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BJ’s Wholesale Club Settles Class Action Suit Over Overtime Wages


By Sarah Pierce


BJ’s Wholesale Club has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit that accuses the company of not paying proper overtime wages to certain mid-managers. The mid-managers claim the company inaccurately classified them as “exempt” from federal and state overtime pay requirements when they should have been classified as “non-exempt,” making them entitled to overtime pay.


If you worked for BJ’s under any of the following mid-manager positions, you could qualify for a cash reimbursement of unpaid overtime wages from the proposed $9 million settlement:


Bakery Manager
Closing Manager
Customer Services Manager
Deli/Seafood/Chicken Rotisserie Manager
Maintenance Recovery Manager
Meat Manager
Membership Acquisition and Retention Manager
Merchandise Assistant/Night Merchandise Assistant (including the Food, General Merchandise, and Zone II designations)
Night Inventory Control Manager
Perishables Manager
Receiving/Inventory Control Manager
Receiving Manager/Night Receiving Manager
Replenishment Manager/Night Replenishment Manager
Tire Installation Manager
Front Line Shift Manager
Import-Export Manager
Jewelry Department Manager
Specialty Sales Manager
Mid-Manager In Training
Night Mid-Merchant



In order to participate in the class action settlement, you must return a personalized “Consent to Join and Claim Form” by July 21, 2010. You can obtain this form by contacting the Settlement Administrator at (888) 404-8013. Once you receive the personalized form, you’ll be able to see how much money you’re expected to receive if the settlement is approved. If you believe the settlement amount does not match the amount of overtime wages you’re owed, you can indicate your disagreement on the claim form, as long as you provide pay-stubs or other documentation supporting your claim.


For more information, visit the Settlement Administrator website.


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Updated April 27th, 2010


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