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Payday Loan Class Action Settlement
By Mike Holter

Payday LoansSouth Carolina borrowers have won a $2.5 million class action lawsuit settlement against the state’s payday lending industry. If approved, the class action settlement could result in claims of about $100 for anyone who took out a short-term, high-interest payday loan between 2004 and 2009 with such lenders as Advance America, Check Into Cash, and more than a dozen others.


The settlement will resolve a 2007 class action lawsuit against 17 South Carolina lenders that accused them of providing payday loans to individuals they knew could not afford to pay them back and spiraling them into debt. Until last year, lenders could extend payday loans for a period of two weeks by exchanging cash for a post-dated check to the lender that include the principal plus interest (for example, an original loan of $300 would then cost $345 with interest). If the borrower could not repay at the end of the period, the loans were often rolled over and the customer would be assessed an additional $45 interest fee. Some borrowers would even have to take out multiple loans to cover their outstanding loans. As a result, many borrowers were trapped in a spiraling cycle of debt.


Class members for this class action lawsuit include all South Carolina citizens who entered into a payday loan in South Carolina with any of the following Defendants from August 27, 2004 through December 31, 2009:


Advance America
Cash Advance Centers of South Carolina, Inc.
Advance America, Cash Advance Centers, Inc.
Carolina Payday Loans, Inc.
Southern Fast Loans of South Carolina, Inc. d/b/a Quick Cash
Check Into Cash of South Carolina, Inc.
Check ’N Go of South Carolina, Inc.
Southern Specialty Finance, Inc.
QC Holdings Cos.
QC Financial Services, Inc.
Local Cash Advance of SC, LLC
Local Cash Advance of South Carolina III, LLC
Local Cash Advance of South Carolina II, LLC
Local Cash Advance of SC IV, LLC
Express Check Advance of South Carolina, LLC
Check Advance, Inc.
Crusader Cash Advance of South Carolina, LLC d/b/a Crusader Cash Advance


The class action lawsuit settlement provides the following benefits to four types of class members, which are outlined in the class action settlement notice. Depending on which class you fall in, you can have all of your delinquent debt you owe on the payday loans 100% forgiven, 75% forgiven, or given the opportunity to participate in an Extended Payment Plan. You may also submit a claim for up to $100.


All claim forms must be postmarked no later than September 1, 2010. You have until August 27, 2010 to opt out of the class action settlement. A fairness hearing will be held on September 15, 2010. For more information, including a downloadable claim form, visit


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Updated August 17th, 2010


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  • Anonymous May 8, 2011

    Payday Loan Class Action Settlement
    i filledout the paper and sent it back and never heard anything back ……i had 2 with cash advance 2 with advance america 2 with payday loans 2 with check into cash 2 for check and go 2 with check advance and 2 with crusaders cash advance could u please let me know what happen….tami littleton

  • Anonymous July 23, 2011

    Payday Loan Class Action Settlement
    I also filled out my paper work and sent it back. i had not heard anything , could you please tell me what happen. I had loans with advance america,checkinto cash ,palmetto,express checking,first advance happy pay day I was paying them every two weeks.

  • Anonymous August 23, 2011

    I also filled out a claim form. I had payday loans out with 4 of the companies mentioned. I never received any response. What do I need to do?

  • Anonymous October 11, 2011

    I too had loans @ these companies! Filled out paperwork and have yet to hear anything! I feel we need to be repaid for the $ spent every 2 weeks renewing or paying fees when there was people getting paid monthly that had to only pay once a month whereas those of us that got paid every 2 weeks were paying double!

  • Anonymous October 14, 2011


  • Anonymous January 25, 2012

    I, too, filled out the necessary paperwork and NEVER heard back from anybody. The phone number listed on the claim for is no longer in service and the website address is not valid. Were consumers bam-boozled out of their settlement?

  • Anonymous January 27, 2012

    I, have had several loans and I did fill out the paper work and have not heard anything from the company, and the phone number does not work, what is on the form. Someone should email or send letters and let people know what is going on.

  • Anonymous April 6, 2012


  • Anonymous July 24, 2012

    I have not heard from anyone in regards to receiving a check or reimbursement. Can someone please contact me. Thank you

  • Anonymous October 27, 2012

    What happened to the second round of payments it’s been long overdue

  • Donna February 19, 2013

    I sent in my paper work and never heard no more from this. Please someone let me know what’s going on. I sent my papers in before the deadline. Thanks, Donna

  • Shay February 25, 2013

    i filled out the paperwork, sent it back and never heard anything back. would like to know more about this payloan selltement.

  • rosa mary bynun ding April 6, 2013

    I kept calling in and the response I gotten was my name is on the list for the settlement and never recieved anything from you, a statement came from Bank of America saying look for my check and I never recieved anything. would like to hear from checking to cash for my name used to be rosa mary bynum kornegay dingle, now it is rosa mary bynum

  • natocha April 18, 2013

    I have sent in my paperwork, just ran across the original letter and decided to check on the settlement. What I show found is that the contact # given is not in service and the website is not valid. This is ridiculous. I am going to do my research and get to the bottom of this. They will hear from me again

  • Sadie Brockington June 8, 2013

    #1Sadie 2013-06-08 I also filled out a claim form. I had payday loans with qf the companies mentiond. I call the pnone number stated in the form. I never could get an answer. What I need to do? Please let me know? Companies are Cash Advance, Check into Cash, Advance America, Cash USA.

    Sadie Brockington

  • SYLVIA June 22, 2013

    I filled out a claim form well before the due date & never heard anything. When I called the number I got no answer. I even send a letter to get a response & nothing. Does anyone have any information about this settlement?

  • Pamela Bouler July 9, 2013

    I filled out the paperwork and never heard back: if anyone find out any info, please let me know, email me.

  • Sadie Brockington July 27, 2013

    I sadie brockington file a claim form and haven’t heard from anyone. When will i received my check? Will someone please contact me concerning this matter?

  • Sadie Brockington July 27, 2013

    I sadie brockington file a claim form and haven’t heard from anyone. When will i received my check? Will someone please contact me concerning this matter?

  • Sadie Brockington November 26, 2013

    11/26/2013 I filed a claim form before the expired date and have not heard anything. I think the south carolina claim members should know the status of the settlement.

  • Brockimgton, Sadie March 21, 2014

    Anonymous l have fill out my paper work and have not heard from anyone. This were 2009, it’s five years later. I hope this not where consumers bam – boozled out of their settlement. The website is not up to date please somesome need to contact class action members or send their portion of settlement.

  • Agustin May 22, 2014

    Payday loans must be used for emergencies only and, just as the name suggests, you
    should attempt your best to never keep any pay day loan longer than one
    pay period. The absolute worst thing you could do is usually to switch banks and allow the lenders to overdraw your account.
    The denominator represents the quantity of days every year, which
    data is established by what accrual basis the bank is using on your loan.

  • Sadie Brockington September 18, 2014

    I filled out the necessary paper. I haven’t heard anything . Who do I need to contact? The class members of South Carolina have the right to know the status of the settlement. Are their a clerk of court, Lawyer or anyone can contact me by mail or e-mail.

    Sadie Brockington

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