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False Advertising Alleged for Origins Plantscription Products

By Sarah Pierce


Origins PlantscriptionThe anti-aging industry is a multi-billion dollar machine fueled by Americans’ desire to look young. Market research firm Global Industry Analysts predicts that the U.S. market for anti-aging products will be more than $114 billion by 2015, up from $80 billion two years ago. Companies are cashing in on this market by flooding consumers with beauty products that promise to repair wrinkles and reverse the signs of aging. Some of these “scientific” claims, however, simply aren’t true.

Numerous companies have been sued for falsely advertising the anti-aging benefits of their products, including Estee Lauder. The popular beauty product manufacturer has been the target of at least one class action lawsuit alleging it used deceptive marketing tactics to push its Origins Plantscription line.

Some of these tactics include using allegedly deceptive “Before & After” photos of models that are supposed to represent how Plantscription improved their skin’s appearance. In reality, these photos are digitally manipulated to erase visible wrinkles and dark spots, according to the class action lawsuit.

Other consumers have come forward to claim the Plantscription beauty products didn’t work as advertised.

Estee Lauder claims its Origins Plantscription products are “proven by science” to repair wrinkles and boost collagen production. In reality, however, the company has no competent scientific evidence to back up these claims, according to Consumer Advocates.

If you purchased an Origins Plantscription anti-aging product that did not work as advertised, these Consumer Advocates want to hear from you. You may have a legal claim. Visit the Origins Plantscription Class Action Lawsuit Investigation for more information about how to seek compensation.

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Updated March 7th, 2013


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  • stacey walker March 8, 2013

    in my 20, 30 40 always aspiring to be prettier , younger, I worked in Sales for many years any thing that claimed it would make my skin more supple or younger i bought

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