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Ford Diesel Engine Class Action Settlement

By Mike Holter


Ford diesel


UPDATE 9/25/13: All appeals have been resolved and the settlement is now final and effective. See how to file a claim for the Ford Diesel Engine Class Action Lawsuit Settlement.


UPDATE 8/19/13: The Court approved the Ford diesel engine class action settlement on July 2, but two appeals have been filed. The settlement cannot become effective until these appeals are resolved. Class Members are advised to check the status of these appeals on September 20, 2013. Sign up for our free weekly e-newsletter below to receive settlement updates.


UPDATE 6/6/13: The Court did not make a decision to approve the Ford Diesel Engine Class Action Lawsuit Settlement at the May 22, 2013 Fairness Hearing. A decision is expected in mid-July.


Class Notices have been mailed to U.S. consumers who purchased or leased a model year 2003-2007 Ford vehicle equipped with a 6.0-liter PowerStroke diesel engine notifying them of a proposed class action lawsuit settlement. The settlement will resolve allegations the engines are defective and plagued with problems.

If approved, the Ford diesel settlement will resolve dozens of class action lawsuits, consolidated as In re: Navistar 6.0L Diesel Engine Products Liability Litigation, that claim the PowerStroke diesel engines installed primarily in heavy-duty Ford trucks and vans contains defects that result in poor performance and expensive repair bills.

A federal judge has conditionally certified a class of all U.S. citizens who currently own or lease (or who in the past owned or leased) a 2003-2007 non-ambulance Ford vehicle sold or leased in the U.S. and equipped with a 6.0-liter PowerStroke diesel engine that received one or more of the following repairs covered by Ford’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty during the vehicle’s last five years in service or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first:

  • Fuel injector
  • Exhaust gas recirculation valve (“EGR”)
  • EGR cooler
  • Oil cooler
  • Turbocharger

Class Members that submit a valid Claim Form will receive one of the following benefits if the class action lawsuit settlement is approved:

Reimbursement for Post-Warranty Repairs to Certain Engine Components. If the Class Vehicle required repair to the EGR cooler, oil cooler, EGR valve, turbocharger, or a fuel injector after the original five-year/100,000-mile warranty expired — but before six years or 135,000 miles (whichever comes first) — Ford will reimburse the Settlement Class Member repair expenses up to the limits specified below, provided the Class Vehicle previously received a repair to that same component that was covered by Ford’s original warranty.

Ford Settlement Benefits













Reimbursement of Deductibles. If a Settlement Class Member paid a $100 deductible more than once for repairs under the five-year/100,000-mile engine warranty, Ford will reimburse $50 each for the second through fifth deductible paid, up to a limit of $200 for four deductible payments.

Claim Forms will not be available until after the settlement is approved and becomes effective.

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  • Tom Nolfi February 26, 2013

    2004 F350 Over $10,000.00 in engine repairs

    • bill March 12, 2014

      Thank the tree huggers
      Injectors damage Egr
      Head Gaskets Egr
      Poor Fuel Mileage Egr
      They broke the laws of physics .Waste more fuel to make less pollution.

    • bill March 12, 2014

      And Fuck the Technician with warranty
      time cuts too.

      • Lee April 8, 2014

        I agree with you 1000%

      • Lee April 8, 2014

        I agree with you 1000%

    • bill March 12, 2014

      what about the technicians time Reimbursement

    • ron May 1, 2016

      I went all out, went to Bulletproof desile …. I replaced head bolts, oil cooler, coolant filter, egr, added banks IQ so I could have real viable instrumentation $ 14000

  • Tim C February 27, 2013

    2006 F350/4w/d Well over $10,000.00 in engine repairs for what ive spent could have bought an new engine

  • Garry Crouell February 28, 2013

    I had all the above done to my truck . Now more problems I bought a 30 foot Donizetti boat from Manhattan New York to North Carolina and my truck have not perform right since I am afraid to take it in for repair afraid of what it might cost . The truck only have 14321 hwy miles . Not been off road in four years . Have not been in four wheel drive since I own over 4 years now.

  • Kim D March 1, 2013

    I have had all of the above problems and would always have to fight with the dealership. Fix one thing back in for another

  • dennis fortunato March 1, 2013

    M egr cooler and oil cooler went after the extended warranty purchased, parts alone $1550.00

  • lbenito monnney March 1, 2013

    l want my car repair l already spent to much monney on it .

  • lbenito monnney March 1, 2013

    l need some help that’s to much for me! 3961

  • David R March 2, 2013

    2004 F250- I had all repairs done and im still dishing money out on injectors and oil cooler. cost put in motor 9,000

  • Tony Sams March 2, 2013

    They should also pay for the delete pipe and aftermarket head gaskets and the newer aftermarket stud bolts that you need to fix the engine. After that $4,000 you might have a good engine.

  • Anne March 4, 2013

    Own a 2006 F350 with 112,000k. We are the only owners of this truck. Interesting that a lawsuit pops up as we are now having serious, costly issues with our truck. How do we obtain a letter and find out more about the lawsuit? Thanx.

  • Brian March 4, 2013

    “The truck in 2003 6.0 diesel only owner .problems always overheating They tell me head gasket and other stuff. Over 5,000.00 And the truck only has 58,000miles the truck just sit here should I still buy ford like I did in the past?

  • Jerry Vande Burgt March 4, 2013

    What a night mirror this f350 6.0l engine has been. At 62,000 miles it blew the engine in northern California & was replaced under warranty. 366 days later, and 20,000 miles it blew the engine again. Got nothing but 10 different stories from different Ford dealerships saying that this engine had no warranty. So the truck has sat for over 4yrs now and I still have 10 payments left on this truck at $560.00 per month. Is there anyone handling these situations that can help me?

    • bill March 12, 2014

      Thank the tree huggers
      Injectors damage Egr
      Head Gaskets Egr
      Poor Fuel Mileage Egr
      They broke the laws of physics .Waste more fuel to make less pollution.

    • Kent norton July 21, 2016

      See if your area has a better business bureau arbitration program you may file mediation at local court. I am county mediator, not licensed attorney.

  • John A. Trautmann March 5, 2013

    About $ 10.000 in engine repairs . I am the second owner . I don’t know if the first owner had any work done under warranty . All this happened at approx . 83.000 miles . How can I find this out ? EGR valve … EGR cooler …… 8 fuel injectors …. glow plugs …… head gaskets and studs ……………..STC fitting and a few other things that were not cheap ……… all totaling close to $10.000 Bought with 69.000 miles . Any information on how to find out if previous owner had work done under warranty would be much appreciated , Also PCM failure .

    • bill March 12, 2014

      Thank the tree huggers
      Injectors damage Egr
      Head Gaskets Egr
      Poor Fuel Mileage Egr
      They broke the laws of physics .Waste more fuel to make less pollution.

    • Lee April 2, 2014

      ditto, ditto . What you are saying, is exactly what happened to us. It seems like the technician were saying the exact same thing. Coolant system was a night mare out on the highway. Trying very hard to make a living when everyone else made you felt like it was business as usual. We have spent way over $10,000. We purchased fords for the last 25 years or so. I can’t answer your question, But because this nightmare happened to others, I now feel that it was not just bad luck!. I wonder if there is anyone out there that have NOT had similar problems with their 6.0L ? Our truck became a prayer within itself, every time we were able to go to work, I prayed for my husband. and what he called his “horse” would make it home even if he was broke, busted and disgusted. This truck was not new when we purchased, but it was less than 45K . I now believe that’s probably why the previous owner sold it! He must have seen a complete over-haul, gasket, new radiator, water pump and apparently the “horse” still didn’t perform.

    • dennis reetz October 10, 2014

      i own a f350 4×4 crewcab nice truck when it’s not in shop 55.000miles 2006 needs new heads 2-egrcoolers and the list go’s on 6.o leaters suck love the truck whens

  • Z. Wilson March 5, 2013

    I just spent $3,000 on fixing my high pressure oil pump and oil cooler I only get $525 dollar and I’m starting to have turbo problems, my truck only has 120,000 miles, who do I talk to about this?

  • John A. Trautmann March 5, 2013

    What really ticks Me off is that if these trucks had no warranty work done we are not getting a dime . It’s the same F—–n parts and repairs on every truck . This lawsuit is still not very good . Ford should have to be held responsible for all repairs having to do with the same parts and repairs PERIOD !

  • John A. Trautmann March 5, 2013

    I was also within the six year limit ……………… so why shouldn’t I get a part in this settlement .

  • John A. Trautmann March 5, 2013

    To Z. Wilson ………..good luck ……………….. we all need it .

  • Dennis Maria March 5, 2013

    I am tbe original owner of an E-350 ford van with the 6.0 l diesel engine. At just under 77,000 miles and three months past the 5 yr warranty the engine blew. Total bill was approx. $ 9,800 and none of it covered under warranty. I will never buy another Ford after finding out Ford knew about this problem several years prior to me purchasing this lemon of an engine. They should have recalled every one of these 6.0 liter disel vehicles and refunded every purchaser in full. You can count me in on this class action lawsuit.

    • perry March 13, 2014

      I have a F-350 with 55000 miles on it’s 2005 all the injectors just went bad the oil cooler to with the fuel pump its costing me around 5000 to fix it how do I get in this law suit????can anybody help me and now there telling me the ERG valve is going bad more money to fix it,,,

  • Mack Massengill March 5, 2013

    This settlement offer doesn’t come near compensating the owners for what they have been through with their trucks. The break downs and repairs are one thing. What about the nights in hotels, towing bills, rental vehicles, and loss wages. And then Ford keeping trucks for 6 weeks to make a 4 hour repair or refusing to make repairs still under warranty with no justification as to why. And the insecurity of driving one of these trucks now, not knowing if you’ll make it to your destination without a huge repair bill. And to top it all off, the huge depreciation. Thanks FORD!

  • Eddie Asevado March 5, 2013

    The main problem with these crappy motors is the Ford Cooliant. There is sylacant in the antifreeze. When the EGR over heats the coolant the sylacant drops out of suspension. When it drops out it then clogs the EGR cooler and the Oil cooler. If you flush it very good with a cooler flush and distiled water the add I good after market antifreeze it will last for a long time. I’m not sure what type flush or Cooliant to use right this min. but I do have it in my notes. It really does prevent most all the problems as long as you drive it like you own it and not like you stole it as long as its not already having problems already.

  • james paris March 5, 2013

    I nearly got killed in my 03 F-550. Doing 70 mph in rush hour A.M. the truck locked up like it was the brakes and the rear-end at the same time. Tire smoke filled the highway. Out of control I found myself on the side of the highway and it was still running. Down all the time and thousands later I sold it for near nothing. Bought with 17k miles and dumped it with 110k. Lost my ass and ford played dumb always. Nightmare from hell.

  • james paris March 5, 2013

    I believe that motor has killed some people out there and it may not be known as it did things without warning that could put you in dangerous situations. Between the on-board brain and the high-pressure pump this motor could do the unbelievable.

  • james paris March 5, 2013

    From reading the terms Ford is not even beginning to touch the the dollar amount of costs, downtime, loss of income, and HELL these owners went through. The deception was well known. Ford mechanics were suing for wages and time. Ford would tell them they would “get it back after warrenty”. A dealer FIX was very temporary. These trucks would set backed up at dealerships over and over again for months. Ford sued International over these motors. What about us?

  • Brent Grenier March 5, 2013

    If ford don’t stand behind there junk they sold us, hopefully they go bankrupt. What they done so fare is bill……!!!!

  • DAVID IPSEN March 5, 2013

    We have a 2006 F350 6.0 super duty diesel. We have had several of these same problems and it’s in the shop now. How do we get a letter to be inluded in this class action?

  • John A. Trautmann March 5, 2013

    @ David …..say a prayer you will need it .

  • Gary J March 5, 2013

    My truck’s oil cooler and EGR cooler went out right at 100K miles. Other components went out too one by one as well. Had over $10K in repairs in less than a year. Glad to see something is being done about this. It just did not seem right aftr all the trouble we had with this truck.

  • Jerry March 5, 2013

    This class-action lawsuit is a joke. I bought a 2004 F350 used and it has the notorious 6.0L with over 152K miles. It has had well over $10k in repair costs (failed injectors, bad FICM, clogged oil and EGR cooler resulting in blown head gaskets). Because I had so much invested, I decided to spend more money to bullet-proof the engine and it’s finally running right, which Ford should have done a long time ago. The Ford Gold coolant clogging up the coolers and a bad EGR design are the roots of the problem. Check out this write up… After all this, I don’t even qualify for this class-action lawsuit. I’ll never buy another Ford.

  • Brent Grenier March 5, 2013

    Ford told me that my truck was vandalized. Some dropped a ball bearin in my intake after my turbo. But the vandal put it back together for me. ( nice guy). Ball bearin got in my # 8 cylinder and junked my engine. After ford had gone through my head gasketand egr valves. My insurance had to pick up the bill ($31000). Tell me ford motors aren’t crooks!!

  • bekki brown March 5, 2013

    i had all the above problems before warranty then puchased the add’tl extended for 2200. and still had problems with fuel injectors, turbo ect. then warranty exp. now trk sits needing egr and head gaskets and no warranty no money and ford thinks this trivial amount is making up for everything i am also out in car rental costs this is a joke and i hope the judge looks at all the troubles our trucks and what all of us have been through and determines something else to reimburse us and pay to have the truck fix right where we want to have it done at

  • Chuck Palumbo March 5, 2013

    This message is intended for #13 John A. Trautmann and others in the same pickle: You can obtain a copy of the OASIS report at any Ford Delearship. You”ll need your vin #. Once you get a copy of the OASIS you will understand how valuable this report can be!

  • Chuck Palumbo March 5, 2013

    Others having Ford truck problems should be following Galo Coba and Coba Landscaping and Construction, Inc individually, and on behalf of other members of the general public similarly situated v Ford Motor Company
    Case 2:33 av -0001 3/13/2012 including Opinion Civ.No 12-1600 (DRD) issued by Dickerson R Debevoise Judge for the US District Court New Jersey Dated 1/22/2013.

    Another case to follow is Jason Schmidt et al v Ford Motor company US District Court Eastern Penn Case 2:12-cv-0722 submitted 12/27/12 Judge Eduardo C. Robreno.

  • Reid Bohner March 6, 2013

    Looking for info on joining in this case. Any help be nice. Had to replace my head gaskets and egr 2x

  • leroy greeson March 7, 2013

    all 3 went out on my 2005 f-350 over $4000.00 in repairs

  • Tom Brown March 10, 2013

    Ford head gaskets are ok, it’s the head bolts that stretch. Fix is arp studs. Remove egr and cooler and have less problems.

  • efren c March 11, 2013

    my egr valve went out on my f250 turbo and to fix this was $2500.00 and my extended warranty didn’t fix it. im all in for this settlement ..

  • Jerry C. March 16, 2013

    Sad,fords been in my family over 50 yrs.I have all of the components but one go on my2005 6.0 .I use to be proud & brag that truck up when someone would ask me about it ! And to think I was going to look @ the 450 before it started to come will not seem the same looking to buy my next truck another brand besides ford.

  • JIm H March 18, 2013

    2006 F350 close to $20,000 in repairs would like to get in on this settlement.

  • carl wayne sweeton March 19, 2013

    Have 2003 F 250 diesel truck. Enjoyed at first. Previous years having serious performance problems. Hope I can get money back for work done on truck (parts,labor, and stress for not being able to use truck).

  • Chris March 20, 2013

    Took my 2006 F250, 6.0 on vacation with my wife & 2 other couples. Made it half way & the turbo failed while pulling our camper stranding us for a full day. Although the vehicle was still under warranty, it ruined our vacation & I had to rent another truck to pull our camper home due to the dealer not able to loan a truck with a hitch installed. Also, had to have the EGR deletion kit installed 2 years ago due to overheating problems. Cost was $1,300.00. This motor should have never seen the light of day. You must be a diesel mechanic to own & operate one with successful results. Too many overheating issues due to the EGR cooler being installed within close proximatey of the manifold. The deletion kit helped & was recommended by Ford motor company, but what company sells a piece of equipment & recommends that the buyer spend thousands of dollars to correct their mistakes?! Ridiculous…

  • Mark Melichar March 20, 2013

    Since I bought 2006 Ford f-250 Harley Davidson 4WD back in 2007, I have gone through 4 sets of batteries,3 sets of tires and over $300 in tow fees. my truck was in the Ford shop 6/6/12, 7/31/12, 9/20/12( on this time I got my truck back 6 days later only got 1/4 mile down the road and it blew white smoke out and wouldn’t go over 10 mph, so I drove it back for another three days0 and 10/29/12. Almost $7000 in repairs and over $400 in car rental fees! It has ruined planned trips with my kids as well impact my ability to run my painting business.

  • Dennis Card March 21, 2013

    2004 F250 was in shop off and on for power surges on drop in power cost after warrenty ran out was 700 dollars plus all the 100 dollar deductables still didn’t fix the problem

  • Roger Nava March 21, 2013

    I own two 2006 F350 I own a moving service and purchased my trucks to upgrade and dependability but instead I’ve been left stranded a number times costing me to arrive late to my appointments costing thousands of dollars not counting I’ve had my trucks in the shop over and over it’s always EGR,EGR COOLER,TURBOCHARGER ,AND REPLACE INJECTORS twice one truck three times the other got receipts for over 20,000.00. REMEMBER I BOUGHT THESE TRUCKS FOR DEPENDABILITY

  • craig Miller March 21, 2013

    who its passing for the labor ??? this seems vague at best !! I purchased my F350 New and have to date only 78k miles on it and during my “warranty” ?? LOL I complained about hard starting when cold the service department said this was normal ?? the problem got worse and worse so I complained AGAIN and now they said I was over the 5 yeats by approx 5 months so tough luck ?? I called the factory and got no love either at this time the truck had only approx 50k
    miles?? great quality LOL under warranty I lost one turbo and two intercoolers and many other problems , the truvk has been used very little since the failures since due to medical problems I have no money to repair estimated at 6.5 thousand to 11thousand assuming no other problems arise during year down ?? I cannot even sell or trade it without severe loss . FORD HAS NO CONSCIOUS OR INTERGRITY/HONOR this law suit will not even come close to reimbursing me for loss of use and actual repair costs.

  • BOB March 21, 2013

    This so called settlement is nothing but BS…
    Look up your truch on KBB and compare yours with other brands with same specks. My 2006 with the 6L engine is 6 to 8 thousand less in value than the others. I will get $750 for one turbo that I just replaced..
    BIG DEAL…. Check out the value of your truck and then tell me if this is a good settlement..

  • mike k March 22, 2013

    I have an 03 excursion 112k head gasket egr cooler and 2 injectors failed. just sitting now. lawsuit should include older vehicles with relatively low mileage. ford said this was a 300k engine. $60k truck that NEVER made a vacation trip without something failing. I would think the lawfirm and gov could come up with a more reasonable solution for the OWNERS! I don’t even qualify for this lawsuit, quality job one?

  • MIKE G March 22, 2013

    I had 3 turbo’s and im the 4th one now.and had nothing but probelms with the dealership who is now closed,now what do u do.

  • jamal March 29, 2013

    I own a f550 super dully. so far I spent over 20k in repairs and still the truck runs like a sh….t
    twice pulling a trailer full if 8 horses, the truck just died in the middle of lane of I 95 , felt like someone took the keys out of the ignition, ford repaired, the truck 12 days later, parts were coming from Canada . if those parts were coming on a mule they would take less than 12 days in the mean time I paid board on 8 horses for 12

    • james October 31, 2014

      i own a 08ford 550 bought new have had problems with it since 5000 miles . 4 radiators and a motor before 22000 miles after that it has been in a shop somewhere constantly all sensors rocker arms 2 sets of turbos and now it is down .shut down in roadway and wont crank .always something wrong ford will not do anything with it has 88000 miles biggest piece of junk i ever bought ..i have always been a ford person .not anymore dont recommend for anybody else to buy one .stick a fork in me i am done .

  • jamal March 29, 2013

    ford should be a shame of making a mickey mouse engine . do they have tests on those engines before selling them to the public
    henry ford must turning in his grave right now wanting to kill ford s engineers
    some dignity at lease admit that the6.0 is bad engine
    I should never bought the f550 2003 I was so happy with my GMC S 28k lesson

  • wayne maas March 31, 2013

    2003 f350 4 door nice truck but ! engine is a joke ** 9000$ repairs and no trade vall the dealers dont want it

  • Dennis Maria April 1, 2013

    Hey John Trait man (#15) I totally agree with you on that.. Ford executives, if you are reading these complaints: ” Try to grow a heart and do what you know is the right thing and reimburse either in total or at least half of those repairs to those 6.0 diesel engine items that failed as a result of poor engineering design with less than 100,000 miles and under 6 years ownership whether or not warranty repairs preceded the engine failure. Particularly, those vehicles sold after you knew these engines were flawed.

  • Randy Emory April 9, 2013

    My f-250 died in the mountains of Boone with 87,000 miles on the truck and 5 months out of warranty. Green Ford in Greensboro treated me as if I had done something wrong and charged me $2,700.00 just to get it running again. It ran so badly coming off their lot I took it and gave it too another dealership just to get rid of it before it died again! Green Ford had the gall to tell me “we did not make this truck, Ford did”

  • keith joubert April 9, 2013

    wish they had included the power stroke 7.3 L in with this all i have had is trouble with it 2 turbos,complete fuse box assembly, etc. etc.

  • LARRY W April 12, 2013

    I own a 2005 f-250 with only 114,000 mile cant drive it out of town without calling a haul truck to come after it .BUT the bad thing is that ever ford dealer i have took it to can not fix it it will not show any codes

  • april April 12, 2013

    i bought 2 2008 ford super duties. the first flat bed and wheel lift. had 100 miles the wheel lift had 500 on it when i bought it, at 1100 miles the sending unit burned out then the trans at once. also replaced supercharger on both trucks, whinch , booster system on both, pto issues on bothwindow leaked every time it rained. all the lights both trucks was rewired. ecm 2 times on both, would run right but woundlnt have any codes. had brake faliure on the wheel lift. after ford told me there was nothing wrong with the brakes i was on a call and lost control of my truck. fuel injectors on both and egr on both. so many issues i gave up and this suit happens and it doesnt even cover the truck that had the most issues

  • april April 12, 2013

    i was told that if everyone that has the same type of truck i had get together we maybe able to up these years so please leave a commient on what you have or had and the issue with it.. 6.4 550 super duty 2008 NEW i bought 2 / 1 wheel lift new with 500 miles on it 2 truck flatbed with 100 miles on it. i had the following issuses with either one truck or both.
    transmission, fuel pump ,sending unit pto,whinch,swing arm pin snapped, rear window leaked, ecm,wire issues which caused both trucks to be rewired. jardan bed issues which had to take to a different city to be fixed they dont work on the bed here in cleveland,raditor, cooling lines, power boster system, injectors, surper charger,egr valve, oil cooler, computer, the light bar burnt out, the bed lights burnt out, leaked anitfreeze the dealer couldnt detreime were the leak was coming from. pressure test number of times.every week different issue . i so regret spend over $130,000 on 2 new rtrucks only for them to be at the dealer for multi repairs sometimes the same issue. i would never tell anyone to ever buy a ford tow truck. i had the worst expirance with them. i hate these trucks and wish i had them paid off already because i feel i got robbed. i even went to the headquaters to get some of the issues fix cus the ford dealer would tell me there wasnt anything wrong, i even looked into lawyers for the lemon law checked but was told ohio doesnt offer it on commerical trucks. i feel that this needs to be up a few years and $200 reinburstment is nothing when your making 35 calls a day @ $65 a call and cant make these calls cus you need towed yourself in a new truck.i bought new so i wouldnt have issues but i spent more money and time fixing these then if i would had bought 2 20 year old truck. be warn these ford trucks are crazy with repairs. please lets all work together to get the court to make ford fix this for all of us.!!! thank you

  • Jesus Ramos April 15, 2013

    I have 2006 F350 Super Duty and I had EGR Problems.

  • Carrie Hansen April 15, 2013

    #58 We have a F250 2006 and have replaced every item on the list including all injectors, $7000. We even thought of just leaving it at the dealership. We had work done about a year ago and problems are starting up again. Many trips to a couple of different Ford dealerships.

  • Marvin Rose April 16, 2013

    I have owned the 2005 F350 since new, Treated it very kindly, never abused, never really did any towing, made a trip to Georgia towing a 18′ trailer with 80,000 mles on it, now it will cost me over 7500.00, Turbo gone, EGR along with other things listed, a total re-build and wiping out my savings, How about Ford taking on the expense

  • sean hola April 18, 2013

    so good old ford 6.0 what a hunk of junk 2004 f350 bought it for 13,995 drove it for 1month broke down in montanna blown motor i just put another 13,000 to put new motor and tranny and turbo in so now we guys that have older truck dont get shit for all the money we put into the truck what a crock i have had truck for 14months and drove for one month i will never buy a ford again i would rather walk cause if u have one thats what u will be doing

  • Dale Novak April 20, 2013

    had 07(6.0) n 08 (6.4) both junk .ford dealer blamed ford company they would say we didn’t make it n company says we didn’t sell it to you . and no one else having problems .

  • lisa goetz April 22, 2013

    my ’05-250 was BRAND new…not the first problem till warranty was up right at 100,000plus.. then everything went to hell-all these problems .. got them fixed..8 months later-you guessed it… over $6000 !!! beautiful truck -but piece of s#*t!!! driving a GMC now- just hope i get some of my money back!! THANKS FORD….. think you should change your “built ford tough” words-what a joke

  • Chris April 29, 2013

    2006 6.0 SD King Ranch FX4 with 103,000 miles. Extremely clean truck I bought at CARMAX. I am the 3rd owner. Truck ran great the first two weeks until I tried to pull a 10k travel trailer on the interstate at 70 mph. Engine immediately went into “Fail Safe/ Limp Home” mode. Took it to Ford dealership and they began to educate me on all the problems listed in this thread. They diagnosed it and said new TURBO needed and EGR valve. Took it to CARMAX since it is under their 30 day warranty and CARMAX confirmed new TURBO assembly, EGR valve, and compressor boost hose. I am certain this is just the beginning. I have not even made my first payment! WTF!!!

  • Tammy East May 1, 2013

    Bottom Line……FORD SUCKS!! Guess the old saying is still true “Found On Roadside Dead” Spent $6000.00 in repairs to my 2003 F350, drove it off the lot and it DIED!! I have owned 3 FORD vehicles and 1 Toyota. I will never buy another FORD, they just do not last and you spend more money in repairs then what they are worth. Love my TOYOTA 245,000 miles and I have only had to change my oil!!

  • Patrick Cairns May 5, 2013

    I bought a new 2003 6.0 l and sold it to a lawyer when it had all of 12000 mi on it. Eight years later Ford drug me into a lawsuit as a third party because the lawyer was suing them for 16 grand because of engine failure. Their claim was that if something was wrong with the engine it must have been the original owners fault and not the the had placed the worst engine ever into the market place. I happened to own 3 Gt500s, a Lincoln MKT, an Escape, and an F-450 at the time. I couldn’t believe they would drag me into court. Had to go twice and was never asked a question. Ford settled with the lawyer but I was left with a 3000 dollar legal bill and an eternal hate for all things Ford.

  • shawn May 9, 2013

    whats the point of having a truck that brakes down every year and cost thousands of dollars to repair? ford sales a good looking truck but the 6.0 is junk!!! they need to give me a new engine not a 6.0! i payed top dollar for a peace of junk. thats not how to treat your clientell or do buisness.

  • Rachel May 10, 2013

    I have a ford f250 6 L. diesel truck and I got the paper in the mail about this lawsuit but just recently I experienced several of the problems listed above. white smoke is also poring out of it. is there a number I can call? I took it somewhere and it will cost more than $7,000 to get fixed..what should I do? please let me know.

  • gary44x May 15, 2013

    have read a lot of comments on here. I have gotten a letter on this and came to this site. I own a 06 SD King ranch FX4 top of the line truck. I bought this truck 3 years ago. It had 105000 miles on it. Right now it has 117000 and never had a problem with it until now. It’s blowing white smoke out the exhaust and losing anti-freeze from it. When you give it fuel instead of chimming like a diesal it’s making a blowing sounds but it keeps on running. It sounds like to me I’m going to have to do the things you people have done but I don’t have 7000 dollars and I’m no diesal mechanic. I have always have had and owned a ford. First car was a mustang then ranger then escort bought an escape and now a 2006 piece of shit ford diesel truck that’s broke down and has never had anything hauled behind it. If I can get this piece of shit to the nearest dodge dealership and trade it in for a cummings. I will no longer buy a ford truck as long as I shall live. I may even sell my escape and escort to prove a point and start driving a toyota and cheer for kyle bush at the races. Someone please put me in on this and I hope that ford gets to hold this bag of shit that they put themselves in. This motor would of never been on the market if they would of just gave in on the 1000 dollar more on the 7.3L but look what they have a piece of shit motor in the 6.0 and 6.4 does anybody have any clue on the 6.7 that’s out now. If you know someone that has one tell them to haul something and see if it breaks down or not. thanks

  • Ali Roberson May 16, 2013

    I was so proud of my new truck, but it took a crap on me and it ruined my credit. The dealership I took my truck to told me I was going to have to buy a new engine. I already replaced half the engine when it blew up, now I have to come out of pocket 20,000.00 for a new engine. Thank you Ford Motor Company for destroying my credit with one powerless stroke.

  • Anthony Berry May 24, 2013

    I still have my 2004 F-350 Dually.. I brought this two-tone black and brown truck brand new. When I got it home one the very first day with only 122miles the computer went out..(I had to call my dad and give him the news bc I wasn’t a ford man…lol)
    I brought this truck to pull my boat and it honestly ran pretty well untill about 70k.. I think the EGR valve failed first. I was pulling the boat one day and I began to lose power and black smoke pored out when climbing hills.
    I few years later on a Saturday after pulling the boat the night before I started my truck and white smoke began pouring out the pipe..Silly me thinking maybe I got some bad diesel..I’ve always had EZ-Care extended warranty which I had just renewed for $4k a few months back so I wasn’t to upset until after the truck was diagnoised at the dealership. OMG!!!!!!
    They began to explained what happen and I understood most of it except.. “Sorry Mr Berry unfortunately the part that failed wasn’t part of the warranty therefore none of the repair is under warranty..I guess I understand NOW..EZ-Care and ford already knew.. Guess I found out the hard way.Looks ain’t everything..I would still be happy if I just got another engine..Truck still looks damm good when its sitting still…

  • Frances griffin May 27, 2013

    We spent 45,000 for the King Ranch 250 Turbo Diesel. Thinking it would last till we are gone. We are old. It has taken all our savings to keep it running. We have put over 9,000.00 dollars in it. All our savings. We live on a limited income. It stranded us on two seperate trips. Rentals, Housing, days of extra food. It has been like a cross on our necks. When we get in it we keep our fingers cross that we get where we need to be. The engine has been fixed twice and many more repaires. Hope all that bought one of Fords Failures will get what has been put into this beautiful 4 wheel junkie trucks.I am holding my words back, feeling much bitterness for Fords that we have always bought.No More. Frances

  • Justin Caudill May 28, 2013

    I bought my 2006 F-350 with the 6.0 brand new straight off the ford dealership lot….paid cash for it out right…no truck payment has been nice…..but repairs every 11 months is getting old really damn truck currently has 107000 miles on it.
    i blew my head gaskets with around 26000 miles, numerous injectors, egr valve, e-gas bottle, radiator, alternator, i’m on my 3rd set of batteries, the FICM, and just recently replaced the egr cooler and oil cooler and had to have the intake thoroughly hot tanked for 36 hours and still needed more cleaning by hand. my truck has been on a tow truck more times then i would prefer to admit. my wifes excursion has the 7.3….been on a tow truck once because it got a short in the shifter column that put the ECM in limp mode ( $130.00 for parts and labor and was done in 1 hour ).
    my egr cooler and oil cooler and intake cost me $2000.00, the radiator was $1100.00, one of the visits to ford for injectors was $1300.00. atleast the brakes have lasted ( 107,000 miles with 40% of brake pad left ).
    I never imagined i would spend $50,000.00 on a truck ( cash ) and have to spend another small fortune to keep it running, let alone take it into the dealer for repairs on a yearly basis.I’d be happy with a fuel card for 2 years with no limit, god only knows the truck would only be on the road for 13 out of the 24 months due to breakdowns.

  • tomkat May 28, 2013

    I bought the F350 Lariat brand new and have had the turbo replaced 3 times and my mileage is under 40K. I need to sell and get something reliable but who will buy and will they come after me if this happens again?

    Has anyone purchased the warranty direct coverage and had the turbo replacement covered?

  • 369hog May 29, 2013

    Was going to trade in my 2006 ford f250 diesel / piece of s$&t. spoke with a friend / ford mechanic about the 2013 f350 diesel. He told me that they are seeing a lot of the problems that the 2004, 2005 etc went through. However the salesman told me the new trucks are bullet proof!! Isn’t that funny……be careful!!!

  • Leo Reilly May 30, 2013

    I have a 06 F-250 6.0L . I had the same problems with my F-250 at 4730 miles with engin check light came on. I took it back to the dealership. I was told it just need to be reset. @ 5501 the light came back on. Again back to the dealership. I was inform to much carbin build on my EGR valve. I was told to use a fuel addive. I have spent in ford labor and core change out, and #1 enjector 4,459.66 in repairs. I will never buy a ford again.Now my wrech light started coming on while on highway drive. I can win with ford at all. Thank Ford for nothing.

  • Jim Sabalow May 31, 2013

    Bought my 2003 F350 from original owner with 140,000 miles. Water pump shaft broke off at 45 MPH. Check engine light has been ongoing issue and EVERY TIME it coded as EGR. After several trips to independent mechanic, finally replaced the egr, removed feed tube and cleaned out. Light stayed off for about 2000 miles. Also noticed water was going down in recovery tank, but not a drop of water could be found anywhere. Finally diagnosed as EGR AND OIL COOLER slow leak. Am scheduled with another shop specializing in diesel these size trucks. Will install BULLIT-PROOF brand coolers. I have only put just under 12,000 miles on in 2 1/2 years. It is powerful and I love the long bed and crew cab. This is my first ford. I am so bummed that this expensive repair is necessary due to the GREEDY executives of FORD Motor CO. We who own and repair this 6.0L engine have in effect been Guinea pigs and financed their research and development. As usual, THE BIG GUYS take advantage of the little ones and continue getting away with it. I took mine to a Ford dealership to see what they would offer me. The offer was an insult AND THEIR REASON WAS STATED AS “IT IS THE 6.0l” When I said I was insulted, they said, “What if we make you a smokin deal on a new truck?”, to which I replied, “What makes you think I would ever buy a Ford Again?” and abruptly left the dealership. You executives, managers and dealership owners can hide behind your expensive lawyers and get away with unfair consumer treatment and keep your investors happy, but one day I predict you will get what you dish out, you will get what you deserve for your brazen disregard for the working men and women who have helped you make a fortune by purchasing your vehicles. In my business of 36 years, when we made a mistake, we admitted it, corrected it and continued to enjoy a good relationship with our clients. They respected our honesty, integrity and obvious value we placed on their continued support. FORD, you could learn a thing or 2 from the little guys and gals. Right now you are just BIG GREEDY BULLIES!

  • Jim Sabalow May 31, 2013

    additional comments: I had no idea there was any problem with the 6.0L engine when I bought mine. Ford has always had FORD TOUGH TRUCKS. Besides, whoever heard of a diesel engine giving problems as this one does? A diesel engine is supposed to go 2 or 300K with no sweat. So, as many of you who have posted here, I also am disgusted, depressed and aghast that Ford drew a line on the cut off of benefit at 6 years or 135,000 miles. And how much profit are the attorneys who agreed to these terms on behalf of owners enjoying. The whole think just STINKS, PERIOD!

  • nicholas palazzo June 2, 2013

    bought an 03 bran new 60 they took it back got an 04 replacement. should have took the money and ran . had egr problems cooling prob turbo problems wish i could find a way to give it back and get my money what a happy camper i would be

  • Matt June 4, 2013

    I wish I was in the same boat as some of u folks. I have a 06 f350 dually. I have had the truck since March of 2010. I bought it with 114000 miles on it and its specific use was to pull my excavation equipment. The truck only has 156000 on it now and during these 3years it has been in the shop 12 different times and over $17000 in repairs not to mention towing fees, lost labor hours and income. I have absolutely had it. Just took the truck in a week ago got my diagnosis today from the dealer and they said it would be another 3900 to fix. I only paid 22000 for the truck and now after this fix I’m going to be at 21000 in repairs. I’m going to take this to every level I can and fight to put ford in their place. Anyone who can put a consumer in this position and stand back and do nothing is no better than Bernie Madoff. F*** u Ford. You are lucky I don’t tow this piece of shit to Michigan and push it right trough the front doors of The Corporate office

  • Carolyn Steiger June 6, 2013

    Like many others on this site, I have always been Ford. I bought an F350 in 05. It had 19,000 mi on it. was told that a man bought it for his daughter to pull her horse trailer but it was too much truck for her. I believed the salesman. About 20,000 miles later the problems started one after the other. Ford/dealership wouldn’t do anything about it. Come to find out they had already done the repairs once. When the heads were pulled you could see the dents in the piston heads. I hope we get some payback out of this. I am finished with Ford.

  • steve losievski June 7, 2013

    Only prob so far was turbo upgraded to powermaxx an egr delete since then no prob have 82000 miles on 2006 f250 sd

  • tom king June 14, 2013

    I bought a e 450 6.0 with 29000 on it drove it 200 miles to the house next morning woudnt start took it to dealer ship 1 month later and 1800 dollars later for a wiring harness had it back 3 days later and 400 dollarsa later an egr valve 4000 miles later egr cooler out 2000 miles after that oil cooler now sitting in a shop the second one the first had it for 3 months coudnt find the problem this one took about 4 or 5 months to find problem turned out to be a dowell type pin pressed in the cam came out which is very rare cost estimate to be about 4000 looks like it will be dead 49000 miles Im sure there is more odds and ends but dont want to right a book

  • Larry Farmer June 14, 2013

    I purchased my Ford F350 truck with 86217 miles in 03/2009. I started having problems unaware that there were defected parts. When I took the vehicle to the ford dealership to have it checked, I was advised that there were problems with the injectors. I have had to make multiple repairs to this truck at my expense and I am still having problems. This was a bad investment and Ford should be made to reimburse everyone that purcharsed this PIECE OF JUNK.

  • Don Mitchell June 14, 2013

    Had a 05 F350 with the 6.0 and while pulling a 5th wheel in Montana the truck died on the side of I90. After towing the truck and trailer to Ford Dealer in Butte I was told the cooler and EGR valve was bad and that I needed to pay +- $3000. The following year I was pulling the same trailer near Deadwood, South Dakota and the lower turbo hose blew off another couple hundred. The final blow was when I put the trailer up in in 2012 I thought that it smelt bad so I took it to Ford and was told that two cylinder heads were blow. That was it – I purchased a new 2012 F350 with the new Ford Diesel. That Dealer had me pay for the the 2 cyl heads repair at 7.9 K and deducted that from the value of my 2005 Ford Diesel trade in. I paid 3 times for a 6.0 diesel Problem Know By Ford….

  • ron June 18, 2013

    Bought a 2006 f350 new in 2006, died on the highway 2008. Was repaired by ford under warranty. In 2012 the motor seized, and would not run. (112000 miles) Ford mechanic told me that it would probably be in the neighborhood of $17000.00 to repair the motor, and their would be a 12000 mile warranty. I now have a 2006 Ford F350 yard ornament. (Salvage yard offered me $2800.)

  • Robert S June 24, 2013

    2003 – 6.0 Turbo replace, Oil Cooler, EGR Cooler, FICM, to date over $11,000.00 reinvested in a 10 year old truck, I paid $32,000.00 for. It’s a crime I tell ya.

  • Robert S June 24, 2013

    Over $11,000.00 in repairs

  • Ernest Romero June 24, 2013

    I am now the proud owner of a 2004 F-250 King Ranch Diesel power stroke Ford garden sculpture! My truck has less than 84,000 miles, I was driving back from vacation, thank goodness we at least had the vacation,, when my truck would not go over 50 miles per hour, we were in the middle of nowhere when we were forced to pull over. The truck seems as if it had overheated, but, after letting it cool down, I discovered the Turbo had sucked all 15 quarts of oil into the radiator! We were on the side of the road for 6 hours when someone stopped to help us. We had it towed to the Ford Dealership in Roswell, NM, where they told us it would cost $14,000.00 to repair the engine. Being in total shock was an understatement, the Kelly Blue book for this vehicle is $15-17,000.00 omg they offered us $2800.00 as a trade-in! Unfair is the only word I can come up with at this point, I now have nothing to trade in for a new vehicle. I hope something is done about everyone’s troubles.

  • Karen G July 3, 2013

    Purchased new 2006 F250, to haul and transport RVs’ cross country. 29,000 miles later fuel injectors went out, thankfully it was covered by warranty, 4 mos later same situation warranty still valid. By November 2006 engine had blown up in Louisiana.Unfortunately warranty no longer in effect. at this point truck is worth nothing, non running. to make a long story short…forced to let truck go back and file bankruptsy.

  • Gerry R July 8, 2013

    Twelve thousand dollars in repairs on my 04 450 6.0 and the max available as part of the settlement is about 900 bucks. Doesn’t even cover the towing charges I got hit with…….but the lawyers got paid. What a freaking joke.

  • Scott McDonough July 10, 2013

    $10,000.00 in repairs on this 2006 Ford F350 Dually. got it used two years ago with 45,000 miles, I now have 70,000 miles on it. What a freakin Joke Ford has been with this whole deal. I have owned Fords for the last 20 years, Gonna change Now after the way I have been treated

  • chuck salazar July 15, 2013

    have paid over 12000.00 in repair bills for you name it on my 2006 f350 a very clean looking truck with the worst engine ford ever made, started having problems at 9000 miles and has not stopped on my way to replace the last three fuel injectors at 95000 miles what a piece THANKS FORD I won,t forget.

  • Greg Pearl July 15, 2013

    I have had all the above done well over 6,000.00 mine is a 2004 F350 and the repairs still gone on.

  • rbrandt July 16, 2013

    One of the first people to buy a F-350 6.0 in Fargo ND. First year spent 2 months in shop; 2 new turbos, egr valve and cooler and computer motherboard. I have only 65,000 miles on it scared to pull anything with it. The warranty covered most of the cost but they had it 2 months while I was making my 800.00/month payment. To add insult to injury; my truck is worth 4500.00 less than the same truck if it was Chevy HD3500; hope the settlement lawyers take that into consideration also. The service team that I have known for years said that he would never buy a 6.0 diesel; what are the chances that anyone else would want to. Maybe Ford should buy these back; they couldn’t have tested these engines to the extent that they told their dealerships to tell us the consumer. I got no kiss with this and I don’t think that they will respect me in the morning.

  • Charlie July 17, 2013

    Recnelty had the EGR cooler and oil cooler repaired under warranty (bill was $3K). Two weeks later the wrench came back on and my ’06 F350 went into limp home mode and ruined our 4th of July holiday trip. Took it back in but they couldn’t see a code so had nothing to fix. The extended warranty expires today and I made an appt to spend $8K to get my truck Bulletproofed cuz I don’t want to have to keep worrying about the next time it leaves me stranded while pulling horses. I paid more for this truck than I did for my first house and the plan was to drive it ‘forever’. It’s 7 years old, has 37K miles on it and is breaking my heart…

  • Scott in Mass July 19, 2013

    Why doesn’t Gord step up to the plate and give a full value trade towards a new one. The 6.0 is such junk the truck a worth a fraction of a GM or Dodge .

  • cecil from san pedro July 21, 2013

    $15.000 in repairs and climbing as a big rig driver for years the international engine was a great engine I don’t know what ford did butt by far the worst piece of **** ,now a diesel mech. myself .ford needs to give my money back or I park it in front of the dealership with a sign warning everyone else not to buy ford%#@#&*%

  • cecil from san pedro July 21, 2013

    how about give me a whole new engine. and not to mention the brakes are a joke this is a safety issue anytime you have to take off rotors with a hammer that means they don’t go on straight either it couldn’t b any worse im afraid to put my family in this vehicle shame on you ford liars and thieves shame on you

  • Larry STIFFLER July 28, 2013

    12000 spent to date on my 2004 f/250 superduty, by the sounds of it I have to many miles to collect anything…
    Should have bought a Duramax !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Larry STIFFLER July 28, 2013

    12000 spent to date on my 2004 f/250 superduty, by the sounds of it I have to many miles to collect anything…
    Should have bought a Duramax !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Larry STIFFLER July 28, 2013

    12000 spent to date on my 2004 f/250 superduty, by the sounds of it I have to many miles to collect anything…
    Should have bought a Duramax !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Larry STIFFLER July 28, 2013

    12000 spent to date on my 2004 f/250 superduty, by the sounds of it I have to many miles to collect anything…
    Should have bought a Duramax !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Larry STIFFLER July 28, 2013

    12000 spent to date on my 2004 f/250 superduty, by the sounds of it I have to many miles to collect anything…
    Should have bought a Duramax !!!!!!!!!!!

  • matt jones August 3, 2013

    F250 super duty 2008 model with a 6.4 – total lemon. Now in the shop to have the cab pulled off for the fourth time to replace a fuel pump at a cost of 3700.00 a pop – 4th time!!!!!! Also had trouble with the exhaust cleaning system killing my power and towing capabilities. ERG has gone out multiple times as well. Is there a law suit for the 2008 6.4 Ford Deisel?

  • Jimmy Tarte August 8, 2013

    I have searched every week for this so called claim form for the 6.0 power stroke engine .I think that Ford should send a form out to all that have one because they always seem to find us when they want us to extend our warranty , or any other recall. So why don’t they just send us this claim form automatically ? Please someone let me know what more can I do?

  • Mary Ann Bunch August 12, 2013

    I have had to have the fuel injectors replaced and now our EGR Tube is out and the repairs are going to be $1600.00 to have it fixed. We were on the interstate over 5 hours from home when the injectors went out and had to have it towed had my infant son along with a 5th wheel camper attached. It was the biggest mess ever and Ford was the rudest people I ever spoke to.

  • Mary Ann Bunch August 12, 2013

    I have had to have the fuel injectors replaced and now our EGR Tube is out and the repairs are going to be $1600.00 to have it fixed. We were on the interstate over 5 hours from home when the injectors went out and had to have it towed had my infant son along with a 5th wheel camper attached. It was the biggest mess ever and Ford was the rudest people I ever spoke to.

  • Mary Ann Bunch August 12, 2013

    I have had to have the fuel injectors replaced and now our EGR Tube is out and the repairs are going to be $1600.00 to have it fixed. We were on the interstate over 5 hours from home when the injectors went out and had to have it towed had my infant son along with a 5th wheel camper attached. It was the biggest mess ever and Ford was the rudest people I ever spoke to.

  • Mary Ann Bunch August 12, 2013

    I have had to have the fuel injectors replaced and now our EGR Tube is out and the repairs are going to be $1600.00 to have it fixed. We were on the interstate over 5 hours from home when the injectors went out and had to have it towed had my infant son along with a 5th wheel camper attached. It was the biggest mess ever and Ford was the rudest people I ever spoke to.

  • Mary Ann Bunch August 12, 2013

    I have had to have the fuel injectors replaced and now our EGR Tube is out and the repairs are going to be $1600.00 to have it fixed. We were on the interstate over 5 hours from home when the injectors went out and had to have it towed had my infant son along with a 5th wheel camper attached. It was the biggest mess ever and Ford was the rudest people I ever spoke to.

  • Mary Ann Bunch August 12, 2013

    I have had to have the fuel injectors replaced and now our EGR Tube is out and the repairs are going to be $1600.00 to have it fixed. We were on the interstate over 5 hours from home when the injectors went out and had to have it towed had my infant son along with a 5th wheel camper attached. It was the biggest mess ever and Ford was the rudest people I ever spoke to.

  • Willie lee August 14, 2013

    Purchased brand new 2007 King Ranch Dually from local dealer paid over 50k. The reality of the huge financial mistake I made has started to set in. Like so many of these posts EGR, Turbo, injector repairs have me embarrassed to reveal the true cost of owning this vehicle, it really looks good when parked but that’s it. The truck us worthless! The service managers act clueless to the trucks inherent problems an proceed to selfishly charge diagnostic fees and ridiculous repair rates.
    I thought of unloading the truck on some poor in suspecting consumer
    But that would make me as f—cked up as FORD!
    Really wont even consider another product with a Blue Oval on it .
    The really despicable thing about it all is how the MADE IN AMERICA
    anthem is placed on such pieces of sh–t and passed off on the American Consumer with no accountability. “Empires fall for a reason”

  • Brynn Sjolander August 15, 2013

    On July 9, 2011, I wrote a letter to 2 Ford dealers
    in Western Washington where my 2003 F350 had repairs done regarding EGR valve, loss of power, leaking oil, pump replacement and so on. Finally a
    local mechanic worked on the p.u to the tune of $7,000.

  • John Doolittle August 19, 2013

    2004 F-250 Over $ 9000.00 in engine repairs ( bad heads on engine and oil leaks )

  • Johnny J August 19, 2013

    2006 Ford F250 Ran great all through it’s warranty period. Only 70,000.00 miles. on the 6th year fuel lines, egr cooler, egr valve, engine oil cooler, fuel pump, now it went to the dealer for white smoke but before they can fix that my turbo has to be replaced. WTF!! I don’t think they know how to fix it. I parked it and now it just sits in front of my house. Beautiful 4X4 four door Fx4 truck wasted. I just want Ford to fix the damn issue because they know it’s an issue.

  • Don Morse August 19, 2013

    We own a 2006 f-350 King Ranch with the 6.0 l.
    Problems occur when we pull the 5th wheel. The valves and turbo can’t handle it. We are in continue
    watch for the wrench to give us the bad news.
    Never to know where we are going to be broke down. White knuckles..

  • robert schneider August 20, 2013

    Hit by hurricane sandy (flooded) long island n.y.Hit by ford 6.0 diesel 9,000.00 in two months .broke down three times in july & august .5,000.00 in labor plus parts 4,000.00 fema came thru with the money how about ford.nice truck bad motor .if ford is smart they would offer a good trade value & a deep discount plus along warranty to owners of 6.0 diesel stand by your product ford it is good for your future 2005 f250 67,000.00 miles

  • Alan Piercy August 27, 2013

    I purchased 2006 F350 6.0 Diesel used, with less than 10,000 miles and less than 3 months old. Started experiencing the same issues with EGR, Turbo, injectors around 70k miles. Within the warranty period I spent over $2,036 in repairs plus, Ford covered $12,412 additional repairs under warranty. After warranty period, I have spent over $2,000 for more repairs. Now, I have estimate for over $ 5,000 from mechanic because of no power/compression leaks. California Lemon law does not cover vehicles purchased used, tried arbitration to get Ford to buy back, but they claimed no issue with the 6.0 engine.

  • Johnny Williams August 29, 2013

    I have a 2005 F250 with 170,000 miles. I purchased this vehicle two years ago when it had 114,000 miles. I have spent $9000 for EGR, water pump, fan clutch, Injectors, high pressure oil pump fitting, A/C compressor.

  • Johnny Williams August 29, 2013

    I have a 2005 F250 with 170,000 miles. I purchased this vehicle two years ago when it had 114,000 miles. I have spent $9000 for EGR, water pump, fan clutch, Injectors, high pressure oil pump fitting, A/C compressor.

  • Greg Jones August 30, 2013

    I purchased a 2006 F350 King Ranch and have had problems every year, with the same description as everyone else. I have a fifth wheel that we pull, and have to watch for the wrench every time we pull it. I spent a lot of money to get a “great, heavy duty” truck and am not satisfied with the results. I also reviewed the numbers in the class action suite that was noted, and that doesn’t seem anywhere close to getting back what I have put into keeping this thing running each year.

  • Greg Jones August 30, 2013

    I purchased a 2006 F350 King Ranch and have had problems every year, with the same description as everyone else. I have a fifth wheel that we pull, and have to watch for the wrench every time we pull it. I spent a lot of money to get a “great, heavy duty” truck and am not satisfied with the results. I also reviewed the numbers in the class action suite that was noted, and that doesn’t seem anywhere close to getting back what I have put into keeping this thing running each year.

  • Kris August 30, 2013

    Was blissfully ignorant of all the 6.0 issues until my ’06 F350 w/ 37K on it flashed the dreaded wrench light. Had the EGR and oil coolers replaced under extended warranty, so $3K spent by warranty company and luckil NOT out of my pocket at that point. A few weeks later, the truck went into limp-home mode while pulling horses. NOT fun. Dealer could not find anything ‘wrong’. Did more research, and decided to invest in Bulletproofing to improve the EGR and oil coolers and FICM. Got an $8K quote. Got to the mechanic and he ALSO found blown head gaskets and sticky turbo that the dealer didn’t notice. $11K later hopefully my truck can actually be driven like it’s supposed to be driven. Have always been a Ford fan but this is pushing me to my limits.

  • Michael Hardsaw September 7, 2013

    This class lawsuit is semingly going to drag for a while. My Concern is with the contraints of the 6 years/135,000 mile limitations. We are comming up to a point where no one will be within that window cause this is dragging on and on.
    So how are we, that are affected, going to get any kind of restitution once this window has passed? This seems to be done on purpose to limit the amount of claims.

  • Toby September 7, 2013

    I had a 2008 F-550 with the 6.4 that I spent over $24,000 at the Ford dealership with. I replaced the radiator 3 times, the engine twice. There were other misc.repairs done. All repairs done at the dealership. The 6.0 does’nt sound bad with the most I’ve heard spent so far is $12,000. The repairs on the truck cost me my business. THANKS FORD

  • agnes woods September 9, 2013

    i own a 2005 ford f250 with the 6.0 engine in it… i have had to replace motoe once injectors 2times egr valve 2times i need to know how i can get in on the class action lawsuit.. truck as i request this is broke down once againh,, ford should have to replace the whole engine…thanks and i look forward to hearing from someone real soon…..

  • Joe De Hoyos III September 10, 2013

    I had not heard of this pending lawsuit, I have a 2004 Excursion (non-ambulance) but I had my EGR cooler, oil cooler, EGR valve, Oil cooler & EGR cooler among other things replaced in June of 2011, work done by the Ford dealership, now on 09/09/2013 I am again having the same issue, I paid about $2,500.00 in 2011 and I am now looking to pay another $2,600.00 in 2013. Would I still qualify, I have approx. 118,500 miles on this vehicle. I am so disappointed and I no longer have warranty on this vehicle. I bought an outside extended warranty, but they say they do not cover this problem.

  • Amy garrison September 13, 2013

    I have a ford f 350 super duty diesel truck, have problems with the gaskets ,over heating etc,etc had the 100,000 mile warranty plus bought a extended warranty and paid a lot for this truck how do I get in on the settlement to get my truck fixed??? Need help

  • Walton Baldwin September 14, 2013

    I purchased a new 2004 F250, 6.0 L diesel in 2004. I drive very little & just now have 72,000 miles on it. Took to Ford last week because of loosing coolant & sometimes a white exhaust smoke. They said I need the EGR coolers and the EGR valve replace & probably the head bolts replaced. Quoted $5000 plus. Why are they penalizing a low mileage driver with a 5-yr warranty when Ford knows that this problem has been occurring below 100,000 miles?

  • Manuel Silva September 16, 2013

    I bought my first brand new F350 Super Duty in 2004…I needed a good working truck for my small concrete buisness It worked fine for about a year then I started to have Fuel Injector issues among other repairs needed, It kept breaking down…I knew the Diesel Mechanic by name already (Tony) at Holmes Tuttle Ford in Tucson, Arizona he kept telling me that the fuel injectors kept going out to make it easier he changed all 8 of them at least 4 times, that place closed down and then I took it to a repair shop (Fletchers) they told me they couldn’t fix it that I should take it to the dealer knowing that they never fixed my truck right the many times I had taken it to them, so I decided to call them and they told me to bring it in so we got it towed to Holmes Tuttle Ford at the Auto Mall in Tucson, Arizona hoping they would help me out with my truck they said they could not fix it they actually wanted me to buy a new truck offering me $9,000 for my truck they said we turned it on for you but do not turn it off until you get home what can I do with a truck that I can’t use???? so, when they brought me the truck to the lobby area they accidentaly turned it off and had to push it back and added new oil to be able to turn it back on. (???)
    I got charged $2,000 and they did nothing to it, it still didnt work they said if I don’t take it now they will charge me storage fees!!!…My first new truck has been in my yard parked for over 3 years!!!.
    Just for the record my son bought a new F350 truck on 2008 and it is having the same issues as mine, they have his truck at Jim Click’s Ford storage yard they said it needs about $10,000 before they can repair it…

  • sam alvey September 16, 2013

    Purchased a 2003 350 Lariat Ford Truck-within one year spent $9,000 for EGR, overheating, and many other related repairs–i would like for all of us to get at least half our money back-this truck needs to be off the market. Ford has really falsified this truck and gained all of the consumers money in the meantime. I can supply the bill if needed. Ford stole our money need to sue for fraud and pay the consumers back the majority of money.

  • Rick September 17, 2013

    I have a 07 350 DRW 4X4 with 62,000 miles and am now starting to get the EGR Issue. I have already had all of the Injectors replaced costing me over $3200. How do I get in on this Law Suite?

  • Sheldon Clements September 17, 2013

    I own a 2006 f-250 and a 2006 f-350, both with the 6.0 in them. They both have less than a hundred thousand miles and I have already had the head gaskets done on one that was around 5000 dollars. Now I worry about when not if the other will be blown, sure hope someone makes Ford make it right with ALL the people who have bought this LEMON. Never been one to sue anyone but they clearly have sold me a money pit

  • In WV September 17, 2013

    We also spent over $8000.00 on our 2008 Ford F250 6.4 with just over 100,000 miles on it. Not to mention that the repairs took a total of 10 months on and off while we continued to make the truck payment. What family can afford to put that kind of money into a vehicle? We have had the truck back for two weeks and I’m cringing every time we drive it anywhere because we cannot afford to fix it again. I’ve had Ford trucks my entire life. Now Ford has turned their back on us! We will never have another Ford vehicle in this house again!!!!

  • Lester Lamar Wilson September 20, 2013

    I own a F-550 with the 6.0 and spent a lot on it two different times and it needs a turbo now.

  • Ernest Azhocar September 20, 2013

    I purchased A ford 350XLT 2006, with a 6.0 motor. I bought it used in 2008 and have had to make non-stop repairs . Some of which are mentioned above. Please respond A.S.A.P So I can begin the process of receiving a reimbursement for the parts I’ve had to replace.
    Thank You,
    Ernest Azhocar

  • Fred Ullmann September 24, 2013

    I purchased a 2005 excursion with 118000 miles from a Florida Ford Dealer. Non of the above work has been done yet but needs to be done. I have the Ford ESP warranty. do I qualify for anything under this claim? how do I get my dealer to do this? the truck is currently at the dealer

  • rob schrader September 24, 2013

    I have a 03 f 250 with 6l power stroke have had turbo issues ,injector issues turbo was worked on twice it has 150000 on it now it blows steam out of the exhaust blow head gasket I have always bought ford 2 family members worked at ford if they don’t take care of this I will never buy another ford every business makes mistakes but you have to take care of your customers

  • Richard Carroll September 25, 2013

    I have a 2006 F250 with a 6.0 powerstoke. So far 1 egr cooler, 1 oil cooler, 1 cracked head (maybe 2 – it’s in the shop now), 2 injectors and a control module. I bought an extended warranty which won’t cover the egr cooler, oil cooler and injectors. Not sure about the cracked heads yet. Please keep me informed I would like to reclaim some of the approx $10,300 I’ll be paying in a little over a week.

  • Jimmy Tarte September 25, 2013

    I have spent over $ 4,000.00 on repairs in one year . When one thing gets repaired it’s another that needs repair .Please help us out we don’t want to spend any more $ on this truck or have to buy another one they are to expensive.

  • Gene Boul September 25, 2013

    I purchased a used 2006 F450 with a 6.0 diesel engine. This vechicle was very clean and had 68,000 miles whenpurchased. less than one year later and only 78,000 miles the engine blew up and had to be replaced. The cost to me was 17,138.00 dollars. I have contacted Ford’s customer service several times all for naught! All they were willing to do was offer me a discount on a new truck! I feel totally let down and abandoned by a company that I have faithfully followed. I have had Ford pulling vechicles since 1968. Is there anything I can do?

  • Joe Grimes September 25, 2013

    I bought a 2006 f-250 6.0 for about $45,000 thinking i had atruck that was going to last a while with no problems. Well after 100,000 miles all my dreams did not come true. The oil cooler went out burning up egr, all the injectors,all the glow plugs and head gaskets. $7000 later I’m not to happy about it

  • james schauer September 25, 2013

    I bought a new 2003 F350 FORD after i retired thinking it would be my last truck i needed to buy,as i drove commerical diesels all my life and they seemed to run forever. This F350 cost me lots of money for repairs,Every time i would go to Arizona from washington state i would have to spend lots of money to get it fixed. I had a couple of turbos,3 or 4 egr valves exhaust and intake manifolds unpluged cost me a lot.I think i should be repaid for at least part of the expense

  • Darryl September 26, 2013

    Unbelievable!! So I go to download the claim form and it says my 2004 Ford F-350 with the 6.0 diesel is ineligible because I didn’t have FORD (Found On Road Dead) work on it in the 5 year 100,000 warranty period. I do my own maintenance because I cant afford to take it to FORD for an oil and filter change. I did not have any warranty issues in that time period. So now I get punished for FORD’s problems I started having all the problems @ 132000 miles. So this is my fault?? I was one of the lucky ones to make it past the warranty and just stuck 5k into the motor last month. So now I get nothing! Thanks for NOTHING FORD! GO DODGE!

  • sam lucas September 28, 2013

    I own a 2004 f 350 with the 6.0 litre engine. During the warranty period the truck had a pinion seal leak, blew oil all over the engine compartment and wouldn’t go in to 2nd gear, When the warranty ended the EGR cooler went out twice, the oil cooler once, the turbo once, the EGR valve once, the alternator once, the starter once, the whole front end needed rebuilding, the flange for the stabilizer bar tore off, the FICM is going out and the transfer case needs relacing, the fuel gauge dosen’t work, the drivers seat has collapsed on the left side and the emergency brake doesn’t work. The truck has 133,000 miles on it. The mechanic at the Ford dealership says these trucks are the biggest pieces of &*^%$ on the planet. So, do I get any reimbursement from Ford for my $&%#@ vehicle? Nope nothing failed according to their time schedule or had been replaced the first time during the warranty period. Nice job Ford of weaseling out of your responsibility for producing a faulty product, of course the lawyers still get their $125,000,000 plus expenses. I will never purchase another Ford product, I should of know better, and I will tell everyone I know about the lack of quality and how Ford treats their customers. Legal Robbery condoned by the existing laws paid for by Ford’s lobbyists to our elected leaders.

  • B Campbell October 4, 2013

    Interesting to see the lawsuit only allows for “non-ambulance” 03-07 6.0. equipped trucks…makes you wonder how many Emergency Response vehicles patients were impacted by gross negligence of the known problems of Ford / Navistar product(s) and how much money is being talked about from those loss of life and limb lawsuits…Ford / Navistar are looking at us as “low information consumers”, dead beats and suckers unable to afford the experts and private lawyers to go after the deep pockets…as posted, part of this lawsuit for Ford / Navistar still does not acknowledge responsibility, probably have sealed and buried all documents and records obtained from experts and engineers and lawyers, etc…and are shaking each others hands patting themselves on the back for their brilliant legal maneuvering…once again showing the American Consumer America is a business first and a country second.

  • Kszura October 5, 2013

    We purchased 2006 F350 paid cash..couple months later in the shop for repairs. Was in the shop for everything EGR, turbo,oil leaks, injectors ect. before it even had 100,000 miles on it. Opened case with the BBB 2008 and nothing came out of. Why are we forced to settle for a couple hundred bucks when everyone has spent thousands on repairs and still have a unreliable truck. Resale value ha ha… I want a NEW ENGINE…

  • SB October 5, 2013

    Does anyone know when the monies owed will go out or when Ford has to pay out to Owners of the Ford F350 Trucks BY ?
    Any Guesses ?

  • john wright October 6, 2013

    Waiting on claim form

  • joe a. ranon, jr. October 9, 2013

    I was sent a letter re: the class action suit as I own a 2009 F250. I have miss placed this letter. How can I get another copy that was specifically sent to me? I have had to replace three injectors and the truck is now back in the shop for an EGR and Oiler cooler replacement.

  • chuck salazar October 22, 2013

    sent my claim form on the third wondering how long its going to take meanwhile my alternator just went out, how is it going to act once it hits 100000 miles?

  • Sam Huerka October 22, 2013

    Has anyone received a check back from these jokers yet???

  • Ed Burns October 23, 2013

    I have a 2005 F350 6.0L at 58,000 blew that egr and oil cooler 18 days out of warranty Ford actually stepped up and paid $1700 towards the fix with there updated parts just happened again when I hit 100,000, but there is a good chance it also took out a head gasket this time, looking at $3500 to $8000 to get it fixed. I have made it up 4 suervisor levels with customer service only told that its out of warranty, but they would be happy to offer me employee pricing on a new vehicle. I found a guy locally that does cummins swaps I’m starting to think this may be a necessity.

  • Larry Murphy November 1, 2013

    I sent claim in 10/10/13 when can I expect payment?

  • Anthony Papapietro November 2, 2013

    I submitted a claim in on September 26, 2013. I have still not heard anything, does anyone know on or about when II could EXPECT my payment?

  • Johnny Curtis November 5, 2013

    After submission when can we expect payment

  • dolister sanders November 6, 2013

    i have a ford 2004 f350 I have all the receipts for repairs that was done on vehicle. I need a claim form to submit.

  • Glenn Nicodemus November 7, 2013

    I have a 2007 ford f250 I have all receipts for all work that has been done need a clam form to submit.

  • Joseph Bryan Frazier November 8, 2013

    I have an 06 F250 6.0 w 130,000 miles that I havent drove in 2.5 yrs. ($52,000). Egr replaced didnt fix, egr delete, and come to find out the Head gaskets are blown ($4500) to fix. All done by ford. I have bought 2 of the $50,000 f250s. Who do I need to contact????

  • Robert Rose November 17, 2013

    2005 F 550, Same problems with egr cooler, oil cooler and other parts as everyone else, now the fuel tank is deteriorating and plugging up the filters, ejectors and other parts of the engine

  • eugna short November 21, 2013

    has anyone got a payment from this yet. I sent mine in September and still no payment from them yet. what is up with that. you would not think that it would take 3 months t get it . but taking there time like they did when they where trying to settle that took for ever two. I have spent like 10,000 dollars on parts and more. I have a f250 with a 6.0

    • Jeanne M January 10, 2014

      I sent in a my claim paperwork with all requested information and supporting documents in mid October. I have not even received a confirmation email or letter and it’s now mid January.

  • Larry Calderon January 5, 2014

    Can any one give me info on where to apply due to bad 6.o power stroke 350 egr valve,egr oil cooler 8 enjectors replaced.who do I contact.

  • Anthony west January 6, 2014

    I too am now the victim of owning a 2005 F350 with only 51000 miles on it. Left my family and I stranded 6 hours from home. Had it towed back home. The tow service guy told me about a class action suit that is out there. Can anyone share with me am I still eligible to be included in this and how it works??? Truck was blowing out white smoke from exhaust. I appreciate any info anyone can provide to me.

    • Erica January 13, 2014

      I am investigating potential defects associated with the Ford 6.4 engine. If you have experienced problems with the 6.4 engine and would like to discuss, please call 855-505-5342. Thank you.

  • dolister sanders January 9, 2014

    i have sent all receipts and claim form have spent almost $ 10,000 on this vehicle. when will i get notification that you have received it and when will payment be reimbursed?

    • Meghan Carter March 5, 2014

      how do you submit your receipts and who do you contact to get information on how to make claims and all the specifics?

  • dan kline January 11, 2014

    My 2008 F450 blew a rod through the block and through the oil pan. 78000 miles and barely out of warranty. Needs new motor. Ford won’t pay the $18000 bill for a new 6.4 motor. I have babied this truck and taken very good care of it. Wondering if I have any recourse against Ford?

    • jennifer January 14, 2014

      We are in the same boat..2008 F350 85k miles..threw a rod we are up to $13,500 for the repairs

    • Erica January 14, 2014

      If you would like to discuss potential legal recourse. Thank you. ADMINISTRATOR NOTE – PHONE NUMBER REMOVED. If you would like to advertise on please contact us.

  • Dennis M January 11, 2014

    I too am a victim of a powerstroke 6.0 , egr delete & head bolts 2,500 $ bill . How can I get reimbursed ?

  • C FREE January 13, 2014


  • Robert February 4, 2014

    put my truck into the shop for transmission trouble. Got it rebuilt, but then the problems start–sounds like everyone else. I have gotten real cross wise with my mechanic of 15 years thinking he suddenly doesn’t know how to fix a truck and have it stay fixed. Come to find out a lot of mechanics had to sue ford over the same type issues. This is criminal. Spent over $4500 and still can’t get it out of the shop. I want to go trade it in, but the value of the truck has fallen through the floor. Worst decision I made in a long long time was buying this beautiful truck.Now I find out that I can’t even submit something on the settlement since it’s past Dec. 31st. Any suggestions??????

  • David February 24, 2014

    When should I expect to get my money.

  • Meghan Carter March 5, 2014

    who do you contact to file a claim?

  • thomas sonne March 12, 2014

    just saw this and now to late to file– I also had egr , head gasget and turbo replaced costing me over 12000$ for my 2005 ford excursion .6.0 turbo diesel now at 120000 miles I cant afford to trade it but waiting for next costly repair- and I am retired on fixed income– wish I had seen this earlier– isnt 6 mos a short filing period– am checking with attorney and ftc!!– no more fords– no wonder jap cars sell so well

  • thomas sonne March 12, 2014

    only the lawyers ger money from these settlements!!

  • Ray Bass March 21, 2014

    As of 3/21/2014 I have received nothing in the settlement. Has anyone out there received a payment yet?? Would like to know if ANYONE has gotten paid yet.
    Please e-mail me

  • jason johnson March 24, 2014

    Replaced EGR and Cooler twice already, replaced injectors too. Truck has less than 125,000 miles, replaced the EGR cooler January last year and the POS just went out again. The settlement won’t cover the repairs for even one fix much less four. It’s a complete sham. The settlement is BS as we are stuck with these pathetic money sucking trucks from the company that builds em FORD TOUGH! I will never buy another Ford.

  • Jo March 28, 2014

    I have a F350 and has 76,000 miles and since I have it its been in the shop 3 or 4 times for the cooler and turbo problems. And yes I was pretty darn up set cause all this happened after warranty expired leaving me a repair bill. And as far as this lawsuit I still didn’t hear anything since I got the letter stating I was elected to be in a class action suit against Ford Motor. I still have my F350 and its running good as long as its being ran every day but who knows when the engine is ready to blow. I guess I’ll leave that in God’s hand.

  • Kurt Evans April 2, 2014

    I Filed A Claim With Ford Over 6.0 litre Diesel, When Will I Receive Settlement Check

    • John April 14, 2014

      I purchased my ford F350, 6.0L lightly used in the beginning of 2010 from a dealership. It had under 20K miles on it and before 30K I had issues with EGR and cooler. I had bought an extended warranty as a precaution that was in addition to the 100K dealer warranty. I have had the turbo replaced, cooler replaced, tranny replaced, valves all re-done, Injectors, Alternator, batteries, front end shimmy worked on twice, Fortunately, I have spent out-of-pocket little compared to you many, but time is something you do not get back, and I lost alot of time, over 100 days and counting. After more than $28K and 97 pages of work order repairs, I am back in the shop with a third Tranny being installed. I think I find comfort in the fact that I did not sign-up for the class action but decided to handle things individually to recoup my losses. Those of you looking for a battle with results, find a lemon law attorney and discuss all the options your state allows as well; the used truck owners, research the ‘reacquired vehicle’ or RAV claim. You could find what you are needing: Loss of Money and time reimbursement. As well, contact the “BBB auto line”. They are in Arlington, VA on Wilson Blvd.

  • ckw April 4, 2014

    Huh. It’s a shame you perps have these problems. Half of yall thought ya could tune the smack out of em and burn oil instead of diesel though…didnt ya’s?

  • stan kearney April 5, 2014

    Purchased a new F250 6.0 King Ranch in Dec of 2005 for $53K. In 2007 the turbo blew just south of Payson, Az. Tow bill and Motel was near $800. Warranty covered all but the $100 deductible. In 2008 the sterring gear went out. $1100 out of my pocket because I was just out of warranty. In 2013, Mesa, Az, The EGR cooler went out. White smoke out the exhaust. Estimate $4500 to fix. Mechanic suggested I replace the turbo again at an added cost of $2000. Had him put in the Bullet Proof Kit, paid the bill and drove it over to a Chevrolet dealer and traded for a new 2014. Trade in value was $6k to $7k less than book, but reading all the comments I made a good decision. My ford only had 71k miles on it. I took care of it and it looked nice. Looks are deceiving. Never another ford. Being 2005, 71k miles, I am out of luck on any settlement.

  • star k April 7, 2014

    Reading all of these posts is most sad. My 67 year old brother purchased his dream red Ford 2006 truck used two years ago with his small retirement settlement. He was a Ford guy, thought he wouldn’t have to worry about towing his “live-in” 27 ft trailer for the few years he might have left. The VA had just installed a lift/carrier for his motorized chair…..(he has emphysema and struggles to breathe let alone make ends meet $ wise.) Guess what happened two days ago…….yes, that piece of junk diesel 6.0 died on the freeway. Estimated repairs $6500.00! From what I’ve read, he has been lucky to get a few hundred miles out of it. No possible way he can pay to fix it, since wont run, he can’t even try to sell it. What Ford has done to all of the people who purchased their lemon product is criminal since they knew about these problems for so long. Shame on them. No one in our family or any of our friends will ever purchase ford (small letters) again.

  • Lee April 8, 2014

    my 2006 LCF truck been replace starter and belt tensioner 19000 miles/30 monthes, 3 injector, main computer, cam sensor 34000 miles/4 1/2 years,
    6 injector, oil pump, new fuel tank, sending unit, fuel filter clean fuel line 46500 miles/6 1/2 years, total repair including towing $ 16,000.00, paid new on May 2007 $ 32,000.00
    I belived this truck is a lemon and Ford company used defect and bad product to make more profit

  • silver April 29, 2014

    I have a 2005 f-250, 4wd turbo diesel! It’s been in the mechanics shop going on two years, because of the egr, the oil cooler, the head gaskets, and a series of other problems, I’ve already spent 7000 dollars in repairs and still can’t finish, by the time I’m done, a new engine will cost 14,000 dollars. I will never buy another Ford anything again! I called the Ford corporate division, and they basically just said, “well good luck on fixing your truck!” No apology, no we’ll see how we can help you, just, oh well,”tough!” I want to file a Lawsuit against them just don’t know any good lawyer!

  • Marianne April 30, 2014

    We sent all our bills showing all the work done on our 6.0 F350 diesel truck along with the claim form, but never saved copies. We did get another copy from the repair shop of all the work done, but didn’t save a copy of the claim form. Is anyone able to send a copy of the claim form with the mailing address we sent everything to for reimbursement? That wasn’t too smart on our part!

  • William Wages May 17, 2014

    I owned a 2005 Ford F250 6.0 turbo diesel. I drove it off the lot, and within 2 hrs the turbo hose blew off. From that time on, I spent between 10,000 to 11,000 on repairs that included replacing all the injectors twice, the oil cooler, the oil injector pump, the turbo twice. I owned the truck for almost five years hoping that things would get better. I enjoyed driving the truck, but the repairs were killing me. I used to be a ford person, but I had to switch to GMC. Sad story but true. I am waiting for my piece of the Ford Motor Company.

  • DJS May 31, 2014

    FYI: According to the claims website we can expect a response by June 13, 2014 (non-fleet) and July 11, 2014 (fleet). Hopefully that means a check as well!!!!

  • J&T Wells June 1, 2014

    Where do I get a claim form? I just had major repairs done EGR and then some and now 1 day after it is running worse! Check engine light is on AGAIN and! Loss of power! Beyone Pissed!

  • J&T Wells June 1, 2014

    Where do I get a claim form? Just had the EGR changed and other items and my truck is running worse. I feel I just threw 5 grand in the trash!

  • Mike June 8, 2014

    I bought my F-250 new in Feb 2005. At 4500 miles the injection pressure regulator acted up according to the service report I got back a o ring was put in wrong at the factory but I still had to pay for it. Who would of thought a o ring would cost $800.00. Three hundred miles more and the turbo went out. Now at 65000 miles the wrench light is on again can’t wait for this bill. Tried to do a trade in this weekend could not get a trade in price. Where do I get a claim form? I was never mailed a letter as stated above.

  • Dana Taylor July 28, 2014

    Had turbo go out and transmission and erg cost 7.000.00 and no letter 2003 6.0 super duty will never buy a ford again 2006 ford explorer broken spark plugs cost 2500.00 to fix so no more fords in my drive way ever again

  • Jeff Johnson August 18, 2014

    EGR cooler toast and hopefully not the FICM! At shop right now! We’ll see how it goes! My second Ford-first was a ’68 F-100 liked that gas truck.

  • Osmel Lima Avila September 6, 2014

    hola. tengo una camioneta F/250 del 2007 y la misma de momento me empeso a hechar humo y el agua lo empeso a soltar por el tubo de momento se me trance el motor y no arranco mas.tengo entendido que estas camionetas desde el 2003 al 2007 tienen problemas..alquien me puede decir que puedo hacer. ya quew me han dicho que las reparaciones son muys costosas…gracias necesito de la ayuda de ustedes por favor…

  • BDraper September 24, 2014

    I had all this done 4mo ago… now back in shop having similar issues. I don’t know what to do…

  • warren October 14, 2014

    I have read. You must have filed a claim by Dec 2013 . is this true? If so can another lawsuit be started for those of us who now are having the same problems?

  • tsanderson November 1, 2014

    We’ve had almost all that done. Cost about $4000.00 + parts so far and still doing what it was originally taken to service for. Will die and not crank back. No power building after getting it to crank back. Something gets repaired- last time ran for about 200 miles then starting doing the same thing.

    • tsanderson November 1, 2014

      Also, to add to above statement. 2004 Ford 6.0 F250 but the VIN doesn’t fall with the Class Action category. NEVER buy a ford. Trade or sell them for whatever someone is stupid enough to give you for it. We’re at the point of just junking the vehicle. It will cost another several thousand just to get $9000.00 trade in on it. So we lose either way.

  • JesseT December 27, 2014

    I bought my 2006 in March of 2013. I was not aware of the problems with the 6.0 diesel and nobody ever informed me of the lawsuit. Well, after the same U-JOINT went bad TWICE in a month, I had my EGR go bad and believe it or not the Ford service guy recommended a DELETE. I couldn’t believe that the EGR Delete was actually recommended by Ford Service at the dealer — it proves how BAD this actually is. SO…. Then my Transmission died (After only 75k miles, never towing a thing). I spent 5500 replacing it and having an EGR delete done at the transmission shop based on the recommendation. Well…. I went to trade my vehicle in and was told that because I had messed with the EGR, I could no longer trade it in. I was stuck with it…. I drove the truck another 2 months and now my HEAD GASKET just went. I am so screwed. It affected the heat and the injectors, and there is a whistling noise from the engine (that I had asked 2 different Ford dealers on 3 different visits to check and they said it was nothing). They want $7800 to fix everything now. That would bring my repairs up to $15000 on a $18000 truck. This is ABSURD. I am so beside myself with how bad this vehicle is… and now I am stuck with it and I can’t even afford to fix it.

    Is there anything I can do?!

  • Art Martinez January 10, 2015

    Who is the bastards representing us? As a f250 owner i was expecting something in the mail. I guess that was part of fords negotiations. Go figure.

  • Phil Rossi February 26, 2015

    I purchased (3) brand new 2006 Ford LCF trucks. The first one was towed to the dealership (8) different times for engine and transmission problems. Left my crew stranded on the road each time. It was in the shop for a month on one occasion. I couldn’t get help from the dealer or Ford. I ended up selling it with only 38000 miles. POS. The other two have had cooling and turbo problems. Paid 3000.00 for repairs to the cooling system on one and it seems to be working okay right now. I pray for it everyday. The other LCF has been sitting in my yard for 7 months apparently with cooling issues. Very Hard to start and when it does start and runs for 20 minutes, it will not start back up after its shut off. It needs to sit for several hours to get it to run again. Im told the repair will be 3000.00-10,000 to repair it!! That’s why it’s still sitting. IM JUST FINDING OUT ABOUT THE CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AND THE CUT OFF WAS DECEMBER 2013. I was never notified!! I would like to get in on it if at all possible as I need the financial help to fix it. What really hurts is the sales department at SANDERSON FORD IN GLENDALE ARIZONA new all about the problems with Ford LCF at the time they sold my company these trucks. I purchased many other trucks from this dealer but will not do business with them again. THE SANDERSON FORD SALES DEPARTMENT CANNOT BE TRUSTED!!

  • Tim G July 20, 2015

    Had my EGR system go out on my, service writer suggested an EGR Delete installed, spent $3000 he said because Turbo and Intake clogged up with carbon, after repair truck ran better, then had to replace the fuel regulator spring (upgrade) ran a little better but not like new, it only had 162,000 miles on it, just breaking in engine at that point. How can I recover this or most of the money I spent?

  • Larry Cortez September 13, 2015

    I bought a 2006 6.0 I had for a month when the injector 1,2,7,8 gave out had them repaired next went the oil cooler replaced it 2 week later oil cooler went out they weren’t cheap injectors just kept going out every month then the egr gave out the the high oil pressure pump month later transmission went out I spent over 15,000 how stupid could be went and and bought a 2005 6.0 same thing high pressure pump injectors egr oil cool I 8,000 but this time I didn’t brother much could even start for the first months it wasn’t drivable till the day I called the bank and told them the can pick their truck up I was wasting more money on the truck then what it was worth

  • Gary Petersen October 26, 2015

    This lawsuit left out the WORST ENGINE! The 2008 6.4 is garbage with most of the same problems itemized in this blog. Zero responsibility on FORDs part, of course, and my $60K+ truck (F450 Super Duty, King Ranch. I have spent over $10,000 on worthless repairs from WORTHLESS DEALERS! There is not enough air time for FORDs advertising budget to spend for ads to make up for the BAD advertising I am doing! Further, Progressive just had a opportunity to remove some of the pain as it is my business truck and the FIRE in the ENGINE at my business had some insurance reach! Nothing there either! Ford and Progressive are PAST memories. They will never see another $ of my money.

  • Heather/Doyle March 1, 2016

    Hello, my name is Heather. I am curious to know how to go about all this as well… Where you able to find out anything? My husband works as a technician but certainly not for ford… I wish…I would just ask them.. Get answers…then results… If you wouldn’t mind… Could you email me … We just want to know who..where… Thank you. 636-688-9747 Heather/Doyle. We had no issues at all, until the check trailer light kept coming on ( beeping ) but their wasn’t a trailor… We didn’t have a bumper on… So he thought he had dirt in the connection… He was driving on highway few days later… Within 3-5 miles later… Truck shut shut all the way down… And we are told… It’s your story… Oil pump…..he said before it/ as it died … It threw a code that could have been a cam to a tight gas cap… DIESELS!!!!!!!!!!! As soon as we fix it!!!!! We are selling it!!!!!

  • Just gas but at least I get there March 17, 2016

    I will never buy a ford diesel again. I’m now driving a 2015 6.2 gas job I have had several ford diesels The worst one was a 2006 6.0 When I traded it and I lost my shirt they said it’s not worth anything because of the engine, at a Ford dealership they told me this in Auburn Massachusetts

  • Cheap auto insurance in Houston May 30, 2016

    Details about insurance policies…

  • jimbeau August 15, 2016

    I had a FORD DEALER tell me that with the 6.0 diesel, Ford was using the Warranty Program in place of Research and Development. Too late for my $1800 on 4 fuel injectors!! It took 7 years! I agree with the pack…….. next diesel truck will be a Chevy!! Wish I’d have known when I bought it that it was a Navistar engine…..NOT a Ford product!

  • gene allen webb August 21, 2016

    Every time you turn around our truck( general public at large) has some kind of issue in the are already mention, Ford always wants to tell you its your problem not ours, Why can’t a huge manufacture ( FORD ) be stand up represented and just bring it in we will diagnose it. Hey your truck is under our guide lines of already detected as a manufacture defect!!!! You wonder no one trust FORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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