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LG refrigerator

LG Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit

By Sarah Pierce



UPDATE: A class action settlement has been reached! Click here to learn how to claim your benefits from the LG Refrigerator Class Action Settlement!


A design defect in certain LG refrigerator models causes the interior light to stay on after the doors are closed, resulting in overheating, food spoilage, melted plastic and risk of serious fire hazard, according to a class action lawsuit filed in federal court in New Jersey. The defect alleged in the lawsuit involves “French door” refrigerator models sold since 2005.



The lawsuit claims the lights in these models become so hot that they melt parts of the refrigerator that touch the lights, including the plastic covering the lights. In addition to producing a burning smell and obvious fire risk, the lawsuit claims consumers are at risk for burning themselves on the hot refrigerator parts and for becoming sick from food that spoils due to the high interior temperatures.


The class action lawsuit alleges LG knew about the problem, pointing out that consumers complained about the defect to LG as early as 2006, but actively concealed the defect and made false and misleading statements regarding the refrigerators’ quality. The lawsuit also alleges LG provided repairs that it knew “would not cure the defect but would instead merely delay the impact of the defect,” and had a “duty to disclose the defect based upon its exclusive knowledge of it,” but failed to do so. State and federal laws require companies to remedy products that are defectively designed or manufactured or do not perform as advertised, oftentimes even after the warranty period has expired.


The class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of anyone in the U.S. who owns, or has owned, an LG French door refrigerator with a light that stays on when the doors are closed, including the specific model numbers LFC25760SW and LRFC22750ST. The lawsuit is accusing LG of breach of implied warranty, negligent misrepresentation, unjust enrichment, and consumer fraud. The full case filing is available at




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Updated July 21st, 2010


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  • Anonymous April 14, 2011

    LG Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit
    I purchased a Kenmore Elite French door refrigerator model 795.77569600 in 2006. When it was 3 years old I came home to find the interior lights were on even though the doors were tightly closed. Is this model part of this lawsuit?

  • Anonymous April 24, 2011

    LG Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit
    Our LG model LFC25760SW just last week did the Light failure and spoiled food and was extremely hot inside the refrigerator, just glad we caught it when we did. Is it to late to get into the Class Action Lawsuit?

  • Anonymous April 27, 2011

    LG Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit
    LG model LFC25760SW – woke up this morning to this exact issue. Fridge was like an esay-bake-oven since the overhead lights would not turn off. The light housing is actually melted away fromt its mounting!

  • Anonymous June 21, 2011

    LG Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit
    I was justing looking online to see if I could purchase replacement parts for our LGFC22750-SW when I came across this site. The exact same thing just happened to us this morning, where the interior refrigerator light was so hot it melted the cover as well as the light frame. We purchased our refrigerator in April 2006. Please keep us informed regarding the outcome of this class action suit.

  • Anonymous July 10, 2011

    LG Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit
    Bought a french door LG refrigerator in 2008 I was not aware
    about the complaints until recently I have started having problems with fridge the freezer does not work my food has
    gone to waste twice Ive had them repair the computer sensor
    then they said it could be the motor so they fixed it and it still
    doing the same thing i have called them again and now they are saying it could be the plastic seals around the fridge and
    and a pressure lock sort of thing. I feel they want to drain my
    wallet out , complaints have started in 2006 on LG French door fridges how
    were they allowed to sell this product still after all these years and they are still selling these lemons , home depot and other places are responsible for us buying these
    stainless looking hunks of junk
    though they will not help you or LG for that matter I want some one to hear me out what are we supposed play

  • Anonymous August 1, 2011

    LG Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit
    Bought LG Model LFX25960TT 2/24/07. On 2/13/08, had the mother board replaced because the interior lights would not turn out. Melted the light cover and everything on the top shelf. No indication from LG that others were experiencing similar problems.

    Fast forward – mid-July 2011 – same problem occurs again! Melted everything. Coincidentally we lost our electric power for 4 days due to area storms. When the power came on – I rescrewed in the light bulbs and they worked (on when door open, off when door closed) for two weeks. Until today! August 1, 2011. Woke up to a melted mess, hot refrigerator. Am looking to take action that will replace the unit as it is not safe, nor trustworthy.

  • Anonymous August 20, 2011

    Bought an LG model LFC25760TT.
    Melted light. it became so hot that the control panel is detached from the top of the fridge. Horrible burning smell, all food is destroyed due to excess heat, Hundreds of dollars of food gone. I bought this piece of crap in 2007 and spent $1700 on it. After reading everyones complaints and stories on my same model and others smilar to mine. I called and they are sending someone out on friday. Im not going to play hooky. They are either going to replace the unit for a new one or i refund me. im not expecting anything less.


  • Anonymous August 27, 2011

    We purchased the LG LFX25960st for our new house. We have had several problems with this frig. The latest is. Sure enough, with a little investigating I found the light issue,
    How do I get on the law suit or has it been settled??

    Sam-PC Iowa

  • Anonymous September 7, 2011

    I purchased a Kenmore LG refrigerator model # 79577253601 in 2007. My light melted and burned the entire plastic casing which shorted out the temperature panel and caused my refrigerator to stop working. I have been without a working refrigerator for 2 months now while I go back and forth with Sears regarding this issue. They keep giving me misinformation, saying they are ordering the part and it is on backorder, they will replace it, blah blah and still 2 months later nothing. Now they are saying because I don’t have an extended warranty, they can’t do anything but offer me 30% off my next product. This is an outrage. If there is a class action suit, I would like to be part of it as this is just unacceptable as a matter of principle now! Please let me know if anything has been settled or how I should proceed! Thank you.
    Veronica Cordovez, New York

  • Anonymous September 9, 2011

    I purchased a Kenmore French door refrgerator in 2008, (manufactured by LG). Upon opneing the door on 9/5/11, I found the food inside to be very hot and the control panel hanging with the lights glaring at me and producing so much heat that the sockets were black and the light bulbs melded into those sockets. I immediately purchased a new Samsung, only to find that there had been a recall issued on the Sears model for this very reason. Calling Sears complaint dept. ( a 3 hour horror story in itself), I was told at first there was nothing they would do: warranty expired. Pursuing further, I was told it was under recall and Sears would place another control panel in the unit. Couldn’t trust that! They then offered me a 10% discount on my new purchase….in the neighborhood of $150. A three year old item which cost $1,700 having a “fair” return of $150. Absurd! This is a VERY serious defect. Had I not been home, I could have lost my house and dog. Advise as to class action suit, please.

  • Anonymous September 13, 2011

    We purchased the LG French Door Titanium refrigerator Model # LRFC22750TT 11/21/2005. We have been noticing that food was spoiling off and on for the past few months and drinks weren’t cold. I opened the door recently to find the plastic shield covering the lights melted and hanging down. The lights hot to touch. There is also melting to the inside of casing to the refrigerator. That such a fire hazard and dangerous product is on the market is inexcusable. I am very interested in learning more about the possibility of joining this class action lawsuit.

  • Anonymous September 17, 2011

    My Sears Kenmore Elite is doing the exact same thing. It’s melted the plastic and now it seems to be doing it at least once a month! I’ve very interested in the lawsuit in that I have other products from sears that have stopped working. One being the freezer that they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Where is this recall information from Sears? They won’t acknowledge a problem?

  • Anonymous September 20, 2011

    Since all the other internal parts have broken at one time or another – shelves, brackets, etc. – I was not surprised when this other wiring issue started happening. This is way past horrible workmanship and well on to incompetence with disregard for safety. Add me to the list!

  • Anonymous October 1, 2011

    This has happened to my LG French Door fridge TWO times now…my husband was able to save it the first time and it just happened to me again tonight!! My husband is in Qatar and I had no clue what to do…I am just so happy that I checked before I went to bed…we could have DIED!!! How do I participate in this lawsuit????

  • Anonymous October 5, 2011

    I, also, have a LG LFX25960ST refrigerator that has lightbulbs that get so hot, it burns our food! We’d like to be part of this.

  • Anonymous October 13, 2011

    I have a refrigerator LG model LR FD 22850 SW, lights stay on when doors are closed, and it becomes very hot, and ruins all foods inside. Replaced the light’s sockets, and plastic parts that had melted.
    after 4 hours, same problem, lights stays ON, with doors closed.
    Removed all lights. I placed a plain thermometer to monitor temperature, while lights were on, temperature went from 37 degrees to 89 degrees, with the doors closed.
    I , too, want to join the Class Action lawsuit.

  • Anonymous October 13, 2011

    We have a LRFD2850SW with same problems. Lights stayed on and melted fixture.

  • Anonymous October 31, 2011

    Same issue. LG purchased 2007; light bulbs on, spoiled food,
    melted shield. Caught early and avoided fire.

  • Anonymous October 31, 2011

    We would also like to be part of this lawsuit!

  • Anonymous November 4, 2011

    Have the same problem with the lights staying on and melted housing. How do we take part in this lawsuit?

  • Anonymous November 8, 2011

    Same issue, model 795.7754, a Kenmore Elite purchased in 2008. We just (this last week) had the issue happen with lights being on when the doors are closed. So far no food has spoiled, but the panel over the lights has cracked and melted in one place. Oddly enough, the whole thing started (in a less destructive way) perhaps a year ago. We’d open the fridge and the lights wouldn’t switch on. However, there was no evidence then of the lights being on when the doors were closed. Now all of that has changed, although it’s not consistent. Sometimes the light panel is cool to the touch when the doors are opened, and sometimes it’s hot. We’ve removed the lights, and guess the next step is to call Sears. Received notification of the class-action suit in the mail today. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out.

  • Anonymous November 8, 2011

    Should have added: suit’s website is, phone is 1-888-773-8394. I expect that most of you will also be receiving a letter from the suit soon, if you haven’t already at this date.

  • Anonymous November 8, 2011

    Wish there was an edit function here, but since not…another note!
    I called Sears this morning and was referred to a product recall service. They are doing repairs for free on this issue. Apparently LG is sending parts via UPS to refrig. owners, and the service is coming out to complete the repairs. The number to call is 1-800-659-7026. They will ask for your model number and serial number. Hope this helps! I’m thinking the class action suit is for those who have already completed repairs out of their own pockets.

  • Anonymous November 9, 2011

    Have had the same issues as others. I replaced melted parts and door switches myself a year ago. Just recieved class action letter and contacted sears to get a list of parts that I ordered so I could recover my expenses. I also was directed to a service person who took my info and said that the part would be in the mail and set up a service call. Sounds like sears is going to stand behind this issue. I’ll know in about a week.

  • Anonymous November 15, 2011

    Having same issue with light staying on with kenmore elite ref.

  • Anonymous November 15, 2011

    had the light problem and it ended up spoilin about $100 worthof food. so far i haven’t been able to find out who is responsble for this loss-it is not part of the class action suit.It was repaired today at LG’s cost. the problem is that it is not clear to me that they have solved the problem. they could be replacing these failed parts with parts that have the same defect and it will only be a matter of time before the failure occurs again. When I discovered the problem, i also found 2 rollers that were snapped off near the crisper (the single crisper). I was told that this was not part of the class, but it is difficult for me to accept that because these parts underwent some thermal stress and could have led to their failure. I will get back with LG on this and the lost food issue.

  • Anonymous November 16, 2011

    I just got a letter in the mail last week informing me about this defect and lawsuit. I had never had a problem with the 5 year old refrigerator until today. It was exactly like the description above. The lights stayed on and got so hot that the interior lights cover started melting and now the frig stinks of burning plastic. I think getting that letter in the mail jinxed me.

  • Anonymous November 19, 2011

    the same has happened to me with the frig. also everything in the crisper freezes and the door panel goes out all the time. i took lights out,so in the dark now in more ways than one. if you also have LG glass top stove, get ready the control panel will go out.

  • Anonymous November 20, 2011

    I purchased my LG french door frig in 2007. We started having problems with the light shortly 2 years after purchase. Repairman claimed to fix the problem, the entire mother board had to be replaced. He told me that it could take anywhere from 3 months to a 1 year to get a new motherboard. It took about 2 months to get it replaced. I bought the LG because the consumer reports were favorable. I was greatly disappointed.

  • Anonymous November 27, 2011

    Our refrigerator just failed today! Fortunately I smelled the plastic melting and caught it before any food spoiled or the unit caught fire. The refrigerator is now in the dark! How do I get the light unit replaced at LG’s cost?

  • Anonymous December 9, 2011

    I have a Kenmore Elite 795.7754 with the same problem Shasta has. It started with the refrigerator intermittently dark when opened. I noticed a crack in the light housing and it felt hot. So I suspected the lights were on while the door was closed and off when the door opened.

    Later, the light turned on when the door was opened, but when I pressed the button on the top that senses the door closing, the light remained on.

    I called the Sears number listed at the class action letter and was told the parts are back-ordered. In the meantime, it’s probably safest to remove the light bulbs.

    They are quoting a month or so for the part to arrive. Has anyone gotten the fix yet?

  • Anonymous December 11, 2011

    Same problem as others. Bought LG fridge in 2008. This is the second time it has happened in last 90 days. The first time we thought we may have left the door open but concluded otherwise. It happened again with my son coming home from school to a smoking refrigerator and once again burned plastic cover, hot bulbs, horrible odor of burned plastic, and spoiled food. My concern with the remedy of the lawsuit is that is provides for repair versus replacement. I have grave concerns that a recurrence will result in a fire in my home. Then who would be responsible for that damage. Can I get feedback on this position from the legal team?

  • Anonymous December 20, 2011

    I bought the Sears Kenmore/Lg refrigerator in 2006 — model # 795.77304600. I had the same problem with the lightbulb staying on and melting the plastic cover. Now my freezer is cooling, but no longer freezing althought the display reads 0 degrees. This is the worst applicance by far I have owned. I will never buy an LG product again.

  • Anonymous January 2, 2012

    I got the class action notice in the mail to contact sears for a replacement part since I have not had a light in my refrigerator for over 10 months after having the plastic housing melt the second time. When I contacted sears they told me to expect the part delivered on November 21st and then call the repairman to install it. Well that date came and went and I called sears to let them know that the part was not delivered and they said it was on back order and to expect the part on December 30th. Guess what? No part! Is anyone else getting the run around from sears about this issue?

  • Anonymous January 8, 2012

    Our melted plastic Kenmore/LG fridge purchacased in 2007 had the same problems as all the others. The tech said we would have to replace the entire interior of the fridge to remedie the burned light fixture of which we only use one bulb and duct tape to keep the light cover in place . After reading the other complaints i’m wondering if it will be the cause of some other major disaster to our home.

  • Anonymous January 19, 2012

    On 1/18/12 we too became a victim of the defect. The light cover has melted and deformed so much that it cannot be reused. I also unscrewed the light bulbs to avoid spoilage and possible burns. We have service coming tomorrow, but wil join the lawsuit ASAP.

  • Anonymous January 30, 2012

    ditto! Same problem as described by you all… came home to a burning smell, opened fridge door and a melted light cover! I see a class action law suit out there but what does this really do for me?

  • Anonymous February 11, 2012

    Is there Class Action in Canada also? I also have the same problem. I have called LG Canada and they are send a technician in a few days to resolve the issue free of charge.

  • Anonymous February 18, 2012

    I have this fridge. During the time it was malfunctioning 4 of my children developed chronic GI problems and 1 sever autoinflammatory disease. Anyone have this story too ?

  • Anonymous February 20, 2012

    Same problem as described by everyone else. Can Canadians be part of the class action suit? Has anyone tried flourescent or LED bulbs? They would stay cooler.

  • Anonymous March 11, 2012

    My fridge is doing the same thing….the lights are so hot that the gallon milk just were hot coming out of the fridge. I had to remove the lights because I thought the inside of the fridge might melt. My Kenmore Elite model is 795.77579600 manufactured June 2007 and purchased from Sears around January 2008.

  • Anonymous March 23, 2012

    I ALSO HAVE FRENCH DOOR LG ffrom late 2006. What a nightmare! Has anyone had ongoing problems with seals around doors after both clips broke. I purchased mine ffrom sears and they didn’t fix it after 15 service calls. And now the sliding bracket on top freezer drawer broke and completely fell out dropping the entire basket and its contents. LG needs to be sued. I paid $1567 for this and I too have been treated rudely by LG who obviously don’t care about their customers and products.

  • Anonymous March 29, 2012

    Oh my goodness, I can’t believe how many people this has happened to. This happened to us just yesterday March 28, 2012. I opened the fridge first thing in the morning and the part housing the sensors was hanging down because the brackets had melted and all the food on the top shelf was hot to the touch because the fridge lights had been on all night. Ours is from Sears Canada with French Doors and freezer on the bottom. How come Sears knows enough to phone me asking about extending warranties but they can’t be bothered to contact me when my fridge has such a major defect. I too worried about a possible fire that could have happened when my family of 5 was home sleeping.

  • Anonymous May 31, 2012

    I had same problem with this refrigerator within 1 year of purchase in 2006. Fortunately had an extended warranty thru Home Depot for 5 years, so have been trouble free until recently when the clip on the door broke off., My wife has always hated this refrigerator so she might be glad to have an excuse to get a new one.

  • Anonymous May 31, 2012

    I am seeking damages related to medical outcomes from a malfunctioning LG French door refrigerator.
    I am a parent trying to organize other parents.
    If your family has developed GI problems, autoimmune issues, autoinflammatory disorders, autisms, chronic pain, subsequent to owning this malfunctioning refrigerator, please contact me.

    We need to unite, in order to be heard by doctors, and lawyers.

  • Anonymous June 7, 2012

    I have an lg lfx2590sw hasnt melted anything because we have caugt the problem in time but the interior lights stay on and would melt and spoil food. Of course out of warranty.

  • Anonymous July 23, 2012

    I bought my fridge from Home depot, as a sale item that had been refurbished, so h.d must have known also. I paid 1200. for the fridge, in 2007, LFX25960ST..first receivd letter year letter that LG was going to issue me checks for like .60 a month for ineffiency and not as stated for wattage issue. Spoke with LG on phone, said they were going to issue payments to all LG fridges that had bad seals on double doors which mine had. Fast forward two sets of seals gone thru on doors,still ripping when closing.Last year, light and housing heated up and spoiled my food, and we too smelled electrical wiring burning and figured out light was not going out.. Inside of fridge light housing is melted,plastic housing the light bulb and two receptacles that hold the bulbs are melted goos of reformed plastic. My
    electric bills seem to go higher and higher, I am surmising that this fancy piece of crap..needs to go..again three attempts to contact LG with letters and phone calls to 800 number and no one returns anything or correspondence by mail either..And the checks of .60 a month for how long…never happened.. and the plastic rollers on the drawers; mine too have fallen off..Ice maker works with a mind of its own also…I don’t want to go dump another 1000. plus more on a new piece of crap..but I worry every night about it burning up our house..Thanks LG and Home Depot for Defrauding Your Consumers….bull@!it~!

  • Anonymous August 1, 2012

    I am having this exact problem with my LG LFX25960ST fridge. The lights stayed on for 2 days, melted the interior light unit and cover which dropped down, food spoiled, and am glad the whole thing didn’t catch fire because I was out of town. What do I need to do? I was about to call for local repair since I purchased the unit in 2006 and is no longer on warranty.

  • Anonymous August 18, 2012

    August 18, 2012
    We bought our LG back in 2008and just had a similar issue. Light on when door closed with a twist. The lights would cycle on for about five minutes then off for a while. Nothing has melted but that’s probably because the lights would get shut off. I think when they get too hot and the circuit cuts out somehow which is the only thing that saved it from melting like others have described. I called LG and they are going to have someone come out next week to fix the problem at their cost even though it is out of the warranty period.

  • Anonymous August 20, 2012

    I am not usually someone who writes reviews on products – BUT this refrigerator is junk – $2500 worth of junk. We had continuous problems within the first couple of years – compressor, fan motor and icemaker – dealing with LG service was a nightmare. They are rude and inconsiderate – one of their service repairmen told me that in order for the refrigerator to de-ice – I would need to unplug it for 24 hours about once a month – what an idea – you know, buy a $2500 refrigerator and leave it unplugged??? On a more recent incident we awoke to find that the interior lights were not shutting off – which ruined all of the food – the lightbulbs melted into the plastic. “Luckily” this was under an extended warranty due to a class action lawsuit. LG repaired the problem with a new light assembly and a new control board. 7 days after this incident occurred, the icemaker spout refused to open – which required us to physically take the ice bucket each time to get ice. LG insists that this issue had nothing to do with the control board they replaced the week before. Then 3 weeks ago, spontaneously the water dispenser decided to kick on which flooded my kitchen! That was the craziest thing ever! LG has remained true to their story “not covered” . . . . .DON’T BUY LG!

  • Anonymous August 28, 2012

    Exact Same issue here

    Ouu cover melted this afternoon

  • Anonymous November 13, 2012

    Our refrigerator just developed this problem but I see from looking at the website, we missed the deadline to enter into the class action lawsuit by a week or so. Does anyone know if there is anything we can do. We have a Sears guy coming over tomorrow to look at it!

  • Anonymous November 25, 2012

    Thanksgiving day….opened our refigerator door to find the panel covering the lights hanging by it’s power cord and the upper shelf hot enough to burn my fingers…Sound familar?! Same problem, lights not going out….I see too that we missed the law suit (ended Nov 7, 12) by 18 days…doesn’t seem fair, they should at least FIX the problem “correctly”…that’s all I want. Does anyone know if there is anything we can do….Thanks…

  • Anonymous November 26, 2012

    We just had the melted lights feature activate in our LG refrigerator. I found this site. We’re so lucky we didn’t have a fire. It was smoking hot inside. Will lose a lot of food and we will have the smell of plastic in our house but we’re all ok. I’m furious with LG And will never purchase another product from them. Moreover, I will tell everyone I know that they sell defective, dangerous C*@p.

  • Anonymous November 29, 2012

    My Sears Elite model #795.77559600 is doing the same light on all the time thing. After a while the lights turn off on their own until they cool off. But they get very hot until that happens.

  • Anonymous December 12, 2012

    We had the same problem happen with our LG fridge model #LFC25760ST, purchased from abc warehouse, taylor,mi, in 2007. As a result of the lights staying on, do to a known malfunction by the company, the inside top of my fridge bubbled up from the heat and melted the bracket right off its mounts, LG at this time is only offering to replace the bracket leaving hidden perminant damage done underneith of it, i refused to allow a rig job but where do I go from here? i have no light in my fridge, perminant damage done inside my fridge, a bracket thats hanging unsafe by a cord, but LG’S executive advised me,” well it still keeps food cold so its working”. please help.

  • Tom Devereaux January 18, 2013

    Will someone please help! I am getting the run around from the settlement company. My refrigerator had the problem. I paid Sears to fix it. I then found about the class action suit. Sears had talked me into a one year warranty on my six year old refrigerator becuae it was cheaper than the repair cost alone. Settlement company is telling me I had an extended warranty so I don’t qualify. What can I do. I’m about ready to storm a Sears store, LG headqueaters or the Settlement Company. My guess is the settlement company gets to keep the money that is left over.

  • David Portillo February 28, 2013

    LG model LGC25760TT was delivered on 2/10/2007 which replaced a previous brand new one that sounded like an old barn door opening. The second one had the very same light housing melting problem that most LG owners have experienced. I was told by LG customer support that a service technician would go to asses the problem and that I would pay for the call ( my fridge was 1 month past the 2 year warranty). Well, I did some research and the service call was twice the cost of the parts needed to be replaced. I ordered the parts and replaced them myself….today 2/28/2013, the damn lights are acting up again.

  • Jim L March 27, 2013

    Ok. French door frig. I remodeled my kitchen and designed around an upcoming purchase of all LG products- top of the LG line- French door frig- microwave- electric range- dishwasher- washer – and dryer. Dishwasher broke- it was melting the rubber sealing – leaking– After 6 visits I gave up and threw it in a trash dumpster and bought another brand. Micro-wave stopped working. Replaced the computer board 4 tines and then was told they did not make parts anymore and offered a settlement of $300 on what originally cost $1,200 and was 2 years old with an extended warranty from Home Depot. I purchased another brand. Now refrigrator stopes cooling. After 4 trips by LG technicians and parts shipped 3 times, I was told they did not make the parts anymore and offered me a settlement of $800 on what cost $3,800 four years ago. Warranty states 7 years on closed system compressor. No help from LG or the extended warranty with Home Depot. Washer needed 4 seals repaired and took six weeks to get that done. Electric range dining ok, but I am holding my breath. I assuming if one buys ANY appliance from LG paying for the top of their line, you can only use them for 3-4 years and then they cannot be repaired and deemed unusable! No parts! Parts not made to repair the product. I spent around $10,000.00 for new appliances -LG- and three years later they are unusable and heading to the trash dump. Consumer relations witb LG are poor at the least. We got your money- you got screwed! Also he very aware of Home Depot, their appliances support, and extended warranties! Another screw job. Well, live and learn.

  • Frank June 30, 2013

    6/30/3013 – 4:31 p.m. Wheeel…I suppose after two years of “ding..ding..ding…ding..ding” as my temperature monitor fights to keep the inside COOL..all the while not realizing the light remains ON when doors are closed (my model LFC25760TT) I should INQUIRE as to what the heck is going on. After perspiraton on bags with food in them, my wife tells me the light remains on when the doors are shut. So here I am wondering what to do. If repairs to the unit are not adequate, meaning ..the repairs FIX the problem, I’m wasting my time. Do I visit or inquire to the already outdated class action? I’ll make a few calls and come to some decision. I spent $1,400 bucks on this refridgerator from HHGregg.

  • AntonioQ August 26, 2013

    Stay away from LG refrigerator products. I was fooled by Sears and Consumer Reports and so regret buying the Sear’s top of the line model made by LG which has now required 5 factory service calls, not all under warranty after many complaints..

    just avoid all Sears products and don’t believe all the reviews…………….


  • AntonioQ August 26, 2013

    Stay away from LG refrigerator products. I was fooled by Sears and Consumer Reports and so regret buying the Sear’s top of the line model made by LG which has now required 5 factory service calls, not all under warranty after many complaints..

    just avoid all Sears products and don’t believe all the reviews…………….


  • Bruce Albin September 3, 2013

    This problem just happened to my family. Is it to late to get someone to help?

  • Theodore Terzian October 8, 2013

    I have a LG LFX25960ST and control panel lights flash and gets real hot along with strong burning smell. Had to unplug and not use.

  • Clifford G November 4, 2013

    We have the LG LFC25760SB and have the same problem with the light staying on (we no longer use a light, we replaced all the light parts once already and it happened again) we also have the problem with everything freezing all the time. We bought this fridge on Craigslist a year and a half ago from an individual (now I know why she sold it). Since the Class Action lawsuit is over is it too late to get help and since we bought it second hand would they even help us at all? I see where others have gotten the refrigerator replaced for free.

  • Carl Hall December 3, 2013

    Have a LFC25760ST. Light has the problem as described. In addition, food is freezing at 42F in the fruit and vegetable department as well as the back of the refrigerator.

  • Angela Fernandez December 4, 2013

    I have a Kenmore Elite bottom freezer, refridgerator. We had to unscrew the light bulb on the top shelf due to overheating. Also the error code light has come on, we are not able to adjust the temp of the refrigerator or freezer. We has had 2 repair men in to fix the problem twice. they we unable to fix it. Model # 795.77559600, manufactured 2006-2008. Can you please tell me if there have been claims regarding my refrigerator?

  • December 16, 2013

    We had the same issue with the light housing melting problem with our LG French Door refrigerator. The Sunday after Thanksgiving my daughter opened the door & a hot light cover fell out. The food was warm & the butter had melted. We loved the look of our five year old stainless steel refrigerator, but regret our purchase as we feel it’s a fire hazard. We feel fortunate that we were not out of town. No more LG appliances for us!

  • Kim January 9, 2014

    I had the same problem with the Kenmore Elite (Model # 795.77559600) Refrigerator light not shutting off and completely melting the plastic housing around it on November 18, 2013. After doing some online research I called the Sears Product Resolution Line 1-800-659-7026 on November 19, 2013, and they told me to take out the light bulbs, leaving of course unsafe exposed light sockets until repairs could be made. They told me repairs would be made on December 5, 2013, but then canceled because the repair kit was on back order and unavailable. I have rescheduled another repair appointment for January 16, 2014, but the part is still on backorder and they are threatening to cancel the repair appointment until the backordered parts are made available. I asked Sears, Kenmore, and LG what my options are if the repair kit remains on backorder indefinitely and they said either wait for the parts or buy a new refrigerator at my own expense. I’ve looked online and it seems like the repair part has been on backorder since around June 2013. I confronted Sears and asked them how long this repair kit has been on backorder and unavailable and they say they don’t know. Sounds like Sears is avoiding doing repairs therefore willfully disregarding the safety of their consumers. I have been waiting 51 days now to receive the repair kit and still waiting. Sears has told me the unit is safe as long as the lights are removed and to just wait for the repair which at this point may never happen if the repair kit remains on backorder. I think another class action lawsuit is in order for those consumers whose safety is continuing to be risked by Sears, LG, and Kenmore.

  • jay January 15, 2014

    i have a kenmore elite that has the bad light assy in it sears just keeps telling me it is on back order LG has told me they no longer make the part all of sears parts supliers have told me the parts is no longer available through LG. i spoke with a saleperson on sears parts direct and he told me they have the parts in stock to repair the the problem but because it is part of a manufactures recall i have to pay for the parts out of my own pocket if i want the problem fixed. when i call the repair center back they told me the parts were on back order and they could not come and repair the frig till thet recieved the parts from LG. when i told the repair center that the parts dept had the parts he tried to deny it at first and told me even if they do have the parts in stock i still have to wait for them to come in from LG knowing dam well they got the parts in stock but have no intentions of what appears by me of fixing the problem with the refrig they first came and looked at my frig in the beginning of nov it is now the middle of january and all i can get from sears is its on back order. i think its time we just boycot sears all together because what use to be one of AMERICAS most trusted stores has turned its backs on us the CONSUMERS

  • SAM PERRI April 21, 2014


  • M Dunn April 22, 2014

    Purchased an LG refrigerator, microwave, stove , from Home Depot in 2007 and after replacing a burner on the glass top stove another has gone out. After several repairs on the icemaker the interior lights will not go out inside the fridge.
    I BELIEVE THIS TO BE A REAL SAFETY HAZARD! Now I’m reading that they have known about this
    without any contact to the customers. I’m unplugging the fridge and calling a repair man my extended warranty we had on all products has expired.

  • D Brown April 30, 2014

    We also purchased a refrigerator, stove, n microwave from Home Depot in 2006. Found out life is not good if you are purchasing an LG product. Our stove was smoking n had to be repaired 3 times before it was useable. Parts are breaking off the microwave handle n now on Sunday 4/27 the refrigerator was opened to the same problem all these people are complaining about. Unbelievable!!!! I’ve been reading all the stories n if you want to read more, read the ones about the stoves. ex. one couldn’t get a turkey out of the oven because it locked n someone had their stove go on by itself when ever it felt like it. Is there any company out there that makes a good product, stands by that product n their customers? It feels like products are made to sell n not made to last like they used to be.

  • F Green June 20, 2014

    We have an LG french door refrigerator and last night we noticed a burning order… we found the same problem.. the lights were on and the platic/rubber around the light panel was melting.

    So is anyone doing anything about this or is this just a forum for complaining?

  • Steve C July 6, 2014

    Just discovered our LG Model# LFC25760SW decided to join the light show and aroma therapy session. A brief phone call to LG reveals nothing less than expected from their customer service department..”We’ll gladly send a technician to fix it for a fee”. I worked 30+ years for an American Aircraft Manufacture and if we resolved KNOWN MANUFACTURING DEFECTS in this manner, the company would not be here today. I’m not sure I could even trust this product if it was repaired. Guess I know own a $1,700.00 partially charred French Door Tool Bin for the garage. Thanks LG ! You can have the $300.00 worth of now spoiled Dungeoness Crab I placed in the fridge last night.

  • Arcin Bozkurt October 17, 2014

    Our fridge did exactly the same today. Lights were on even the doors were tightly shut. The light fixture was melted and the top shelves were burning hot. The food was wasted.

    We are in Canada. Anything we can do about this? Or LG will get away with it? Can somebody let me know. Thanks in advance.

  • Arline Johnson March 30, 2015

    I googled a part to see all the problems with the LG I have the model LFC25760ST is this suit still active?

  • Julie Dube November 30, 2015

    Shortly after Thanksgiving, I came home only to discover that the light inside my LG French door refrigerator never turned off! The light bulbs were extremely hot, the sockets completely charred and the top was nothing but a melted plastic mess! I’m just glad I caught the problem in a timely manner. Can I join this class action lawsuit?

  • Slade Riley December 29, 2015

    Same issue here starting this past summer. Pizza box on the top shelf had started burning and there was smoke in the kitchen. The plastic housing had melted and the food was spoiled. It has happened multiple times since then. This thing is a death trap waiting to happen. One person above mentioned Auto immune diseases that could be linked to this malfunction. As crazy as that sounds it has me wondering as my wife has severe Auto immune disease type issues that developed since we got this fridge back some 7 years ago. Not sure its related though.

  • Dawn Burns March 21, 2016

    Same here we have had nothing but problems with our LG refrigerator same model number probably two years with in purchasing it and I went to Best Buy and they told me it was algae problem so I had to get a hold of them and I called LG and they told me that I had to get a hold of Best Buy so I basically got brushed off and the light burnout and basically melted my light fixture in the refrigerator. Not only that my freezer fan kept freezing up and we would have to reset our breaker several times so over the last several years and set of going out and buying a brand-new refrigerator I’ve had to do this over and over and finally it came down to where it’s gotten really bad and we have to basically dissect it and figure out what is going on because my freezer is freezing but the refrigerator is warm so we think something is iced over or something. it’s ridiculous that you pay over two grand and get something like this! I would like to also be part of this. Not only did the light fixture burn up and melt it could cause a serious issue. We just removed The lightbulb and dealt with having no light in our refrigerator but now we are having serious problems with it even staying cold because it keeps freezing up

  • Dale Burch April 8, 2016

    Last week my LG refrigerator lights burned in the sockets and ruined all the food in the refrigerator. After getting major runarounds by LG about who would repair it, I finally located a national appliance firm that said my LG refrigerator was on recall! Surprise!. I came upon this site after the repair man said those words. Is it too late to file a claim??LG originally said to unplug it….and remove the bulbs.

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