper wiring where the drain is may be the ticket.

    • June Sprague May 16, 2016

      I have the RF217ACPN purchased from Lowes, and having the exact same problem. The unit continually freezes up and the fan runs……. Due to this, I will not purchase any further items made my Samsung. I feel like they just burned me good.

  • Scott Ball May 10, 2016

    Our Samsung refrigerator is model number RF268ABRF and we have the same freezing up problem as everyone else. I can’t tell if this class action lawsuit is still open! If so please contact us ASAP!

  • James R. Smith May 11, 2016

    Ditto here regarding my Samsung RS265TD. Purchased 8-11-2010 w/extended warranty. Have had 6 service calls since, replaced fan twice,MB once, Ice maker once, display once. Two months ago replaced fan again DIY. Now it is frozen over again and fan is making noise.

  • Yong May 15, 2016

    I have Samsung RF267AERS which has problems with cooling. I had the unit for 4 years.

  • Anthony Galand May 16, 2016


  • Anthony Galand May 16, 2016

    My Samsung RS263TDWP/XAA is having the same problems. Would like to join class action suit.Please advise.

  • Celeste Reichard May 23, 2016

    My Samsung RS261MDBP, side by side, four years old, has same freezing up, water leaks, bad ice maker, and food spoilage. Have had repair man out 5 times, various parts replaced and still same problems. Please advise on how to add my model to this suit. Thank you.

  • Cesar May 24, 2016

    I have a French door Samsung refrigerator model RS25H5111SR/AA it was is 16 month old when the same symptoms began. The temperatures goes to 60 degrees and the food spoils. Can I joint the law suit?.

  • james sotis May 24, 2016

    I have a Samsung RF267ABRS and have experienced the same problems with icing and flooding at the bottom of the fridge section.. I have had the icing get so bad that it has froze the evap fan motor to a stop behind the plastic cover in the fridge section causing fridge temps to rise and spoil all my food.. now every couple of months i have to go thru the process of emptying the fridge and manually defrosting.. I know its time to do this when I start to hear the fan blades clattering against the ice…and i always have a puddle of water under my bottom crisper tray… what a PITA this is and what a POS this Samsung fridge is… Please include me in this lawsuit!!

  • Amber Deane May 24, 2016

    Does the Model samsung rf267abwp fall into this lawsuit. mine has been giving me issues since a year after I bought it. now I think its dying.

  • SD May 28, 2016


  • Roxanne Schoen June 2, 2016

    I have the same issue. Constantly having to thaw out.

  • RH June 2, 2016

    My 3 1/2 year-old Samsung RF261 has had condenser replaced two months ago and same thing is happening again. Same as everyone else… problem cannot be solved of course. Lucky (?) to have Sears extended warranty – but even they wont do anything but come back again and again until after 4 visits in a 12 mo. period. So we just have to keep getting spoiled food/medicine hassle and mess. The first time, water leaking from the fridge to the floor destroyed part of our brand new hardwood floor. There was no way to see the water at all from the front… Well, the fridge temp tells you its always 37 degrees, but the fridge therm I put in says 55-60 degrees. How can Samsung get away with that!?

  • khealy June 3, 2016

    just took 8 weeks to get parts to get mine going again. samsung just said my warranty is over so they wont help. I think the class action was filed in 2010 in New Jersey and was dismissed because they couldnt prove samsung knew of the problems. ( yet they are still selling defective refridgerators… a new one needs to be started on the west coast.

  • Sara M Lange June 8, 2016

    I have a Samsung RF263TEAESR that has just done the same thing as everyone else is describing. We are in the early stages of thawing out to see if that will do the trick. We are probably going to lose a couple hundred dollars of food because of this. Very frustrating to spend so much money on something I thought was good. Should have done more research on the refrigerator before purchasing. Hope the thawing will give us a little bit of time to get this figured out. Thankfully, we just purchased a used upright freezer, so we have that to put our frozen items in. Ridiculous that they had these problems and continued to sell and design refrigerators that do the same thing.

  • Natalie Croquart June 9, 2016

    We bought a Samsung French door bottom freezer in 2011. The model number is RF267AERS. We have been experiencing it not staying cold and the pipes are frozen in the back causing it to bulge out. Also the fans have stopped working. We have lost food due to the temperature dropping. We are not sure if there is damage on the floor due to the pipes melting. We are having someone come tomorrow to see how much damage there is.

  • disaacs June 11, 2016

    I have a 3 year old French door refrigerator RF217ACBP that has the problem of water & ice constantly under the . It has been repaired twice but the guy said it is a motherboard problem. Now I just keep mopping up the water and pulling out the ice sheets. Is this covered under the lawsuit, and is the lawsuit still going on?

  • tong xiong June 12, 2016

    I am having the same issue with my Samsung fridge. I tried the YouTube fix and it did not work. I also bought a new heating coil and that didn’t work either.

  • Stacy A Rod June 25, 2016

    I would like to be in this lawsuit. Bought my fridge in 09 and now it’s acting up water is coming out of fridge due to ice build up

  • Craig Crawford June 26, 2016

    Same issues! only a year and half old.. How can I get added.. Technician has been out and its still not fixed.

  • Fred Schultz July 2, 2016

    Dear Sir, MODEL NUMBER IS Samsung RF267QBRS, not only have we been sopping up water from under the fruit and vegie bin for years, but now the whole refrigerator has stopped functioning. SS# A14242BS100323J. How do we proceed? Please notify me ASAP as I have no refrigerator at all. 239-699-2662. Fred Schultz BS,RRT,RPSGT

  • Anna Ramsey July 3, 2016

    I have Model # RS267LBSH and have been dealing with issues for years. Finally went on line to see if there is anything I am missing w/the freezer freezing up so bad ice cream is a chunk of ice, I have to go out and buy ice all the time because the ice maker just takes a week to fill and now it is barely doing anything. Again, been dealing with issues for years.

  • Jeff waldrop July 5, 2016

    I have a white French door doing the same thing but a different model number. How do I get involved with the lawsuit?

  • Jing Liang July 7, 2016

    I bought a model Rs263tdwp on Feb 2011. This Fridge gave us lots of troubles, the temperature is between 60-65 degree, the food that kept inside go bad very quick, we do not know it is the product issue until read this article. Please add me in for this lawsuit. Thanks

  • Treasure Diehl July 9, 2016

    I have this exact same problem with Model RS255BASB. Also I have rust on the front of the fridge by the ice and water dispenser. Apparently some of the water leaked into the door and is rusting it from the inside out. Please add me to the lawsuit regarding freezing coils if it still exists. Now I am spending $2300 to replace it because I do not want to disassemble it and use the hair dryer on the coils every two weeks.

  • Carolyn nunley July 10, 2016

    We also having exact same problem with rb215acpn. We REALLy want to join in the lawsuit. Please advise.

  • Pat Stulov July 10, 2016

    I have the same problem with my fridge 3 times i called the service men didnt cool properly and freezer at bottom was all with flurries ice…i want to be part of this lawsuit..add me to your list thank you..

  • Chris Wills July 10, 2016

    I have the same issue, coils freezing up, fan stopping, with my samsung model RF217ACRS, it was bought in 2013 and have had an appliance service guy come, it was de-iced, but the problem continues about every 6months, is there any hope in getting this problem fixed or a new fridge?

  • catherine ahn July 12, 2016

    Please add my name to the law suit we are having the same issues

  • Sergio Smith July 12, 2016

    I have Samsung mod. RF263BEAESP/AA fridge freezer ice maker constantly freezes contacted sears they said i need to buy warranty or pay tech plus parts to have repaired, I paid a lot of money for this appliance to have it never really work. can someone please let me know my options are? Sincerly Sergio Smith

  • Antonio Imperiale July 13, 2016

    Antonio Imperiale I have the same issue I bought the fridge 03-16-2013 I had to spend $294 to repair the asy cover-evap . and sensor .

  • Denise Barry July 17, 2016

    please add my name to the law suit,,,,, Samsung french door having freezing coil problems!!! constantly chipping frozen ice under crispers!!!

  • hedayat solaimani July 19, 2016

    I have the same issues with my frig. It’s only 3 years old. I need to find out if we become part of this class action law suit automatically or we actually have to file a claim. It’s totally absurd that samsung denies any problems with their products. I have spoken to them and it’s useless.

  • Jonathan Sell July 20, 2016

    We also have a Samsung RF263AEBP. It was manufactured in February 2011. We have had the same ice build up issue for a year or two now. I defrosted the entire fridge last year when we were away for a few days. It just started up again a week or two ago. My parents fridge lasted forever, and we can’t go a few years, just poor. I replaced all our other appliances 2 years ago, and wanted them to match the fridge, so we have a stainless steel microwave, stove and dishwasher. We haven’t had any issues really with the stove and microwave, but the dishwasher has had problems cleaning, smells etc. I don’t think I will ever go with Samsung again. In the meantime, is there a way to get on this law suit for our fridge??

  • Shaun Reen July 23, 2016

    A lot of people are asking to join this suit against Samsung. I would like to also but see no answer as how to join. My ice maker actually began to melt before I replaced it. Any direction on how to join the suit would be helpful.

  • Yvette C Barnard July 24, 2016

    I have RS265TDBP, just called in and had the same issue. Of course the repairman didn’t advise that others are having the same problem. Didn’t find out until I googled how to defrost the refrigerator. I have only had this frig for almost 4 years. My sister has one as well. Please advise how to sign up for this law suit. This was my first repair, however I am not looking forward to this continuing!

  • Yvette C Barnard July 24, 2016

    I have RS265TDBP, just called in and had the same issue. Of course the repairman didn’t advise that others are having the same problem $274 for door and sensor. Didn’t find out until I googled how to defrost the refrigerator. I have only had this frig for almost 4 years. My sister has one as well. Please advise how to sign up for this law suit. This was my first repair, however I am not looking forward to this continuing!

  • S Schuman July 25, 2016

    I have had multiple problems with my Samsung RF217ABPN. I have tried to navigate through and get assistance from Samsung but they act as though I have done something wrong when I try to get action from them. It has been a horrible experience and I am again paying for repairs today because the water leaks under my vegetable bin. I echo the prior comments — we need a class action lawsuit because Samsung is not taking responsibility for a KNOWN DESIGN FLAW. They continue to issue a defective product.

  • Christina A Knippel July 26, 2016

    I want to join. My Samsung Refrigerator started on fire. Which killed my dog Ruffy and my cat Amy. It was the ice maker i have had 2 tec. Look at it I have tons of picture. The fire was on 07/08/2016. I have to buy new furniture. So much damage. I lost everything. What hurts the most is the lost of my Ruffy and Amy. I also lost about 60 fish. I don’t know which way to go or how to start.

    • Carolyn September 11, 2016

      Contact a lawyer and start a new class action lawsuit with only owners who own Samsung refrigerators that have caused fires. Just by reading all of the comments above yours, there should be enough to have a separate lawsuit because of the threat to life. Please have your lawyers contact the people above here that state theirs caused a fire and so they can also get help. My refrigerator has frozen up, but I’m lucky it has not caused a fire. I do not have my ice maker hooked up because of the hard water here. Good luck!!

  • Gail Cottingham July 28, 2016

    We have model RF265ABBP in was manufactured in 2009. We have the same problem. We are de-icing it approximately every 6 months. This is a total pain in the behind. I will NEVER by Samsung again!! If there is a chance for us to join a lawsuit, we are in!!

  • George Naill July 29, 2016

    I am having g the same problem we bought it in 2012 I think. It is model RS265TDRS. has this been added to the lawsuit. I have to deice the %$%%&ing thing about every 3-6 weeks so tired of it even for.d and tried the YouTube fix with a new thermistor and heating coil iced up in about 3 weeks.

  • SS July 29, 2016

    Relocate the sensor to the upper area where the ice forms. 7 months now no ice.
    Did the fix per this website. Sad Samsung can’t even figure this out…………
    google “2011/01/samsung-french-door-fan-motor-loud” for the fix

  • Joshua Vonsander July 31, 2016

    Please add my name to the lawsuit. I have to deforst my fridge every 2 weeks. I have the LASH version.

  • johnny khor July 31, 2016

    Please add me to the lawsuit, I have a RS265TDWP. It was purchased in 2013. It fridge temp will not keep and the error code is 22E and 25E,


  • Barbara Birdwell August 1, 2016

    I purchase the RS265TDBP in 2013 and having the same issue with the fan freezing up and the refrigeration tub repeatedly freezing up. Had my first repair person look at it today and waiting for an estimate to repair. Discouraged and disappointed that Samsung knows there’s a problem and not stepping up to the plate to fix it for free.

    Add me to the list, this is ridiculous.

  • Ken Knebusch August 3, 2016

    Please add me to the lawsuit. Model #RF267 with same issues as all above.

  • Sandra Hickman August 4, 2016

    I have a Samsung RF267AEWP that I purchased Aug. 2012. I have had the ice maker replaced, front control panel on fridge replaced and now the computer board has gone out. Thank God I bought the 5 year extended warranty. I am now sitting here with no refrigerator until tomorrow and if the part doesn’t come in, I will get a loaner on Saturday. Please add me to the list!!!

  • Dianne Yusko August 11, 2016

    Samsung 263BEAESR/AA Fridge

    Water pooling under large long drawer. Ruined brand-new hardwood floors. Had fan replaced. But now it dawned on me that I never hear it anymore.

    Please add my name. Samsung products are crap. We had a dishwasher that we eventually had Samsung buy back because of a known faulty sensor that kept failing.

  • Marilyn Black August 12, 2016

    I have a Samsung double door with ice maker and bottom freezer. Model RF262BEAESR/AA SERIAL NUMBER JKJ44BB0700134E.I have the same problems. Ice maker freezes no ice then leaks that I have a 2 to 3 inch puddle under my meat drawer. It stopped keeping the food cold and I am always throwing away spoiled food. I have a son on dialysis and have to make special food and it costs a lot for th ingredients. I try and make a few things so I have them at any time. Needless to say I have to throw them away all the time. Tried to get a replacement of my money back but might as well talk to the wall.
    I need a new one bad. Will never buy Samsung again. They are crap. I had the ice maker replaced. The panel in in back of the refegerator. It took an hr and a half for the repair man to melt the ice so he could put a new one on. Please add my name to the list. Waited 3 weeks for someone to even come.

  • Marilyn Black August 12, 2016

    I bought mine from Best Buy and have had nothing but problems. It is a Samung 263BEAEASR/AA. I bought it 3 yrs ago and it started acting up last yr. No ice. Freezing up. Temp so warm I am throwing away food all the time. Have a had a repair man 6 times, Lasts a week or 2 if I am really lucky a month and then the same thing. My son is on dialysis and needs special food made. It takes a long time to prepare them and the things I have to use are expensive. I have gone through more food and money and have asked nd begged them for a replacement. Just get another repair man. I no longer want a replacement I want my money back. I am so tired of this. Please add me to the class action.

  • audrey koocher August 14, 2016

    I have the same problem with my Samsung Model #RF197ACRS. Water keeps pooling in the crisper drawers spoiling produce and also ice accumulates beneath the crisper drawers. This is an ongoing problem and I would like to join the Class Action Lawsuit. I have to keep having it repaired and replacing food that has gone bad.

  • audrey koocher August 14, 2016

    same issue. Samsung Model #197ACRS

    How do we join the CAL?

  • Ken August 24, 2016

    I too would like to join this class action. I have a RF263BEAESL that has rust bubbling up at the ice maker.

  • Millie perez August 25, 2016

    Fridge not cooling! Also like to join this class action lawsuit! Bought less than two years problems for one year now! Says 34 degrees thermometer placed inside its 61 degrees. Piece of junk and Samsung making millions on us!! Model number rs25h5111sr/aa

  • Matt Strunk August 28, 2016

    Please add me to law suit…have the same fridge leaking problem. We have a 3 yr old Samsung RF197ACPN serial # Y4D74ADCA00074Z. Spent $300 calling repair guy out 4 times and still not fixed! Will never buy a Samsung appliance again!

  • Sam August 29, 2016

    Service tech here, Samsung MASS produced this model and sold several different models that have the same components and design in them. They also branded a ton of this design under GE, Profile, and even Kenmore. There are a couple easy fixes to make some of them work but all require parts and prior knowledge of whats going on as a service tech. Good luck to all

  • jim September 1, 2016

    what is the point of this website. I dont see any details about what owners can do or what help is available to owners?

    • Top Class Actions September 12, 2016

      Unfortunately, this particular Samsung class action lawsuit was dismissed. We offer a submission form on our website for you to fill out if you are seeking class action legal help. Attorneys will then review your submission to determine if you have a case. If they feel you qualify, they will contact you directly. You can submit your information here:

  • Darlene Palatine September 6, 2016

    How do I join the lawsuit for the Samsung refrigerator issues? This has been the worst appliance purchase I have ever made. I have already paid more in repair bills than I paid for my two year old refrigerator and the icing and fan noise problem still exists. The amount of food that I have thrown out is just ridiculous. I have a whole house warranty that also refused to help when the refrigerator was only 13 months old (out of manufacturer warranty of course) claiming that it must be a preexisting issue since I heard intermittent noises early on and no repair was made when the technician came out because the noise had stopped for a few hours. Help! This should not be allowed to continue with so many people having the same issues. Shame on you Samsung! The biggest joke is their new $5,000 plus refrigerator being advertised………….Really?

  • Pam Burns September 6, 2016

    I have a Samsung RB196BSBB Model that is only 5 yrs old. The ice maker quit working about a year ago and now if I put ice in the ice maker, it melts and refreezes solid.

    Can I be included in the Class Action Lawsuit?

  • Top Class Actions September 12, 2016

    UPDATE: On September 3, 2015, the Samsung refrigerator class action lawsuit was dismissed.

  • Sharon Mowery September 15, 2016

    I have a Samsung Fridge that is not 3 years old. with a different model number RF197ACBP. I have to unplug it for 24 hours every couple months cause it freezes up and doesn’t stay cold. Bought milk and at went bad inless than 3 days. How do i get in on the class law suit? Samsung customers service is awful also.

  • Sharon Mowery September 15, 2016

    I have a Samsung Fridge that is not 3 years old. with a different model number RF197ACBP. I have to unplug it for 24 hours every couple months cause it freezes up and doesn’t stay cold. Bought milk and at went bad in less than 3 days. How do i get in on the class law suit? Samsung customers service is awful also.

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