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ADT Security Robocall Class Action Settlement

By Mike Holter


ADT Security

UPDATE: Payments for the ADT Security robocall class action settlement were mailed September 13, 2013. Class Members who submitted valid claims can expect to see their check within 10 business days. Learn more here.


ADT Security Services Inc. has agreed to a $15 million class action lawsuit settlement over allegations it made illegal telemarketing calls to consumers. If you received a telemarketing call from ADT, you may be eligible to receive between $50 and $100 if the class action settlement is approved.

The ADT robocall settlement will resolve a class action lawsuit (Vishva Desai v. ADT Security Services Inc.) that alleges certain ADT authorized dealers or lead generators, seeking to sell ADT’s products and services, made numerous calls that violated the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). This includes calling consumers using an automated dialing machine (“robocalling”) and delivering a pre-recorded message.

ADT denies any wrongdoing but has agreed to establish a $15 million class action lawsuit settlement fund to resolve the litigation.

Class Members of the ADT class action settlement include all persons or entities who received telemarketing phone calls that either delivered a pre-recorded message or were made using automated dialing equipment, and which were made under the guise of selling ADT products or services.

If the Court approves the ADT robocall settlement, every Class Member who submits a timely and valid Claim Form will be entitled to a payment based on the number of valid claims received. It’s estimated that the typical payout on the settlement will be between $50 and $100, but this amount could be higher or lower based on the actual number of valid claims submitted. Each household is entitled to make only one claim, regardless of the number of telephone calls received, and the maximum payout will not exceed $500.

The only way to receive a cash award from the ADT class action lawsuit settlement is to submit a Claim Form online or postmarked no later than June 10, 2013.

A Final Fairness Hearing is scheduled for June 21, 2013. [UPDATE: A federal judge granted final approval to the settlement at the Final Fairness Hearing. Payments were mailed to eligible Class Members on September 13, 2013.]

Claim Forms and more information on your rights in the ADT Robocall Class Action Lawsuit Settlement can be found at


Making robocalls or delivering pre-recorded messages is against the law. If you received a phone call that you believe violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), you may be entitled to compensation. Learn more at the Text Message Spam, Cell Phone Call TCPA Class Action Lawsuit Investigation.

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  • William April 22, 2013

    Thanks … finally maybe these robo caller agencies will get the idea that we do not want their calls and we will be monetarily compensated when they violate the law.

  • Ryan April 23, 2013

    ADT agrees to pay 15M. Now I know why my bill went up. Is this not breach of contract. I didn’t agree to have pay more! Where is the class action suit on this?

  • Bill April 25, 2013

    How about going after GE and their authorized dealers? These telemarketers call even more than the ADT people.

  • joe April 30, 2013

    How about Morgan air,it seems like every week they call.

  • Rebecca May 23, 2013

    could some one please go after the company , that calls this is important information regarding your credit card and then states you can get a lower card rate, i don’t listen i just hang up,so i don’t know who’s calling ,but not my card

  • Jeff May 27, 2013

    Now I know why my bill has gone Sky High in the last few years. They’re bilking their loyal customers to pay for their asinine Blunders!

  • Cynthia Egly June 10, 2013

    I don’t want no robot caller calling me no more. They call way too much.

  • gwendolyn chesnut June 11, 2013

    They really be doing to much all those call don’t make no since, I don’t know about you but I’nm tired.

  • gwendolyn chesnut June 11, 2013

    They really be doing to much, seem like the calls just won’t stop, feel like I’m going crazy.

  • Chrissy June 22, 2013

    Someone needs to sue the politicians for their pre-recorded messages.

    • Hazen Ames June 29, 2014

      Since we have to pay our own phone bills we should not be subjected especially to all these political phone calls begging for money, between them and many other charitable organizations, and religious calls and others begging we can not tollerate because of all the time it takes to check or answer all the phone call since this is constantly going on every day. Plus the ones that do not give you a name or number are very harassing to us. There must be a way to put a reverse charge on all these unnecessary phone call since we are on the NO Call list. If there is no way to do this, someone should come up with a way and let the public know how to do it. It also is not all the phone call but also all the garabage mail begging for donations. We have fallen pray to helping, donating, and giving to organizations that are only in it for the money and their own benefits after we have lost and learned the hard way.
      We are an older couple who has lived in the world of trust and find this deplorable.

  • Angel July 17, 2013


  • tammy rodgers July 20, 2013

    When is this gonna be paid??

  • Michelle August 16, 2013

    Has there been any information on the check release date yet? The website says checks should be released within 2 months of June 21, or is that incorrect?

  • devon September 12, 2013

    any news on this settlement?
    It’s been over 2 months since the “final” hearing.

  • JJ September 14, 2013

    From their website: “Please be advised that Settlement checks were mailed on September 13, 2013 to Settlement Class Members who submitted an eligible claim form. Please allow up to 10 business days for the check to arrive.”

  • shelly September 16, 2013

    Checks are $48.50 if you own a busines $148.50. Yes! Mailed september 13, 2013

  • karen September 16, 2013

    Checks $47.50 if own business $147.50. Mailed september 13,2013.

  • Robin September 16, 2013

    Received my check today for $48.04

  • Mike September 16, 2013

    Received my check today for $48.04 in Western,NY.

  • Brian September 16, 2013

    I received a check as well today in NC.

  • Angel in CALIFORNIA September 16, 2013


  • CP September 17, 2013

    Received check for $48.06 on 9/16/13.

  • Beckie in Va September 17, 2013

    Check for $48.04 today

  • debra September 17, 2013

    Got my check yesterday in s florida for 48.04. Thanks TCA!!!

  • starla September 18, 2013

    Thanks a bunch…got a check yesterday for Washington State

  • Shawndra Allen September 27, 2013

    I sent in a request for my home and business and I haven’t received anything for either one as of yet. Do anyone have a number where I can check and see whats going on

  • dave November 1, 2013

    Nov 1st..and still no check but a friend of mine got his in September….is there a phone number…ive sent multiple emails over the past 4 weeks and nothing.

  • Gina December 22, 2013

    I got my check for it but that still haven’t stopped calling every month same thing

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