2003 Ford Windstar

Ford Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Windstar Axle Failures

By Sarah Pierce




Ford Windstar minivan owners have filed a class action lawsuit that alleges their vans are “unfit, unsafe and unmerchantable” because the rear axles are rusting out and breaking. The lawsuit came two weeks after the New York Times reported the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received over 200 complaints about Windstar axle failures, but has never opened an investigation or warned consumers about the dangerous defect. Many of the complaints involved Windstar owners who lost control on the road at high speeds when their rear axel broke.


The class action lawsuit claims Ford knows about the defect, which causes water to be collected and trapped in the axel so that it rusts from the inside out. The rust “weakens these axels” and makes them “susceptible to failure while the vehicle is being operated.” Despite documentation of these failures, Ford has never issued a recall or service bulletin or warned their customers that their vehicles might be prone to sudden failure during operation, the lawsuit says.


The class action lawsuit includes anyone who currently owns or leases a 1999-2003 Ford Windstar and is seeking either a full refund of the total value of the vehicle or a recall program that will provide free repairs to class members. [ConsumerAffairs]




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Updated May 19th, 2010


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1 Comment

  • Bret Armstrong April 23, 2013

    I contacted Ford Motor Company’s Warranty claims department to express my feelings towards how their “recall” of the Ford Windstar’s rear axle as inspected.
    My vehicle was inspected by a dealership with which they provided me no information and “re-inforced” in June of 2009.
    I tried to express to “Rita” – employee number 62588 that the inspection was improperly handled or else it wouldn’t have broken less than two years later.
    I told Rita that I only wanted the replacement axle sent to my mechanic. Ie. I didn’t need to bother a Ford dealership or have them pay for labor costs. All I wanted was for them to ship the axle to my mechanic. It would cost them around $150 I figured.
    Instead Rita decided she wanted to give me a run around and would not allow me to speak with her supervisor.
    I’m quite dissatisfied with Ford’s customer service.

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