GEA federal judge significantly trimmed a proposed class action lawsuit claiming GE front-loading washing machines accumulate mold, mildew and foul odors, but refused to dismiss the complaint entirely.

U.S. District Judge William J. Martini dismissed six of the seven claims in the class action lawsuit but stopped short of striking the class allegations because it would be “premature at this stage of the proceedings.”

The amended complaint alleges that GE’s front-loading washing machines have design defects that cause them to accumulate mold and mildew and produce an offensive odor that permeates the washing machine and anything inside it, including clothes.

The class action lawsuit further alleges that defects in the drum, the door and the seal play a key role in this accumulation of mold and mildew, and that GE made numerous misrepresentations to conceal these design defects.

Plaintiffs in the GE washing machine class action lawsuit say they paid “far too much” for the defective machines – from nearly $600 to over $2,000 – which began to mold within months of purchase.

The plaintiffs further allege that GE failed to honor its warranty for the washing machines and responded to complaints of mildew and mold by advising plaintiffs to keep their machine door open to prevent molding or to use Tide washing machine cleaner to remedy the problem. None of these “remedies” worked, however.

Judge Martini dismissed the majority of the claims brought in the class action lawsuit, saying the plaintiffs “failed to provide basic information about key aspects of their claims,” including explaining which washing machine models they were talking about.

The judge said he would issue a subsequent order about the plaintiffs’ next options to proceed with the case.

The GE Washing Machine Mildew Class Action Lawsuit case is Stanley Fishman, et al. v. General Electric Co., Case No. 12-cv-585 (WJM), U.S. District Court, New Jersey.

UPDATE: A federal judge dismissed the GE washing machine class action lawsuit on April 23, 2014.

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  • Dorothy May 11, 2013

    send a claim. form.
    EDITOR’S NOTE – Dorothy, we are not settlement administrators and do not process claims. You must contact the settlement administrator (if there is a settlement) for any assistance filing a claim or to request a claim form.

  • Melissa May 14, 2013

    The stench that comes out of my GE front load washer is DISGUSTING! I almost threw it away after we got home from a two week vacation and opened it to do a load of laundry. Once a week I have to run it on hot with a cup of bleach just to maintain the smell. Lawsuit or no, I cannot tell people enough… don’t buy these!!!!

    • Marianne April 18, 2014

      Have you tried leaving the door open when not in use? I have a GE front loader that’s never had a problem with mold, but I always leave the door open between uses and always use warm to hot water, never cold washes or rinses.

      • James Jemtrud June 5, 2014

        I’ve tried leaving the door open but that ends up with a floor covered in water. A reservoir must periodically empty itself into the machine. When the door is open, the resevoir dumps water out the front of the machine onto the floor.

  • christy May 16, 2013

    I brought front loader washer drying and mine smells like your cloths been in dirty water for week.and mold build up .and leaving the door open dosnt take care of it.or any other thing they tell you to do.i didn’t see sign when you brought it saying we got leave door open on it.or gona have molded cloths.mine is Samsung,and on dryer clogs up and heater gos out on it.i had to have it fixed 3 times already.

  • Tina July 20, 2013

    I want to be a part of this class action lawsuit against GE. I have a top loader and it is just awful. What is the first step to this?

  • Devin schaff July 20, 2013

    I owned one of these washers and my clothes always stunk. No matter what i tried the clothes always stunk. I lived with it for four years and finally had to by a new washer.

  • sheryl ulich September 5, 2013

    I have model WBVH1500HWW. I only had it a short time,I have mold in mine from the first few months. I called while still under warranty, they told me the same, I ask what it would cost to replace the rubber seal. It would cost $350.00. THat is almost the cost of a new washer. I did not replace it as it definately is a defect in the design. I have a few clients who have washers that do not have the mold I have. Yes, it is disgusting, I put so much softener to just get rid of the smell, but you know it is in the laundry. I want to know what I need ot do to get into this class action suit. THis washer is terrible and always has been. Unsatisfided Customer. I have all GE appliances, but this one is HORRIBLE!

  • Melissa Carpino-Stanley February 25, 2014

    I have a front load GE washer (second front load GE washer in 7 years) The clothes smell so bad and when you take them out of the washer, we have holes in the clothes!. The mold is so bad around the sealing on the door and nothing I do will remove it. I have bought products to clean it as well as run bleach through it. . Our clothes have stains on them because of the mold. I would love to know how we can get in the class action lawsuit.

  • Top Class Actions April 29, 2014

    UPDATE: A federal judge dismissed the GE washing machine class action lawsuit on April 23, 2014. More info:

  • Claudette Tracey June 27, 2016

    My front load GE washer have mold and after washing completed the clothes smell very unpleasant. Something needs to be done about this situation.

  • Rhonda July 27, 2016

    Look under the soap dispenser. Take it out and turn it upside down. There is tons of mold there. Also check the compartment that holds the soap dispenser. Look into it. You should find it there also. I had to use a pipe cleaner to clean some of the small spots. I soaked the soap dispenser in hot water with bleach overnight, cleaned the compartment with bleach also. Rinsed very well. Ran a sanatized wash. With no clothes, or soap. Then ran a wash of white vinegar. I think we need to start a class action suit. This is poor design, and Im a sickly person, this is so harmful.

  • carol hunter August 6, 2016

    I own a GE front load washer. It is extremely awful! I am SO displease with this product. I felt it was a BAD investment. This front load machine has accumulated extreme mold and mildew, especially, in the liquid and fabric trays. I too, have tried bleach, vinegar and the tide cleaner. Nothing has WORKED! I feel we need to file a class action suit! Please let me know how to get it started!

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