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Your Baby Can Read! Reaches False Advertising Settlement with FTC

By Matt O’Donnell


Your Baby Can ReadThe Federal Trade Commission has reached a false advertising lawsuit settlement with the makers of the “Your Baby Can Read!” program to resolve allegations the company made false and unsubstantiated advertising claims that it’s program is backed by scientific evidence. The FTC allegations mirror those made in a 2010 class action lawsuit against Your Baby Can, LLC.

According to the FTC complaint, the company falsely states in a 30-minute TV infomercial that “Your Baby Can Read!” is scientifically proven to teach infants as young as 9 months old to read, and that kids will be able to read popular books like “Charlotte’s Web” and “Harry Potter” by age 4. In the ads, the program creator, Robert Titzer, Ph.D., is touted as “a recognized expert in infant research” and two studies are mentioned that allegedly demonstrate the product improves cognitive functioning in children – studies that were sponsored by “Your Baby Can Read!,” the FTC says.

“Defendant Titzer did not exercise his purported expertise in infant research in the form of an examination or testing of Your Baby Can Read! program at least as extensive as an expert in infant research would normally conduct, in order to support the conclusions presented in his endorsement,” the Your Baby Can Read lawsuit states.

In 2010, a mother sued Your Baby Can claiming the “Your Baby Can Read!” program is nothing more than an “elaborate hoax.” Her class action lawsuit claimed the hoax preyed on nearly 1 million consumers using ads that were “false, misleading, and an extraordinary manipulation of facts.”

Yesterday, the FTC announced it had reached a settlement with Your Baby Can, LLC that will bar the company from using the phrase “Your Baby Can Read!” and will require the company to pay $500,000 in fines. The original judgment was $185 million, but was reduced due to the company’s inability to pay, the FTC said.

The “Your Baby Can Read!” website states Your Baby Can, LLC is no longer affiliated with Robert Titzer or his company, the Infant Learning Company.


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Updated August 29th, 2012


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  • Anonymous October 16, 2012

    I’d like to say that this company, as well as so many others all do the same thing, embellishing. This is such a nice tool for a child’s development. But that’s all it is, a tool. As many mothers as there are out in the world today we all use different methods to help our child or children develop the very best way possible. I’ve raised 2 children plus 30 others while operating a daycare. All of the children have done well, with a few exceptions. I say that because the parents have to get behind the idea of teaching their kids while at home. That means repetion parents! do it for their sakes.

  • Heidi May 18, 2014

    Dr Titzers program DOES work! The trick is to follow the recommended viewing guide and start early! A lot of parents rush their kids through the system. The babies need time and repetition in order for the words to be absorbed. My daughter used the program with wonderful results! She was able to read all 280 words at 12 months old and whole books before she turned two. She was a fluent reader by the time she was 3 and now at age 4 is reading chapter books, like “Flat Stanley.” I have video clips of her reading at each of these ages in you tube. Just search for Camdyn Sterling.

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