Class Members Get $10 Voucher in Metropark Settlement


By Sarah Pierce


Los Angeles-based Metropark USA has settled a class action lawsuit that accuses the fashion retailer of violating California law by requiring credit card customers to submit their personal identification information in order to make a payment. If you made credit card purchase at a California Metropark store between December 29, 2007 and March 4, 2010 and were asked to give your telephone number, email address and/or zip code, you can receive a $10 voucher from the class action settlement.


In order to get the voucher you must register a valid Control Number with the Class Administrator ( by May 18. 2010. You will have to know the approximate date you made a credit card purchase at Metropark and instruct Metropark how to mail the savings voucher to you. Control Numbers were emailed or mailed to eligible class members by Metropark based on the information in their database. If you didn’t receive a Control Number and believe you’re eligible, contact Metropark USA. More information about the class action settlement can be found at


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Updated April 26th, 2010


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  • Anonymous November 10, 2011

    Would this precedent hold only in California or Nationally? I’m guessing this is under UCC Article 2, so it would apply to all states.

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