TD BankA federal court on Monday approved a $62 million class action settlement between TD Bank and customers who say they were improperly charged overdraft fees. Eligible TD customers can expect to see a payment or account credit within the next few weeks.

The TD Bank overdraft settlement resolves allegations the bank reordered debit card transactions in order to maximize the number of overdraft fees it assessed to customers. Plaintiffs claimed that instead of declining transactions when an account had insufficient funds to cover the purchase, TD Bank authorized the transactions and then posted them from highest to lowest dollar amount to increase overdraft fees.

TD Bank denies the allegations but has agreed to pay $62 million to settle its portion of the case, which involves more than 30 other banks accused of the same improper overdraft fee policies (In re: Checking Account Overdraft Litigation).

Class Members of the TD Bank overdraft class action settlement include customers who held a deposit account that could be accessed with a debit card at any time between December 1, 2003 and August 15, 2010 and were charged more than one overdraft fee in a single day as a result of TD’s practice of posting transactions from highest to lowest dollar amount.

Class Members will automatically receive a cash payment or account credit – no action is required. The amount of this award will be based, in part, on the number of people in the Settlement Class and the amount of additional overdraft fees each Settlement Class Member paid as a result of TD Bank’s improper posting order.

More information on the TD Bank Overdraft Class Action Lawsuit Settlement can be found at

The case is In re: Checking Account Overdraft Litigation, case No. 9-MD-02036-JLK, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida.


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  • ana quintanilla March 25, 2013

    not comment

  • Solomon L. Graham March 25, 2013

    202-248-1948 3982

  • Jonathan D. Nash, Sr March 25, 2013

    My bank MECU of Baltimore Maryland keep charging me $28.00 for four checks keeping coming in and also i have placed stop payment once and they charged $28.00 twice, total outstanding now $575.00 and i thought and was told have overdraft coverage. They are canceling and closing my account and stopping atm card. who can i get to look into this matter?

  • Jonathan D. Nash, Sr March 25, 2013

    This is Jonathan D. Nash, Sr. again, email address in first comment submitted regarding MECU Bank is my wife email
    my email address is different however rarely utilize it.
    Thank you for your assistant!

  • l maxwell March 26, 2013

    i was affected by this but no longer bank with TD how do I receive my payment?

  • Judith Himes April 2, 2013

    I am thinking of closing out my TD Bank accounts. I have already started accounts with Wells Fargo.
    Should I keep TD Bank accounts open until this is settled?

  • Judith Himes April 2, 2013

    I have a different address also. The post card describing the settlement was sent to a previous address. How do I inform persons involved of my new address?

  • Monica April 9, 2013

    I am one affected by this class action suit but no longer have an account with them. How will I receive the money?will There be a check coming?

  • WTS April 9, 2013

    The press has said the Payouts will be coming within a few weeks of the March 18 ruling.
    I havn’t gotten anything. Has anyone?

  • Matt April 10, 2013

    Both my wife and i were effected by this also. We have closed our accounts almost a year ago. We too have not seena payment yet. And i even emailed the site where the original court documents were posted and received no replay whatsoever. I have been a customer long before TD took over in our area when it was still commerce(Since ’03 if i remember correctly). I will post here again when we receive a check.

  • tim beese April 10, 2013

    i went threw a lot of grief several times in the past and it was a pain in the neck every time.when they over draft you like they did it was a hell of a time to get it straightened out!
    all so a lot of money you didn’t have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • angileta henriksen April 11, 2013

    I was effected bit not received anything yet as well

  • Theresa April 11, 2013

    I went through this with them and paid a lot of money to cover the way they posted. I fought tooth and nail with them in person and gave up. Then I get the notice and have been following it. Now there are never any updates on the hotline number or website. The only news you can find is that it was approved and that was a month ago. Read also that class action members should see a credit or check in A few weeks. But that isn’t what the class action number says. It is the same message as in the beginning. So I am waiting too.

  • Sharon April 12, 2013

    Final approval was march 20th, so where is the money? I have not received a dime yet!

  • Sharon April 12, 2013

    Also, I tried calling the toll free number, disconnected, the website “ is just a pdf with no updates. Does anyone have any information?

  • Vivian MJ Krupowicz April 12, 2013

    I have since moved to Oswego, NY from Wading River, NY. Will the payment be sent to the new address? I have closed my account with TD Bank when I moved.
    Do the payers have my new address?

  • Stephanie Tull April 12, 2013

    I have a different address also. The post card describing the settlement was sent to a previous address. How do I inform persons involved of my new address?

  • tracey dodd April 13, 2013

    I went through a lot of bull with them also I finally closed my acct and went somewhere else. I did receive a card at my new address and I have been waiting to receive something in the mail.

  • sherry williams April 13, 2013

    Since then i have a different account I haven’t receive anything. When will i receive the money?

  • sherry williams April 13, 2013

    When will i receive the money?

  • Allison long April 14, 2013

    On the Td bank settlement website, you can call the counsel for Plaintiff to check the status of the settlement distribution. They have obligation to give you some type of information as stated in the documents attached in the website. So I would suggest people do that sometimes it can get people to move a little more effectively.

  • Glori April 16, 2013

    I could’ve sworn that the postcard they sent out in regards to this lawsuit stated that in order to receive payment, you had to have an open account with TD Bank. Good thing I’ve always refused to close my account because I’ve had it since I was 19 and I was attached to it lol. I’m 34 now…
    Either way, I still haven’t received payment, and I’m not going to complain about not yet receiving something I wasn’t expecting to begin with. I’ll wait.

  • Theresa April 16, 2013

    I still have my account and way before td even took over commerce. I am waiting for my share. They owe it according to the courts and they didn’t wait to take it from all of us. We are at least entitled to an update. Probably like any other case, they have 60 days to make payment whoever is handling the disbursement. We may end up with 10.00 in the end. My account went way beyond that because of one transaction. I hope we all see exactly what they took, that would be a change and a nice surprise.

  • Frank farina April 17, 2013

    I looked into this further. It looks like we could all recieve up to 44% of the OD. Fees we all paid

  • Theresa April 17, 2013

    I read the final judgement papers too and it looks like all the final papers were signed the 17th. I also read 42-44% roughly. That all depends on the totals of all the fees etc. I don’t have a problem with this, as I had kissed that hard earned money good bye after several visits to my branch office. The money was in escrow for a long time. So I think with what they are getting from this case , we should see something soon. Let me know if anyone gets any information on this. Good luck

  • Tml April 18, 2013

    What’s a few weeks? It’s now April 18th

  • Theresa April 18, 2013

    I received an email from the administrator. I found the email on the website. I suggest everyone send an email to get the answer as to when you might receive any type of payment. May not be until late may or June. Just goes to show news reports are not always accurate, have to do your own research.

  • Edgar escarate April 19, 2013

    Attornneys are gonna get rich people!!!!! They are not many, and they’re gonna get 30% from $62000000.00 what about us? Only the money TD bank stole from us. Crazy really crazy???????

  • Flor April 21, 2013

    My husband and i were effected by this also. I closed my account but my husband still with his account and he strungle. I receive the document in the mail but he don’t we too have not seen a payment yet. We open our accounts in Boston on 2007 and in 2011 we moved to Florida a lost my job and they start to take out my money i deside to closed. The postcard say that even you have the account closed they goin to send a check but will dont see nothing. I will post here again when we receive a check.

  • angileta henriksen April 22, 2013

    Theresa what is the link to the website or does anybody else know . thanks

  • angileta henriksen April 22, 2013

    I just emailed the settlement administrator from the overdraft website not sure id there is any other site . will update i i hear anything

  • Theresa April 22, 2013

    I went on the web site for the td class action information and at the bottom is a contact email. Use that email. Let me know if that works. And let me know what they say to you. Probably a copy and paste they are sending. Good luck!

  • angileta henriksen April 22, 2013

    From: TD Bank Overdraft Settlement []
    Sent: Monday, April 22, 2013 1:49 PM
    To: Angie
    Subject: RE: over draft refund

    Dear Angileta Henrisken,

    Thank you for your email.

    The Court granted Final Approval at the March 7, 2013 Final Approval Hearing. The Final Approval Order is available at .

    Awards will be distributed to eligible Class Members in late May or June. The award amounts and the exact disbursement date have not yet been determined.

    Please check in with the Settlement Website, , or call Toll Free 1-877-271-1496 to receive more information about the Settlement and updates going forward.


    Rachel R.
    TD Bank Overdraft Settlement Administrator

  • angileta henriksen April 22, 2013

    i posted my response to today email to them

  • BARRY MCCLAM April 26, 2013

    Did the ruling go in the customers favor and will the checks be sent out through the lawyer or the bank

  • Roasnne Glynn April 27, 2013

    How would I know if I was eligible?

  • Robert florio May 2, 2013

    Hey I know I’m owed a substation amount of monies. So will I be informed by e-mail or by phone in late may or June. Because this has become a burden for my family in the past and now. I would appreciate any info for peace of mind. Thank you for your help.

  • Theresa May 3, 2013

    Contact them via email. I do know that after attorney fees and the money that the people that started this lawsuit get, we will not get the full amount that they charged accounts. There are ALOT of people in this settlement. I have accepted that whatever I get , I get and I am not planning on it. You probably will not be contacted, it will appear on your account or sent by check. But like I said , I wouldn’t depend on it.

  • ed keefer May 6, 2013

    Didn;t change their ways though,just happened again this week.2 card charges and they bounced larger first and then bounced second for only $1.06,result in $70 overcharged instead of $35.Guess tiis is how they plan to pay off settlement.

  • Monique Kent May 6, 2013

    Thanks Angelita Henriksen! I appreciate you posting that letter because the reported letter said a couple of weeks from approval. I know I certainly I should expect to receive something form them. I eventually ended up closing my account after paying over $500 to do so, but it states that even if it was closed and you don’t owe you should receive something. I’m not expecting to receive much. I’m just glad that they were caught! I never had those problems with Commerce Bank.

  • susan dow May 7, 2013

    I just saw the up date on the settlement. I don’t understand why we are not being told through e-mail or home address on this matter. When do they plan to pass out the refunds! I was charged a lot of money and they did not hesitate to charge me. why should we have to wait for4 what is ours! I hope we hear something soon! Do the right thing!

  • angie henriksen May 17, 2013

    any word on refunds ? still waiting

  • cmm May 20, 2013

    Received a response from the administrator last Wednesday that said the amount and date have still not been determined. We should receive something in June

  • Ava May 20, 2013

    I am so over TD bank, my account has been -212.56 for the last 2 weeks due to their “shenanigans” Your weekend transactions aren’t posted until Monday, and when the do post it show you are overdrawn and owe overdraft fee. I’ve complained and was reimbursed for some of the fees and then they pulled the same crap again. I’ve never had this problem when they were Commerce and what happened to their commercials with Regis and Kelly? I am so done with them the settlement probably won’t be worth waiting around for.

  • nancy May 20, 2013

    cmm, did they say June or late May or June? Just curious because that’s the answer they gave me andi wondered if it changed… also did they say beginning of June,middle or end of June ? TIA Nancy

  • tracey May 21, 2013

    This is not true you don’t need an account there anymore to receive any settlement. I closed my account there a while ago because they kept charging me all the time. Even though I have a new bank I still received the card in the mail so I called and talked to someone about it and I still qualify for it.

  • tracey dodd May 21, 2013

    I just read where it said we will receive our money in late may or june. Well we’ll see because its late may im hoping to receive something soon.

  • cmm May 21, 2013

    The email said “late May or June.” There is no exact timeframe right now I’m sure because they have no idea yet what amount we’re getting

  • nancy May 21, 2013

    cmm, thank you very much for the reply ! tracey, what phone number did you call where you actually got a human ! lol! would appreciate it so I can call too! thank you all for the info,nancy

  • Cynthia Dimmie May 21, 2013

    I am ashamed to say that to quoted we paid out 11,000.00 in overdraft fees during our 6 year relationship with them. I am praying we can get some of that money back. Such an awful practice of paying the largest amount and returning your debits and charging a fee as well.c50rky

  • nancy May 22, 2013

    we should all post how much we get back …just curious if it will be a good amount …

  • Ava May 22, 2013

    TD Bank charged me 175.00 for overdraft fees in one weekend. I’ve moved on and stopped my direct-deposit there. The only thing they were good for was the freebies 50 years and older customers get and all the pens I could hold.

  • Robert May 24, 2013

    Thanks for the info on the I guess no one received any monies yet. They are so screwed up.

  • Julie May 27, 2013

    Hi everybody, I created a facebook page so that we can exchange updates on payments (whenever the start sending them) and any other info anyone wants to share. I have been having trouble finding updates and others waiting like I am. Search on facebook – TD Bank overdraft settlement updates and please like the page so we can start sharing info. Thanks!!

  • Edward May 28, 2013

    Hello everyone, I’ve been following the up dates very closely. The latest information (as of May 20th, 2013) that i understand, each person named w/ an account that was charged over draft fees improperly will receive a base award for punitive damages of 10,000.00 (this amount is for single account holders, married couples & joint account holders will recieve 5,000.00 each.) In addition to this we”ll also receive the portion of fees we were defrauded out of. in as much as i gather these amounts will be distributed in June 2013, late or early I haven’t able to determine. In my opinion these awards may be fair to us (and i really beleive they are) TD Bank has learned a thing. I still have an on going account and they still maintain NO GUILT! and continue the same practice. Enjoy your indiviual awards.
    Lets show TD Bank who’s in charge, get your money, close the account deposit with a bank that gives a s__. Everyone have a great Summer.

  • Brandon May 28, 2013

    Edward it sounds like you know what your talking about but its very hard to believe. 10k to each person affected by overdraft fee issues sounds crazy. Where did you get this info from? Im mean no disrespect in any way from what I have said. I really hope your info is accurate and true.

  • cmm May 28, 2013

    Although I wish it were true $10,000 is way too high. When Ban of America settled the same lawsuit customers received less than $200.00.

  • nora May 29, 2013

    I’ve have been comming on here every day checking this website and nothing new has been put up. I too have an account with td bank and have had one since 2001 when they were commerence, never changed bank’s when they became td. any way, i would like to know if it’s true that we customers are gonna recieve money from this lawsuite, I haven’t seen anything yet, does anyone know anythiing or of another site to look at.

  • Tammy May 29, 2013

    The $5,000 and $10,000 amounts are only for the 8 named plantiffs in the lawsuit.The rest of the money after lawyers fees etc.Will be split up for every 1 else the amount will depend on how many people are in the lawsuit.You will only receive a small percent of what you paid to the bank in fees.You will not get all of your money back.This is so unfair that they have taken our money and we will not even get it all back.We had to have three checking accounts for social security disability for our disabled kids they have all been overcharged a huge amount over the years.It makes you think how can they take money unfairly from disabled children accounts that have done nothing wrong.They have always rearanged the debit amounts for their benefit and are still doing it today.How are they still able to rearange these transactions?Our accounts are still active but will be closed after settlement is received.

  • Edward May 29, 2013

    Hello Everyone, I stand corrected, Tammy is absolutly right. The plaintiffs will receive 10k-5k, we the Settlement Class will receive a pro-rated amount based on the amount we were defrauded out of. On the other hand, the court document 3339 (Final judgement) March 18, 2013 clearly states that the final amount awarded minus legal fees and all other applicable fees, will be divided between all Settlement Class members. of which there are approximatly 1.2 million. while this number seems large, after all deductions the remaining balance is well over 40 million dollars (someone please do the math). By the way, the afore mentioned 10k-5k are service fees awarded to named plaintiffs for providing Settlement Class representation. It’s highly un-likely we’ll make out like bandits (no pun intended), but it’s fair to say we’ll do ok. Best to all, good luck.

  • Robert May 31, 2013

    Thanks for the info and all the foot work Edward I had that such notion on the dollar figure just been to damm busy to sit down

  • JEG9573 May 31, 2013

    So basically if Edward is correct and there is 40 million to be divided from the 1.2 million people affected we would each receive about $33 or less than the cost of 1 overdraft charge. Now you know why they are continuing to do this.

  • Edward May 31, 2013

    Hi Folks, Message for CMM (regarding Bank Of America)
    10 million dollars settlement, 13.2 million settlement class members. Each share 0.001% for every 100 dollars they each received 10 dollars. What a rip-off !!! There is still a dispute over a questionable 410 million dollars. Don’t quite understand it, but i will. when i do, i’ll share the information.
    Until then, still waiting on my dough.

  • Sherry Williams-Ali June 1, 2013

    When will we get our money?

  • Theresa June 1, 2013

    I just read on the Facebook page that someone received a check. Nothing here for us.

  • Edward June 1, 2013

    Hi Guys, the amount i was looking at after all cost is approximately $33,000.00 per person. Not $33. in accordance with the terminology in the transcript, this is what it should be. Someone please help me to understand if
    this information is incorrect. Everyone enjoy the wonderful weekend.

  • Theresa June 1, 2013

    It would be 33.00 , you were correct if this is indeed the way they are paying out the settlement. Also, there was someone that received 33.00, although I have not heard of anyone else receiving a penny yet. I can only hope for the best , but I am not counting on anything much better from this. But I am keeping my hopes up for all entitled.

  • Robert June 3, 2013

    Well $33 dollars isn’t even worth typing about they got me for $4000.00 in two years. The 5 k-10 k would be about right, so who’s right.

  • Frank June 3, 2013

    Not everyone will recieve the same it says we should be paid back between 41-44 percent of our losses each of us has a different total on our losses

  • Janet Scobell June 3, 2013

    I was looking at other Bank suits & Bank of America paid their plantiffs from $1.98 to $2.34. I hope this is not the case with TD Bank. BTW Bank of America paid out something like $144,000,000. $1.98?

  • angie June 3, 2013

    still no word in June as to when the plaintiffs will receive anything?

  • JEG9573 June 3, 2013

    As I said before this is why they continue to do the practice even now. If we get $33 they still make out on 1 overdraft.

  • Edward June 3, 2013

    Hi Folks, let’s not forget our situation is different. The suit has set a record breaking president. We have the least amount of settlement class members and the highest award granted, considering the amount asked for. The date of payment stated was June 2013, let’s wait and see what
    happens. All this speculation with out real information will
    just drive us all nuts. I think we’ll all be very happy at the out come, patience. Yeah, i’m an optimist.

  • Robert June 4, 2013

    Just going to wait then anything is something.

  • angie June 5, 2013

    Thanks Edward for for 06/03/13 comment we should just be patient . the bank has to make sure everything is correct. I am sure they don’t want to be fined if they made a mistake in calculations :)

  • Trina June 5, 2013

    I received notification in the mail about this lawsuit but have no idea if I’m eligible. Is there some way for me to find out? Anyone have any info about this?

  • Edward June 5, 2013

    Happy warm and beautiful day to you all, Trina the fact that
    you received notification is verification that you are a Settlement member. ( If you’ve never had TD BANK over draft protection, then, you are not eligible ) Angie, thank you for the kind words. My comments are for our sanity only. TD Bank doesn’t care about getting it right. They’re continuing the same practice as we speak Let’s not forget, the reason for settlement on their part is so they don’t have to admit to any wrong doing. By us accepting money says in part, that we feel they’re guilty, but we’ll give them a pass. At this point there’s no other recourse
    except to take the money and do business else where. I can’t wait to get mine and haul a__ __! Best you all …

  • angie June 6, 2013

    Mr Edward you are so right. TD bank still debits highest to lowest. I am a retired banker after 25 years in the industry , I go back to the saving and loans days of the 80.s , and we did the lowest to highest always, which was still the practice when I retired fro First Union bank and entered the legal field in 2002. TD Bank can still make money if they go lowest to highest . Its corporate greed.

  • unique June 7, 2013

    I will be thankful for whateva. But do anybody knw if its going to be mailed or credited to our account

  • jt3 June 7, 2013

    so if I am following this thread correctly, we should be getting back somewhere between 41 and 44 percent of out loss’s? so if I lost 3500, and received 42% I should get about 1470.00??/
    that would certainly help

  • Anthony June 7, 2013

    People, its nothing!! I got 9.39 that’s it, and believe me, I overdrew my account all the time up to the max of 1,277.00..Why? I’m SSI disability, cannot get by on the little money I get, even had to leave the States and now live in a 3RD World dump!..I have not read the suit.,but I only got 9.39 as a credit..Anyone know what its suppose to be..Overall, I complained many times about their posting. Lets take Skype for example…6.99, when I pay this which is automated, my account shows that it left as it should, its a checking account tied into my ATM Card..Well, BEHOLD!! I get charged an OD fee every damn time..Why? I was told that they need to wait for Skype to post on their end..BS!! I paid it, left my account..Not one person listened to me when I called them. So, I decided to call the VISA Dept and…BAM! They agreed with me and gave me my 35.00 bucks back…So again. wonder how much we are supposed to get being I only received a big 9.39..anyone, anyone, is Bueller , Bueller , Bueller , Bueller

  • V June 7, 2013

    Received my settlement yesterday. $19.89…and I’m positive I’ve paid more than $50 in overdraft fees, so I did not get 40%. Don’t get your hopes up for a high payout. Be glad this sets precedence for banks to stop doing stuff like this just because they can.

  • Jen P June 7, 2013

    Today I just got $344.00 credit to my bank account so I’m HAPPY WITH THAT June 7 , 2013

  • Steve June 7, 2013

    Got my credit today…$26.60….not nearly what they stole from me…

  • Heather June 7, 2013

    I received mine today. $340. I was expecting more…me being hopeful…..maybe selfish. I know from 2003 – 2010…..I know I paid well over $5000k. And for all the times TD Bank screwed up, my hassles, phone calls…$340 doesn’t even begin to touch their screw up! But…..I am thankful for SOMETHING. Now… close my account. Good Luck Everyone!

  • Sharon June 7, 2013

    Got mine today direct deposited in my bank account: $111.12. My guesstimate is for those 7 years I racked up 3000.00 to 40000.00 in overdraft fees. That is quite a small percentage. The lawyers probably made an absolute ton of money! I don’t bounce debits/checks like I used to thank god! Those days are behind me!

  • Jack June 7, 2013

    Got 28.00…. It’s a joke! Should have been much more…

  • Dar June 7, 2013

    I suppose they “settled” so they can continue doing business the same way. They have not changed their practices.

  • angie June 7, 2013

    I don’t believe this i got my settlement in my account last night it was 111.73 i do not know how it was calculated but my overdrafts were a lot more that that

  • angie June 7, 2013

    I work for a law firm and the attorneys cut probably minimum 33% . Oh yea they made out big time . The attorney billable’s were made for the year and I am sure each attorney and assistant in the case gets a huge end of year bonus on top of it .

  • B. Grassia June 7, 2013

    Received $37.00 today June 6, have no idea what I was entitled to, but my account has been hacked 3 times past 3 years, always got reimbursed, but wondering if it’s coincidence or bank is easy target. Oh well,,,,,,,

  • TREY L JOHNSON June 7, 2013


  • A. Donovan June 7, 2013

    I received $562.57 today. Although I do know I went in more than that, it was mostly due to my own negligence. But there were a few times that what happened above happened to me. Repeated attempts to accept charges in one day resulting in more fees, along with the “High to Low” approach had resulted in MAJOR overdraft charges. But seeing as I was not expecting this, I am happy. Whether it was $20 or $2000, it’s more to pay my bills and get groceries with. 😉

  • Allison June 7, 2013

    Has anyway received checks via mail yet?

  • Chris June 7, 2013

    I got 9.50 what a joke. Waste of time

  • jessy owens June 7, 2013

    today i recevied a credit for $37.24 but whatever its gas money!!!!!!! LOL

  • CMD June 7, 2013

    i received 5 dollars!!

  • Todd June 7, 2013

    $240 is a small portion of the fees I incurred during the time of what I think of now as a scam.I did have many charges reversed by my local branch at that time, which is the reason I am still with them after 22 years.

  • Patrick Cote June 7, 2013

    Hey Just got credited $654 yesterday…I was shocked!! Anyone else get that much?

  • unique June 7, 2013

    Did anybody in new jersey get their credit yet

  • Edward June 7, 2013

    Hello folks, did anyone read my post earlier today? It was removed, leading me to believe this site is monitored by TD Bank or it’s affiliates. If you had the opportunity to have seen it, someone please comment on it and let me know. Thank you

  • Irene June 8, 2013

    Got $18 back today, but also went ahead and closed my account with them and got another $100 extra of fees they’ve charged this past year. Good riddance.

  • erin June 8, 2013

    I got 18 but I had a big issue I deposited a 600 dollar check which didn’t post… And I went out and spent thinking I had money and was for hit with over $500 in over draft fees…. I flipped and they put all my money back

  • stephen June 8, 2013

    I was wondering if anyone has received a paper check since I closed this account a few years ago?

  • yasmeen June 8, 2013

    I got $156. Is there more to come.? Are there multiple deposits of refunds per account being made? Because I’ve paid about $5000 in overdraft fees since it became td bank.

  • Stephanie June 8, 2013

    I got a total of $9.56. Are they kidding me???? TD has been doing this scam for years. That is why I no longer use the bank. Total scam, rip off. AND, to make matters worse, TD won’t print out the documents that allow a customer to see when a check posted versus when they began the scam of charging for every debit made. They stack the debits, have them hit first, and then clear the deposits…AFTER ripping off their customers for hundreds of dollars. RUN away from this bank as fast as you can.

  • Jessica June 8, 2013

    I do not have a checking account with the anymore, but I did receive a letter (sent to my moms house) saying I will get something back…. Does this mean a check will me mailed out to my mothers address??

  • kosta June 8, 2013

    I Got $156 Back From Probably $4000 Worth Wrongful Charges Over The Years.This Suit Was A Complete Joke,Are You Serious100% Theft From Big Bank With A 3.9% Return,What A Great Deal,For Them!!This Is Why They’ll Just Keep Doing It To The People,They Steal Your Money And If They Even Do Get Caught They Only Have To Pay Back .03 On The Dollar. License To Steal This Is Despicable!

  • T. Banner June 9, 2013

    How does someone get their payment from TD if the account has been closed? Once they started doing these ridiculous fees, I closed my account. Please advise if you have any information that can help me. Thanks!!!!

  • marlena June 9, 2013

    The refund that I recieved was what I paid last week alone in overdraft fees, when should I expect the rest of my refund ?

  • khemosabi June 9, 2013

    $74.97 today only covers what they charged me last week!

  • Cindy Gibbs June 9, 2013

    Something to think about to all of you that are disabled. I closed my TD account after losing
    thousands on this scam. Iwent to a credit union instead. When I went to change my disability over my sons was over looked. I called the social security office and switched it.I still owed some over draft fees,so I was afraid they could keep it. social security said they cannot keep federal funds to pay off financial dept
    expecially that of a child. I went down to
    the bank and told them to go on the ssi web sight and it will prove it. I walked out with
    my sons money. Just thought social security people should know this. Good Luck

  • Frienda June 10, 2013

    Received $37.44 from the settlement. What a scam TD can keep that money and the $240.00 in overdraft fees I left them with.

  • Traci June 10, 2013

    I got $1,242.94. I hadn’t even heard of the law suit until today when I went to check my account expecting to have only about $50. I moved a year ago so I’m guessing some of my mail didn’t get forwarded properly. I have probably paid at least $10,000 in overdraft charges over the years, which is why I opted to not allow charges to be approved unless I had the money in the account. Of course I only realized this was an option about a year ago and get asked frequently on the website if I want to change it back.

    I have a new tiff with them though. I wrote a check to someone and they didn’t cash it for a few weeks. When they did, it put my account in the negative (totally my fault). It was a Saturday but I had deposited cash to a teller before, having it credited to my account immediately so I went to one of those new ATMs that can tell what dollar bills you are depositing, figuring that it would be the same as handing the cash to the teller. Of course I was wrong, the cash didn’t hit my account until the following Tuesday. I called to complain about it on Monday and they said they need to verify the amount before it can be applied to the account…which is a load of crap. Those atm machines are probably more accurate than a teller. Its just One more way for them to screw their customers. I have stopped writing checks, and do not allow any scheduled withdrawals (Netflix, Hulu) and am finally not having to deal with any $35 overdraft charges. I was excited to see the extra money in my account but when I think about how much money they have taken over the years, not so excited anymore.

  • gary h June 10, 2013

    just got check for 75.00!!!

  • Sherry williams-Ali June 10, 2013

    Hello, I am from New Jersey, I have’nt receive anything yet.
    When will i receive my money?

  • njmick June 10, 2013

    LOL after all the hoopla and waiting I got back a whopping $9.31, what a joke Td as robbed me to the tune of over12 grand and I get back $9.31! What a joke ,what a legal system! Best part is all you can do is nothing.

  • njmick June 10, 2013

    You probably already got but its so insignificant you didnt even notice it, go online and check your account -sorry for the disappointing news

  • Kevin June 10, 2013

    I got a check today for a $1.06 WTF

  • Joe N. June 10, 2013

    I got a direct deposit of $9.57. I am enraged.
    This bank has cost me years of stress and pain with these illegal overdraft charges. I was hopeful that I would get back some of what was mine. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!

    Can anyone please recommend a good bank??? Because I am leaving TD.

    Also, those who got checks…. Are you no longer TD customers??? Because I got a direct deposit.

  • Deb Darius June 10, 2013

    I received a direct deposit today of $82.75. Does anyone know how the refunds are calculated?

  • Allison June 10, 2013

    Joe N.

    I am no longer a customer at TD BANK for this very reason. I am with A credit union. They are wonderful and don’t charge you ridiculous fees. I have not received a paper check yet but I’m not expecting much. Hopefully more then a 1.00 cause that sucks.

  • unique June 10, 2013

    @Gary h did u receive the check in the mail today and @ sherry Williams

  • unique June 10, 2013

    I am in Jersey to havent receive yet

  • Melanie June 10, 2013

    I live in NJ. Just received a paper check for a whopping $18.62 for all the money they have stolen from me during all those years I was with them. For those of you that still bank with them you should all leave them in the masses. I left them a few years ago for a credit union and it was the best decision ever. Good luck to everyone else waiting.

  • JEG9573 June 10, 2013

    Live in NJ. Closed TD Bank account 2 years ago. Have not received a check yet. Anything on the envelope that I can notice to make sure this is the check. Lots of people in the house and sometimes mail can get lost.

  • Iris June 10, 2013

    I received notification at my previous address. Anyone know how I can update my current address?

  • Kris June 10, 2013

    Im hearing alot of people complain about being charged overdraft fees, why would you take money out you dont have in the first place? .You wait till the money clears and then withdraw, as oppose to the other way around.. I had a problem with out of state checks not clearing, and being unaware of it and withdrawing unavailable funds, But I contacted the bank and ask them to block withdrawel of unavailable money Problem solved, no overdraft fees,,, I have been with TD for years and have no complaints… At least they are attempting to correct the situation.. UNLIKE BOA who will rob you blind and get away with it. I recieved compensation, and am fully satisfied.

  • Sarah June 10, 2013

    @KRIS- That settlement was not even necessarily about being taking out money they did not have. It was that the bank was re-ordering the transactions from highest to if someone had money and made a bunch of transactions and something, not necessarily a person withdrawing more money than they had caused even one negative transaction, people were charged fees, not based on when the transactions occurred, but in order from highest to lowest. Some people paid a $35 fee for a coffee because this policy put their highest transactions first. Not everyone is sitting there intentionally taking more money than they have, sometimes things happen and they were under the assumption it would clear in the order it was made. Also, this was before the option to turn off overdraft protection was made aware to customers.

  • BC June 10, 2013

    Just to set the record straight.

    The 8 Initial People who filed the suit, are considered the Plaintiffs, they will receive $10,000 each, or $5,000 if their spouse is included in the 8.

    The Attorneys get 18 mill. That leaves 43 Mil and change.
    Now they are only counting multiple overdraft fees in 1 day, so if you got hit an Overdraft fee, then another because of the high low practice you will receive a Percentage of your OD fees.
    That is how I understand it, chime in at will…

  • M A Levine June 10, 2013

    I closed my account over 3 years ago due to this issue. In the years I had an account with them, I am sure my fees exceeding $1500 because of their High-Low payment system. I had many heated discussions with them about it and they insisted on more than one occassion that it is the sames as any other bank. I just received my settlement check and it is a whopping $44.69. Doesn’t even cover 1-1/2 fees (at $35 per). I called the 877 number to see if I cold get a simple explaination of how the bank came up with this nunmber, but they had no information. For the person asking about how they receive the payment if they don’t have an account there anymore – a check will be mailed to you.

  • M A Levine June 10, 2013

    BC – I thought it was the full amount being reimbursed for the additional overdrafts on same day due to the high-low payment system? Plus I thought I read something about if this caused the account to go minus, that was also being reimbursed.

  • TRiley June 10, 2013

    I just got my check was $65. Def expected a bit nore since ny fees were a couple hundred dollars smh

  • McKenzie Shepard June 10, 2013

    We too, closed our bank accounts 2 years ago because of this issue. Sadly, I had been a customer for 13 years (since 1998) and it didn’t matter. The card was never declined and they certainly reordered them from high to low, you could see it in your transaction history. The last straw was when they were charging overdraft charges for pending transactions, that you could not even see online. It was in some cyberspace behind the scenes world but they said I “authorized” the transaction, therefore it was not good and fee was to be charged. I argued that the money was not even drawn out and that I had transferred to cover it. Then I said forget it, and closed the account. I’ll take the check for $297.

  • McKenzie Shepard June 10, 2013

    And a final thought, I was one who received multiple charges in one day due to reordering. If they had cleared them in the proper order, I may at best would have had a coffee charge or something minute that put me under before a transfer, not because I just decided to spend what I didn’t have. My new bank, local, small, great, and no ridiculous fees. I haven’t had any fees! go figure.

  • Ami in NH June 10, 2013

    I just have to make a mention that… We are lucky to get one cent back from these banks that stole from all of us…. For that we should be thankful to those who followed through with it. It takes initiative, action & follow through to get one cent back from these thieves. So be thankful to the people who did the ground work. (I was not one of them but I saw it happening.) Next time, I will pay attention, speak up & speak out & if that doesn’t work, call an attorney.
    So, thanks to those who did follow through (and fyi… I have not received my check yet & no longer have an account with them.)

  • David June 11, 2013

    Does anybody know if the checks are being mailed in alphabetical order by last name. Thanks

  • lcompton June 11, 2013

    Just got my check today from TD Bank for $93.11. Not to bad seeing that i was never expecting it to happen. I live in Jersey and closed my account there 4 years ago. You will see that it says TD Bank overdraft settlement on the envolope if you are looking or expecting it in the mail.

  • getangita June 11, 2013

    I got $9.31 check only today out of the few hundreds they sucked out of my account through the stupid reordering. Thank God I was smart enough to leave 2 years ago after they refused to listen to my reasoning. I am so happy at my new local credit union account. For those of you still at TD, please open your eyes and get out! you will surely thank me for the advice. You can’t go wrong with a credit Union.

  • Liz June 11, 2013

    I got my ck today it was $47.00 that it ;(

  • Adam David June 11, 2013

    I got back $46.55. Got duped into opening an account in 2008 when they offered to put $50 in my account as a new member. Within a week of my first direct deposit, I had 9 overdraft fees and a phone call from Honda Financial for a returned payment ($50 to Honda and another $50 to TD) totaling $415. I called the local TD and the manager actually told me that I should call the number on the card and get a manager. I did that and after THREE HOURS of arguing with some halfwit he agreed to refund all but $70. I called the local bank again and she took off the last two fees. So, I sort of made out on this. I will say, aside from the manager at the local TD (who obviously knew she was employed by stone cold douchers), TD was by far the worst bank I have ever used. Relentless, cold, unprofessional overdraft whores. I would never bank with them again and would never recommend them to anyone. Even if I hated someones guts i would at least suggest they bank at BofA. Not a fan of Regis or Kelly either.

  • Sue June 11, 2013

    I got mine $374.45 what a good surprise. I haven’t used TD Bank for three years.

  • Jen June 11, 2013

    Anyone in MA get theirs yet?

  • sallie June 11, 2013

    got mine on 6/6/13 in new jersey. a big $37.24! barely covers one of the fees! i was charged alot more!

  • Eiram Kay June 11, 2013

    Hello #139. I got the same amount. I dont know how they came up with that amount. It does not cover the cost I really spend in overdraft costs. I agree with you 100%. I’ve move on to a credit union as well, and I’m very happy.

  • X. Alston June 11, 2013

    I haven’t received mine yet. I am grateful to receive anything, I expected this money to be a loss forever and this settlement proved to my husband that I wasn’t careless with money and for that I’m grateful.

  • Brian June 11, 2013

    Well, looks like I am the champion!! Got a massive 26 cents!!! Yep! You read it right, 26 cents!!! They stole thousands from me.

  • Jennifer Damico June 11, 2013

    I would like to know how they determined how much money each person was allocated..I got $37.24 and was charged hundreds of dollars in overdraft fees.

  • steve June 11, 2013

    still no paper check in fl :( maybe tomorrow

  • diane demone June 11, 2013

    I never received anything from the td bank bank kept my unenployment checks for 3 months with direct depodit and every 10 days charged me ao over the limit fee. total amount abot 1800 dollars.

  • Karen June 11, 2013

    I received a check yesterday. Closed my account at least 4 years ago. I had no idea about the suit, but happy to get a free $184!

  • Melissa Barry June 11, 2013

    I have not received a check yet. Who do I contact about this?

  • paulina madro June 11, 2013

    I live in Massachusetts my mother and sister received theirs today but not me.,they charged me 600 in overdraft!

  • cynthia dimmie June 11, 2013

    We received a check yesterday via mail in Westchester County NY for 279.00. Even though as previously stated we paid close to 11,000.00 during our seven year relationship with TD. I was very grateful to receive anything for we needed money to rent a car due to an auto accident.

  • Mark June 11, 2013

    This is sick, I see people posting that they received a couple of dollars but were charged thousands if fees and they are ok with it because they felt they would have gotten nothing. WAKE up people this is your money that they took, and made millions on it and then gave you back a fraction. We need to start standing up to BIG everything, oil, banks, etc we are the consumer and without us they are nothing. Credit Union, Credit Union Credit Union is all I can say. If you cannot go with a credit union BLUE BIRD is a good alternative, right now they do not have all the excessive fees. Keep your money in small places if possible at least they give back to your community. Remember every banking institution is covered up to 250k so your money is safe where ever.

  • Mark June 11, 2013

    We need to stop being lured in by these business that open up with great rates, fees and bonuses, and they when they have your direct deposit, savings, checking, and your bill pay they raise the rates and steal your money by the hour. Don’t be too lazy to move your accounts around just like you shop around for cars, houses and everything else. As we all see with these banks there is no return on your investment. They take 5k and give you back 5.00 with no admission of guilt and there is nothing you can go about it. Just like a politician when he says ” He Mis-spoke” Really? There is power in numbers and we as the majority need to get back to this thinking and stop taking what scraps they throw at us!

  • Mark June 11, 2013

    Even the Lawyers took advantage of us. Was it their money? No but they get 33% for ? Really? Gotta love the American way.

  • chris72172 June 11, 2013

    Thanks td bank. got your 251 dollar check today. once again proving you are the most convenient bank. couldn’t have come at a better time.

  • Theresa June 11, 2013

    I had tdbank for years and got rid of my acct there because of their overdraft fees. I had no idea there was a court case and settlement until I received a check in the mail today. Is this legitimate? I can actually cash this check with no problem?

  • Anthony June 11, 2013

    Wtf I get a check for 19.65 and they charged me atleast 1000 doesn’t seem fair

  • M A Levine June 11, 2013

    Does anyone know who/where we can contact to find out about the true calculations of how the came up with the reimbursement amounts? I see a lot of people, including me, are not receiving enough reimbursement..

  • Edgar escarate June 11, 2013

    Hahahahahahahaha I received $18.00 that’s so stupid, what about attorneys they got more than 30% of $62000000. They got rich. Stupid stupid stupid stupid. And you people still happy.

  • Emily June 11, 2013

    Got back $45 and some change. I should’ve left TD Bank years ago, I knew that crap they were pulling did NOTadd up… $45 is NOTHING compared to what they took from me in what seemed to be and surely were unfair overdraft charges. Silly me to believe the BS their reps would feed me over the phone to justify ripping people off and like someone previously mentioned they would say “all banks do it” how naive i was to believe that was true. I wish i had the balls to question it further and get a lawyer involved. Kudos to the original plaintiffs and many thanks for your brave efforts. As for TD Bank and their affiliates you are nothing more than bullies and thieves dressed up in corporate attire- you took advantage of millions of people and their hard earned money; I wish nothing but sweet karma your way in whatever form it chooses to come. xoxo

  • Laura June 11, 2013

    I received 2 checks weirdly enough. One for $49.46 and another for $14.89. I’m hoping more checks will show up in my mailbox that I didn’t expect. I had no idea there was a lawsuit at all about this issue, but that was the reason that I closed on my account years ago. They reordered the charges in the account so that the highest charges were first. This amount of money doesn’t nearly reflect the amount of charges I paid in fees, but I’m glad to get something years later without having to do any of the legwork myself.

  • edgars June 11, 2013

    i cant speak for the check from td bank as i havent received mine yet, but for all the people complaining about 35 and 33 dollar checks when me and my fiancee received our reimbursemnet from the bank of america settlement we were teriffically disappointed. we received 32 dollars and change and because boa did the same thing restructuring charges like that and we were always so tight the y would flip it around so that biggest payments went through and then we all of a sudden had 7 or 8 o/d fees on $3 dunkin donut charges
    and thats how they made our money… im looking forward to getting my check but not expecting it to be huge. and would actually be happier if they dropped the collection account for the charges they tried to hit me with after i closed my account.

  • Quinetta Johnson June 11, 2013

    I received a check in the mail today for what seems to be a mere percentage of the amount of money I paid in overdraft fees. Does anyone know of how they came up with who got what amount? They obviously did some sort of calculations to get the numbers they got.

  • edgars June 11, 2013

    m a levine if you want to find those questions out you can contact


  • Adam David June 11, 2013

    Interesting that so many people have had “thousands” in fees. Why would you stay with that bank then??!

  • K Schnorf June 11, 2013

    I had no idea this case was pending. One day $580.00 showed up in my checking acct. I was overjoyed as it was a tight week.
    I have no grudges with TD Bank as I have almost always been able to talk them into refunding my charges or at least half.

  • Michael Crowell June 12, 2013

    I moved in the recent years, any idea how I can track down what’s owed to me by TD Bank? Thanks for any information in advance.

    Michael Crowell

  • Steve Terruso June 12, 2013

    I received a check for $6.65.. But they charged me “Last Week” $140 in Bank Fees.. One of which was for a $1.38 cent cup of coffee which now cost me $36.38!!! This Is BS and an insult that they send me now only $6.65.., Twelve years of Family banking here & that’s what I get!! It’s like getting a quarter to remind us we are scum to them while others get Millions.. crap I’m NOT asking for their Money.. IM ONLY ASKING FOR MY MONEY I WORKED HARD FOR THAT TD BANK TOOK FROM MY KIDS .. I WILL DEFIANTLY WILL BE LOOKING ELSE WHERE & SUGGEST THE SAME TO OTHERS…

  • JP June 12, 2013

    Got $37.24 today. When I was getting overdrafts they cleared a couple hundred from the start but can’t really complain now. money, is money, especially since I wasn’t expecting any. 10000 would be awesome but at least we got something. From when they started the suit last year, we could’ve opted out and persued the suit ourselves and hired our own lawyer and gone through the trials and hopefully get more but that’s not how it went. I’m sorry a lot of you got back a lot less than you should’ve but at least you didn’t have to go through all those troubles and missed worked days and lawyer fees as well. The amount of time spent would’ve probably cost some people a lot more than what they got paid back on top on what they lost from overdrafts. Let’s just hope this doesn’t happen again…. And if it does…. You now know what to do.

  • Annemarie June 12, 2013

    I received $65 for over $3,000 in ‘illicit’ excess fees. This is truly an insult. I’m switching to a community bank TODAY, I’ve had enough of being ripped off by the ‘too big to fail’ big banks. Note “they didn’t admit” to any wrongdoing” – they never do.

  • Mark June 12, 2013

    And that is what they are hoping for, to take the 34 bucks and be happy cause you cant miss a day of work or afford a lawyer. 60 mil is a drop in the bucket compared to what these thieves continue to steal from hard working people on a daily basis. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  • Julia June 12, 2013

    Keep a check register and then you won’t overdraft and worry about all these fees. Do I think they are a little outrageous? Yes; but its your fault you overdrew your account not the banks.

  • Matt S. June 12, 2013

    I’ve been waiting months for a payment after receiving the postcard in the mail earlier this year. After I saw that people were receiving checks, I called up (877-271-1496) to check the status of my settlement payment. They told me “at the bank’s discretion, they decided not to offer you a payment”. I had over $1000 in fees in a 3-month period and closed my account over 3 years ago, once I paid off the negative balance from the overdraft fees. I asked for an explanation, they said “this case is closed, is there anything else I can help you with?” Extremely disappointed. I don’t understand how this can happen.

  • Matt S. June 12, 2013

    Julia, its our fault we overdrew, but the banks fault that they charged us 3 or more overdraft fees in one day instead of one.

  • H. Moya June 12, 2013

    I received my check today for $167.60. Back in 2010, before I closed my account, I had aquired over 2K in overdraft fees. It kept happening week after week for transactions that hadn’t even cleared. I was being charged 35 if my account overdrew a dollar. That was ridiculous. I’m a little upset that the settlement check was so small but happy to know that I received something. It was about time these charlatans paid people money instead of taking it.

  • unique June 13, 2013

    Ok i been holdin out i got back $23 three days ago in the mail

  • Mrs. Mobley June 13, 2013

    I received a check in the mail for $50.54…. I thought it was a joke until I looked it up…. I loved TDBank until they allowed a charge to my account from T-Mobile that was not made by me for $720!!! I told them that first of all I have At&t therefore it was not me nor my husband who also has At&t that made any purchases….. I wanted to close the account but was not allowed due to the fact that my account was “under investigation”….. they explained to me that they were doing me a favor even tho there was only a few dollars in the account…. go figure… they cleared the account but due to their error I opt to change banks banks before the situations was even cleared

  • Maura June 13, 2013

    I received 2 checks yesterday – total $1066.62. Somewhere I read that we were supposed to be receiving 44% of what they charged us but that obviously isn’t true. They charged me $1000s. And I do see the point of the people reprimanding all of us for overdrafting in the first place but sometimes things happen in life and you have to cross your fingers and hope something doesn’t clear before you get your next deposit. But when the bank then re-orders all your transactions to maximize the amount of overdrafts that’s just a pure case of theft and deception. I left TD Bank three years ago – had started with them in 1984 when they were Springfield Insitution for Savings. I am thrilled with my new bank. It’s a tiny one, they’re not open on Sundays and don’t have many branches but I’ve never had an issue. My transactions post in the exact order they are received.

  • vt hippie June 13, 2013

    Just got my check yesterday for $113.33 and wasn’t sure if it was legit since I had no idea I was part of this lawsuit. I remember getting hit a couple times with multiple OD charges due to the way they ordered the transactions, not the order in which they occurred. Both times I called and got them to refund the extra OD charges. I’ve since closed my account with TD, and use a local credit union. America’s most convenient bank isn’t all it’s cracked up to be people.

  • MKAMILA June 13, 2013

    i just receive my $65 is not much but came on a good time ,i did pay a lot off overdrafs fees on that bank

  • alice ruiter June 14, 2013

    I was affected by this, but haven’t receive anything as of today. no longer bank with TD

  • Robert June 16, 2013

    Got $37.74 from this settlement what a joke after getting raped for $4000.00 in fees everybody’s getting different amounts . Everyone should have gotten $5000.00 a piece . Should be another lawsuit for insulting our intelligence .

  • M A Levine June 16, 2013

    Edgars –

    Contact that phone number and they told me they have no idea how things were calculated; the people at that number are only able to tell you weather or not you will receive a check. As for the website, it contains the documents of the case only. Thanks anyway.

  • M A Levine June 16, 2013

    I have read several from these postings something about 44% refund. I was reading the documents from the case and found a section under calculations/payments that states that they (whoever they are) would review all accounts and calculate the difference between what was actually charged in overcharged (using high-low system) vs what would have been charged if done as charges came in. That is what they are reimbursing us. Don’t know if that is what we all received but I don’t think so.

  • Albert Magnifico June 17, 2013

    I had a commercial account with TD last year, they are STILL doing the same thing! I pay for my account and any check I deposit is supposed to clear the next day no matter where its from. They routinely held deposits over for it being an “unusual amount” an put “pending” transactions through to charge a fee when there was a “pending” deposit. I paid over $1900 in fees in 4 months. I used my bank card to run up $2000 in charges to get the money back and switched to a different bank. I’m not eligible for the class action because it only goes up to 2010 so I had to take action myself. Screw em!

  • Travis June 17, 2013

    I had them for a lot of years and just opened the check today, it sat on my counter for awhile and I almost threw it out. My total was $351.70. I dropped them a few yrs ago to go with a local credit union b/c I was sick of their BS fee’s

  • Barbara Bracale June 17, 2013

    Wait til you hear this. I got my BIG check for $9.31 on June 6. WOW!!! Then I find out that on 6/11 someone withdrew/stole $260.00 from my checking account from a TD ATM on Second Ave. in NYC!!!! I was working at home in NJ that day. I reported it immediately and am waiting for the results of their “investigation”. I informed them that if I don’t get my money back, I will take legal action against them, which I’m sure they would like to avoid.

  • Rich June 25, 2013

    we all should have gotten a check for $3500 and lawyer get,s the rest $1000,s in over draft fee,s and they give $7.33 im not cashing the check im bringing it to my lawyer and getting it adjusted

  • Johnny June 30, 2013

    Have not received a check or credit to my account as yet. Was with TD long before the date of this suit and still am with TD. I like the bank and it’s people. The fact I was in NY the move to Florida in the last 4 years I hope did not confuse the people sending out the checks. Anyone else have this problem?? Thanks

  • edgars July 1, 2013

    ok so for every one coming to this page an update for you, i spoke to the class action settlement department for td bank. as my case was under review. a lot of people are getting small checks because they left td bank with a negative account balance. so if you still had a negative balance when you left td and closed your account any amount that they determined you were owed went to satisfy that balance first. while it sucks and i know i was expecting money, it is even more justifying that they now have to dismiss the money i owed them for overdraft fee on top of overdraft fee that they kept charging because they reopened my account. so now they have to take that off and help out my credit score. so if you are wondering why you got such a small check that may be a reason why. not saying it definitely is but it is a possibility.

  • On my own now July 2, 2013

    TD Bank Has more than one trick up their sleeve for those of you that ran to them every time you got an overdraft and they were tired of seeing you they started ordering your overdraft account from highest to lowest too and made it a requirement that the full amount had to be available in your overdraft account not just the amount needed to fulfill the overdraft What a crock of ish they gave me only 18 dollars. I used to bug them everyday!

  • Virginia Campbell July 3, 2013

    When I got the notice in the mail of the class action suit, I was so excited to finally see that TD bank was going to be held accountable..For years I have been complaining that they have been purposely posting from highest to lowest and actually holding onto charges so that it would throw account into overdraft..There were times where a charge would be posted on the account and then the following day it would show up in a different order so that they could charge overdraft fees..I know I have been charged thousands with these fees, and on June 6, 2013 I received a credit on my account for $27.93…What?? Really?? Where did all this money won go to??? This is ridiculous!! So much for us little people who were taken advantage of..I thought we were finally going to be taken care of, for years of sneaky practices..$27.93 isn’t even the amount of one overdraft fee, which is $35.00…How did they calculate that number?? Crazy!!

  • Angelina July 8, 2013

    I waited and waited for my big payout – all $18 of it! I had been planning to close my acct but then found out about the overdraft settlement. Happily closed my acct yesterday and when asked why told them it was from their beyond awful criminal like practices!! Last year I had thousands in fraudulent charges that drained my acct and surprise surprise they did nothing except their “sham” 14 day investigation and charge overdrafts that they said they’d reimburse!! All of the fraudulent activity was still in pending charges yet they were going to allow it to hit my acct and let it be severely overdrawn for a least 2 weekes while they investigated!!! I had to take matters into my own hands and call each vendor to get them to issue me a credit. That was my defining moment that TD sucks!!! Had it been chase they would’ve credited the fraudulent activity ASAP and not make it be my issue !

  • Russell Stevens July 8, 2013

    I received a check for 57.19 ,but cannot cash it because its made out to myself and someone i am no longer with and haven’t been in almost 10 years .

  • Brian S Frye July 8, 2013

    I received a check alright, for$55.98. I tried to cash it at Stop&Shop and was told it’s not a real checl. It doesn’t have enough #s on it. It is drawn from HuntingtonNational Bank, which is in Ohio. I need to call or write these people. Although, from all the posts it sounds like fraud payouts, because the settlement said cash or draft account payments.

  • TonyG July 8, 2013

    well i recieved all together $348. Seriously i had been with with td bank for over 5 yrs and surely paid alot more than 348 dollars in overdraft fees. kinda makes you think what they think of there clients. Ive called the number that they provide and all they can say is if you have a check on the way… they dont even tell you how much its for…and now i know why they say life is unfair…seriously the rich keep getting richer and the rest of us wonder why….

  • Joe K July 11, 2013

    For the first time in 27 years my employers payroll department made a mistake on my direct deposit paycheck. This caused me to have insufficent funds for one check I had written out of two. I started the day with over $400.00 available and withdrew $100.00 early that am. Later that night the 2 checks came in and not only did they charge me $35.00 for each check (even though there was enough $$ to cover one), they even charged me $35.00 for the ATM withdrawal I made earlier that day. This is just so unbelievable! How do they get away with this? Didn’t they learn anything from this past judgement? It seems the only ones who benefited from this whole fiasco were the lawyers.

  • Joe Njue August 23, 2013

    Guess WHAT!! They are re-dojng it again, the “Highest to Lowest” system is back..who to contact?

  • Tammy Gagnon August 24, 2013

    I’ve followed this suit & left TD bank. They continued to charge fees after I left! They are attempting to get $3000 and sadly, I haven’t received my settlement check YET! It seems worth it to them to pay this amount since the amount they might have got away with could possibly be twice that amount

  • Tammy Gagnon August 24, 2013

    I’ve followed this suit & left TD bank. They continued to charge fees after I left! They are attempting to get $3000 and sadly, I haven’t received my settlement check YET! It seems worth it to them to pay this amount since the amount they might have got away with could possibly be twice that amount

  • Tammy Gagnon August 24, 2013

    I’ve followed this suit & left TD bank. They continued to charge fees after I left! They are attempting to get $3000 and sadly, I haven’t received my settlement check YET! It seems worth it to them to pay this amount since the amount they might have got away with could possibly be twice that amount

  • Tammy Gagnon August 24, 2013

    I’ve followed this suit & left TD bank. They continued to charge fees after I left! They are attempting to get $3000 and sadly, I haven’t received my settlement check YET! It seems worth it to them to pay this amount since the amount they might have got away with could possibly be twice that amount

  • Tammy Gagnon August 24, 2013

    I’ve followed this suit & left TD bank. They continued to charge fees after I left! They are attempting to get $3000 and sadly, I haven’t received my settlement check YET! It seems worth it to them to pay this amount since the amount they might have got away with could possibly be twice that amount

  • Tammy Gagnon August 24, 2013

    I’ve followed this suit & left TD bank. They continued to charge fees after I left! They are attempting to get $3000 and sadly, I haven’t received my settlement check YET! It seems worth it to them to pay this amount since the amount they might have got away with could possibly be twice that amount

  • amber August 29, 2013

    So I have been waiting for check since May. They keep claiming that when they mail my check to me that it keeps coming back to them saying it’s undeliverable. I have verifies on multiple occasions with them then correct address and they tell me that’s what’s on the check. I said I have no troubles getting any of my other mail delivered. They are trying to tell me that they don’t know what the problem can be. It’s absolutely ridiculous!! Has anyone else had this problem with them!?

  • amber August 29, 2013

    So I have been waiting for check since May. They keep claiming that when they mail my check to me that it keeps coming back to them saying it’s undeliverable. I have verifies on multiple occasions with them then correct address and they tell me that’s what’s on the check. I said I have no troubles getting any of my other mail delivered. They are trying to tell me that they don’t know what the problem can be. It’s absolutely ridiculous!! Has anyone else had this problem with them!?

  • Walt Frasier September 3, 2013

    i have had $5000 + in ridiculous fees past 2 years. Some where actual bounced checks. I mess up there. But others were Online transactions etc usingPAYPAL or other services. In past bank would automatically block. TD treats every thing like a blank check. $35 fees being taken out 5-6 time for a $5 marketing expence via FIVVER via PAYPAL. The transaction was stuck on a loop. NOW, I have $1000 in the red in an account ALL of that being fees. I refuse to pay. NO ONE at TD will help. NOW my credit is screwed. DO NOT USE TD BANK AT ANY COST.

  • Senora Warren-Hurtt September 4, 2013

    Good morning,

    I have closed my account with TD Bank because of what I personally told them that what they were doing was illegal by taking my highest purchases first to cause all my other lower purchases to be over draft. There were times when the highest purchases were completed four or five days after my smaller purchases. Their response was that it was when the vendor processed the charge and I called them a crook and a liar. I told them I have a degree in accounting and I pay close attention to my account and I only uses my debit card and I know for a fact that my purchases as soon as I swiped my card, the amount is put on hold on my account until it clears. There is no way a purchase I did yesterday cleared before a purchase or purchases I did three or four days ago. This was only because that purchase was the highest amount, which caused my lower amounts to be over draft. As I told their manager of the branch I was at for this issue, justice always comes my way, now here we are for this exact same issues I told them that was illegal in the first place of what they were doing just to get money from hard working people. TD Bank needs to be shut down, not just sued. What make them any different than a loan shark, embezzler, or any other criminal whom unlawfully steals money from innocent people. These large companies hides behind our constitution and these man made laws and are getting away with these huges white collar crimes that an average human being would have been arrested for commenting.

  • Rebecca Connell September 17, 2013

    They are still doing it. I had purchases pending that caused an overdraft fee because they said a check I deposited couldn’t go through until the following day. They hit me $175.00 in overdraft fees. The they took the purchases and moved them to 3 days after the first fee and then hit me again with another $105.00 overdraft fee. I am filing a theft complaint against them and closing all of my accounts.

  • Denise September 18, 2013

    Seems that they did not learn there lesson, still doing it to me, first was 175, and then they regarranged the charges and hit me with another 105….

  • joanna medina September 18, 2013

    I can joy the class action lawsuit… they are still charging multiple fees, I call td bank and they stated that the computer are one that charge the fee so they can only reverse one fee … can u believe it , this is b/s will work hard for our money for someone to take it away for non sense.

  • Rebecca Connell September 20, 2013

    Is there another class action suit?

  • Pam September 29, 2013

    What if you have proof that TD Bank is still doing the same thing today, 09/28/13, that they have already been sued for?

  • Travis October 6, 2013

    I had td bank the entire time from 2000-2010, and got screwed multiple times by them. I received a letter letting me know I was in the class, but never received a check (I’m with a different bank now). How can I get what’s owed to me?

  • Carmella Siravo October 18, 2013

    I have not received a refund yet. Does anyone know how we can check the status of our refunds? A number we can call? Thanks. Good luck everyone.

  • Lucas wisniewski November 9, 2013

    Would like to know how I get my money being that you destroyed my bank account and my abuility to open another one so any help would be great thanks!!

  • Joelle Schober November 26, 2013

    A $62 million settlement on behalf of TD Bank individual account holders who suffered additional overdraft fees as a result of the bank’s policy of re-sequencing debit transactions from highest to lowest.

    They are still practicing this same method.
    Got hit with re-sequencing two times on the same charges and then re-hitting because the account is overdrawn.

    This is Bull! I am closing my account and done with Banks for awhile. I’ll use prepaid cards for my necessary payments online for utilities etc. If we all pulled our money- even though the prepaid cards are bank affiliated they are still cheaper. I’m done and contacted the original attorney’s associated with the case. They cannot get sued then continue the same practice!

  • Carl November 29, 2013

    My son was caught up in this scheme that TD is obviously still running. I have opened several accounts to use for trusts of which I am trustee. Lucky for me, I have yet to deposit any funds in them. Surely, I will not use TD for anything whatsoever. I am in a small college town and it seems likely that many college kids are being ripped off because they are not yet educated to recognize such lowly business practices. Talk about American Greed!!

  • Chrystal December 5, 2013

    Just had this happen today. After I stopped payment on an invalid draft (triple the amount it should have been). They processed debit transactions that were pending for 24 hours after processing the invalid draft that took my account into the negative. Otherwise there would have been no overdraft fees for them to assess. Makes me sick and I will be closing this account today.

  • Thomas Voytek December 25, 2013

    Where the fuck is my money they stole from me. They hit me hard for 2 years ripping me off.

  • dianne davis January 23, 2014

    i received 4 checks from the commerce bank settlement.i live in an apartment,will i be receiving anymore as i want to check my mail often if so. i am in st.louis,mo.

  • Michael Kim February 28, 2014

    Even after the settlement, TD bank is still employing the same tactics of applying the debit charges in the order of the largest to the smallest in order to maximize the overdraft charges. So what have they learned? What has changed? NOTHING!!

  • Michael Kim February 28, 2014

    It’s not just TD Bank. Other banks are doing the same thing. Just another ploy to still our money!!

  • Celine T. May 9, 2014

    Wondering if payout has been made and if I am receiving any funds. I did receive a check from another bank involved in this class action suit last October.

  • lauren July 1, 2014

    Td has charged me with over 500 dollars in over draft fees and they shut my account down AFTER I put everything back into my account and today I got a check for 9.31 cents, what about my 500+ dollars. I have not had a bank account since then, you cant trust anyone else with your money that you work hard for.

  • r casteline July 18, 2014

    Unfortunately, as recently as TODAY, (July 18, 2014) they are still taking money falsely from their customers checking accounts!!!

  • Robert Andrews August 13, 2014

    The bank mailed my check to a old address,so I got it given to me by a friend on June 2014.I wrote to the bank after they charged me for a return check fee of $15.00 for a out dated check and got more overdraft fees.I got the fees reduced and contacted the office on the check from Portland O.R. in writing with no replacement check.Then in July my debit card transaction dates changed and I received $179.00 in overdrafts.That went up to $281.00 out of my Disability check.I contacted mt state rep. Attorney Generals office, My town rep .and Congressmen.They are not getting an call back from the bank!!

  • Jamie Hubbs August 28, 2014

    TD Bank is still usng these practices and they are fucking me over all the time. I live pay check to pay check and they are nickle-n-diming me to death. How are they still getting away with this. They get suied for it how can they continue doing it. I can’t afford this bs. I want my fucking money back.

  • bmgo March 28, 2016

    I have received a check, but I am afraid to cash it. I will call them at the 877 number and ask for more details.

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