J Crew Class Action LawsuitA Massachusetts federal judge has granted preliminary approval to a class action lawsuit settlement resolving claims that J.Crew employees improperly obtained customers’ ZIP codes. The J.Crew class action settlement will provide $20 vouchers to Class Members and $3,000 to plaintiffs if it becomes effective.

U.S. District Judge Richard G. Sterns approved the J.Crew ZIP code settlement on June 27 and conditionally certified a Class of “[a]ll persons who, during the period between June 20, 2009 and the date of the entry of the Preliminary Approval Order, used a Credit Card at a Massachusetts J. Crew Store and whose Personal Identification Information, including, but not limited to ZIP code, was requested and recorded by J.Crew at the Massachusetts J. Crew Store.”

In a class action lawsuit filed last June, lead plaintiff Lauren Miller alleged that she began receiving unwanted junk mail after making credit card purchases at J.Crew where she was required to provide her ZIP code.

Miller further alleged in the J.Crew class action lawsuit that the retailer does not need ZIP code information to complete the transactions, nor is it required by the credit card companies. Instead, “J.Crew uses this information for its own marketing and promotional purposes.”

The J.Crew class action lawsuit alleged that “[p]ossession of the consumer’s ZIP code information, together with the customer’s name, enables [J.Crew] to identify the customer’s address and/or telephone number through the use of publicly available databases.” The class action argued that the company sends unsolicited marketing and promotional materials and sells the once J.Crew ZIP codes and matching addresses and phone numbers to third parties for other marketing purposes in violation of Massachusetts law.

In the proposed J.Crew class action settlement agreement, the plaintiff states “[t]he action seeks to redress J.Crew’s alleged unlawful invasion of its customers’ privacy and its alleged violation of the laws of the commonwealth of Massachusetts designed to protect consumers’ rights to be free from intrusive corporate data collection and marketing. The settlement substantially achieves this goal.”

Miller had moved for preliminary approval of the proposed settlement agreement earlier in the month.

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The lead plaintiff, Lauren Miller, is represented by D. Greg Blankinship of Meiselman Denlea Packman Carton & Ebertz PC, Preston W. Leonard of Leonard Law Office LLP and David Pastor of Pastor Law Office LLP.

The J.Crew Zip Code Class Action Lawsuit is Miller, et al. v. J.Crew Group, Case No. 1:13-cv-11487, in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts.

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