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VW Jetta Bluetooth Class Action Lawsuit
By Kimberly Mirando


VW LogoVolkswagen falsely advertises that its Jettas come equipped with Bluetooth technology and that the Bluetooth function is a standard feature on the vehicle, according to a class action lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Federal Court.


“This representation is false and misleading, as the vehicles are not capable of utilizing hands-free Bluetooth technology without substantial and costly rewiring,” the lawsuit states. “This was a material fact that should have been disclosed to Plaintiff and the members of the classes.” The vehicles in questions are the Jetta SportWagen (models SE and TDI) and Jetta Sedan (models SEL, TDI and Limited).


The class action lawsuit claims Volkswagen created this false and misleading perception that its Jettas come equipped with standard hands-free Bluetooth Connectivity through its own advertising efforts. According to the lawsuit, Bluetooth Connectivity is advertised by Volkswagen as a standard feature in its Jetta SportWagens in the Jetta sales brochure and on its website. It’s also advertised as a standard feature for Jetta Sedans on the website. The vehicles even come equipped with an “Enhanced Bluetooth hands-free package” instruction booklet, which supposedly allows consumers to work the Bluetooth hands-free package in the vehicles. Consumers, however, are unable to obtain the “standard” Bluetooth Connectivity despite following the directions and all the steps in the material provided by VW.


The lawsuit also notes that two service bulletins addressing the Bluetooth Connectivity defect were issued in 2009, but it did not provide any notice to consumers regarding the defect. “Despite having issued the technical service bulletins, VW has failed and refused to establish a procedure to remedy the defect with Bluetooth Connectivity in the vehicles, and to reimburse consumers who have incurred costs for rewiring their vehicles,” the lawsuit states.


The lawsuit is brought on behalf of a nationwide class of all persons who purchased or leased a new Volkswagen Jetta. It also includes a sub-class anyone who purchased or leased a new class vehicle in California, and a California sub-class of consumers who purchased or leased for one of the vehicles for primarily personal, family or household purposes. 


A copy of the Volkswagen Jetta Bluetooth Class Action Lawsuit can be read here. 


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Updated September 3rd, 2010


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  • Dennis September 21, 2014

    I purchased a 2009 Jetta SEL and was told it had Bluetooth. It does not and the cost of having one installed is well over $200. Can I join this lawsuit.

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