FordDozens of Ford customers in 14 states have filed a class action lawsuit against Ford Motor Co. alleging its vehicles accelerate unintentionally and suddenly without any way to stop them.

The Ford acceleration class action lawsuit, filed Thursday in West Virginia federal court, takes aim at approximately 30 Ford models from 2002 to 2010 — including the Ford Mustang, Ford F-Series pickup trucks, Mercury Cougar, Lincoln Town Car and Ford Explorer — that contain an alleged design defect that allows the electronic throttle system in the cars to take control of the accelerator from the driver. Plaintiffs note that Ford installed a brake override system in cars manufactured after 2010, but did not install this safety measure in older Ford models.

Plaintiffs say Ford deliberately hid the issue from buyers and “could have and should have prevented dangers presented by these foreseeable incidents by including a [brake-override safety feature].” As a result, customers were not only put in danger but also bought and leased vehicles that aren’t worth as much as they paid, the class action lawsuit says.

The Ford class action lawsuit is reminiscent of those filed against Toyota after the Japanese automaker recalled millions of vehicles over reports of sudden, unintended acceleration. The cases were consolidated in 2010 and have slowly made their way through the court. In February, a federal judge preliminarily approved a $1 billion class action lawsuit settlement to compensate certain Toyota, Scion and Lexus owners and lessees affected by the vehicles’ defective electronic throttle control systems.

The Ford unintended acceleration claims are the latest blow for the company, which has battled several class action lawsuits over alleged engine defects. In January, six consumers filed a class action lawsuit claiming Ford knowingly sold certain 2005-2012 vehicles, including the Ford 150 and Lincoln Navigator, with engine defects that caused performance and safety issues. One month later, U.S. consumers who purchased or leased a model year 2003-2007 Ford vehicle equipped with a diesel engine received notices of a class action settlement resolving claims the engines are defective and plagued with problems.

Plaintiffs in the Ford Unintended Acceleration Class Action Lawsuit are seeking compensation from Ford for the loss of their vehicle value. The case is Belville v. Ford Motor Co., Case No. 12-cv-06529, U.S. District Court, Southern District of West Virginia (Huntington.)

The Ford brand vehicles listed in the class action lawsuit are:

2005-2007 Five Hundred
2005-2009 Crown Victoria
2005-2010 Econoline
2007-2010 Edge
2009-2010 Escape and 2005-2010 Escape hybrid
2005-2010 Expedition
2004-2010 Explorer and 2007-2010 Explorer Sport Trac
2004-2010 F-Series
2009-2010 Flex
2008-2010 Focus
2005-2007 Freestyle
2006-2010 Fusion
2005-2010 Mustang
2008-2010 Taurus
2008-2009 Taurus X
2002-2005 Thunderbird
2010 Transit Connect

Ford Lincoln vehicles:

2003-2006 LS
2006-2008 Mark LT
2009-2010 MKS
2010 MKT
2007-2010 MKX
2006-2010 MKZ
2005-2009 Town Car
2006-2010 Zephyr

Ford Mercury vehicles:
2002-2005 Cougar (XR7)
2005-2009 Grand Marquis
2009-2010 Mariner and 2005-2010 Mariner hybrid
2006-2010 Milan
2005-2007 Montego
2004-2010 Mountaineer
2008-2010 Sable

UPDATE 1: A new Ford unintended acceleration class action lawsuit has been filed. Plaintiffs from both cases want the class actions combined.

Update 2: A federal judge refused to dismiss the Ford class action lawsuit on March 31, 2014, but did trim several claims.

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  • Chris Taylor April 1, 2013

    Please contact me with information on how to file for suit on this matter. I have previously owned 2 2007 Expeditions.

  • C Evans April 1, 2013

    I previously owned a Ford product and experienced this acceleration issue several times in my 2002 Ford Thunderbird while driving on the interstate highway when the speed would continue to increase for an unknown reason at that time. I would have to pump my brakes, turn the ignition key off, get to the side of the road with my emergency flashers on and coast off the road frightened to death.

  • Frank Fernandez April 3, 2013

    I have had two minor accidents while going in reverse due to this throttle body defect and have reported the incidents to ford. They deny the fact that the throttle position sensor which is incorporated within the throttle body itself is defective, even though the dealerships are installing new throttle bodies when customers complain of this issue and are charging in excess of $700 to do this job. It is quite the coincidense that the same company who manufactured the defective Toyota throttle position sensors which caused their vehicles to accelerate suddenly and ended up paying out millions in a class action, is the company which built fords sensors. At the current moment Ford is offering to clean all presumed defective throttle bodies free of charge for any current owner complaining of this occurence under a bulletin (which was secretly sent out to Ford dealerships a while back) and not a recall. At the same time they are also going to “CALIBRATE AND UPDATE” your vehicles computer “FREE OF CHARGE” (WHAT GENEROSITY! I THINK NOT!!!!). I called Ford the same day I received the letter and told them I was not interested in their offering, but I would approve of their replacing my full throttle body assembly to resolve the issue. They noted my account but declined the replacement.

    • George Gereg June 27, 2016

      Hi Frank, when Toyota was forced to fix the problem on their vehicles, did they replace the complete throttle body assembly? I have a Ford Explorer 2005 and this happened to me for the first time since I bought it new. Going in reverse, it sped up. If I didn’t throw the gear shift in park, I would of went right through my garage door. No longer trust the car, but wondering if it could be fixed. It might be worth having an independent mechanic install a new throttle body. Please let me know what you think.thank you

  • Lori Kestler April 8, 2013

    I have a 2007 Ford F-150 & a 2008 Ford F-150. Get a hold of me.

  • Sal Saporito April 8, 2013

    Please contact me with information on how to file for suit on this matter. I own a 2005 mustang

  • Rich April 8, 2013

    Is there a way to join this Ford class action or do we have to wait until it’s approved, etc?

  • Eugene April 8, 2013

    I had a Lincoln Town car accelerate while in slow traffic and rear end a stoppedal car.I easy working as a car shutter for Hertz at the time and was fired for the incident .I thought I was nuts when it happened because I couldn’t believe that could have been the cars fault,but yesit felt like the cruise control engaged and the car did surge forward .
    Had I not been prepared to stop because of the slow conditions ,the accident would have been much more devastating for the car I rammed.

  • James Wieber April 8, 2013

    This happened to my wife in our 2003 Lincoln Aviator

  • Janet Flynn April 8, 2013

    How do I join the class action? I just recently had this problem with my 2007 Ford Fusion. Any information would be appreciated.

  • m shall April 9, 2013

    Please contact me with a way to file on this suit. I just bought a 2005 F150.

  • janeen sewell April 9, 2013

    please contact me with any information regarding this lawsuit for my 2004 mountaineer that i owned

  • Andrea Martin April 9, 2013

    I would like to get in on this claim… I just recently had these problems with my car…. I contacted Ford customer service and got jerked around…. Please contact me if anyone find out how….thanks

  • AJ April 9, 2013

    How do I join the class action? I have had this problem with my 2007 Ford Fusion. Any information would be appreciated. Please contact me. Thank you.

  • Susan Galante April 9, 2013

    Have a 2005 Ford F-150 that does that and until late last year had a 2007 Ford Mustang GT.

  • maria April 9, 2013

    I have a 2006 lincoln LS. How do I file a claim?

  • Brian Rodriguez April 9, 2013

    Where do I get a claim form? I have a Ford Explorer.

  • Brian Rodriguez April 9, 2013

    Please contact me with information on how to file for suit on this matter

  • WillieMae Hubbard April 9, 2013

    How do I file a claim. I have a ford vehicle.

  • R. Young April 12, 2013

    Please tell me how to file a claim. We owned a Ford Explorer but due to the unintendend acceleration we had a roll over and it was totaled. Please let me know what we need to do.

  • dennis April 14, 2013

    Please contact me as soon as possible about this or other class action suit against Ford Corporation. I have a 2008 Mark LT 2008 truck.

  • Stephanie Thomas April 21, 2013

    I have a 2006 ford taurus that has is problem. How to i file.

    • Katherine November 3, 2014


  • Stephanie Thomas April 21, 2013

    I have a 2006 ford taurus that has this problem.How do i file?

  • Christina Davies April 23, 2013

    Would like to know how to file a claim. I have a 2007 Expedition. Please advise. Thank you.

  • Abel Mendez June 3, 2013

    I have a 2009 Ford Escape that is having issues too. How do I go about filing a claim?

  • donna June 23, 2013

    please contact me with information on the suit. i have a 2006 ford freestyle that is currently at the ford dealer service dept for the 2 time in a month for throttle body issues.

  • Neal Stuber June 23, 2013

    I had the same thing happen to me in slow traffic just starting to move in bumper to bumper traffic. I caused $8000 worth of damage to my vehicle plus according to my insurance carrier another $3000 to the car in front, even though I barely saw a dent on his car. He stopped short to let someone in just as we were starting to move after the light changed…someone who was trying to cut in, which he did, by racing up the right lane.

  • Elinor C Kosta July 2, 2013

    I was parked at a light and the Ford Explorer I was in accelerated and ran into the back of the car in front of me. I reported it to my insurance company, the person I hit, the police and NOONE did anything about it; they acted like it did not happen. I always knew the Ford Explorer had that problem. Sign me up. I lost my vehicle over this.

  • Erma July 10, 2013

    I have a Ford Five-Hundred…and I am experiencing
    the same problems….Where is the claim form?

  • Sandra Pruden August 21, 2013

    My 2005 Mountaineer did this a few weeks ago: Backing out of driveway, had foot on brake. When almost ready to put into Drive, it accelerated in reverse. (2x) I did 2 donuts in reverse on my neighbor’s lawn. It finally stopped.
    I thought it was me, that I was hitting the gas pedal? BUT I have NEVER mistaken the gas pedal for the brake in over 40 years of driving.
    The wheel and tire on drivers front are scraped up from going over the curb.
    My husband just noticed it and I admitted and told him what happened. He is yelling and screaming and does not believe me. HELP!

  • C. Johnson August 30, 2013

    I have a 2005 Ford Explorer and never had a problem til now. The dealer said I need to replace throttle body. The vehicle accelerates and shuts down in the middle of driving at any time. I’m afraid to drive the interstate anymore. I have to save money to get this expensive part replaced. Shame Shame on you Ford!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • c.morel September 18, 2013

    We were sitting at a traffic light when my wife said the car was acting weird. When the light changed she took her foot off the brake and the car took off. Luckily there wasn’t anyone in front of us. We pulled into a nearby parking lot. She put the car into park and the cars engine started racing and hit 6-7 grand on the tack, I told her to shut the car off before the engine blew.

    We managed to get the car home that night. I started reading on the internet about this problem. The Cruise Control Cable had come disconnected and got stuck causing the accelerator to stick. I checked and the Cruise Control Cable was indeed unhooked. I hooked this cable back up and with 5 minutes of driving it popped off again.

    I permanently fixed the problem by drilling a small hole all the way thru the connector and putting a Cotter Pin thru the hole. This holds the Cruise Control Cable on the accelerator connector. Our Cruise Control has not worked ever since we had our transmission replaced 2 years ago. The guy at the transmission shop said it was electrical and wasn’t his problem. We’ve been lucky not to have this problem sooner.

    Well, ever since I reconnected the Cruise Control Cable our Cruise Control has been working. The Acceleration problem is now fixed. Some people have fixed this problem with a Zip Tie.

  • Mike Goble September 19, 2013

    I am having problems with acceleration in reverse with my 07 escape. Love the car, but worried about the danger of crashing. Please send info on the class action suit, Just want my car fixed!!!!

  • Wendy Funck November 7, 2013

    I had a 2009 Ford Escape that had to have the throttle body replaced after the vehicle just stopped while in traffic(was going 60mph and then nothing!)…luckily I was not hurt, but had to have the part replaced and would like to be reimbursed! It cost me over $400 to have it repaired! The vehicle scared me to drive it after this happened and I did trade it in, but have the receipt for the repair. Also, did not get as much on my trade because of this. Thank you for your attention to this.

    Wendy Funck

  • Tiffany November 15, 2013

    I just purchased a 2005 Ford Freestyle on September 4, 2013 and after owning it for 2 days I noticed while my foot was on the break my Freestyle took off. Thankfully I was in my driveway and not behind another vehicle. My freestyle has continued to do this since and I just pray I don’t hit another car. I would like to be part of this lawsuit.

    • Ronald P. Hart June 13, 2015

      Please update me on Ford Freestyle 2005 CVT class action law suit.

  • james reese November 29, 2013

    i owned a 2005 crown vic and now owne a 2010 ford explorerwere dose my vehicels fall under ?

  • Ronnie December 21, 2013

    I have a 2002 Ford F150 and in October of this year I experienced an acceleration problem while driving on the highway. As a result I incurred approximately $1200 in repair costs. Please contact me with regards to the pending lawsuit.

  • Donald Graves January 4, 2014

    How do I get included in this class action claim?

  • Ralph Jones January 6, 2014

    please contact me with information on the suit. i have a 2006 ford freestyle that is currently failed transmission issues.

  • Top Class Actions April 3, 2014

    Update 2: A federal judge refused to dismiss the Ford class action lawsuit on March 31, 2014, but did trim several claims. More info:

  • B.Stewart April 7, 2014

    I own a 2006 Ford 500 which had sudden involuntary acceleration in drive and in reverse. I could not take a chance on parallel parking and driving anywhere was a nightmare. I got no where with Ford or the local dealerships. It ended up that the thrusts cracked I think a head gasket plus the repair of the throttle body.
    How can I join the class action lawsuit?

  • Jack Brunzell May 22, 2014

    we have an f150 2006 ford super cab and had a wreck a few weeks ago. when my wife went to stop at the stop sign by our home the truck accelerated with her foot on the brake and she could not stop completely and hit a car coming south. We would like to know how we can file for a class action lawsuit. Could you please get back with us soon.

  • Nicole snebold June 10, 2014

    2006 ford freestyle….contact me ASAP

    • jair set July 21, 2014

      Cual es el problema k hace amigo su freestyle yo tengo una 2007 salu2

  • B McArthur June 21, 2014

    Have 2005 Town Car…experienced the acceleration problem several times. Vehicle at the dealership (repaired body from collision). Awaiting response from mechanic on correcting the acceleration issue. Please notify me of how to join the lawsuit or get involved to get Ford to take responsibility. Been without a vehicle for three weeks, paid deductible for body work, claim against insurance, paid for towing the vehicle to dealership, ticket for rear ending another vehicle, and as of now the dealership says they have no idea and there is nothing wrong with the car.

  • Andrea June 25, 2014

    How do you sign up for this? My car, a 2005 Lincoln LS, has accelerated unexpectedly several times with my kids in the car!

  • Jayne Marquit July 2, 2014

    Add the 2006 Ford Focus to this list, please. Mine has unintended acceleration in reverse and I am poor and have no way to get another car. So scared of it. I am having it checked in a few days, and now put my car in neutral for a few minutes before I switch to reverse. I wish I could get rid of this car. I don’t ever want to put it in reverse again.

  • Garry Bledsoe July 7, 2014

    I own a 1997 Ford Taurus station wagon. This unintended acceleration has happened quite a few times when using cruise control. I see in the lawsuit details that the model year starts at 2002. Can the lawsuit be modified to accept older model year Fords? I would hope the Federal judge who did not dismiss the lawsuit, would also not limit participation in the lawsuit just because of age of the vehicle. If the older model year Fords were included in the class action, there would be a lot less dangerous vehicles on the road now.

  • vincent mandile July 16, 2014

    since 2009 I have had surging issues… it is usually when the weather is hot and one tries to put the a/c on. The dearler replaced the throttle body assembly and now the vehicle has NO A/C and here it is 2014 and what happens this past week… the car is surging again. I too want to join the class action. I’ve taken the car to Ford OVER 15 times just for this issue

  • Brenda McArthur August 3, 2014

    Please notify me on how to get included in the lawsuit regarding the unintended acceleration problem. I have had three incidents, the last resulted in an accident. The Lincoln dealership here in Baton Rouge LA say there is nothing wrong with the car and refuse to fix it.

  • Todd Stockel September 2, 2014

    I own a 2009 Ford F-150 and this truck has accelerated on its own on two different occasions while behind the vehicle. Has happened while in park also. Ford claims the trucks fail safe mode would have not allowed this to take place. It has been to the dealer at least 3 different times for the same problem and the latest news from the Office of General Counsel of Ford Motor Co. is that they are waiting for a evaluation from the field engineer. Last month the dealership called and requested that I drop off my truck for the field engineer to evaluate which I did. I just received a letter stating that Ford Field Service Engineer found no evidence of a manufacturing or design defect. Ford proposed no further action.
    Please Help!!!!

  • Mary September 13, 2014

    I have a 2005 Montego that lunges all the time. Please tell me how to add my name to the class action lawsuit.

  • Brian Doyle September 15, 2014

    I have a 2008 Ford Taurus X (150,000 km). On 5 separate occasions, the accelerator has stuck on while driving at highway speeds, usually when I’ve been passing other vehicles. On one of the occasions, the accelerator stuck on while accelerating in “cruise mode” travelling up an incline. Hitting the brakes did not help – I had to kick the accelerator pedal to get it to release. I took it to the dealer and, of course, they told me that most likely my floor mats on the gas pedal and charged me $40 for the advice (Thanks Ford).
    I now drive with my hand on the shifter (to push into neutral in case it does so again). I cannot, in good conscience, sell the car and have someone who is unaware of the issue potentially be injured or killed, so I am stuck with it.

  • Wendy October 23, 2014

    My mom owns a 2009 Lincoln Towncar. Just last Friday this happened to her in the car line at my daughters’ school. She was parked as the first car in car line, as she had gotten there early. She has been through this Carline many times over the years, starting with her first grandchild who is now 18. This was nothing new to her, and she has never been in an accident before. When car line started, she turned on her car put it into gear and started slowly around the corner, turning right. The car suddenly accelerated to a high rate of speed and she was unable to stop it with the break. She steered it into a tree on purpose. There were over 100 kids out there waiting to get picked up. There are NO WORDS as to how tragic this could have been. My daughters witnessed their grandma’s crash. My mom had to be moved from our local ER to the level one trauma center at ORMC in Orlando due to effusion around her heart. Luckily she had no broken bones, she will get an echocardiogram in a month to check on the effusion.

  • wanda geiger December 3, 2014

    Hi, please tell me how I can get involved in this lawsuit. I have a 2008 F 150 and I have had unexpected acceleration happen to my daughter and I a few times. We are just fortunate that we were not in a major accident yet. It has really scared us! Thank you! And we do not know how to stop my truck from doing this.

  • Will Williams December 11, 2014

    My mother has a 2008 Ford Focus and yesterday as she pulled into her parking spot the car accelerated on its own and crashed into a building. Good thing, other than a bruises/soreness, everyone is ok. Needless to say I’d like information regarding the suit please.

  • Darlene J. Malchow January 9, 2015

    My daughter, Wendy, wrote about what happened to me. Her comment is the one from October 23, 2014. I am the Grandma that was picking up my two granddaughters in the school car line. I had my 2009 Lincoln Town Car (only 34,000 miles on it…….TOTALED!!) due to a terrifying unintended acceleration incident. My car felt like a jet engine take-off………from a dead stop to an
    extreme high speed with no way to stop it. The brake did absolutely NOTHING! I had only seconds to react and there were little children and adult teachers and parents all around. My brain realized that I had to do whatever I could – I just was in a enormous shock mode………I prayed that I wouldn’t hit (or kill) one of those little children! I purposely aimed my car at at a tree right by the school parking lot
    edge and crashed into it!! (Can you imagine that the only way to stop that car was hit a TREE??)

    I KNOW that my Lord helped me that day (as well as all the people around). He definitely was my
    co-pilot, and not a day goes by I don’t thank Him from the bottom of my wounded heart. This was also a very traumatic incident for my grandchildren to see – and it has affected them quite a bit.

    I still feel very much in terror and shock. I truly do not know if I will ever be able to drive any car again. My family encourages me to do it as soon as I can……..but I panic just thinking about getting behind the wheel! I do want to keep my independence though – and I keep telling myself that I can’t
    give up driving.

    I want to join your class action suit to help make sure that ultimately Ford will take responsibility and fix this problem so no one else gets killed or injured due to their design flaws. I have been driving for 54 years without any accidents or mishaps. (Always had the “safe driver” designation on my insurance and driver’s license.) I know car companies like to blame “driver error” on these kinds of things – or use a person’s “age” against them………..but they should not try that on me!!!!! If they claim there is nothing wrong with these cars in the lawsuits, then WHY did they develop some kind of part for a brake override system or something that I heard about? Ford started using it on 2011 Lincolns or
    newer. What are all the people who have older Lincolns supposed to do? Drive in fear PLUS lose the
    value of their expensive cars? Ford NEVER gave a notice or told any of us about the potential problem of unintended and unexpected acceleration. My 2009 Lincoln Town Car with 34,000 on it certainly was valuable to me, and I sure didn’t consider it old!!

  • TOM January 17, 2015

    did you ever get an answer on your 1997? this just happened to my mom in a 97 taurus wagon, caused a serious accident

  • Reynaldo Reyes January 22, 2015

    i have a ford edge 2010 and ihad that problem not too long ago. i took it to the mechanic to have it fix.

  • Jon Kirchberg March 19, 2015

    I was backing out of my garage this morning. I pressed on the brake and the engine started to accelerate. I hurried up and put the engine in neutral and shut it off. When i started it back up everything was running normal again. Is there any way they can fix this problem before something bad does happen? If some let me know. Thanks

  • Donald DeVine April 10, 2015

    HI My dad was so proud he purchased a 2006 Lincoln Towncar. Unfortunately he passed 4 months after his purchase. I have had the accelerate 2 times and one of those times I almost went into a busy street. Now this has happened to my mom. We took it to a Lincoln Dealer and of course they could not duplicate the problem. So now what? I cant sell the car to someone knowing the car has this issue. Any help please!!! Thanks

  • richard masud May 30, 2015

    There have been several lawsuits filed on behalf of Ford vehicle owners but I never receive any campaign letters to join the suits. I own a 2006 Ford 500 vehicle and it has a number of defects. I just cannot drive it. What attorney out there can help me to receive a full refund?

  • WILLIAM B. CLARK August 6, 2015

    I have a 2006 Ford 500 that is having the acceleration surge. Is it too late to get in on the class action lawsuit? If not how do I apply?

  • Josh August 13, 2015

    2006 Ford 500 have all the same symptoms and was refused even the free cleaning of throttle body that was offered under 12no3 customer satisfaction action. Have my case number with Ford motor and proof from licensed Ford dealership that tps and throttle body need replaced. Would like to throw my name on this suit.

  • Geneva Hornberger September 15, 2015

    My 2006 mustang GT does the ame thing. Is Ford willing to fix this problem yet? How do I get more information?

  • don poppenger October 8, 2015

    I just had an close call with my throttle sticking on my 2015 f150 anybody run into this problem yet

  • Patty Holmes October 9, 2015

    I drove a 2015 Ford Focus yesterday and the same thing happened. Why is this still going on?

  • tyler aniol December 16, 2015

    have a 2005 ford five hundred .bad throttle senser and can i join law suit

  • Shannon Murphy January 15, 2016

    have a 2006 ford five hundred that is sitting in fords lots with refusal to fix my cvt. how do i join this law suit

  • Dan February 23, 2016

    2007 Edge. Surged through intersection and then again through crosswalk at intersection. In shop now. I did but the car used from Ford dealer. Brought back after 2 weeks. They could not find a problem of car junking at 40 and 60 mph speeds. Then 6 weeks later surging starts. Transmission and the coil need replaced but telling me this may not fix surge issue.

  • Maria C. Silva March 11, 2016

    I had no idea this suit was going on. Yesterday I had an accident where my 2007 Ford Focus lounged forward and hit a parking lot pole. I banged my head and have a pretty big egg on the front of my head. My wrist and knee got banged up. The transmission is a mess and the hood and lights are a mess. I wish for an attorney to contact me regarding legal representation on the unintended acceleration suit currently going on against Ford. Thank you,

  • carol dixon June 27, 2016

    this happen to me while trying to brake car speed up real fast, and cause me to crash I was driving a linclon ls 2003 , how to file, loss my car

  • Kaspar Kasparian June 29, 2016

    Had a sudden acceleration with our 2009 Lincoln MKS while parking and when almost stopped or already stopped. The car suddenly took off violently, like a rocket, with maximum RPM and went over a yellow concrete barrier, then sliced through a sign post and went through another concrete barrier while I was frantically braking to stop it. The braking held the car to some extent until I could stop the engine. The bottom part of the sign post got lodged in the bottom of the car and caused major damage. Thank God nobody was hurt and the airbag did not deploy. The dealership will contact Ford to see if a fix can be made – the so called Brake Over-ride in post 2010 vehicles.

  • Jim Lewandoski July 30, 2016

    My father in law had an accident this morning where couldn’t stop his 2002 ford Explorer from accelerating in reverse with his foot standing on the brake. The highway patrol officers did not ticket him and were talking at the scene about a mechanical malfunction. I started Google search regarding this problem and found this site. Please contact me with details to join the class.

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