Chase overdraft settlement

UPDATE 4.26.13: The Court entered Final Approval to the Chase overdraft class action settlement. All settlement funds will be distributed before May 17, 2013.

UPDATE 1.4.13: The Court approved the Chase overdraft fee class action lawsuit settlement on December 19, 2012. Payments will be made after any appeals have been resolved. At this time no appeal has been filed.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. has reached a class action lawsuit settlement of $110 million to resolve claims it gouged checking account customers with overdraft fees by manipulating the order debit card transactions were posted. If you held a Chase, Bank One or Bank of New York checking account between 2003 and 2010 and were charged more than one overdraft fee in a single day, you may be eligible to receive a payment from the Chase overdraft fee class action settlement.

The Chase overdraft settlement is the latest settlement to be reached in the massive class action lawsuit In re Checking Account Overdraft Litigation. The litigation involves more than 30 banks sued over their overdraft-fee policies, in which customers say the banks reordered debit card transactions in order to maximize overdraft fees. The Chase overdraft fee class action lawsuit also claims that, instead of declining transactions when an account had insufficient funds to cover a purchase, Chase authorized the transactions and then processed them in highest to lowest dollar order, which had the effect of increasing the number of overdraft fees the bank charged its customers.

Chase denies any wrongdoing but has agreed to a $110 million class action lawsuit settlement to resolve the litigation. Chase has also agreed that, for a period of at least two years, it will not charge overdraft fees on individual debit card transactions of $5.00 or less.

Class Members of the Chase overdraft fee class action settlement include anyone who (A) held a Chase, Bank One, or Bank of New York consumer deposit account accessible with a Chase debit card anytime between January 1, 2003 and March 29, 2010; and (B) were charged one or more overdraft fees as a result of Chase’s practice of posting debit card transactions from highest to lower dollar amount.

To be included in the Class, you must have had two or more overdraft fees on a single day during the time period listed above.

Some Class Members will automatically receive their payments from the Chase overdraft class action settlement, either as account credits (if you still have a Chase account) or in the form of a check (if you no longer have a Chase account). These “automatic” Class Members include all Chase accounts (except former BoNY accounts) who incurred an overdraft fee during the time period January 1, 2005 through March 29, 2010, and Chase accounts that formerly were BoNY accounts and incurred an overdraft fee between April 1, 2007 and March 29, 2010.

Other Class Members will need to file a Claim Form by the deadline of February 8, 2013 in order to receive a payment. These “non-automatic” Class Members include Chase account holders who incurred an overdraft fee between January 1, 2003 and December 31, 2004. It also includes holders of Chase accounts that formerly were Bank of New York accounts and incurred an overdraft fee from October 2, 2006 through April 1, 2007.

The amount of money you will receive from the Chase overdraft settlement will depend on the number of overdraft fees charged to your Chase account during the Class Period. Payments will be distributed after the Court grants final approval to the settlement and any appeals are resolved. A Final Approval Hearing is set for December 10, 2012.

Claim Forms and more information on your rights in the Chase Overdraft Fee Class Action Lawsuit Settlement can be found at Detailed claims filing instructions can be found in our Open Lawsuit Settlements section.

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  • Anonymous October 29, 2012


  • Anonymous November 3, 2012

    I have continuous charges to my debt card i dont even make and they act like its a pain for them to dispute them, I get overdraft fees because of it.Just recently i had a company charge me twice for $29.00 the ist time i called they did not include these charges on the dispute I called again several days later to request them to put it on the dispute the gal was snotty and rude she said there was only one charge and i had been credited that amt. they changed my statement to just one charge instead of 2 then charged me a service fee of $10.00 because i wanted to talk to someone else. these are just some of the things they do im constantly getting overdrafts for a charge on my debt i didnt even do.

  • Anonymous November 3, 2012

    Chase Bank destory my good credits due overdrafts fees over $2,000 for no reason ..I told them to stop keep run overdrafts for two months ..I told them to stop it daily,but unlisten to my word..I told them to close my account,but refuse..I call the social sercurity to stop straight deposit in my account .They are saying have to pay to them $2,000..I can’t.. They taken out of my socail sercurity..How to pay my mortgage behind two months..I pay the agent over $3,000 to save my home and it’s still forclouser..I can’t personal loan for build horse sheds due bad credits..I don’t want see my horses got soak from rain ..iam very stressing..all my credits to the collection..Iam unhappy with the Chase Bank ..I don’t know how I got lawyer? Iam deaf..I live Port Orchard,Wa I am so much don’t like them..I want the Chase Bank pay off all of my bills and mortgage..Plus build horse sheds..oh sigh

  • Anonymous November 12, 2012

    Still have not received a check from settlement. Has Anyone? I also got very screwed over by them often with overdrafts well over 3000$ in a 2 year period would love to get some of that back. The final straw was a bank error that left me locked out of my account and with no money for an entire weekend…. four years later I am still sad about that weekend. I closed my account that Monday without even an apology from them. Ridiculous. i will update if I ecer get a check.

  • Anonymous November 12, 2012

    I too got my credit score over drafted to obliteration. I was particularly angry too because i waited an hour and a half for the bank to open so i could deposit cash since i knew i had money going out that day. Little did i know they would hold my cash deposit until the end of the day, and add it in after they over drafted everything leaving me with a substantial negative balance.

  • Anonymous November 29, 2012

    How do I know if I am one of the class members that will receive automatic payment? I know longer live at the address on file at chase and have since closed the chase account in 2009 What forms do I need to fill out for change of address to receive my settlement?

  • Anonymous November 29, 2012

    I am a class member both here and with Union Bank. The Union Bank settlement was finalized and I have actually received the credit to my account (more than I expected, too, which was nice). The article above says that the final approval hearing for the settlement isn’t until next month (December 10). We’ll probably see whatever credit they give us by mid-January.

    Luckily my Chase account is not my primary account; I only have a small amount deposited bi-weekly to cover groceries and miscellaneous shopping (I my husband from spending the money we need for other bills that way). The only time I had a problem with Chase was when someone cloned my debit card and captured my PIN then proceeded to overdraw the snot out of the account. Chase tried to tell me that I had loaned my card to someone and that I was on the hook for the money. They jerked me around, I jerked back a lot harder and had the problem resolved in 24 hours. No trouble with them since then that wasn’t my fault, luckily!

  • Anonymous December 3, 2012

    Yes chase got me too well over 3000 so if the got 3k form me they came up they need to give us some of our money back I have went into negative same way I’m on a fixed income and due to some of there fees I couldn’t pay my bills other I’m two months behind on my mortgage please gives us our money back

  • Anonymous December 6, 2012

    back on betwen february and april 2008 i lost significant amount of money with chase bank i hope i can have some of the money back i still have all the statments to proof the big mistakes this really get me into depresion since Im a divorce women with no income missing arround 6000.00 dollars from my account really disturve me,and put me on depression for a long time i cant belive wath happen why to many ODP PULLING FROM MY SAVINGS when i know that i have enoughf money to cover all my spending i went to the bank several times never resolve nothing…plaese give me my money back

  • Anonymous December 11, 2012

    I still have not received a check has anyone is the settlement over ? I would like some of my money back.

  • Anonymous December 11, 2012

    Today is judgement day. I too have been hurt by the rearrangement of my checks. Putting the largest last allowed them to take 5 to 7 nsfs from my account instead of just one.

    I wonder if the lawyers included the trickle down effect on our credit and the fact that some of us are still dealing with nsfs, because all our money is gone.

    They took from me appx. 14,000 dollars in those years. OUCH! One manager in Deerfield, IL told me “Sorry, but that is how the bank makes it’s money” Egads…… I just wanted to slap her……but being a gentleman, I said my piece and walked out.
    Good luck to everyone involved…..

  • Anonymous December 11, 2012

    Has anyone heard whats going on with this lawsuit. Yesterday was the day.

  • Anonymous December 11, 2012

    Waiting to receive my check from the lawsuit. Like everyone, I ended up having to close my account because of the reshuffling and then the charges. Can’t wait to have that check in my hands. I will never bank there again nor will I ever recommend them to anyone.

  • Steven williams December 29, 2012

    a short time for them to steal it ,But when they get caught it takes a long time to payup . ALL THEY think about is more more mine more mine more more

  • ivy January 1, 2013

    do i need to complete the claim form to receive the payment?

  • Chase Clasher January 10, 2013

    Thanks for all comments, updates. Seems As February 2013 is cutoff for submitting claim forms. Possibly We wont see any payments before then.

  • jo January 11, 2013

    Hello there, If we are getting an automatic credit to our exisiting account (only because I have mortgage with them, trust me) IS there any way to find out if we were denied by chance? in other words, when will we get and is there a number to verify? does anyone knwo? THANKS, JO

  • g. copeland January 19, 2013

    i was notified that i am elgible to receive refund of overdraft charges previously paid during the time i had an account with chase. i responded by calling and following the instructions. i received a claim form asking me for copy of all bank statements with the charges ?!!!!!!!wdf where would i get copy of these statements because they notified me. again, does anyone know where to get copies? Mind you that I just received the claim form toay 1/18/13 and have to send this info back with post mark dated nlf 08 Feb 13

  • marlia January 29, 2013

    Hey did anyone find a phone number so that you can actually speak to a human? I was told to get copies of my statements it will cost me $6 per statement after 7 years, they (Chase) supposedly dosen’t keep the records on file. So I guess theres no way to find out which ones have 2 or more charges on. Needless to say they are telling me I must pay for 2 years of statements with or without the correct charges on them and may or may get any payment back. So typical of Chase…don’t you already know! Good Luck everyone!

  • judielaa February 5, 2013

    This says that the settlement was approved in December and payments would be made after any appeals were made. To date none have been filed. How long does chase have to appeal? I don’t think they would since they agreed to the settlement but just wondering when I will see some money back.

  • BunnySlayer February 5, 2013

    I think that Chase has to wait for the window for appeals to close before they can make any distribution(s). I believe it’s 60 days after the approval, but I’m not 100% certain about that. No telling how long after the appeal window closes before they make the distribution, but one would hope they won’t drag their feet; they’ve had enough bad publicity already! I’d be curious once the distributions are made to find out if any of you received the amount you were hoping for (don’t expect a 100% return of the fees).

  • Amy February 7, 2013


  • g hicks February 8, 2013

    ive had chase accounts since 2004 to 2010
    now they have my email address. just wondering when
    checks will go out after the settlement..

  • Amy February 8, 2013

    How are you getting your checking account/ credit card info from 10 years ago?

  • poor mom February 8, 2013

    Has anyone received a refund yet?

  • Tamalee February 11, 2013

    Clearly we would all like to receive some money back, but if you don’t know facts, PLEASE stop making up false information when you have nothing to base it on.

  • BunnySlayer February 12, 2013

    I just waded through the final settlement agreement document and saw that no claims could be paid until after the “effective date”, which can be no sooner than 120 days after approval … ye gads! We’re looking at mid-April at least, maybe even longer of the lawyers can’t agree on how their fees are going to be allocated. Feels like we’re getting it from both sides now … Chase AND the lawyers.

  • JAMES TOWNR JR. February 14, 2013


  • poor mom February 14, 2013

    Just read the settlement update….credits coming after April 18th

  • JoAnn February 27, 2013

    My husband had an account with Chase and literally went into the bank and told the teller that he was not paying $790.00 in overdraft fees because they allowed one debit charge to keep being applied on the same day. While he was in the bank it got tapped 2 more times. They put a stop on it and put the money back into our account. The following week his pay went into the account direct deposit and the bank authorities decided in their favor and pulled all of his check. Needless to say we went without any money for two weeks. Not happy!

  • Shelby February 27, 2013

    Just got settlement check today.

  • Lisa March 1, 2013

    Just got my settlement check today from the class action lawsuit concerning Chase’s raised min payments on their credit cards from awhile back. You couldn’t pay me enough to EVER put my faith in Chase by using one of their banks or credit cards ever again. They SUCK. Take your money and run, folks!

  • Joana Lana Glover March 4, 2013

    Just got off the phone with Chase. They closed my account for inactivity, I only had it open waiting on the settlement and had been out of the country for a couple of months. Got a paypal payment and found account closed. They are soooo not in a position to be fooling around. Anyways, Chase has cancelled my debit card when they changed from MC to Visa and I was on vacation, with the new card waiting for me at home Once they misplaced $900 that was sent to me for an emergency for 2 months and charged me overdrafts for it. Never an apology,and when it comes to holding us accountable for “irresponsible finance habits” they are so righteous. The country is changing, credit scores will soon not be a character trait and the bank bulling culture will go away…The best punishment should be making CEOs work as customer service reps, answering all the angry phone calls…Keep up the stories!

  • RoadRunner March 5, 2013

    Approximately how much are those settlement checks Lisa and Shelby? I have been hit pretty big over the that time frame and just curious if it amounted to anything that might pay for a dinner or two..

  • BunnySlayer March 5, 2013

    Well, while we’re all sitting here in this “wait” support group, I thought I’d share my favorite personal Chase horror story. A couple of years ago my Chase debit card was declined when I tried to buy lunch. When I got back to work, I checked the account on-line and saw that it was $600 overdrawn! A quick look at the activity showed that somewhere around 11PM on Palm Sunday, someone had used my card to pull cash from the account, not knowing that I only kept a small amount in there. They then made a bogus deposit and proceeded to withdraw that as well. You can imagine the mess and the fees. When I called Chase to get it straighted out, first they tried to tell me that I had made the transactions. When I was able to prove that I was about 80 miles away from the ATM in question at the time of the bogus transactions the rep then told me that I had loaned someone my card and given them my PIN. I responded by advising the rep that I would be contacting the PD in the city where this happened and filing a complaint, then requesting that DA subpoena their ATM camera footage for the time in question. Lo and behold, within the hour all of my funds were restored (including the fees). Turns out that someone had cloned a large number of debit cards and captured the PINs associated with them, and in the space of about 15 minutes had emptied the ATM of all of its cash. It was ridiculous that I had to justify myself to Chase when they knew all the time what had happened. If they were trying to trim their losses, they sure picked a lousy way to do it because the kind of response they initially gave me is guaranteed to erode customer loyalty rather than build it.

  • hoylebaby March 6, 2013

    Just a plain and simple question for Chase and just looking for a plain and simple answer,”When will we see our settlement”? The sooner the better!

  • BJ March 15, 2013

    I just read this on their website. Looks like there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

    The Effective Date of the Settlement is expected to occur on April 18, 2013. The Settlement Fund proceeds will be distributed through the issuance of an account credit or by mailed check within 30 days of the Effective Date.

  • Joi75287 March 21, 2013

    It took me two weeks for Chase to close my account. Many reps said it couldn’t be done. Finally a young girl answered and processed an urgent close on my account. Took 5 minutes. Account was closed w/in 24 hours.

    One of the reps was so rude, I informed her that I had been chosen for the survey. Afraid to hang up, she put me on hold for 12 minutes. When she finally picked up, she pretended that she didn’t know I was on the phone. She hung up and I gave her all ones.

  • Dorene March 29, 2013

    if you want to resolve things go to and file a complaint. Then from there go to the FTC. Even the attorney general. one day these banks will fall. People will leave the banking system and remember how to store money at home go back to cash and purchase when you have it. Chase is a big corporation and a jew company ran by the bilderbergers, rothschild, freemasons. You will never win. Better not ot get involved.

  • Cyndy March 30, 2013

    The whole thing sucks from the beginning. When I saw the little postcard saying that there was a class action lawsuit, I thought hallelujah, someone has taken them on! Yes, someone has…but now the lawyers will be taking the lion’s share of the refunds. Half the time you can’t even get on the website, it just shows that it is no longer a valid website. The fact that you cannot access your records from Jan ’03 to Dec ’04 tells me that I am not the only one who must have been f**ked a thousand times during that time, and they won’t just give you those statements…I couldn’t even figure out how to get them before February, and I stopped looking at how to do it, in January. So, I will just have to see how much I will get back for all the times I was screwed after Dec. ’04. How much I will get back AFTER the lawyers screw all of us, first. Wow, I never thought I wouldn’t like a good screw! Guess I must be getting old. haha…good luck to all of us, who use the banking system.

  • jjJONES April 13, 2013

    Am in the settlement also. I recieved payment from Bank of Oklahoma sometime late last year, but recieved only $350. Most people recieved less than $200. Please don’t expect too much. Most people are involved in the class action lawsuit. I would say $50-$500 if you paid more than $1000 per month on average in overdraft fees. Lawyers alone will recieve a big cut 30% of the $110 million. Good Luck!!!!!

  • kaestner spence April 14, 2013

    when will i get pay i got a little white card in the mail do i get money i whould like to know thank you

  • kaestner spence April 14, 2013

    do i get some of my money back i got a little card in the mail

  • judielaa April 19, 2013

    So April 18th has come and gone did anyone get a direct deposit to their Chase account? I didn’t ;(

  • poor mom April 19, 2013

    no refund yet…..

  • BunnySlayer April 19, 2013

    If I read everything right, funds are to be disbursed “within 30 days of the effective date”, which was yesterday. Hmmm … so by mid-May we should know what pittance we’ll be getting back of what they basically robbed us of …

  • carmen April 22, 2013

    waiting for some cash today is april22. how much cash will i get .cant wait to see

  • maria.... April 23, 2013

    Hi…. Im waiting also.i was involved in a class settlement, received a check of $1,445.00 in 2/2012.。I was always overdrafting, when able..So im courious i know i did a few hundred….

  • maria.... April 23, 2013

    04/23/2013 still no check…..whent out lastnight blew a few bills…last settlement i received check with in a week of release date…

  • TaZZ April 24, 2013

    Yea, they on one, even letting my acct still go through on negative balance…guess they want some of their $$ back. LOL hope it comes through soon…I got 4 years of od fees during that period. Hurry the hell up!

  • maria.... April 25, 2013

    Hi…… I just checked official website updated 4/24/2013.checks will be mailed on /or before 05/17/2013……

  • mcwhir01 April 26, 2013

    Anybody received payment yet?

  • maria.... April 26, 2013

    No payment………

  • maria.... April 26, 2013

    Hey guys i just checked my po box.i got something from chase settlement for me to submit/verify my addresses from past..

  • Mike April 27, 2013

    I just got payment info from a settlement adm. i have been emailing last few days because i am moving. Said i am getting two payments. $26 and $28 bucks. What a joke. After i get $ i will be closing chase once and for all. Been with them 10 years, last straw.

  • maria.... April 30, 2013

    Hi.Guys. Still no check.Oh i last posted that i received a letter from chase, it was not.It was from bank of america.Sorry…

  • Angela April 30, 2013

    The update is now on the web. The site stated that the effective date COULD occur, not that is had. Now the wesite is stating that the effective date has occurred on the 18th and that all payments will be mailed by the 17th of May

  • Eddie May 1, 2013

    This issue led to my first divorce. I had enough money to cover all my pending payments plus one. I wrote a check. It cleared the same day, and cleared first. Overdrew my account nearly $700 and with the daily overdraft fees, I racked up another $1000, so $1700 in total. The worst part is that the next morning, my paycheck came in, and they took that to cover some of the balance. I would have had $4 in the account before the check hit, and would have had to eat a single overdraft payment. But, Chase has their ways of making sure this doesn’t happen how you would like.

    So I opened another account in 2009, because they were the only ones that would give me an account ( they put me in CheckSystems). After a few weeks, they stopped my direct deposit “We are expecting a deposit to this account on this day” – They stole another paycheck from me, when I was paying off the balance $100 at a time. STOLE IT.

  • mcwhir01 May 2, 2013

    E-mailed the administrator of the suit yesterday regarding payments. At this point NO payments or account credits have been distributed. Could not pinpoint dates will start going out. Hopefully soon.

  • kb May 3, 2013

    They are receiving interest off the money. Will wait until the last day.

  • BunnySlayer May 6, 2013

    Ten days left to go … wonder how much we’ll see of the amount they basically stole from us?

  • Missy May 7, 2013

    I emailed the settlement administrator to find out how much my refund would be. I received an email back stating my check was dated 4/23 for $14.82. They can keep that. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars in overdraft fees over the course of years. Don’t expect much. I’m done!!!!!

  • BunnySlayer May 7, 2013

    Missy, that is both depressing and ridiculous. I received almost $400 back from Union Bank on that class action settlement … I can only guess that Chase had a LOT more plaintiffs in their suit that Union Bank did! You’re right; that low of a settlement is simply INSULTING to those of us who were ripped off by unethical practices on the part of Chase.

  • Mary May 7, 2013

    Received $14 bucks is just insulting and wrong. Chase has taken thousands from me because of the way they posted the transactions in previous years. If I get $14 bucks I will be leaving Chase.

  • Missy May 7, 2013

    Yes it is very insulting and wrong!! Btw my check is dated 4/23, it’s now 5/7 and I still haven’t received it.

  • Melanie Hicks May 8, 2013

    how do we get ahold of this payment administrator???

  • Mary May 9, 2013

    Money was in my account this morning…$33.82 :( Wow thanks Chase!

  • JB41 May 9, 2013

    Well Everyone do not expect to get much from chase. they are still cheap and ripping people off. For 3 years I been getting hit with overdraft fees. I received $14.62. Unbelievable . Well not really because Chase has always been out for money. At least give me back what was taken. I am definitely going to go to another bank.. Last straw for me.

  • kb May 9, 2013

    Emailed administrator.. will be getting $1.51 in the mail. Wow.

  • Stinky Pete May 9, 2013

    I am getting $94.76. Remember this and spread the word: Big banks are criminals. Big banks are criminals. Big banks are criminals. And they are supported by criminal reps and senators (both parties) who get campaign contributions from them. Chase stole hundreds of millions of dollars with this overdraft scam. They’ll pay a pittance and don’t have to admit legal guilt. In truth, they should be executed for their crimes.

  • Kyle May 9, 2013

    got my payment info from the admin and it looks like I will be receiving a whopping $10.40 haha…what a slap in the face, down with tbtf banks im not giving these criminals any of my money EVER again

  • jodi May 9, 2013

    well got my deposit this morning 10.04 what a joke and waste of time disturbed

  • BunnySlayer May 9, 2013

    $2.00. Seriously. Beyond, oh WAY BEYOND insulting. I wouldn’t be surprised if they lose a huge number of small accounts over this. Remember, the big corporate accounts may earn them substantial money on their own merits via client analysis, but it’s the small consumer accounts that are (or were, if we have anything to do with it) their “bread-and-butter”. Time for Bunny to go shopping for a credit union.

  • poor mom May 10, 2013

    I received $46.38……. what a mean joke. Chase needs to add a couple zeros to that to come close to what they took from me. But what can we do??? that was the suit and settlement! There are many many banks with the same practices. Going to start keeping my money in my sock drawer………

  • Barbara May 10, 2013

    According to the lawsuit it stipulates that Chase gouged customers with overdrafts and it looks like it’s happened again. The only individuals that profited from this lawsuit were definitely the attorneys. Even US Bank Overdraft Settlement mailed me over $600.00. I have received alot more even when the total settlement was not as high as Chase’s for other product settlements. Either someone has miscalculated the amounts or we got screwed.

  • maria May 10, 2013

    Hey guys…. I emailed adminestrator on 5/8/2013 .They replied that they dont know how much my check is for and that they dont know when check will be mailed other than 5/17/2013.So then i asked again on 5/9/2013 since blogs on here state information was obtain.So i finaly got responce today check will be mailed on 5/17/2013 and its for $2.00.So then emailed them again and got a reply, information is given by supervisor he has to sent what supervisor says or else there fired.Agree this is bull, so keep in mind its all about courts and what we can get away with even through a court system….

  • M Sakai May 10, 2013

    I got my “settlement”. $2.16. Wow! Amazing, I was so prescient. That to me says volumes about our legal system. Lawsuits are meant to line the pockets of lawyers and no one else apparently. I remember making fun of my Canadian friend about how socialist Canada was. Well, their banks did not go belly up nor did they need a bailout and they don’t gouge their customers. What a concept! I learn my lesson and moved part of my money into a credit union and the rest into an online bank which actually gives better interest rates and doesn’t gouge me with more fees.

  • BunnySlayer May 13, 2013

    I have drafted a letter to the Comptroller of the Currency (with copies to the settlement administrator and all associated legal counsel) asking that the OCC review all disbursements made under this settlement agreement to verify that legal fees were in line with the terms of the agreement, and that the formula(s) used to determine individual account credits were appropriate. Given that I received almost 200 times the amount of Chase’s paltry credit from a similar settlement that was less than one-third that of paid by Chase, I am understandably suspicious of Chase’s accounting methods. Anyone wishing to send a similar letter should address it to “Comptroller of the Currency, Consumer Assistance Group, 1301 McKinney Street, Suite 3450, Houston TX 77010”. The cc addresses can be found at

  • maria May 17, 2013

    Okay, still no check.Bunnyslayer thanks for trying to hear if this settlement is being run wright.Thanks.Well hey heres another chase story.In October 2010 i got 11 overdrafts stating on one page dating 10/12/2010, sent to a physical address.I also received my Monthly statement dated 10/6/2010 to November 2010.I just recently reviewed all statements on hand and chase correspondance.I compared monthly statement with 11 overdraft letter.Now both statements were mailed to two differeñt addresses.I did have 3 levies at that time in 2010 all on 3 different days.In October 12,2010 there were two amount one for $317. The other for $100.After does amouñts were deducted i still had about $300/$400 in that account.So thats when i compared 11 overdrafts to monthly statement there was money to cover transactions all 11.So then on 10/12/2010 i got another 3 overdrafts for insuficient funds by the 3rd. Insuficient fee it brought me then into the negative, leaving me in my account that day in$5.70negative something like that.So when i whent to chase this week he said your account was frozen that day.

  • Henn2012 May 20, 2013

    Does anyone know how to check and see what you check amount will be?

  • lakayra May 20, 2013

    Very disappointed on the amount of this check !.51. Really out of all the money taken from us we get a check that isn’t even enough to cover check cashing fee. I will be in contact with someone real soon

  • William Banks May 20, 2013

    $25.46…..thats what I got today. Thousands taken out of my account and that’s all they can do. I suggest everyone find a source to compain to. I have sent a Facebook message to WMAQ news off of Facebook may they can look into it. If several people complain we may not get any additional money, but we might get some satisfaction in at least trying to do something. I am a person who doesn’t complain about water running, I just turn off the water. A metaphore for………I am placing my complaint and then I am closing my account with Chase.

  • Cyndy May 21, 2013

    I have not received a penny from Chase. I know they took HUNDREDS from me over the years with this ‘scheme’ to steal from anyone who had an account with them. If any one of us DARED to STEAL from a bank the way Chase has STOLEN from all of us, we would be in jail! Now, they have been told to pay us back, and where is the money? In the lawyers’ pockets…we all have now been STOLEN FROM twice…I would even go so far as to suggest the lawyers have Chase a kickback from the money they stole! Just sucks…life in our country with the billionaires just becoming richer by the minute.

  • Marci May 22, 2013

    Chase You Away Bank DESTROYED me with their overdraft fee scheme. They initially charged me hundreds of dollars in overdraft fees by holding some transactions and waiting until my account was overdrawn and putting tons of small transactions through at the same time. What should have been two fees turned in hundreds of dollars. I spend the next 18 months trying to catch up because I didn’t want to have the account closed and be reported to Checks Systems. What resulted was a financial disaster that caused me to end up paying $6,000 in fees over the 18-month period, very bad credit, and a financial mess that I still haven’t been able to dig myself out of. I eventually had to close the account and was reported to Checks Systems anyway. I was a Wa Mu account holder, and never had this problem with them. They processed things in order of when they were received, and I rarely got an overdraft fee. My compensation check, which came a couple days ago, was $21.95. What a slap in the face. I would have been better off keeping my money stuffed in a mattress. I always thought people who didn’t trust banks were ignorant. Now I think they are smart!

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  • Tanya D. June 19, 2013

    I received two checks in the mail that came to a grand total of, wait for it……$61 and some change. I banked with Chase for over 15 years and I know damn well that they have taken more money from me than that. I was no longer happy with Chase so I closed my account 4 years ago. Honestly, I wish we didn’t have to keep our money in banks, they are a total ripoff!!!

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