Chase LogoA federal court has granted final approval to the Chase Bank overdraft class action lawsuit settlement, making the Effective Date of the settlement April 18, 2013. Eligible Class Members who have not already received their settlement award can expect to see an account credit or check in the mail on or before May 17, 2013.

The court order marks an end to Chase Bank customers’ allegations that they were charged improper overdraft fees between 2003 and 2010. The $110 million settlement also marks the latest from a long list of U.S. banks that have settled similar claims in the consolidated class action case In re: Checking Account Overdraft Litigation.

The amount of money Class Members will receive from the Chase overdraft settlement will depend on the number of improper overdraft fees they incurred. Most of these Class Members will receive – or have already received – account credits. Others will receive their settlement checks in the mail before May 17, according to the Settlement Administrator.

The deadline to file a claim was February 8, 2013.

The case is In re: Checking Account Overdraft Fee Litigation, Case No. 9-md-2036-JLK, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida.

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  • Melanie Hicks April 26, 2013

    I would like to know if my check has been sent out ye and if possible, the amount. Thank you

  • Lisandro April 28, 2013

    Finally we get justice in this matter,this bank steals so much money from their clients.Ive dealt with this issue for years with Chase,if you have multiple pending payments they will pay starting from the highest amount to lowest even if the lowest payment was in the system days before,this way the money you had in your account wont be enough to cover the payments and thats when they hit you with multiple overdraft fees.I just found out about this Lawsuit and I hope it’s not to late for me to put in a claim because they did this tactic many times for like 6-7 years.

  • TOMASINA ELLINGTON April 28, 2013


  • Katrina April 28, 2013

    Too bad it probably won’t be all the money they took from us…

  • Christopher. H. Thom April 30, 2013

    I would like to know if I have a check coming and if so how much?

  • Al April 30, 2013

    Is there any way to find out if I will be receiving a refund ither than a search query?

  • maria.... April 30, 2013

    To Al number 6. Theres a web site for chase overdraft.It states refunds will post on or before 5/17/2013.or you can try emaiing one gy already knknows how much hes getting.

  • Joanna May 2, 2013

    The lawsuit was an opt out situation. If you had overdrafts during the timeframe noted in the lawsuit then you are automatically part of the settlement. You didn’t need to fill out any forms. Please keep in mind that the settlement is a set amount and they are using a formula to figure out what each person will receive. So though you think you will get $1000, you may get $50 just based on sheer math (settlement divided by number of people in the settlement and illegal overdrafts). The settlement amount most likely does not cover the actual amount people were taken for. I read all of the court documents and final judgement and it gives the formula that will be used. I have been emailing with the bank and they have no information of course of what the account holders will receive. But thought I would give it a shot. Not sure how an individual mentioned above found out what their amount would be. If you call the number at Rust Consulting you get a message discussing the settlement and no way to talk to a human. Probably because the poor undertrained call center is taking all of the calls for the Independent Foreclosure Review settlement that is being paid out this month. That is another nightmare.

  • JFout May 2, 2013


    One of the FAQ’s

    9. How much will my payment be?

    Any payment you are eligible to receive will be based on the number of overdraft fees charged to your Chase consumer deposit account as a result of posting debit card transactions high to low between January 1, 2003 and March 29, 2010. It is not possible to know at this point how much any Settlement Class Member’s payment from the Settlement will be. Only a small percentage of all overdraft fees that were charged by Chase were affected by high to low posting. So, not every overdraft fee that was charged is eligible for payment under this Settlement.

  • Alma May 2, 2013

    I would advice everyone not to get too excited about getting a check or credit on your account. As it usually happens, us the affected parties will end up receiving $100 checks while most of this moneybeing paid out is going towards attorney fees and court fees and so on and so on. Basically we’ll remain being the affected regardless because that’s how this cr@P works, attorneys are in it for the large sums of money they will receive, not to protect our rights or fight for us either, so just don’t get your hopes up too high.

  • d May 3, 2013

    I’ve moved and I don’t have a chase account. How will I receive a check?

  • CC May 3, 2013

    WHat is the email?

  • Amber May 8, 2013

    I spoke with the administrator yesterday and they stated they dont know how much each individuals check will be or when they will be sent out other than by the 17th. Also at #11 D you can email the administrator and let them know your address has changed and send them your new one. The administrators email address is on the chase settlement website.

  • Robert Atchison May 8, 2013

    I never received notice about claim forms, and my wife and I were definitely part of those Chase customers who were affected by this misguided act. Is it still possible to file a claim? If not, what happens to all the money not claimed by people like us? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • maria May 8, 2013

    Hi…This goes out to Robert Atchison #14.Web address…..Email is i believe that email is for something adminestrator..

  • Kim May 9, 2013

    I wouldn’t get too excited about getting what you had deducted in these fees. I had over $1000 in fees assessed during this time because of their higher to lower practices. I received the credit this morning into my bank account and it was a whopping $22.64. A far cry from what they actually charged me. Not sure where they get their figures from. This credit is less than one fee.

  • Misha May 9, 2013

    I was in this lawsuit and to my SUPRISE I oly got $3.85 wow.

  • Carrie May 9, 2013

    Well I just got my credit last night. It was for $43! They owe me at least a couple of thousand dollars. I’ve been an account holder for almost 20 years and had hundreds of overdraft fees and I get $43! I should have opposed this settlement. This is just another instance of these huge banks screwing us!

  • Nicolle May 9, 2013

    You have to keep in mind that the the money is subtracted from the lawyers and court costs that had to be paid and I am sure other things went into it. Plus is also they are not at fault for every overdraft transaction.. FYI you can call 3 times a year and if you have a good reason for your overdraft they will reverse the fee. Keep in mind if you don’t want to pay the fee don’t spend more money than you have! Simple thing to remember.

  • donna May 9, 2013

    You will not get back what they took from you. I got $4.23 What a slap in the face.

  • Erica May 9, 2013

    We received over $250!!! Doesn’t even come close to what they have taken, but I’m good with it!!!

  • Angela May 9, 2013

    I got $2 goddamn dollars!!! I had over $6,000 in overdraft fees during that time period.

    This is ridiculous!

  • Wendy May 9, 2013

    two dollars. This is gran theft. They took almost one hundred in overdraft fees and they refunded me 2 dollars. They subtracted 98% from the original amount. The lawyers are just as thieving as Chase.

  • Wendy May 9, 2013

    I will be leaving this bank soon. I don’t trust them at all.

  • Nicole May 9, 2013

    $43! Are you kidding me?? They owe me hundreds!

  • Melanie May 9, 2013

    My credit came today. A whopping $4.11 I am sure I had much more than that (hundreds, I’m sure, in overdraft fees (high-low) during that time. ARGH! AND, the practice was supposed to be discontinued and it has not. I wonder how to complain about that. Twice this year I have been mischarged fees because they did high-low calculations. I called and complained to Chase,, and got no where.

  • donna May 9, 2013

    I feel raped yet again by Chase… they took over 4,000 from my account! and i got a whole 8.22 back. I hope everyone and anyone that reads any of these posts leaves ALL of the big banks find a local credit union at least they will respect you!

  • Amber May 9, 2013

    Has anyone received a check yet or just account credits?

  • Amber May 9, 2013

    Ok so I just talked to admin. and checks will be mailed thee 17th mine is gonna be $10.76 I tokd them to keep it apparently Chase needs it more than I do when that doesnt even cover one fee!!!

  • mcwhir01 May 9, 2013

    Got account credit today. This is almost laughable. This lawsuit only lined the attorneys and accountants pockets. Grand total of $67.

  • Ginger Q. May 9, 2013

    I received my credit of $1.51. The credit posted on 5/08/2013. It’s insane.

  • Alexander W May 9, 2013

    Got 10$, they took several thousand ;—-;

  • WOAH DNelly! May 9, 2013

    I only got $26! BOO!!!
    I’ll be moving banks soon..

  • Damon B. May 10, 2013

    Well folks I don’t feel so bad after reading these comments, I think i spent over an hour and a half filling out the settlement paper work – I think i claimed about $140 in improper fees and my account was just credited a WHOOPING $3.22
    It was so worth the effort!!!!!!!!!

  • Scott F May 10, 2013

    Got my 5 Bucks..Prayed on paycheck to paycheck living…You Suck Chase Overdraft Settlement!!!

  • Kimberly May 10, 2013

    Yeah!! real nice got my $30.84 credit and they stuck me with over $650.00 in fees in just two days…what a bunch of junk!!!!! They owed me a couple of thousand for what they pulled…..nevermind the fees the other merchants charged when they returned these items as well… accountability these days at all!!!

  • Josh May 10, 2013

    I was young, paycheck to paycheck about 23 years old when I piled up at least 400-500 dollars in overdraft fees over the course of 3 or 4 occurances over 2 or 3 years.

    Boy they’d get me

    While hardly flush with cash I am fortunate enough to be in a much better position now.

    I see I received 3.50 or so from Chase deposited a couple of days ago

    So this suit paid about 1% of my fees and several years later to boot

    Somebodies pockets got lined on this deal

    Shaking my head

  • Ken L May 10, 2013

    You guys are making me so depressed. Chase charged me these fees dozens of times over 7 years. I would guess well over $2,000 in highest to lowest unjustified. Now it looks like I’ll be lucky to get $50. What a bunch of crooks…I get generic answers from the settlement administrator and have not received any payment yet. Lawyers and Bankers should all be thrown in jail!

  • Ken L May 10, 2013

    Just heard back from the settlement administrator and I will be receiving a whopping $50.80 by May 17. The greedy people and institutions have ruined this Country. I feel sorry for you youngsters out there.

  • Charles May 11, 2013

    $13.73. I lost thousands. At one point, I guessed exactly what they were doing with timing of charges and deposits, and the clerk– let me tone this down. The clerk did not tell me the truth about how this was figured. I did get back that $64, I should have yelled some more. This is the Torture of Hope straight out of de L’Isle-Adams. No sir, no groceries this week for you. You go hungry till the next pay check.

  • castro May 11, 2013

    received 2.71 chase sucks thanks for nothing chase overdraft settlement

  • ugh May 12, 2013

    Got 4.05 after they robbed me of a lot more than that. Boycott the banks! I can’t believe how this country is robbing us blind left and right…

  • keith May 13, 2013

    45.00 for over 4000.00in fees that they created !wow plus they got bailed out .what a country

  • Sandy May 13, 2013

    Exactly why we left Chase.. Tired of supporting J P Morgan….

  • Tom H. May 13, 2013

    My Credit posted to my closed account – only to re-activate the account and incur a 12 dollar monthly fee – which consumed the 2 dollar credit – Nice trick. I then had to cover the difference. Wait two days for “CASH” to post to the account so i can close it again.

  • RoxanneF May 14, 2013

    WooHoo! Don’t know what I am going to do with my big $5.41 credit in my account! I too was taken for WAY more than that! I even told the people MORE THAN ONCE that they were cheating their customers! I think I might close my account. What a bunch of crap!

  • Donna May 15, 2013

    25 years ago, I opened a checking account with Valley National Bank, which to my knowledge was bought out by Bank One, and then it was named Chase…I’ve had over 7 different account Numbers within this amount of time…Well I sent an email asking for information on how much & when would these checks be sent…I get an email back saying that they only have one account on record…Now I know for a fact that’s bull, even requested a few copies of a couple statements showing these overdraft fees on certain accounts I had…I sent them the information back when I first received there letter regarding the settlement..My contact person told me that on the one account number, I would be receiving a whopping $14 dollars, I’m just NOT SURPRISED at all It’s CHASE you guys that’s what they do to make money and rip off their customers…CHASE HAS RIP ME OFF SO BAD ON OTHER ISSUES ALL SO TO THE POINT I’VE HIRED A ATTORNEY TO GO AFTER THIS DEMON BANK…

  • teresa shamblin May 16, 2013

    May 16 and haven’t received anything yet. How do we find out if we get anything?

  • Nicole May 17, 2013

    After received my $47 settlement last week, would you believe that Chase pulled the same crap with my account today? Yesterday I had transactions that posted to my account, with one big item outstanding, the item came through today, but they listed the transactions as if the big item came through first and have charged me overdraft on items that cleared my account while there was still money in there! I called and go absolutely no where with them. I’m fumming.

  • William Banks May 17, 2013

    May 17th and I haven’t received anything either and I am one of those who lost thousands…..

  • Barbara May 17, 2013

    OK, it’s May 17th and still no check! Has anyone received theirs?

  • kris Immel May 19, 2013

    Have not seen my money yet and not sure if i care to with the amounts getting paid out. I would rather them just rip me off then to try and make it up by giving me two bucks and laugh while they do it. Not sure how they are coming up with these numbers but if you qualified for this settlement you had at least one wrongfully charged overdraft fee. I have never seen an overdraft fee for $3.84 the minimum anyone should be getting is 25 bucks in my opinion!! I will be changing banks.

  • Barbara May 19, 2013

    I just realized that this is the same settlement administrator (Rust Consulting) that was utilized for the foreclosure settlement and people were irate about their small checks too. The Federal Reserve checked into the foreclosure settlement and now they are issuing a second check. Wouldn’t that be nice for us too. This whole thing with Chase settlement sounds like they were way off on how they came up with their calculations.

  • Chris May 20, 2013

    So here I am checking the mail everyday looking for a check of $300 or more….and the bastards slip $14.07 in my account a few weeks ago! I was a victim at BankOne, Washington Mutual, and Chase…It should have been a check for $1407.00.

  • Tammy Roberts May 20, 2013

    Are we going back to court..?my claim includes human trafficing charges..that I was sought out,confronted by entire bank staff,played by a man and woman team..and is not even the beginning..

  • William Banks May 20, 2013

    Chris.. I feel your pain….I just got $25.46 after they took more than $14,000 out of my account.
    This seems so unethical and an insult to our intelligence. I’m going on Facebook and I’m going to contact a television network and ask them to investigate. See if I can get Chase some more bad publicity. Everyone else should do something similar.

  • johnnie hogan May 20, 2013

    I was shocked and insulted today to find my whopping $6.05 so i am with all of you here…this bank needs to just have a big boycott over their crap!

  • Surprised May 20, 2013

    Oh my! I got a check in the mail today for $39.34! I had signed into the lawsuit a long time ago; I know back then Chase had cost me a good deal of money on reordering overdrafts, but I didn’t have the time to go through all the records and prove how much. So I did nothing, and here it is… low and behold, I got a surprise little bonus today. We’re going out to eat! Won’t be a five star place, but hey at least it will be free :)

  • robert colon May 20, 2013

    where is justice-rec chaseoverdraft settlement 10.00 dollars out of 110,000,000 millions lawsuit.i even submitted paper work that chase was unable to produce,3842

  • J White May 20, 2013

    Wow!!! Chase! Unbelievable….Where’s my portion of the settlement? It seems you forgot that we all have given you in excess of at least $5,000 or more…I sure know that I have!!

  • Buddhasatva May 20, 2013

    Karma is a Bi@$% and then you go belly up and i have not received a check yet and over 1300 dollars of overdraft fees have been stolen from.Soon you will have to chase!!! for customers;)..

  • forest gump May 20, 2013

    Didn`t recieve a check, whats the deal?

  • Richard Scott May 20, 2013

    I like everyone am outraged at the Chase settlement.I got 1.51 cents.We have to stop complaining to each other and get ge this settlement thrown out.Sign a petition on the presidents web site, talk to your local media about doing a story like I plan to,post on social media. Let is not let them get away with this one

  • Shannon May 20, 2013

    A few months ago I received the first sign that this was happening. I just laughed because I figured they would get a slap on the hand and no one would get any money….WOW was I surprised when I got the mail today, a big ole check for over 220.00 from the Chase Overdraft Settlement Admins. Thanks I will take this and run and NEVER EVER DEAL WITH THEM AGAIN…….

  • Phillip J May 20, 2013

    I got a check today for $39.61. What a joke.

  • Abby May 20, 2013

    I received a check for $114.00 dollars today. I’m sure I paid thousands in overdraft fees. Not sure how Chase/lawyers found me as I’ve moved a ton.

  • terrell May 20, 2013

    We received $346. Happy surprise.

  • #57 Joyce May 20, 2013

    Is there anyway to check to see the actual amount of money that will be distributed to those of us that is part of this settlement?

  • starc May 20, 2013

    You guys lucked out. I got a check for $3.99! That is all I can really say.

  • Dina May 20, 2013

    I left Chase nearly two years ago because of their lack of business practices. Over the course of many years they took more than my whopping $40.03 I received in the mail. I am skeptic to even cash the check might be “a ploy” to get lost customers back. It seems they could of kept the money it took to print this check and reinvest in business training classes! Maybe even to close their entire practice down and call it a day!

  • Shannon May 20, 2013

    Is the check a fold out mini check on card stock? It looks like its not real….

  • Geoff May 20, 2013

    My wife and I paid over 12000 in overdraft fees to Chase. We left Chase, and never paid another fee at our bank. My settlement….34.95. I don’t think justice was served. 500 dollar settlement would have been a little better. Not 34.95. Chase should be out of business completely.

  • april griffin May 20, 2013

    hundreds upon hundreds of dollars in OD fees,, class action lawsuit ? who’s class, sure wasnt mine… 2.12 check.. seriously im sure the snakes that put all this together are laughing so hard , we are all a bunch of fools for believing in the justice system… never ever pays off for the little guy!

  • jashaundra May 21, 2013

    I was to confused what is this check $7.56 whatever is my name clear of their debt now

  • jashaundra May 21, 2013

    I just want my name cleared of Chase u can keep the 7.56

  • Mike May 21, 2013

    I received a check of $1.94. Is this a joke? Because, I am not laughing.

  • joshua84 May 21, 2013

    I know I paid far too much on overdraft fees. over a 1000. and after closing the account because of expected fee foul play, they chase me a year later claiming more fees and saying the account isnt closed. What bs is this? Then I hear about the settlement and think “GOOD” greedy turds deserve it. Get a settlement check of 2.00 even. Wow…

  • joshua84 May 21, 2013

    I actually shreaded my settlement of 2 dollars cause thats how much it cost to cash a check normally since I dont have access to a bank because of chase’ stupid history.

  • Yander May 21, 2013

    this is a joke, im a Chase customer since 05, back then they were Washington Mutual, I just got the mail today, I think it was better to save the paper than to mail me a check for 4.11, but I will deposit it im not giving the another 4.11 LOL

  • joesph May 21, 2013

    it a fucking joke I had over 2000 dollors in over draft fees and I got a check not worth the paper it was printed the lawyers are the thiefs

  • CHARLES May 21, 2013


  • cliff May 21, 2013

    Being they just charged me about a thousand dollars due to their error, Was told about this and got a check today, but the real question is because i wouldnt pay it back when i didnt do it, did they take it off my credit?

  • Teresa Cooper May 21, 2013

    THAT’S Check you went to send me.that not from2006/2010this not rigth amont dent offers to me sorry. So come agent some biggest. My settlement not right. Miss .Cooper

  • Isaac May 21, 2013

    $2 deposit on May 8th directly into my account. I was screwed out of hundreds of dollars but I was slipped $2 quietly into my account. The only people that made anything out of this were Chase Bank and the lawyers. Screw them all

  • leroy clay May 21, 2013

    Yay $1.94 what a country the small fry all ways get it up the….

  • James May 21, 2013

    I am just happy that Chase got hit for some cash after screwing their customers. I never expected to get a dime back, so the fact that they were punished AND I got _any money out of it makes me happy.

    I do agree that the minimum anyone should have gotten should have been at least equivalent to an overdraft fee.

  • Annie C May 21, 2013

    I only got $1.94. Maybe thats why I left Chase Bank years ago, They whack you with illegal charges then when they give it back its a minute fraction of what they took. Shame on Chase

  • Doris Morris May 21, 2013

    I have not recieve my check i gave chase me new adress

  • Barbara May 21, 2013

    can’t believe a few thousand dollars in od over a 2-3 yr period and got tired of fighting with chase, went elsewhere and received my check of 47.81 today – seems to me I would be due back the 1000 or 2000 they stole from me with their shady overdraft policy.

  • Ron May 21, 2013

    Put in over around 30K to their BS system, and got back $26.73.

    I bet the lawyers who put this together made millions off this deal.

  • Stephanie Edwards May 22, 2013

    Hundreds of $ in overdraft fees over the years and I get $2.09. I’ll spend that in gas driving to the bank to cash it. You guys are thieves but nothing will happen to you because of the damn government.

  • greg May 22, 2013

    Well the question is what to we do about it can we do anything this is a disgrace and insult how many people were involved where is the 110m moo

  • me May 22, 2013

    I got my check for a whole 1.81 and it was there fault to begin with for the overdraft and never would correct it. So now i want to know if their stupid mistake will come off of my credit.

  • Tony May 22, 2013

    Got a check yesterday for $156.56

  • Billamarie May 22, 2013

    I received a check for $1.51….wasn’t expecting this at all. My first thought was…is this a joke?

  • F Off May 22, 2013

    $1.81- laughable. I’m shredding mine as I hope to waste the accountants time needed to balance their books :)

  • Erma Martin May 22, 2013

    i have not revc’d a check or account credit yet. from reading all of the comments above….i’am so disappointed with the banking system. SHAME ON THEM!!!!

  • Kbowman May 22, 2013

    After over 3000.00 in overdraft fee’s, I got a check for 18.51 .. I feel lucky compared to some of the amounts I have seen on here. Something has to be done about this institution. They rob us on overdraft fee’s, then we cail them out ? WOW …..

  • Kbowman May 22, 2013

    Melanie, dont get your hope up !!

  • pr May 22, 2013

    I just recieved a check for 14.04 this is pittful that isn’t even what they charge for overdraft… smh …. where is the rest of the money…

  • Marle May 22, 2013

    Got my whooping 1.98 check the other day.Chase bank is

  • Carlos Webb May 22, 2013

    This refund is a bunch of crap. They charged overdraft fees to an excess and now they are still getting over. This is one of the reasons I closed this account and changed banks. This is one of the buster banks that got bailed out and still robing the consumers.

  • Lucky May 22, 2013

    Got $51.40 back

  • upset with Chase May 22, 2013

    Well i received my check from chase for $29.63 which isn’t half of what i paid for fees. I went to a Chase bank to see why i had received it… To no suprise to me their staff was so confussed and had very little information in reference to the check. But they did know that the will not cash it in their back since i didnt have an account with them. That just proves to me that their business is horrible. No customer service skills. Very disappointed with Chase.

  • Robert May 22, 2013

    Got a check for $635.35 took it to chase. They said it was to much money and would not cash it. said I would have to go to US Bank witch is way away from me. My bank said they would only do it as a collection Item for $20.00. So got a check that is no good. typical chase trick.

  • James Peterson May 23, 2013

    Just found $22.07 credited to my account, what a joke!!!!

    They slipped in my account o 5-8-13

  • Steven brown May 23, 2013

    I got a hole 7.26 oh joy

  • StillWaiting May 23, 2013

    No check, and I’m really not expecting much by the sounds of things, chase has screwed me every way but pleasurable. If I get 2.00 at least I can buy a wet-nap and a (cheap) 24 ounce beer , the wet nap to clean myself up and the beer to try to forget about the rape.
    This sucks but its way too typical nowadays.

  • Blue Wolf Bosh May 23, 2013

    Chase added multiple unwarranted overdraft fees to my account in 2010, then took a direct deposit of 72.50. I closed the account after they wouldn’t correct their mistake. This Monday they sent me an Overdraft Settlement Payment, for $3.45.

  • tisha May 23, 2013

    well i got one and chase would not cash it so icant cash it anywhere since it a class action. now if chase is the cause, they need to honor the checks. or they basicly did all this for nothin. i got 3.63. wow!

  • Oscar May 23, 2013

    I go 4.96 what a freaking joke!. Chase just keep getting over people. And they still gave me a call from collection that i owed them 300$ from overdraft fees.

  • J Lucas May 23, 2013

    “Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the world.”

  • prlglny May 23, 2013

    I got a whopping $88 but the check looks fake. Skeptical about depositing it in my bank account. Hhhhmmmm

  • Genevieve Yates May 23, 2013

    I received a bank deposit of 6.35—hardly commensurate with the amounts taken in illegal overdraft fees. Chase employees always explained to me the the “largest” amount is honored first thus leaving all smaller amounts presented first to bounce!!!

  • Mimiller May 23, 2013

    Yeah… They took almost $4000 from my account, not to mention all of the payments NSF fees I had to pay the people that the overdrafts effected; and my check is $55.03… Im sure glad this was “corrected” (years later). What a joke this so called “settlement” is.

  • Curtis May 24, 2013

    Was a WaMu/Chase customer since the mid-1980s until about 18 months ago. Best financial move I ever made was to leave Chase and join a Credit Union. Like others here, was charged $1000’s in illegal fees over the years and, today, received my wheelbarrow full of money from the settlement — a whoppin’ $7.98!

    Social media and other outlets may have some effect, but even if additional awards are issued to cover actual amounts illegally seized, it still won’t compensate for the massive hits to credit scores for victims. There is simply no way that everyone can be fully compensated, even if JP Morgan Chase is run into the ground and all the executives are thrown in prison and their fortunes confiscated and given to the victims. In fact, it will likely cost me more to pursue this in the amount of time it takes me away from more gainful pursuits. Nonetheless, justice MUST be served. The masses MUST unite. The people MUST be heard. Chase MUST pay!

  • AGeorge May 24, 2013

    I’d like to know how the Administrators of this lawsuit calculated each person’s award amount. I have been a customer with Chase since 2000 when I lived in NJ and they were formerly called the Bank of NY. I am a little embarrassed to say that I probably had a minimum of 4 overdrafts a year and was charged numerous overdraft fees over the past 13 years – many of which I contested when I knew they posted the highest amount presented first so they could subsequently collect several NSF fees on smaller amounts that followed. I was shocked to receive only $6.17 in this settlement award. What a racket! Be careful! Chase now posts checks 48 hours after they are presented and back dates the NSF

  • AGeorge May 24, 2013

    I was shocked to receive only $6.17. I have been doing business with this bank for 13 years as far back as when they were called Bank of NY. They are now posting checks 48 hours after they are presented and back date NSF funds – so they continuing with unfair practices. I need to change immediately to Huntington which I plan to do.

  • Woody May 26, 2013

    Hello everyone,
    I imagine several months ago like me a lot of you receive postcard in the mail explaining the lawsuit against Chase. I believed I was in the group that had an account during the prescribed time that I really didn’t have to do anything. I was under the impression since I cut ties with Chase they would send me a check.I was also under the impression I didn’t have to fill out a claim form.If I am wrong and suppose to fill one out,could someone tell me if I was suppose to.If I was it doesn’t look like I lost out on much

  • cindy french May 26, 2013

    it’s odd that the amount I got wasn’t even the amount of an od fee. which is 34.00 how’s that right?? when they got a lot more than that!!! looks like i’m going to change banks too………

  • Tasha May 26, 2013

    I got 60$ which is 100% a rip off… I closed my account a long time ago.

  • Justin May 26, 2013

    Hundreds of dollars taken from Chase with criminally delayed and stacked/manipulated NSF fees, only to receive a $9.07 check. LOL – Practically a slap in the face.

  • Aaron May 28, 2013

    Just got a check for a cool $

  • Tim E. May 28, 2013

    I recieved a Chase settlement check. It bounced. Gee, thanks.

  • Josh May 30, 2013

    You guys are a joke. Complaining about receiving 5 bucks, when in fact, you would have gotten nothing and should get nothing because you did absolutely nothing to get this. Were Chase wrong in doing what they did? Maybe…if you thought it was wrong why didn’t you file your own lawsuit years and years ago as so many of you claim? You all talk about having chase for 5-15 years and still paid these ‘wrong’ fees like complete buffoons. What were you even getting overdraft charges for anyway? Don’t know how to handle your credit? Are you broke? Cheap? Running your cards to max? In the end it’s YOUR stupid fault so don’t complain when you get an amount that is a mere few bucks.

  • Josh is gay June 2, 2013

    Yup josh stumbled upon this site in error while looking up gay midget porn

  • norma June 7, 2013

    I would like to know how long this is going to take, my friends got there refund

  • Debra J little June 17, 2013

    I wrote a letter saying I had thrown the postcard away by mistake & my bank statement said I was to receive over 60 dollars I wrote a letter saying that I had thrown it away & your letter said I said I didn’t receive it when in fact I just need it replaced because I threw it away

  • Veronica June 23, 2013

    I received a check for 6.17. AND no bank will cash it LOl Waste of paper

  • joylewis July 8, 2013

    I would also like to know where my check is. Ihave sent in two emails, I’ve called the number, and been watching and waiting to hear from someone one. Anyone! Even if it just a 5$ check in today’s economy I’d be mighty appreciative. Thank you Mrs. Lewis

  • kimmy July 17, 2013

    I received a tax return check that wamu/chase held for 10 days. Every check I wrote including my rent check was returned incurring a fee with every return. Some items were resubmitted incurring additional fees. In the end a tax return check of about $4500 made this bank about $1500 in overdraft fees in less than a week because they chose to hold it. I went to the bank and of course they, the ones who made the decision, said there was nothing they could do. I actually knew someone who had a friend who worked at the bank who actually recovered $100 for me. Oh, my check was only about $16.

  • tiffany July 30, 2013

    I got my check today. To tell you the truth i forgot all about it. Its not a lot but something so im not complaining. It was sent to my previous address but forwarded to my new address. Dated 7/19. It came at the perfect time. A small automatic debit that was supposed to come from my credit card came from my checking account this check covers it yah. Now i dont have to pull such a small amount from my savings

  • tiffany July 30, 2013

    I got my check today. To tell you the truth i forgot all about it. Its not a lot but something so im not complaining. It was sent to my previous address but forwarded to my new address. Dated 7/19. It came at the perfect time. A small automatic debit that was supposed to come from my credit card came from my checking account this check covers it yah. Now i dont have to pull such a small amount from my savings

  • Lou August 12, 2013

    Got a post card looking check in the mail July 19th 2013 for the Princely sum of $4.11 =/ but hey that’s almost 1% of what I gave them. Went down to my nearest Chase Bank and they told me we can’t cash this. Hmm I guess I won’t be getting that Ivory back scratcher after all.

  • Lou August 12, 2013

    Got a post card looking check in the mail July 19th 2013 for the Princely sum of $4.11 =/ but hey that’s almost 1% of what I gave them. Went down to my nearest Chase Bank and they told me we can’t cash this. Hmm I guess I won’t be getting that Ivory back scratcher after all.

  • Lou August 12, 2013

    Got a post card looking check in the mail July 19th 2013 for the Princely sum of $4.11 =/ but hey that’s almost 1% of what I gave them. Went down to my nearest Chase Bank and they told me we can’t cash this. Hmm I guess I won’t be getting that Ivory back scratcher after all.

  • Lou August 12, 2013

    Got a post card looking check in the mail July 19th 2013 for the Princely sum of $4.11 =/ but hey that’s almost 1% of what I gave them. Went down to my nearest Chase Bank and they told me we can’t cash this. Hmm I guess I won’t be getting that Ivory back scratcher after all.

  • Lou August 12, 2013

    Got a post card looking check in the mail July 19th 2013 for the Princely sum of $4.11 =/ but hey that’s almost 1% of what I gave them. Went down to my nearest Chase Bank and they told me we can’t cash this. Hmm I guess I won’t be getting that Ivory back scratcher after all.

  • Lou August 12, 2013

    Got a post card looking check in the mail July 19th 2013 for the Princely sum of $4.11 =/ but hey that’s almost 1% of what I gave them. Went down to my nearest Chase Bank and they told me we can’t cash this. Hmm I guess I won’t be getting that Ivory back scratcher after all.

  • Kristin September 10, 2013

    Never received my payment..

  • Cathy Hunt September 11, 2013

    I filed a claim but have not received any funds

  • Denise van Venrooy September 26, 2013

    Who do I contact regarding this lawsuit? I should have automatically received the funds in my account, but never did.

  • nettieharris October 6, 2013

    Up date address i move 77033 to crockett.tx75835 1406 colecreek.ln#402 my number 832-517-3499

  • Weiwor October 8, 2013

    Is it too late, I never got my check. I have move a couple of times since. What do Ii need to do to get my check?

  • Troy Bellair October 17, 2013

    Got a postcard looking check for $6.35 no won will cash it

  • Starlet Gooden October 17, 2013

    Yes! i feel Chase has treated me unfairly.

  • MJ October 19, 2013

    I got my postcard/check today…$49.83……I was skeptical at 1st…..I TOOK IT TO THE BANK WHO ISSUED IT…US BANK…They happily cashed it for me. WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER

  • Raelyn Acorn November 15, 2013

    I never received a check in the mail. I am no longer with Chase and I know I was certainly due some kind of settlement amount, being that Chase took thousands over the years for NSF out of my account. Something would be nice.

  • ronald layton sr December 31, 2013

    don’t think check ever arrived. Not really surprised

  • Matt January 17, 2014

    Chase stole probably about $1,000 from me during this period. I just found out about the settlement this week. They sent a notice and a check to an old address where I haven’t lived in almost six years. Is there anything I can do about it? I hate Chase. One of the most evil banks in America, without question.

  • Chris April 14, 2014

    Well over $1000 in fees. Got check for $9.86.
    what a joke.

    • Chuck November 24, 2014

      Isn’t it great Chris? This “settlement” was for 20% of the amount they allege Chase stole from us. So Chase stole $810 million us in bogus fees by using deceptive business practices, agreed to give back 20% of it ($162 million) of which the lawyers took 30% ($48.6 million). That means Chase profited $648 million of OUR money yet did not admit any wrongdoing. What a joke is right.

  • barbara fountain May 13, 2014

    i never received any money

  • Lisa October 14, 2014

    I received a overdraft settlement check but it expire can i get a new check send

  • Chuck November 24, 2014

    Well I received my settlement check today-a whopping $84.05 when I was charged $2,400.00+ over a period of 2 years, taking my complaints all the way to the CEO’s office……meanwhile the attorneys received $48.6 MILLION or 30% of the total settlement….absolutely disgusted to see the rich get richer and shit on the middle class like they always have….Fuck you Chase & this whole “settlement” charade-from what I have read Chase is still screwing people over-if this were really a settlement we would have received EVERY DIME these crooks stole from us by using deceptive practices….but what do I know? I’m just a lowly middle class citizen who doesn’t have the power or $$ to really fight them. Rant over-now I have to go wipe my ass with this useless check

  • Chuck November 24, 2014

    I am going to make it my mission to tell everyone I can in person & on social media about this and to avoid the crooks at Chase bank-legalized robbery is what this whole thing was.

  • Yeff October 30, 2015

    June 2015 and got a check in the mail for the settlement? really! Deposited the puny check and it bounced, my bank charged me a fee for the bounced check that was more than the value of the check. Received another check now in October for $6.70, they really think that Im going to deposit this so I can pay another $6 for the insult. F*K Chase…

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